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Gameday blog: USF at Miami

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The banners calling for Randy Shannon's firing are flying overhead and there is still plenty of seats available for today's noon kickoff between your Miami Hurricanes and the South Florida Bulls. For your viewing pleasure, the game will be televised on ESPNU and can be heard on WQAM.com. Feel free to follow along and participate in our discussion below throughout the game.

REWIND: The Canes lead the all-time series 2-0. Last season, UM knocked off the Bulls 31-10 in Tampa.

Photo ABOUT SOUTH FLORIDA: The Bulls (6-4, 3-3 Big East) are coming off a 17-10 loss to Pittsburgh. Here is what Shannon had to say about USF earlier this week. "South Florida is a physical team, a two-back team, try to knock you off the football. And the defense is very physical. They're getting physical up front. Defensively they're doing a lot of things up front, eight man front football, try to give you fits. They try to line up and stop the run game, say you have to throw the ball to beat us. We have to come out and play football very fast, quick, be powerful on both sides of the football. We have to capitalize on opportunities they give us offensively and defensively. It's a big opportunity for us to play this game. It's senior day, and there's nothing more exciting than senior day when you can end on a great note."


> Who starts at quarterback... Shannon said Jacory Harris would be his starter if he came back and did the right things in practice. We suspect freshman Stephen Morris will still get the nod, having taken all the first team snaps in practice this week. If Morris plays, expect UM to continue to pound the football with their running game.

> How the Hurricanes respond to being out of the running for the ACC... Until last week, UM still had something to play for. They don't anymore -- outside of Shannon's job. Whether they win or lose today, they're still likely headed to the Sun Bowl.

MY PICK: I'm tempted to pick South Florida here with the Canes having little to play for. But the Canes' running game is on fire of late. I can't see Damien Berry and Lamar Miller taking the day off. They'll do enough. UM 26, USF 14.

Reminder for Gameday blog participants: Participation in the Cover It Live program is intended for the exchange of meaningful questions and observations during the game between fans and reporters. Not all comments or questions will be posted. iPhone users are asked to be patient as it takes several minutes for Cover It Live to load.


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Jessie in Va, there are many great coaches who would love 1.5 or less, what do you suggest leet Randy? Get real!

As you know I am a weak kneed, big mouth coward who has never accomplished anything in life. If I were asked to even walk on a football field I would pee my pants. When you think of me think of a despicable, weasely punk that has no courage and is afraid of his own shadow.

I call Randy Shannon, Donna Shalala, ect names hiding behind a computer screen where if I were in their precence I would shyt my pants if they even looked at me.

I am a loser and the only thing that gives me a false sense of power is calling good people names and lying about who they are day and night on a message board.


I forgot to mention I live with my mommy who let's me watch her take showers...she has funny looking parts that make me sick to look at them. I hate her too!

I have been a R Shannon supporter since the beginning, sadly I have come to realize he is not the answer, we need a change.




FSU slammed the cowardly, cheating gators...might be the last of crazy urban!

For the last two games Whippy had Um at the opponents 1 yd line 3 times! Count them three times! and came away with 3 points and two fumbles by Berry.

If Shannon isnt fired, then whipple has to be.

Kirby Hocutt must be planning his next move RIGHT now. Or else he should be gone as well.

We LOST TO SOUTH FLORIDA You ALL> I cant bear this! I cant even leave my house right now

Please someone shoot me. Someone.

UM President Donna Shalala has called a Saturday night meeting of close advisors to discuss the state of the football program and the status of coach Randy Shannon.

Who cares bull? Nobody but U. Boy U really should not make forecasts for teams or coaches. Man U are bad luck, just look at what has happened to your Gators and Shannon. I will let U go since you will be busy taking it from the rear from Meyer and SHannon filling your mouth in the front. Later

Who cares bull? Nobody but U. Boy U really should not make forecasts for teams or coaches. Man U are bad luck, just look at what has happened to your Gators and Shannon. I will let U go since you will be busy taking it from the rear from Meyer and SHannon filling your mouth in the front. Later gatorpuss.

Yeah just like they slammed us. The big difference was we were at home and it was worse

Hire Mike Bellotti from ESPN (Old Oregon HC)

Fire Randy Shanon and Whipple NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!

The players also have to be ashame of themselves. They have no loyalty and no love for UM, but worst of all they hwve no b@$$s at all!!!! They should be totally ashame of themselves.

This program is a shadow of itself!!!!!!!! What a pity!!!!!

theres a report that they have called a meetimg tonigjt to discuss the future of randy shannon tonight

Every team in Florida is getting better, we are the only ones getting worse.

Gators sUck too ... but not as much as U

Wow brian pata is rolling over in his cocaine paid coffin.
U lost to USF?!!

Wow brian pata is rolling over in his cocaine paid coffin.
U lost to USF?!!

Losing to USF leads to depression.

Being Gatard trash leads to suicide, like what happened to nutjob Meyer.

Sentinel is reporting Randy is fired and will not even coach the bowl game, the Peanut Bowl.

Rumor has it Canes are going to hire Macguver

urban and those male impersonator players that he coaches were blasted by FSU...proving once again that the ACC is a much stronger conference than the sec. Crazy urban will be packing up his straight jacket and leaving the lowly, cheating gators back where he and timmy found them...in the cellar of college football!

You would think that with all the cheating the gators have done over the past 6 years they would at least be able to beat Mississippi State...a team that doesn't have the forward pass in their offense...hey baby--gimme some more cow bell!

Yet, the really bad news will be when the NCAA comes back with their findings and puts the cheating gators on 5 years of probation.

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be chatin' gator cowards!!!

PS: The gator clowns play not 1, not 2, but 3 terrible quarterbacks...meyer makes a junior high school coach appear to be Bill Parcells...what a bunch of pathetic losers!

You folks have no idea what it's like to be a loser like me.

Imagine everyday of your life coming too in your mommy's trailer hating every living creature on earth, other than my cowardly, cheating Gators.

Having to pretend to be a Canes fan makes me sick, but my psychiatrist believes it's better to release my hate this way than some other ways he refuses to disclose fearing he may plant a seed in my tiny, tiny, tiny brain.

DEAR SANTA: i want a new coach for the U.. FIRE SHANNON on the spot after this lost... now all u shannon lovers can see why we don't need him here at the U... lets get a real coach...JNOODLE does it again. another floter, another INT, another lost game

FIRE SHANNON, lets run him out of town... JPRETZEL SUCKS, all he does is throws the ball hoping someone catches it..Now we let USF come to our house and beat us, laugh at us on senior day... great whats next? i know? get a beat down at the toilet bowl....

Shannon is done, he can't win the big games, can't win the rivalry games and can't even win the easy games. All he had to do was beat UVA and USF to go 9-3 but even that was too much. How is it that teams like BSU, TCU, Nevada, etc - are better than Miami by a mile? How is that possible? Take the coach from those teams and bring them here and we are probably 11-1 right now and going to the ACC Champ game.

I am stupid white trash. I am full of Cane envy.

My name is Sean Wilson. You can write to me c/o my mommy's basement.

Jessie , all they have to do is vote on the budget... I'll bet they already have. They have plenty to spend.

1.5 M is plenty for a relatively unknown yet hungry coach from outside of the program, kind of like guys named Schnellenberger, Johnson, Ericcson, and Davis. This plus South Florida talent and attitude= The U. Stop blogging and start looking around--ain't nobody here in India.

Pllllllease do not Fire that Genius Coach Shannon !

that's it Cane tards... ingore the abortion that is Ur team and focus on the Gators.

remember when Florida trucked S. Fla. and U said the Bulls sucked ? Well, U were right for once ...

Hey Bull or Fake Championships, looks like I laugh last U big dummy.

Randy Shannon's undoing came from the fact that he did not let his hurricanes play like the hurricanes teams he played and coached on. They were to uptight, no emotion, and constantly playing scared. It is time to bring back the attitude and the fatigues. The athletic talent is there, they need emotion and passion

The real -U- fan

Всем привет, Ни в коем случае

А! Apa yang posting bagus. Saya sangat suka membaca jenis atau artikel. Aku bisa? T menunggu untuk melihat apa yang orang lain katakan.

Ciao, ho trovato il vostro blog tramite Google durante la ricerca di primo soccorso per un attacco di cuore e il tuo post sembra molto interessante per me.



Tengo algo de sabidura maravillosa.

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