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Hankerson leads Canes on All-ACC team

Three Hurricanes made the All-ACC First team on Monday. Here is the complete team -- voted on by 61 members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association. NOTE: A first-team vote was worth two points and second team vote one.

QB Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech (77)
RB Montel Harris, Boston College (122)
RB Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech (108)
WR Leonard Hankerson, Miami (118)
WR Torrey Smith, Maryland (96)
TE George Bryan, NC State (92)
OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (79)
OT Chris Hairston, Clemson (69)
OG Rodney Hudson, Florida State (116)
OG Brandon Washington, Miami (50)
C Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (91)
K Chris Hazley, Virginia Tech (100)
Spc. Tony Logan, Maryland (69)

DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson (120)
DE Brandon Jenkins, Florida State (101)
DT Quinton Coples, North Carolina (101)
DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson (63)
LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College (112)
LB Nate Irving, N.C. State (105)
LB Alex Wujciak, Maryland (78)
CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech (112)
CB Chase Minnifield, Virginia (57)
S DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (99)
S Kenny Tate, Maryland (78)
P Matt Bosher, Miami

QB Russell Wilson, NC State (75)
RB Damien Berry, Miami (37)
RB Keith Payne, Virginia (30)
WR Conner Vernon, Duke (70)
WR Owen Spencer, NC State (41)
TE Dwayne Allen, Clemson (31)
OT Orlando Franklin, Miami (65)
OT Blake DeChristopher, Virginia Tech (39)
OG Jaymes Brooks, Virginia Tech (41)
OG Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech (35)
OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (35)
C Ryan McMahon, Florida State (47)
K Will Snyderwine, Duke (38)
Spc. David Wilson, Virginia Tech (61)

DE Allen Bailey, Miami (51)
DE Steven Friday, Virginia Tech (42)
DT John Graves, Virginia Tech (46)
DT Joe Vellano, Maryland (33)
LB Bruce Carter, North Carolina (43)
LB Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech (41)
LB Sean Spence, Miami (37)
CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State (49)
CB Brandon Harris, Miami (45)
S Davon Morgan, Virginia Tech (48)
S Ray-Ray Armstrong, Miami (25)
P Brian Saunders, Virginia Tech (48)

Honorable mention - Offense: WR Dwight Jones, North Carolina (20); OT Jake Vermiglio, NC State (34); Paul Pinegar, Maryland (27); OG Thomas Claiborne, Boston College (34); C Beau Warren, Virginia Tech (22); TE Cooper Helfet, Duke (24); Andre Smith, Virginia Tech (23); RB Johnny White, North Carolina (22); QB T.J. Yates, North Carolina (21); PK Casey Barth, North Carolina (20); SP Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson (24). Defense: DT J.R. Sweezy, NC State (26); LB Colin McCarthy, Miami (34); Abraham Kromah, Duke (30); CB Greg Reid, Florida State (20)


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I definitely think that it was classless to fire Randy the way that they did; in the world of business process is everything! For a man who has literally been the face of The U for more than ten years and had single handedly diverted negative attention away from this program, he deserves at least the opportunity to coach HIS bowl game; Coker was at least given that opportunity!
Cane Fans, consider what the program has to fix going forward:
1. Relationships:
During his tenure, Randy had formed deep relationships with top HS programs in his own back yard, as well as across the nation; also rekindled old relationships with former alumni/coaches which has brought money into this program which was desperately needed due to the athletic dept not wanting to take the initiative to do so (at the time).
2. Facilities:
While we certainly have BCS caliber talent right in our own backyard, we do NOT have BCS caliber facilities; UM's facilities do not even come close to the OU's, Aabama's, Clemson's, Tennessee's, and Texas's of the world.. and that list goes on and on...
We lost a LOT of swagger when we let the City of Miami dictate where the Canes should play football on saturdays; believe it or not but the OB was sacred ground and EVERY Dade and Broward kid who played HS football would always flirt with the dream of one day playing in the OB amongst PASSIONATE??? fans. Shame on Hocutt and Shalala for letting that happen (The result of having passionless president and AD).
3. Legacy:
This is something that UM athletics knows nothing about, while the losses DID hurt short term, I think that long term, having a coach who LOVES the program and the kids that he recruits eventually manifests itself on the football field (Jim Tressel, Joe Pa, Bobby Bowden, etc...) Kids aspire to go to these schools and play at their peak when they are playing for great tradition and legacy.
4. Player Development/Talent Level:
I question wether or not these kids want it bad enough anymore (the IT is not only a nat'l championship, but a chance to develop for 3-4 years into great football players and change the legacy of their families and future generations by being a 1-3rd round draft pick). You have to understand that you can only coach a kid for specific periods of time per NCAA rules, it is up to the INDIVIDUAL player to want more out of their college experience (ex: Leonard Hankerson & UM players of old like Edgerrin James). TB # 3 has the athletic talent to be the BEST UM reciever ever if he puts the work ethic in (ex: over 600 recieving yards and a better YPC avg than Hankerson, and he's a year younger!!! there is no telling what that kid can do with his speed, if he adds work ethic and mental preparedness).
5. Randy's Downfall:
Randy was too leniant on players who did not do what they wer told on the football field (ex: J12 never being benched, TB3 always in the game, AJ4 never really producing, stupid penaltines, a lack of ball pursuit on defense, therefore resulting in gashing RB runs by RB's who are not as talented as the group of RB's that WE have; coordinators calling bonehead plays that didnt fit our players). This made RS seem like more of a substitute teacher that the commanding officer of this team.
6. Somethng to build on:
While Randy had NO talent to work with his first year, whoever is the new coach will have a cupboard full of goodies! and will win the ACC and get invited to a bowl game with RANDY's talent... but get fired or leave for the NFL when that talent base is depleted (I hope I am wrong about the latter)!
Due to these issues presented here at the U Gruden is the best candidate because he brings about NFL bravado that kids look up to and our president and AD will respect.

Caneboss - Bottom line is that RS did not know how to act. He misjudged the situation and put more restrictions on himself than the university did.

I believe he was afraid that if he spoke with his accent or showed any kind of brashness it would reflect poorly on the university, when in reality that's why he was hired in the first place - to be a UM guy.

It's one thing to act like a bitter zombie to the media and quite another to act that way to boosters, in the locker room, and on the sideline. If he had just been himself he would have had far more support from UM fans and probably would have been able to inspire his team to win a few more games.

And we fired Coach Shannon......may the U of M NEVER have peace of mind and/or never win a football game until they right the wrong that's been done to Coach Shannon!

Given what's happened to Coach Shannon, any football coach that dares to come to this backward, racist U of M university has to be one or all of the following:
(1) EXTREMELY desperate for a job - & he won't care what happens to him
(2) An ex-offender that can get away with slapping players around (a.k.a. coach levitt)
(3) Crazy or out of his mind!!!!
Say what you want, but the U of M will never have a coach like Shannon, who cared about the players, and unfortunately, the U of M has seen its best days. In fact, anyone they bring in won't have a winning season - none of the players will be able to trust, and I suspect that many of them are being tired, even thought they agree to play for the U of M, of being used by this backward staff. Therefore, next season they could care less about winning - Coach Shannon is gone, so why would they care? The head honchos didn't care about what the kids wanted which was Shannon there. So, U of M will get what it will deserve - years or decades of losing seasons.

And with all that being said, two snaps and circle around the U.

I see you are now using the name michelle to spew your b.s. on this blog
It was only a matter of time before you fully turned into a girl I guess

@ Eudocimus

So what you are saying is that it is Shannons fault that he over compensated his character and style, when he only should have compensated a little? With all due respect, do you have any idea how ignorant that is. The problem is African American style and culture is misunderstood and seen as negative and thats not Shannons fault at all. He's not being himself b/c he wants to be phony, but b/c he was being forced to! You think he didnt want all the ex-players on the sidelines and around the program as it was with earlier coaches, White coaches?? He wasnt able to!! Those ex-players were denied passes. They gave Randy the keys and the administration sat in the front seat making sure that Randy didnt turn the university into "The Hood". Why they would ever think this, hmmmm. You answer that. The issue cannot be Randy's over compensation for his unaccepted image. The issue is his image not being accepted in the first place. Hope I didnt lose you!

It is being reported in the 'Boston Courier' that after Urban Meyer's most recent psychiatric evaluation that his employment at the University of Florida be immediately terminated.

Nations top recruit: Coach I’m being recruited by every major program in the country, they all sell out every one of their home games, their facilities are awesome and I’ll be a God on campus.

Gruden: Hmmmm. Let me show you something.

Nations top recruit: That’s a big ole ring coach.

Gruden: Yeah, that’s the ring they gave me after I coached my team to a win in the Super Bowl. How many of those coaches who sell their games out, have pretty carpet in the weight room and will make you a God on campus had one these Super Bowl rings hanging off their finger when they came to recruit you?

Nations top recruit: None!

Gruden: That’s right sonny boy! So, let’s cut through the BS and get down to business. I am giving you an invitation to play for me at the legendary “U”. You have exactly 3 seconds to sign and after that your invitation will be rescinded and given to another recruit who plays your position that I promise you with my coaching he will be become twice the player you are and be drafted into the NFL while you are still sitting at home hoping your telephone rings during the 7th round. You will win a National Championship every year you play for me at the “U”, which will mean more to you than any other accomplishment you achieve in football. One thousand one, one thousand two…

Nations top recruit: Should I sign all three copies coach?

Sources have told CaneSport that final details are being hammered out and, barring a last minute glitch, Jon Gruden will be the next Miami Hurricanes football coach.


Jon Gruden to accept UM job 4 years $15.1 mill...if the report is true!!! and its a big if


I saw that article too. Just hoping Manny can confirm it.

canesport could easily be looking to sucker people into buying subscriptions to there site.

hopefully grudens not using us as a bargaining chip either...

shannon taught the players the value of being a good person.

now its time for gruden to teach them the value of hard work.

If it's Gruden and we found $3M to pay him and probably another $3M for a coaching staff, we must really been in trouble as a program.

It would be great to get him, don't get me wrong, but this seems like such a reach outside of what we thought was affordable. Almost like we have to win right now.



You're saying Randy Shannon wasn't allowed to be himself because he's black?

How many black players on the team? How many black assistants? I don't get what the issue?


Yeah, I can see that! I'm excited, I'm on board. It's just surreal that this might actually happen.


I went to every scrimmage and Canesfest under Randy Shannon. There were plenty of black players on the sidelines.

Randy Shannon got run out of here because of the performance of the team on the field. That's all there is to it.

They gave the guy a chance....doesn't that mean anything to you?

THink positive tonight boys....

If it's Gruden to Miami in the morning, we will taste victory again soon....

Canesjunkie - nobody is as noncommittal, uninformed, and un-opinionated as randy shannon acted in press conferences, of course he wasn't being himself. After the UNC game several players said they were "shocked" to see RS clapping his hands and jumping into kids - have you not seen the video of him scoring the touchdown and finger pointing, or heard the stories about him distributing the money from Luther Campbell?

Canesboss - I'll accept that there are deep seeded and unjust reasons for why Shannon felt like he needed to change his character for the job, but I just don't believe it came from the university.

I don't believe there would have been a shred of backlash from the university if he had been himself on the sideline and in the locker room, shalala was on his nuts from day one, he could do no wrong except lose or have players arrested or flunk out - the latter two were not affected at all by how he conducted himself.

Ex players have been kept off the UM sidelines since after the 2002 season when then AD Fatshit Mcghee thought that the ex-players screaming at the kids in the fiesta bowl rattled them in OT. It's gotten better under recently.


Should Hocutt pull off the Gruden hire then this guy is the most valuable Cane player for the next decade.

Add in his success in acquiring the big donor for the football facilities, the renewal of the Notre Dame Series and the game in the new Yankee Stadium and Mr.Hocutt is the man the university should be immediately trying to sign to a lucrative long-term contract.

PS: Donors will be lining up to associate themselves with the "U" should Gruden sign and that will mean state of the art facilities that will compete with any school in the country.

westcoastcane im reallu hoping your right, been chevkimy twitter and hear all day fot the lastest news

Holcutt is a joke over his head and sounds like GW BUSH...the UM brought in a GUY FROM K STATE who is trying to teach us about CHAMPIONSHIPS?..GET RID IS THIS CLOWN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. It kills me to hear the AD refer to the program as "Da U"....he sounds like a fan..go away

All these talk of Race is really sad, come on now if you think 7-5 with the talent that team has on it is good enough then you aren't a Cane fan!!!! Not the Canes I grew up watching.... All I know is the NFl network aired a report this week about all of the players that now play in the NFL from the U over the past 4 yrs. dont know how to study film or prepare for a games!! Some of the late round picks that now start on Sundays like Sam Shields etc.. This is so evident on game days!! We have been getting out coached for years and have gotten by with superior talent.. Not anymore.. I am a 10 year high school OC, I played 4 years of college QB.. The system that is Run at the U on both sides of the ball is so simple its pathetic.. No ability to change plays at the Line of scrimmage.. I was at the 2002 Fiesta bowl against Ohio State, Watching a big game like that with a 4 yr. starter at QB and watch the fact that on 1st down and the box is stacked and Dre maned up on the outside and we cant change the play?? And it hasnt evolved at all!!!! And that is the art of college football.. the game is so heavely wieghted towards scheming and innovation!! We are done with the Simple No game plan now.. Im done with it.. Give me a coach that can prepare our kids, have them visualize every possible scenario so that the game moves slow in crunch time.. The word pressure is for the people that arent prepared.. Give me a spread offense with the athletes we get at the U and its over!! Give me a defense that mixes up aggressive cover 0 and bringing the house to a zone blitz scheme.. You do that and you have a combination of great athletes and great coaching that puts the talent into a position to be succesful... And I hope this new coach is Black so you sorry punks will stop wasting our time with the race card!

O yeah, this whole Obama talk..... If you dont think that for a minute he is a Socialist then you need to wake up!! Start by reading his book!! Then look at his policy, and he did a worse job than RS did and this last election is his firing.. 1 term and out!!!!

Give me Leach!!! We have yet to have a smart Offensive guy as a head coach!! For those guys out there that keep saying "no gimmick or Spread guys" .... I ask you this, did you ever hear about Texas Tech before Leach was there? If he can do what he did with what he had at the Tech school imagine what he could do with our talent?? Plus that type of offense puts fans in the stands, which we all know we need. And it brings the athletes.. they see more chances for multiple players to touch the ball in space, instead of 8 Offensive lienman on the field and 1 guy touchin it... Trust me.. that scares away the best skill guys!!! Praying that the U makes the right choice and brings in someone that can out coach our opponents instead of handicapping our kids...



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