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Hankerson leads Canes on All-ACC team

Three Hurricanes made the All-ACC First team on Monday. Here is the complete team -- voted on by 61 members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association. NOTE: A first-team vote was worth two points and second team vote one.

QB Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech (77)
RB Montel Harris, Boston College (122)
RB Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech (108)
WR Leonard Hankerson, Miami (118)
WR Torrey Smith, Maryland (96)
TE George Bryan, NC State (92)
OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (79)
OT Chris Hairston, Clemson (69)
OG Rodney Hudson, Florida State (116)
OG Brandon Washington, Miami (50)
C Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (91)
K Chris Hazley, Virginia Tech (100)
Spc. Tony Logan, Maryland (69)

DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson (120)
DE Brandon Jenkins, Florida State (101)
DT Quinton Coples, North Carolina (101)
DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson (63)
LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College (112)
LB Nate Irving, N.C. State (105)
LB Alex Wujciak, Maryland (78)
CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech (112)
CB Chase Minnifield, Virginia (57)
S DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (99)
S Kenny Tate, Maryland (78)
P Matt Bosher, Miami

QB Russell Wilson, NC State (75)
RB Damien Berry, Miami (37)
RB Keith Payne, Virginia (30)
WR Conner Vernon, Duke (70)
WR Owen Spencer, NC State (41)
TE Dwayne Allen, Clemson (31)
OT Orlando Franklin, Miami (65)
OT Blake DeChristopher, Virginia Tech (39)
OG Jaymes Brooks, Virginia Tech (41)
OG Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech (35)
OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (35)
C Ryan McMahon, Florida State (47)
K Will Snyderwine, Duke (38)
Spc. David Wilson, Virginia Tech (61)

DE Allen Bailey, Miami (51)
DE Steven Friday, Virginia Tech (42)
DT John Graves, Virginia Tech (46)
DT Joe Vellano, Maryland (33)
LB Bruce Carter, North Carolina (43)
LB Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech (41)
LB Sean Spence, Miami (37)
CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State (49)
CB Brandon Harris, Miami (45)
S Davon Morgan, Virginia Tech (48)
S Ray-Ray Armstrong, Miami (25)
P Brian Saunders, Virginia Tech (48)

Honorable mention - Offense: WR Dwight Jones, North Carolina (20); OT Jake Vermiglio, NC State (34); Paul Pinegar, Maryland (27); OG Thomas Claiborne, Boston College (34); C Beau Warren, Virginia Tech (22); TE Cooper Helfet, Duke (24); Andre Smith, Virginia Tech (23); RB Johnny White, North Carolina (22); QB T.J. Yates, North Carolina (21); PK Casey Barth, North Carolina (20); SP Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson (24). Defense: DT J.R. Sweezy, NC State (26); LB Colin McCarthy, Miami (34); Abraham Kromah, Duke (30); CB Greg Reid, Florida State (20)


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Can't wait for the Academic All ACC Team to be announced !

Woooooooooo Hooooooooo !!!

I'm white and I hate white people .

IBGO, U got me there.

As a gator fan, I can't wait for the police blotter to be released in Gainesville. Gonna ddownload a free team photo of this years team.

We lost another coach too. Urban's going to need a medication adjustment!

Don't worry canes, we suck too!

some of you are so funny with your comments. all you can do is complain, you dont even know what your complaining about yet you feel obligated to do so. Lets name some schools,.. notre dame(7-5), Michigan(7-5), tennesse(6-6), texas(5-7), florida(7-5), georgia(6-6), penn state (7-5), USC (7-5), and UCLA (5-6). yup, all top tier programs that are hurting just as bad as we are this year, if not worse. guess how many of these programs where as bad off as we where 4 years ago,.... yup, only 1, notre dame. yet B%$@, B^$@#, B%$@%. RS brought this program in the right direction, sure,.. i wish we had done better this year. thought we had the talent. but like they say, if it where easy everyone would do it. maybe it was time for a coaching change, i don't know, but give us sensible fans a break with the crying, and don't overlook the excellent job RS did do while he was our coach. that being said, and Randy being gone,.. We need a coach with some star power, although i don't know if we'll be able to lure one away from their current position that we need. a) star power, b) pro style HC, and c) i'd like to see someone with some fire. that for me leaves a list of Gruden, Harbaugh, Patterson, and then,.. your guess is as good as mine. but i see next to no chance of Harbaugh or Patterson leaving.

Kirby had a great press conference Sunday. We'll see how he makes out in the coach search.

I still haven't forgiven him for the Shannon extension.

The problem is not whether it was racist or not, it was whether the high school community feels it was racist. That is where your future recruits come from. And this was a PR disaster that only a guy who has no connection to UM would have made. Hocutt hasn't proved anything other than he has alienated the base. I have my doubts on this strategy.

I'm a African/American and I say it would've been racist had Shannon BEEN ALOUD TO KEEP HIS JOB. Larry Coker was fired never having had a losing season and winning 1 NC. Dennis Erickson was ran out of town after a 9-3 season having won 2 NC. And the Sainted Butch Davis was basically given an ultimatum before his final year. What ultimately did Shannon in was the failure of his assistants to coach up the talent they where supplied with. As a young 1st. time coach he should've surrounded himself with assistants more experienced than the one's he hired they would've been better able to coach up the players he recruited and would've camouflaged his inexperience as a Head Coach

don't get it with the race issue? should a black coach not be held to the same standard as a white one? it is always about performance, as it should be in ANY walk of life. I wish coach shannon the best, wish he would have been more successful,and doubt that he would complain about race as a factor in his dismissal. don't insult him. he is a real man.

I am afraid that expectations of who we will sign as our next head coach have been wildly exaggerated and will lead many to howl with disappointment. Almost all of the names I see on the various wish lists are not going to sign with us.

I got caught up in the Gruden hoopla and would be thrilled if Kirby Hocutt could make a deal with him, but when you logically think this situation through signing Gruden would be a bigger upset than when the Jets beat the Colts in the Super Bowl or when Lyle Lovett married Julia Roberts.

It appears that this go around the administration is prepared to add some zeroes to a check, but they were willing to do that for Schiano or anyone else who looked to be the right replacement after the Coker firing and still there were no takers.

If history is any indicator, then our best hope is to land an up and coming assistant coach from the college ranks with a fire in his belly.

PS: (screaming hysterically) Let it be Gruden!!!

And by the way...

The racist talk was started by someone just looking to create a fight on this board.

Here again the answer is quite simple...Donna Shalala would have NEVER allow anything even remotely approaching racism to be associated with anything that she is involved in...the mere thought that this woman with her history would have stood by and permitted Randy to be treated in this manner is laugh out loud stuff...you folks are being used by a hater.

There is nothing more idiotic than saying that race was a factor in Randy's firing when considering that some of the voices involved in the decision were hall of fame UM black players. Secondly, the U is the leading college program in diversity and was the 1st college in the South to integrate sports.

Randy knew like all coaches know that their career is related to number of wins. The pressure at Miami compared with the many challenges to a first year coach took its toll.
Nobody knows what that is like, and does anyone doubt that Tony Dungy would be hired as coach ?

The time is here to hire a good coach who is consistent and a homer. Rob Chudzinski come to mind. Like Butch he was a college coordinator, then an NFL coordinator and may be ready to step up. Trestman is top of line also but he has a contract in Montreal.

jacory lost one game as a qb and won 2 state titles in 6a of fla out of the shotgun. would it have made sense to leave him in the shotgun. when he was put into games after marve would stink the feild up how many times did j12 bring us back his freshman year? he was in the shotgun. a good oc would have brought out his strengths. for the two plays in the usf game when he was in the shotgun he had two completions. soon as he went back to playaction he started throwing picks again.we should have simplified everything if u knew that jacory was throwing 15 picks a year off the same playaction wouldnt u do something different. look at the stats. why do u think we won those games with morris? we ran the ball almost 50 times and almost 300 yards each game. jacory would have done better if we would have run the ball. he fired nix for the same thing and wouldnt fire whipple? it would be nice to see true fans call it like it is bring some stats to the discussions as oppossed to blank regurgitated statements. its easy to call someone a racist that u never met. look at yourself in the mirror and see whos holding yourself back. shiano, butch davis and marck richt havnt won anything since they have been at their respective schools but people seem to think they will come in and save the day.lol what made the fans think we were close to winning a cship with a young o line and no and a less than average lb corp. where the expectations for this ball club realistic? call me what u want but the majority of fans on this site cant be watching the games. thats why that underacheiving gaytor troll harasses the h out of yall becuase he knows yall dont know what ur talkn about.

im not defending shannon just anylizing what happenned.

I agree that the assistants on Shannon's staff let him down.

Mark Whipple was the biggest disappointment on the staff, I thought he was horrible this year. I think the guy can design good schemes but he has no patience in his playcalling.

Shannon shouldn't even hired a defensive coordinator because that defense was terrible.

Pannunzio should've been fired last year after the Clemson game. Special teams used to be a strength here.

No player improved under this coaching staff. Some even regressed over the years.

In the end Shannon paid the price because it was his staff. He might have had to work with budget constraints, but he chose these guys. This combined with his lack of tact with media and boosters cost him his job.

Shannon was a good recruiter.

The offense these kids run in high school shouldn't drive what gets used at UM.

We're supposed to lineup in shotgun formation on every play because it's what they do at Northwestern?

Pro-style offense always works. It's sound and allows for plenty of innovation. Lots of teams run those offenses to compensate for weaknesses in other position groups.

Do you really want to end up like UF? They have a drop back passer running plays designed for Tim Tebow. Why any quality WR would play there is beyond me.

For a .500 team you guys are not doing so bad.. On the other hand FIU is putting ANOTHER Conference Championship in their Trophy Case.. Keep the search going. Maybe a local High School Coach or a Music Teacher can take over the "Mighty U" LMAO!! The only way you can use that letter is by saying...

"U Suck!"

Bring on the Haters!

Go Golden Panthers!

Posted by: Gooch7 | November 29, 2010 at 10:16 PM

Another conference championship? This is your first, you moron. How pathetic is it that you don't even know the whole 10 year history of that commuter school? Well, you are probably a student there, so that explains everything.

And who are you talking sh*t to? Seriously? Nobody cares about you or your fake little calle ocho school, you ref. Go hang yourself.

Good point Junk, Meyeris just as stupid as we were in recruiting QBs. He has Brantley who is a prostyle QB with a stong arm and we recruited Jacory who is a spread QB with no arm. Meyer is just about as dumb as Shannon when it comes to QBs

what's up championships!

Cam Newton, enough said, right? All of the crimes they've let slide, the chose that kid to make a stand?!?! Nice one.


Posted by: ooster | November 29, 2010 at 05:47 PM

Agreed. Leach? Still drinking away his missing severence package.

Leavitt? Couldn't coach USF, doesn't belong here.

Spread? Fine for a UF team that HAS no running backs, but we have Miller, Johnson and others that will do MUCH better in a pro set or west coast offense.

See, ooster, we can agree once the trolls stop stealing IDs....


Duper worked wonders but we need him independent of the program to work with our receivers in the off season. Hire a great wide receivers coach and let Duper take the one guy he wants and work with him independently.


MIKE LEACH IS A CRAZY DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago Cane,
that independant player needs to be Travis Benjamin but A. Johnson and T.Streeter could go and knock on his door too. I know alot of you don't understand the race issue in all of this and some of you do but for the confused, go back and watch the U movie and watch all of the racial tension that went on in the 80s in the city of miami. You have all kinds of tension with Black/ White, Black / Hispanic, etc. and today still African Americans especially in miami feel left out while other minorities have florished so Shannon was a glimmmer of hope. I am African American of Jamaican descent and even there I'm considered a "Yankee" because I was born here and "can't" identify but I'm dam proud of my heritage and proud of the fact that when I lived in Miami, I saw a team that reflected the way I live my life today a "melting pot" African American, Hispanic American, White American, and players of other descents and the U was and still is that for me. In the end we all want to be playing for championships but OUR team is in the core of a community than in many ways is hurting but racially is one of the top factors and it's very relevant in this blog and if you feel people should be over it, your kidding yourselves.

Canefan 1, do your research dude. Pata was killed in 06 under Cokers watch.

Posted by: ColaCane

There you go again Sean Wilson bringing up PATA. We gunna find ya.

Please UM hire these staff members:

Ken Dorsey - QBs
Edge - RBs
Duper - WRs
Jerome Brown - Defensive Line
The Rock - Wrestling
Ed Reed - secondary
Uncle Luke - Swagger Coach
Trick Daddy - Media Coordinator/Speech Coach
James Cameron - "ticket" sales/stadium filler specialist
Warren Sapp - nutrionalist

Bert Dawg - black people are not alone in identifying with the demeanor and personality of the inner city kids that made this team in the '80s, and were just excited to see one of "our" own make it as head coach. And we're all disappointed that Shannon wasn't a better coach because he represents to everyone a large part of what made UM special to begin with.

But to say that race had ANYTHING to do with why he was fired is beyond absurd and it's demeaning to black head coaches everywhere. They are just as good as white coaches and deserve to be held to the same standard.

Come to think of it - If they don't at least interview a black head coach this move was race motivated. Isn't there a college Rooney rule and I don't see one black coach being interviewed.

Ray Rhodes?
Art Shell?
Tony Dungy?
Herm Edwards?
Leslie Frazier?
Romeo Crennel?
Mean Joe Green?
Dennis Rodman?

Hey, turn these discussions around a little. UM is the University that hired black coaches in the 2 major sports of football and basketball. give them a ziilion creidt points for that. However, there is no entitlement here. this is not government worker or union crap. this is perform and you get rewarded. don't perform and you don't get rewarded......

Dude...I didn't post that comment.

Rooney rule is NFL you moron.

Also when is Miami going to hire a black swim team coach?

I would take Herm Edwards.

You play to win the game.....hello.....you play to win the game!

Posted by: Canesjunkie

Sean Wilson you are at again today. Don't you know that we realize who you are? Meatloaf is a dish best served cold.

Bottom line is Randy was too nice and trusting in his players, If your beloved J12 does'nt throw that pick we wont be having this conversation right now. A field goal wins the game and they had one time out left.

Race always plays a factor. Its the world we live in. Is perception a factor? Yes! Are people not judged by perception? Yes! To what degree race plays a role is what makes a difference. Bt its amazing how the people who are most never negativly effected by racism always say it doest exist. Amazinf how they will hear many of people say it does and speak on it and never take the time to try and understand what is making these people say this. Just maybe, maybe, they may be on to something I may not know about, may not see,a nd may be insensitive to. But instead of saying that, they very arrogantly write them off as being a bunch of idiot liers that have all come together to tell one big lie. That racism is a problem and it does exist...

Manny, any truth to this?


Does race play a factor in The Amazing Race? hmmmmmm

Whipple gets to coach in the bowl game. That's BS!!!

mattinNY i sure hope it is

Best part about those 4 people in the FIU blog is they actually attended the university they cheer for.. The closest you will ever come to UM is playing on the recreational field..

Let me guess the Sunbelt sucks.. blah blah blah.. Hey how about getting a coach before you guys think of saying the Sunbelt sucks.. Like I said before only thing that sucks is U!!!

BTW thanks for not giving Cristobal a shot.. You guys would have had your ACC crown long time ago with him.. Private education.. ha ha ha

Go Golden Panthers!

Posted by: Find a coach first!

Cristobal will be our coach - you can add him to the rest of our revamped staff:
Ken Dorsey - QBs
Edge - RBs
Duper - WRs
Jerome Brown - Defensive Line
The Rock - Wrestling
Ed Reed - secondary
Uncle Luke - Swagger Coach
Trick Daddy - Media Coordinator/Speech Coach
James Cameron - "ticket" sales/stadium filler specialist
Warren Sapp - nutrionalist

If you want to talk about racism let's look around the state of Florida.

How many black head coaches have worked for the following schools:

Florida State
University of South Florida
University of Central Florida
Florida Atlantic
Florida International

I am a huge fan of Randy Shannon and feel heartbroken that he didn't find success on the field and is no longer our head coach. But, the biggest reason Randy's is not our head coach is because of losses to USF, Virginia, North Carolina State, North Carolina (prior to this year) and close calls against Wake Forest, UCF (2008) and other schools that should have been walk-overs.

If there's a qualified black or minority candidate for the head coaching job Donna Shalala is going to hire that person...that you can take to the bank.

Caneboss - racist exists in extreme and much more prevalently subtle forms, but in the case of Randy Shannon, his race was more an attribute than a negative in deciding his fate. He was fired for being an ineffective coach and not winning. Period.

Find a coach - UM could hire Cristobal away today if they wanted him. They do not. UM's players would win the Sunbelt without a coach.

And I always think it's ironic that FIU fans can't fathom that people could actually get into UM and be alumni. I'm one of them.


I hope they are wrong

@ Eudocimus

I actually feel like race was not as much a factor as most have been saying. There is race, racism, and respect. And the respect that Randy's never got during his tenure is what ultimately lead to his demise. Randy was never given adequate amounts of money to hire the proper staff, and was never allowed complete control to run the program as he saw best. He had to walk a fine line and on egg shells and quite honestly under the circumstances was very successful with how little he was given and the rules and parameters that he was given to operate within. There are very few coaches given the $$ Randy had and the lack of control would have recruited the way he did, keep those players out of trouble, kept those GPA's and graduation rates high and never say a word and continue to wear his politically correct face. People really dont understand the dynamics of what may have happened with UM. The reason why we were so great in those 80's and 90's is b/c we got all the the talent in and around South Fl thatthe rest of the country hadnt recognized yet. This is not the case today those players are going to schools that have lower academic requirements and with better facilities, and are much more leniant when it comes to conduct. UM is the exact opposite of this and just lost the last person that had any REAL ties to the community and this area and the inner city. There is a sour taste in all the high school coaches in he area and players at Randy's firing. This could very well be the nail in the coffin for this football program that was already far off if not ever accomplishing with it had in the 80's and 90's. There was a perfect storm that created that success that just AINT possible nowadays. Randy will get another job and come to South Florida and clean up on all the major local talent. This football program is truly at a cross roads that some sexy John Gruden hire wont be able to fix.

U Cane dopes are getting played like the lil beyotches that U truly are once again with all this Gruden Head Coach B.S. Ur desperation is beyond pathetic. Rest assure, once U blind clucks that are singing Chuckie's praises FINALLY realize that he means it when he says, "I"M NOT INTERESTED IN COACHING COLLEGE", U dumbasse's will be the first to call him a bum, gutless, we don't need him- we be duh U and we're better off without him ...

Now the question is, after 2-3-4-5-6 more coaches tell U no thanks (just like 4 years ago) leading into and past Ur pre X-mas Turd Bowl game, will U delUsion dimwits FINALLY realize that U Is wat U is ... A barely Top-30 football program that is about as relivant as Notre Dame on the National Scale...

Ur going to spend 3-4 Mil a year on a Head Coach ??? Gawd, Ur dumber that I thought...

OK U Cane Dopes ... Back to bed, Sweet delUtional Dreams ...

Look if Gruden doesn't want to be the next coach of the premier college in Coral Gables(Sorry Kaplan College on Ponce De Leon) then we don't want him. It's a Cane thing, you don't understand. We will go one to the next and next and next and next until we end up with Jim Lovett who is close friends with Kirby Holcutt.

Keep up the FALSE hope U Cane clucks ... The more U do, the more money the 49er's, Cowboys, Vikings, Jags and countless other NFL teams will pony up for Gruden come Super Bowl week ...

What's the latest word down on the mean streets of The City Beautiful U immense Dopes ? Up to 4-5 Mil. a year yet ?

With Randy no longer in the mix it will be interesting to see who starts at QB in our bowl game.

If Jacory starts the bowl game that whole "Jacory is Randy's boy" argument will seem hollow.

Posted by: Gruden's Walk-In Closet Is Twice The Size Of Duh U's Head Coach's Office Down In That Dump In Coral Gables

If that really is your name, Chucky will be here and if he isn't we don't want him. I woudl really like Ray Lewis or Uncle LUke.

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