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Gameday blog: Virginia Tech-Miami

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The 24th-ranked Canes (7-3, 5-2) will try to keep their hopes of reaching the ACC Championship alive when they take on 14th-ranked Virginia Tech (8-2, 6-0) at 3:30 p.m. The game will be televised on ESPN and can be heard on WQAM.com. Feel free to follow along and participate in our discussion below.

REWIND: UM is 17-10 all-time against the Hokies, but is 2-5 in the last seven meetings including last year's 31-7 loss in Blacksburg. UM knocked off Virginia Tech 16-14 the last time the Hokies visited South Florida in 2008.

ABOUT VIRGINIA TECH: Virginia Tech has won eight in a row since they opened the season with losses to Boise State and James Madison. With a win over the Canes, they'll clinch the Coastal Division crown for the fifth time in the last seven years. Virginia Tech is led by quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who has completed 61.2 percent of his passes for 1,988 yards, 18 TDs and four INTs. He's also run for 581 yards and 3 TDs. The running game is led by Darren Evans (605 yards, 9 TDs). David Wilson (462 yards, 4 TDs) and Ryan Williams (262 yards, 5 TDs) also carry the ball plenty. Defenisvely, sophomore linebacker Bruce Taylor (77 tackles) is the leader. He leads the team in tackles for loss (15) and sacks (6). Sophomore cornerback Jayron Hosley has seven of the teams 16 INTs. The Hokies have three different players handling the kicking dutires. 


> Red Zone and 3rd down execution... It's been the focus in practice for UM all week. The Hokies convert 43 percent of the time on third down offensively (41st nationally) and are good in both red-zone offense (they've scored on 43 of 48 drives inside the 20, 90 percent clip) and red-zone defense (they rank 14th, 72%).

> Will Jacory Harris play... He practiced all week in a non-contact jersey. But conspiracy theorists believe UM coach Randy Shannon might throw a curveball at Virginia Tech and play him alongside freshman Stephen Morris. To me, whether or not Harris plays isn't as important as if UM maintains the same game plan they've had the last two weeks -- running the football. UM has pounded opposing teams into submission the last two weeks. Virginia Tech's run defense ranks 65th in the country -- giving up 155 yards a game. The pass defense? Much better (21st overall, 188 yards per game).

> Leonard Hankerson vs. Jayron Hosley/Hokies pass defense... Even though UM has run the ball plenty lately, they'll still have relied on the pass to produce points. Hankerson has been the go-to-guy for those big plays, hauling in a 79-yard TD pass last week at Georgia Tech and the game-winning TD pass versus Maryland. He is sure to be closely guarded by Hosley, arguably the best corner in the ACC.

MY PICK: Three-game winning streaks are pretty rare at UM these days. Since UM rattled off five in a row in 2008, the Canes have had only one three-game winning streak -- Oklahoma, FAMU, UCF. Since then, it's been a steady pattern of two wins followed by a loss. Time to break the trend. I'm picking the Canes here based on their running game. They'll pound Virginia Tech and hold Taylor out of the end zone just enough. MIAMI 27, VA. TECH 24.

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anyone know a link to the game???

yeah www.espn3.com

or did you want another link besides that one?

Channelsurfing.net for 2 feeds to this game

Touch Down!!! canes

Touchdown off a PLAYACTION play---Go figure!...GO CANES!

Nice job by coaches to call Benjamin's number after the fumble

The coaching staff is just not very smart... Or not smart enough... You are fighting to establish momentum... You have a freshman QB...

Kick the darn FG!!!

Go up 10 and keep fighting.
Just stupid in the 1st quarter... This is not a video game.

So lets hope that Swasey gets off his lazy A** & beefs up this team on both sides of the ball.

Lets get this team concentrating! I thought we had a running backs coach...or is he also just collecting a paycheck & sitting on his A**?

In order to win the Canes must:

Not turn the ball over
Not have more than 6 penalties in the game
Not drop catchable passes
Not miss makeable tackeles
Not miss scoring opportunities

So far:

1 penalty
1 fumble lost
1 missed scoring opportunity (3 pts.)

Not good.

Oh yeah... Don't blitz a true freshmen on 3rd and long...

These coaches are idiots. If they are replaced Stephen Morris will be a wasted talented along with his good teammates.

If they are not replaced...

Momentum just turned the other way..Tech ran against us but 3rd and 16 they convert...Horrible!

first off whipple sucks, if you are going to go for it on fourth and 1 run the spread offense, they stacked the D line, terrible play calling, and second you have a new QB in on third and 16 and no pass rush, where is the BLITZ...Lovitt sucks also,,be aggressive and attack

J12 should never start again.

go canes. we are going to take this one and win.


We had 1st and 10 on the VT 20 yard line and Whipple calls passes 2 out of 3 plays. He is NEVER going to change. This game is lost if he continues his STUPUD play calling! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS _SSHOLE?

We can't even snap the ball. Vir. Tech. is slowly taking the momentum. Just give the ball to Miller and let him make it happen. We have the players but the whole coaching staff has to go. I give up on these brain-dead loser coaches!

The helmets are quite natty and elegant, however I find little attractive about the uniforms. The colors do not mesh well at all and I find there was scant attention paid to symetry.

Turnovers and Penalties are killing us!

3, count em, 3 TURNOVERS...the score should be 24 to 10.

Been questioning Whipple's play calling all year

And regarding those UGLY uniforms who was in of that fashion statement? When players wear DARK colored helmets everyone knows the QB has a much harder time seeing his receivers. We must have children running our football program. Why don't we just have uniforms the color of the turf with stealth graphics so Stephen can't see them at all! The recent $5 million grant to the athletic department...maybe $4 mil can go to giving our coaches new brains!

am i missing something..we go for it on 4th and 4 but not on 4th and 3 when FG kicker is shaky

Bosher is REALLY focused today. We're lucky to be tied at the half.

parking is no problem in randy shannon era

a well coached um is up by 2 TDs in this game

man give the randy shannon crap a break!!!!!!......some of you that post wish you were randy shannon and not your pitiful selves.

especially you mike....u frickin coward!

It's like we are stuck in a nightmare and just can't wake-up with Shannon and company. If Beamer had our talent he would be up 3 touchdowns!

I have to agree that while some coaching decisions might be in order, guys should not be turning the ball over like they do. We already get little help from the refs (another phantom Def interference). UM is moving the ball pretty easily, hold onto the ball and they should win

I also find the uniforms to be atrocious. Had any kind of fashion sense been applied, you would not see such a "busy" approach to the jersey and pants but a much more refined, clean approach. Simplicity is so often forgotten in design. This looks as if it were stitched together by monkets. Horrid!


Whiffle just has to throw the ball deep into traffic.

Did anyone see 'Bewitched' last night? Aunt Clara was hilarious as always. She accidently turned Darrin into an umbrella!


The best looking uniforms are the all-white with the crisp modern graphics. I'll beat Shanana picked-out these ghetto rags!

I agree with you gentlemen about the uniforms and also much prefer a clean look. These are far too muddled and confused to be considered good fashion. You would think a university representing a city that is so fashion-forward could do better than this atrocity.

I can hardly watch. Our 'D' is working hard but the offense needs to have longer drives to give them a rest.

If you criticize the players - who are on scholly & would be criticized for their academic work if on academic scholly - then you're not being fair to their youth.

If you criticize the coaches, you have coach envy?

I sure would like to know where all those hypocrites are that follow that logic do their business because I for one would love to run a few of those businesses.

Grow up and realize this is a product. Yeah, its paid for by consumers and also the coaches are paid darned well compared to a heck of a lot of other types of jobs. So if people complain because they see a sub-standard product then that is their right since they may be paying for it with their tickets, donations, tuition (present or former), merchandise, etc.

About the uniforms, who the heck chose those colors?

You seen the Florida unis or the VTech unis? They at least stayed true to their colors and didn't adopt fuschia or whatever the heck that is.

And palm trees on the uniforms? WT*? Is that supposed to make the team look relaxed?

Hey at least Nike didnt $crew Oregon or Florida or other teams by trying hard to change their basic identity!

I am so sick of the BS!!!!

It is just more obvious now... A talented 'Undercoached' team...

This coaching staff is so average it is ridiculous. Penalties, blown assignments, bad situational play calling on both sides of the ball...

I Hate this coaching staff so much it makes my eyes bleed!!!

Once V.T. takes the lead the game is over and oh, by the way, they just took the lead. I'm done...going to take the wife out to dinner. What a waste of a season and my Saturdays. All my Hurricane paraphenalia in the man-cave is going into storage tomorrow. Go N.C. State to win ACC title!

OH BOY, Randy has that STUPID, LOST LOOK ON HIS FACE AGAIN...that DUH, how'd that happen face...after VT just scored the easiest TD in the WORLD...well, Randy, it happened because YOU AND YOUR COACHING STAFF, well, YOU CAN'T COACH!!

He looks confused...why are you confused Randy, THE SAME THING HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR FOUR YEARS NOW, you loser!

And, SHUT UP to you morons trying to call me a RACIST...take that racist thing and shove it!
I'm hardly a racist...I think the word you're looking for is REALIST....the REAL TRUTH IS RANDY & CO. CAN'T TEACH THESE KIDS TO PLAY FOOTBALL at the next level.

Miami may still win this game, on talent alone, but Shalala, Randy, Whipple...all of them have to GO!

how does miller dominate and score a TD and the next time we have the ball he is not in the game...unbelieveable...

I couldn't have said it better UMike.

Penalties, turnovers, bad play-calling. UM should create a coaching manual on what NOT to do in college football. Maybe they could sell it and make some money to buy nicer looking uniforms.

Has VT been flagged ata all today? Seems like every week the canes get some kind of game changing marginal penalty {usually holding} called on them.

Oh, and once again Travis Benjamin with one of his MANY drops.

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