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Gameday blog: USF at Miami

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The banners calling for Randy Shannon's firing are flying overhead and there is still plenty of seats available for today's noon kickoff between your Miami Hurricanes and the South Florida Bulls. For your viewing pleasure, the game will be televised on ESPNU and can be heard on WQAM.com. Feel free to follow along and participate in our discussion below throughout the game.

REWIND: The Canes lead the all-time series 2-0. Last season, UM knocked off the Bulls 31-10 in Tampa.

Photo ABOUT SOUTH FLORIDA: The Bulls (6-4, 3-3 Big East) are coming off a 17-10 loss to Pittsburgh. Here is what Shannon had to say about USF earlier this week. "South Florida is a physical team, a two-back team, try to knock you off the football. And the defense is very physical. They're getting physical up front. Defensively they're doing a lot of things up front, eight man front football, try to give you fits. They try to line up and stop the run game, say you have to throw the ball to beat us. We have to come out and play football very fast, quick, be powerful on both sides of the football. We have to capitalize on opportunities they give us offensively and defensively. It's a big opportunity for us to play this game. It's senior day, and there's nothing more exciting than senior day when you can end on a great note."


> Who starts at quarterback... Shannon said Jacory Harris would be his starter if he came back and did the right things in practice. We suspect freshman Stephen Morris will still get the nod, having taken all the first team snaps in practice this week. If Morris plays, expect UM to continue to pound the football with their running game.

> How the Hurricanes respond to being out of the running for the ACC... Until last week, UM still had something to play for. They don't anymore -- outside of Shannon's job. Whether they win or lose today, they're still likely headed to the Sun Bowl.

MY PICK: I'm tempted to pick South Florida here with the Canes having little to play for. But the Canes' running game is on fire of late. I can't see Damien Berry and Lamar Miller taking the day off. They'll do enough. UM 26, USF 14.

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Replay of the virginia game.....

Anybody would be better than having to see this crap another year

Pat Hill and Hankerson nice blocks on TD run

OMG -- just turned on the game. Is this friends and family day in the stands?

If Miami is auditioning for a high profile coach, empty stands are not going to 'wow' anybody.

Love how people are so quick to cry about how Miami "used" to be! The entire landscape of college football has changed! The traditional powers are all mediocre now! Look at Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma, USC! The teams in the hunt for the BCS title are Oregon, Auburn, and TCU (who actually was a power house 60 yrs ago!). The college game has as much parity as the NFL because you have newer programs like USF and UCF drawing talent away! We're never gonna see a Miami team like we saw in the 80's and 90's and the quicker we as fans realize that, the less idiotic we will sound as a group!

STORM!!!Hankerson nice block!

STORM!!! Nice run kid, good block by Hankerson!

813 and Jesse are right. We should give Randy a lifetime contract. He is doing an amazing job. You can tell the fans are behind him.

Parity is all over. I mean look at Ohio State. They have had only 6 straight 10 win seasons. Vtech has only 5 ACC Titles in 7 years. We should accept that Miami should be a 7 win team who struggles to win against Duke, UVA and Maryland.

I cant believe Michigan is going to fire Rich Rod on Tuesday. I mean he has had only 3 years.

813 is absolutely correct. College football is all about parity these days. Notwithstanding, in my opinion, it is clear that Randy Shannon does not get the most out of his players. Our team is very talented (as evidenced by the fact that Storm Johnson is our fourth string RB)and we should not be settling for 9 win seasons.

Nice catch Hank...

I do agree that the days of winning 5 titles in 20 years are over... that doesn't mean that a team this talented should be playing this mediocre...

Calhoun, Whittingham and Mendenhall all make under $1M per. All are from Oregon or the west though and prob wouldn't want to raise their kids in miami. Edsall and Stoops make in the $1.2 and 1.6 range and I believe would love to leave their programs to run something bigger. Their are too many good heads out there making 1.5 or less who would make a nice fit.

Edsall seems to be the perfect fit for us...

I'm answering a question that's gone unanswered on this blog...

Calhoun, Mendenhall and Whitingham all make under $1m. All are from Oregon or the west and prob wouldn't want to raise their children in Miami. Edsall and Stoops make great fits though. Each make in the $1.2 to $1.5 range and would love to leave their mid level BCS schools to go to a place like Miami and us fans would love to have guys with that kind of experience and proven toughness and leadership.

How about that USF QB?!! True freshman and walk on!! And Shannon said he went looking for QB's last year and could not find one.


Stoops would be great... Do you really think that he would leave Arizona? A school which has a lot more resources and he's turned them into a perennial top 25 team...

Let's go Jacory!

Craig, i think you're spot on with your selections except I don't think those guys would come here. I think we have to look to nab a top assistant, like a Mark Stoops at FSU or Gus Malzhan from Auborn... Kirby Smart from Alabama perhaps.


he is just not football smart. wtf is that!

Bush League Football.

I hate my life!

If People can't tell this is a poorly coached team over the last couple years...

You either don't watch, or don't know football, and definitely never played...

Shannon is probably a good asst coach... and counselor... But he has a bad eye for QBs... Has little influence over his players game readiness as evidenced by missed assignments, penalties, and just overall bonehead plays by upperclassmen.
Embarassing... New Coaches needed immediately.

Yes, Stoops put his name in the hat the first time around when coker left.

There is a limited amt of talent Stoops could get in Tucson. Most of the talent is leftover from CA, lot from AZ and some from TX. He's extremely intense. He would not tolerate the things we see on a weekly basis with the Canes.

If he could go 8-4 with that talent think what he could do with So Fla talent.

Plus, I read he makes $1.25. I don't know what his buyout is.

we have no one in the middle, where are the defensive linemen....no rush no run defense all year

I dont think RS will be with us much longer.... how sad

bye bye shannon

F THEM. They are all losers. drop football because they can not compete anymore. THEY SUCK AND HAVE NO HEART.

I would LOVE Stoops and bring his little brother to coach the defense!

Randy Shannon has no idea how to motivate a team... He's a terrible coach, I hope Shalala was watching and wasn't too busy munching on a carpet...

Shannon needs to go he is awful as a head coach way too much talent he lost another one.

Bring Back coach Solinger for Special Teams PLEASE we have not blocked a punt in over two years!

Randy you freaking are killing me. Get fired up get your team fired up. WE JUST LOST TO USF! YOU ARE AN EMBARASSMENT WHICH MAKES US AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE NATION.

Good luck with your recruiting. You may develop great young men, but you cannot develop a program. Its amazing that Saben can do it, heck Beamer can do it. Go into youth ministry if that is your calling. But you dont have any fire any more and it shows in our TEAM!

The BLOG is ALL Urs Cane Fans ...


now cheer for FSU. It's what U do best. Cheering for other teams to win what U can not...

Can we please get back to white quarterbacks and white head coaches. Now!

@Randy Shannon: Na na na na, Na na na na, Na na na na, piss off.

Wow....And there U have it....Mediocricity at it's best. Thanks to Shannon and Shalala I am real excited about this bowl season.....

Mark Whipple lost this game. We were in field goal range and he calls a pass play with a QB who hasn't played in weeks and is known for tossing interceptions? Secondly starting Morris was a huge blunder if Jacory was fine. Shannon bowed to the will of the idiot fans who jumped on the Morris bandwagon and cost us the game. Ultimately Shannon is responsible for this loss, jacory's interception came at the worst possible time but without him we would have lost by even more so I am not too down on him. Why oh why didn't they run the ball on 3rd down and then attempt a field goal! This loss is shameful.

New low for UM, losing to instate USF. A first half where no holes are opened by the O-Line and receivers fail to make plays, and a second half where run game began to show life but Jacory shows he is no better than a true freshman having a bad day. An empty stadium...how long will UM continue to support a program showing no progress and with a fan base that is dwindling. Unfortunately, Miami only supports winners which does not bode well for Randy.


fire shannon, ,no excuses left not to. call mike leach, lets get some excitement back at the u

Good bye Randy. How about that a walkon true freshman just beat basically a 3 year starter.

Na Na Na Na na na na na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye Shannon.

Folks at the U, please spare us another year of this guy and his interception throwing protege. PLEASE>

jesse u fool. miami can have as much money as the alumni can raise. and we have plenty of them with deep pockets.


Wow....And there U have it....Mediocricity at it' best. Thanks to Shannon and Shalala I am real excited about this bowl season.....

A DONKEY can coach better then Randy S. A MONKEY can coach better then Randy S. A DEAD person can coach better then Randy S. What a ignorant coach the U has. Gosh Randy S is DUMB as DUMB can be.

This is a damn DISGRACE. Play calling is awful, coaching is awful, playing is awful...Idiots of mines was in field goal range until someone called a pass play....Its time for Shannon and the entire staff to vacate the premises. Hell with you Canes who wants Randy to Stay....Its a DISGRACE...Can Jacory Graduate with the Senior Class....We were doing great with the freshemen, until he went back to the seniors....FIRE SHANNON IMMEDIATELY!!!

That's it!!! I've had it!!! Donna Shalala and Kirby Hocutt need to cut their ties with the loyalty they have for Randy Shannon and do what's right for Miami by firing him and the rest of his coaching staff. We lost our last 2 games of the year. Please make the necessary decisions by moving us back inot the Big East Conference and hiring former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

Whoever wants to defend shannon go ahead but today was the last straw. I can take a lost but not a loss when the team just doesnt care. Over and over again this team played without emotion. I lived and died for this team! I traveled to away games and spent my hard earn money for this team to play this way. I WILL NOT ATTEND ANOTHER GAME UNTIL CHANGES ARE MADE. I CAN SPEND MY MONEY ON SOMETHING ELSE.

That's it!!! I've had it!!! Donna Shalala and Kirby Hocutt need to cut their ties with the loyalty they have for Randy Shannon and do what's right for Miami by firing him and the rest of his coaching staff. We lost our last 2 games of the year. Please make the necessary decisions by moving us back inot the Big East Conference and hiring former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

The saddest part is that losses like this are not even surprising anymore.

I read earlier this week that the Virginia loss was still bothering Miami but this one will be worse. This season was abysmal. This team makes more mistakes than almost any team I've seen this year. And you rarely see this idiotic play coming from well coached teams. I like Shannon but it is plainly obvious that the improvement Miami has made since Coker left, has stopped. They are in reverse now. Every single year under Shannon' leadership this team has digressed at end of the year. You'd expect the exact opposite. That UConn coach would be a great fit for Miami. I doubt that would happen though. More misery coming.

Has someone packed up Shannons office yet....
7-5... the cheeeken sheeet bowl (on a prayer... but why more imbarrassment?)... and let the alumni back on the practice field and sidelines... that is what made the program what it was.

I live in Colorado now... and talking to a CU almuni... he asked what the difference in the two programs was... I told him the alumni players on the sidelines... All Pros... HOFers... what better teachers can you have for the little nuances of the game...

send Shannon and J12 on their life journies... elsewhere...

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