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Herbstreit defends Shannon

Almost Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all of you.

I listened to Joe Rose's WQAM interview today with ESPN College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit, and he readily admits he's a Randy Shannon supporter.

Herbstreit thinks UM players have to step up and take more responsibility for their insconsistent play this season. He said he thought Jacory Harris would be more of a leader, and that he is surprised at what has transpired this season. He said he can't figure out who and where the leaders are on this team.

He does not believe Shannon should be fired, but did say "some adjustments, maybe tweaking the staff" needed to be done. He also said Shannon needs to "continue to go out and recruit players who understand about that tradition they have at Miami.''




"I’m a huge fan of Randy’s, and I have been. I like how he handles his team behind closed doors and the discipline and the  things he tries to instill in his team. but I don’t know, I was shocked by this year, I really was. I’m not necessarily caught up in wins and losses. You’re going to win some games and lose some games. Obviously it’s a disappointing year for them to be sitting, at this point, with this record [7-4]. And moving on from here, you wonder where they go to finish up the season. Hopefully 8-4 if they can end up winning their last game.

 But beyond that, I look at this and I think, ‘OK, the team hasn’t always played with passion. The team hasn’t aways played with discipline.’ It’s very easy to blame Randy. He’s the head coach. I’m sure, if he had a press conference, he’d be the first one to take that blame. But I think it’s easy to say, ‘Fire Randy Shannon.. Move on.’ I don’t think that’s always the answer. I think trying to make some adjustments, maybe tweaking the staff, is maybe an answer; trying to continue to go out and recruit players who understand about that tradition they have at Miami.


But I can understand the frustration because this is his fourth year and that’s the thing. At that point is when you want to see the improvement. You always have to keep in mind that Jacory Harris surprised me a lot this year with not  becoming the anchor or the rock of the team. the one thing I think that’s missing on the field – and it’s easy to blame coaches when things don’t go well, but who are the guys on that field that give you a feeling that there’s great leadership and this team is being self-policed at times? if you look at championship teams, not just at the U, but around the country. There’s accountability on the field. Coaches can stand up and down, scream and do all they want.

At the end of the day you have to have accountability in the locker room when the coaches are gone and have players that care about doing the little things right. And they play and they care about winning. This team has not always demonstrated that to me and that to me isn’t necessarily just a coaching problem, it’s a leadership issue on the team. I really thought Jacory would be that anchor and that rock. It started early in the year with twittering and just being kind of silly and just showing some immaturity and not really focusing on doing what it takes.

I don’t know. I don’t follow the team that close to be able to really know who that guy is. Who’s the leader of that team? I won’t sit here and tell you that Randy Shannon needs to be fired because I think this team can still win with him as a head coach, but I do think that they need to take a serious look in the mirror and make some adjustments to what they’re doing and the professional manner in which they approach the consistency that it takes to be able to win week in and week out, because think of how they played against teams like Pitt, Clemson early in the year when they were on a roll, and then to play the way they did against Florida State – that’s just unacceptable to have that kind of effort and that kind of emotion in a rivalry game.


That has a lasting impact on fans’ views of how the season went. And then to lay an egg at Virginia, it’s just a lack of consistency. The fans want to blame it on Randy Shannon and the coaching? I can understand their view. I look at the players a lot in college football, too. And I think it’s easy to look past them because being that they’re kids. But they’re 18 to 23 years old. They need some of the blame themselves. And I just don’t sense that there’s a great deal of leadership on that team."



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Besides many other issues, Randy Shannon doesn't hold all his players accountable. Players are allowed to commit the same mistakes and back-ups are never given an opportunity. Franklin, Jacory, Benjiman, and Gunn have never been held accountable. Back-ups know in no circumstance they're going to play, especially if they're behind one of Randy's favorites or veterans. Why care? Being a leader means holding people accountable. The Hankerson can't bench Franklin or Jacory for mistakes that's the Randy's responsiblity.

How can you expect Coach Shannon to hold his players accountable when he himself doesn't do the same. I will use the Pitt game for example. He blamed 2 interceptions on Benjamim when both passes were clearly underthrown balls to him. If your qb can only throw the ball 40 yards down field why not work on short to medium passes, or teach him to throw the ball in the air sooner and let his receivers go and get the ball.

I completely agree with the above posters. Players have been making the same mistakes over and over and some get support and some get called out. If Benjamen is really at fault for all those interceptions early and he continues to drop every big pass thrown his way, then is it the coaches fault for continuing to play him or is it the players fault for not coming up big? Are Streeter and Tompkins really going to cause that much harm that they can't get on the field? Maybe that's the case, and maybe the coaches are at fault for not making the switch. Of course it's a bit of both.

My take on firing Shannon is that I go back and forth about every day. I hate the way this team seems to completely fall apart during games. When we lose, it's because this team really goes bad all at once. All of the losses are due to 5 or six turnovers and a defense that doesn't make big stops. The entire team collapses at once. That makes me think the coaches are just not preparing the team very well. But then I see Benjamen drop that pass and Johnson drop a pass in the endzone and think we should be tied and I wonder what Shannon is supposed to do about that. Those types of blunders go away and we're an 11 win team! That's when I want Randy to stay one more year...this team is so close! Just make a few of those big plays during these losses and we're tied with VA Tech late and we beat UVA and OSU (we only lost to them by 11 points!).

Sometimes it's not a steady climb to the top. Sometimes the lightbulb just gets turned on. Maybe it'll turn around with Shannon next year. Maybe he really is at fault for all those bungled plays. I really can't tell.

Let's slaughter USF at least and make sure noone starts talking about us a the 4th best team in the state.

Go Canes!

He's our Zook to bear.

Herbstreit said the same thing about Larry Coker. Now what does that tell U about his credentials.

I respect Herbstreit's words... players have to step up. Randy has stepped up and shown more passion and fire, yelling, clapping, cheering, chest bumping... he has made an observable effort to do what he can,

... but he can't make Jharris into Mike Vick, he can't make Benjamin into Santana Moss, he can't make AJ#4 into andre johnson, and he can't make armstrong and VT into Sean Taylor and Ed Reed.

We anoint Ray Armstrong as the next Sean Taylor, but he doesn't seem as fast or vicious, most times he's 2 steps behind or out of place...

We anoint Vaughn T as the next Ed Reed, and yes he plays hard and fast, but he still has a ways to go.

MFortson was unblockable in HS- absolutely UNBLOCKABLE, but now he's still figuring out how to be the next Warren Sapp...

AJ#4 doesn't seem to have the true speed to separate and get open at this college level.

etc, etc etc... seems like everyone is waiting on someone else to make a play.

Why Streeter and Thompkins are not in the game AT ALL is a total mystery... Thompkins will take a short pass into a game changing TD- he's that good. And Streeter can be a tall target in the red-zone at least.

And who knew Jacory was going to be a kid from the hood with a soft arm WHO CAN'T RUN - I mean who knew?

This should remind us all that HS star-ratings mean little when it comes to predicting heart, character, passion, and college-level talent... look at UF gators 5-star roster now, not equating into automatic championships.

BUT, at the end of the day, these UM kids will stay out of trouble, graduate, and have a chance in the NFL just like Sam Shield and Bruce Johnson who have NFL contracts, and they will eventually become good citizens who can teach the next generation about missed opportunities.

... here's hoping they return for a BCS Championship year next season.

I am a fan of Shannon but the inconsistency involves the whole program, coaching changes and position changes, players' media availability, practice time changes, PLAY CALLING, accountability on the field (off the field is very positive), leadership (not just barking on the sideine) real everyday/every play emotional/physical leaders, kicking game, and finally the FANS (we are to blame as well: irrational judgement, poor attendance, looking at past Miami teams in comparison when today college football teams compete against parity)But this is why I love college athletics, we think we know what is going on but we can only speculate on our "eye-test" every saturday.

My concens is Randy sticks with players who continue to under preform or continue to make critical mistakes. Figs when clearly he was not a tackle, Franklin who avgs 2 penalties per game, a critical holding against Va Tech. Harris at QB with continued int's without giving another QB a chance, using most timeouts for personal mistakes not at end of game when we need the, losing to teams we should be and lastly some games not even looking intersted. ENOUGH SAID--UM should keep Randy and create a new position for him to make sure all UM athelets graduate.

Well of course he will defend RS as long as Ohio State continues to whip MIAMI each year

I know everybody thinks they have the answers BUT the coaches see evry snap of every practe, game and player. If the player isn't in then there is a reason...experience, decipline etc. Yea that makes perfect sense- sit benjamin because of the depth behind him-silly. this may come as a shoc to some UM "fans" but you can actually be wrong. I think Stephen Morris has provided competition to JH12 to mak him better and if Teddy comes in...even better.

I am disappointed as all but because of the costy penalties and lack of dicipline but I am will to give it one more year.

Whe the schedule came out, if you had them winning @ OSU, @GT, vs FSU and VT then you might have set your self up for dissapointment. I thought they would lose 3 games (not UVA) and be in the ACCCG.

Lets be real about this Will
If TB3 drops the passes he has dropped RS should sit him down on the bench right then and there
RS sure is quick to pull Berry and Miller after a fumble so why not pull butter fingers after a dropped pass

this seasons on the players, not shannon.

My concern, without making a judgment on whether he should stay or not, revolves around the fact that a number of players now in the NFL and thriving were not performing at the expected level at the U.

One, two, ok, but when the numbers indicate a pattern, that in turns incriminates the coaching staff

I agree with most comments made here regarding everyday issues with the team. The way I see it there are 2 types of head coaches, you have player friendly coaches like Shannon who sticks with his players and defends them regardless and you have strong type of coaches that would made players accountable and where players that make mistakes do not see the field or get penalized somehow. Under Shannon, players feel safe on their positions and are not at risk. Not even from the media since Shannon does not allow for players to talk with the media. They all live in this pampered, safe and comfortable bubble that is not conducive to the development of leaders.

ive been back and forth all year.
saturdays result is not in the books but i have to say kee randy.
but also keep the offensive direction of the last few games...

Having said that, I think that if Shannon stays, it will be more of the same. That's the nature of the beast. Too much of a good guy with the best interest of the players so much that he is been overprotective.

Your boring posts are all on you and the basement youre locked in

Kirk Herbstriet is hands down the best analyst in all of college football...there is no one close...no one!

When he gives an opinion on Randy Shannon it is coming from a man that knows every facet of college football...unlike a bunch of clueless message board haters that do nothing but find ways to slam all UM athletics.

Herbstriet's opinion will verify what Shalala, Hocutt and the Trustees already know...Randy Shannon is in the midst of building a National Championship program built on an unshakeable foundation that will last for decades to come.

The University of Miami is blessed to have a warrior like Randy Shannon, a talented, dedicated man that defines the word integrity and a man who in time will go down as the greatest coach in University of Miami football history.

these problems are the FUNDAMENTALS of the game. the COACHES are responsible for that. yes the players have to perform, but the great teams around the country all play well in the fundamentals. not every week, but most. even our 5 rings came with bad games, but this team rarely shows it can consistently do the basics of the game. that is coaching. Look at how the offense changed in one year from nix to whip. whip may not be the greatest, but that shows how much a coach matters. and this team needs a new coach. imagine these players doing the little things right. we would no doubt be in the national scene. not irrelevant like we are. save the program fire shannon

@seansworld:are you stupid or something. if you think im sean then whats up with the name you post under?

Herbstriet's opinion will verify what Shalala, Hocutt and the Trustees already know...Randy Shannon is in the midst of building a National Championship program built on an unshakeable foundation that will last for decades to come.

The University of Miami is blessed to have a warrior like Randy Shannon, a talented, dedicated man that defines the word integrity and a man who in time will go down as the greatest coach in University of Miami football history.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | November 24, 2010 at 09:04 PM

Pass that dutch, baby...

Please try a new gimmick already. Your posts suck Sean and always have ever since the day you raided this site. At least we dont have to deal with you at any other Miami blogs Sean

Sean, Sean. You are a true loser.

I see Sean is back.
That guy must never sleep

Sean Wilson - The U

does anyone really expect herbstreit to say something else. and it seems susan and manny are on the take. all this pro shannon crap. these are the ones who pushed for his contract ext. thanks for nothin save the program fire shannon

shouldnt you be more concerned about the trailor parks over there in deadland then who is on the take over here at the Herald?
Im sure Manny and Susan were the main reason that Randy was given an extension
Stick with cheering for the Hatters

you make Cane nation more stupid. i am not trying to hate on you, just telling it how it is. FIRE MANNY KEEP SHANNON

save us from randy

Randy Shannon is way overmatched coaching at this level. He recruits good talent, although the development of some of the players is sub-par (i.e. A Brown, Streeter, Fortson, Thompkins). The revolving door of coordinators shows that either RS cannot lead or he doesn't pick good coaches or, as it is rumored, he wants to have his fingers on every decision (micro manager). Poorly coached football teams commit the same errors over and over....just like the Canes. Poorly coached football teams get beat in the second half..just like the Canes. Similarly, the Canes lose big games late in the season (i.e. lack of improvement). Brandon Harris, Sean Spence, Allan Bailey and Armstrong are studs. that defense should be a national powerhouse. And RS is considered a defensive coach?? 4 years is enough Canes fans! To say that we cannot hire a better ON THE FIELD coach who can do the things that Randy has done OFF THE FIELD (i.e. graduating players & recruit) is downright shortsighted and insulting to a lot of qualified coaches. The U can do better and Canes fans deserve better. Herbstreit is not a Cane, and he says in his statement that he hasn't seen that many games! Well, I've seen just about every one and so have most of you. With all due respect to Herbie, we don't need his assistance to explain what we see every darn game. MEDIOCRITY

Over under on how many penalties Franklin will have Saturday is 3.

What do u think I believe he had 4 last week and that seems to be about the norm for him all season.

BULLSEYE!! DING, DING, DING. Shannon need to put the best players on the field. To many good players on the sidelines watchin guys that drop passes and miss tackles. That's a recipe for how to be fired.

Save us from elliots posts

Shannon must go.

I have to agree with tptp79. On game day when players don't play well and they're making the same mistakes over and over again, and committing penalties, repeatedly dropping passes, whatever, it's the coach's job to show his tough love (his leadership) and bench that player. Let the next guy in line have a go at it. That's only fair to his players and the fans. But to Randy's fault he hasn't done that. He's been much too loyal to certain players over the years or he seems to show favorites for certain players despite their skill level or their field performance. I support Randy, but I scratch my head when he starts an inferior player over a better player, or when he doesn't bench a player who's committing penalty after penalty and hurting the team game after game. It's a shame cause I really believe we have the talent on this team, but he makes poor choices that hurt our team. I do still love the guy just like a brother, but I got to say it straight up as I see it even when it hurts. That's what tough love is.

Its looking like Shannon will get another year .Its going to be an ugly mess I can assure you if that happens.

Herbie is great, but DEAD WRONG here.

We need Coach Gruden, Shannon has done a horrible job.

If the players don't have accountability and passion, that falls directly back on the HEAD COACH.

If the HEAD COACH didn't want them on the team, then they would never of been offered a scholarship.

It just puts an emphasis on the poor recruiting job done by this staff.

Still trying to be me I see. Its flattering. But dummy like I said before when I post it comes in black not blue U moron. Its cool because everyone knows I would never say crap like Shannon is a warrior. He is a loser of losers and nothing will change that. Doesn't matter anyway because randy's losses just keep piling up and soon he will be gone. HA HA HA. Oh do tell me what happened to your promise of Shannon winning the ACC and destroying FSU in the ACC title game. Oops looks like you failed just like your boy Randy has. Do you think he may can squeeze by South FLorida? I wouldn't bet on it.

4 years of the same stupid mistakes! Penalties, missed tackles, poor blocking, dropping passes, all from some of top rated kids in the country.
Now Shannon & the media is blaming it all on the players? Didn't we fire assistant coordinators already when things needed adjusting?
Herbstreet might be a great commentator but he hasn't seen every game for the last 4 years!
Time for the CANES to hire a REAL COACH!!!

I agree withShannon. Benjamin has single-handedly lost games, or stalled drives with key mistakes:

Against Ohio State. The pass that went through his hands and into the defenders hands-- how is that J12 or Shannon's fault? Then the jump pass in th end zone that he juststood there and didnt even fight for the ball.

Against VT- He stretches or dives, he makes that grab. The drive stays alive and we could possibly tie the game at 24 all in he 4th q. Instead, it kills the drive, we punt, or Bosher misses the fg, VT drives and scores and its a 14 pt game now with 5 min left. Game over
And he dropped another pass in his hands against VT. And he muffed a punt that gave the ball to VT on our 20.

And he has dropped other passes, run wrong routes as well. Sure he has made some plays, but look at all of these mistakes. They have cost us at least 1 game.

Shannon needs to bench Benjamin and Franklin. Period. And he should let Morris play out the season, then open up the comp in the spring. If harris'dad is so upset at Shannon, it proves what every one thought- Shannonmade a deal withJ12 to keep him at the U. That was the reason behind that ridiculous QB shuffle with Marve in 2008. Ridiculous beyond words.

Shannon needs to fire whipple. Whipple has constantly thrown J12 under thehbeus with moronic deep balls, knowing full well it is low percentage. these have stalled drives and shortened possession time, so the D has to go back on the field. That is bad OC play calling. the play calling on the goal line has been horrificc as well. Whipple needs to go and take his son with him. Shannon can do that and will gain respect for doing so.

Shannon has to really really step up the recruiting. Clemson has stolen Sammy watkins, Mike Bellamy (Charlotte hs), and now potentially Tony Steward. Probably the top 3 players in florida (wr, rb, lb). That is inexcusable. So what if they are not from South floridians. They are studs and Umcould use them. No more Miami NW except for one or two players here and there like Teddy B. But not the whole team. It seems thathe has put all of his cards into the UM- Miami NW connection..That "pipeline" has proven to be a fallacy.

Does anybody who posts here not think that a Chip Kelly or Chris Peterson could turn this team around in one season?

college football is 75% coaching 25% recruiting V-tech almost never have any 5 star player but there always playing for ACC Championship Boise st Oregon Tcu Utah Texas tech Iowa Wisconsin just to name a few if look back at there recruiting classes they are rarely ever in the top 10 do the research -Know your talent and how to use it bottom line -stop blaming the players thy are only kids begging to be coached - UM owe them that atleast

Chip Kelly? Chris Peterson? I feel like a Jim Harbaugh will fit in nicely. Think about the teams of the coaches you just mentioned Mr. Bob. JH has a top 10 team with 3 and 2 star recruits. He is a teacher who has played at both levels and succeeded. Im not taking anything from CK and CP, but look at Stanford, the ivy league of the west coast.

Kirk basically said, "I don’t know. I don’t follow the team that close to be able to really know who that guy is." This means Kirk loves Randy and knows litte about UM as a team. I agree with the posters in this thread Shannon isn't the guy. Hey Kirk, maybe you can put in a good word at ESPN and he can join you, Lee and Desmond on College Gameday live.

Honestly, I was Pro Randy , but to lose in the 2nd half, not be ready to play at home vs FSU, or Virginia?? come on now. Players arent getting better, . HE WAS A 1ST TIME HEAD COACH--------Honestly, I know Jimmy JOhnson is retired, but to see his passion on THE U Documentary on ESpn(See it if U havent), if he could come out of retirement for 3-4 yrs(he is young enough) to get the U back, and then hand pick a nice predecessor, that would be great AND REALLY CEMENT JIMMYS LEGACY--------I MEAN HE WOULD DEMAND RESPECT AND HE KNOWS TALENT-----

WOW-what a bunch of losers. if u culeros only knew the truth

Jimmy is retired for a reason. Let him be. I was all for Randy as well. I feel like this was our year to for the the U to rise up and dominate. RS is a players coach, you can see that clearly. What he is doing off the field is great, it is not turning into wins on the field. Yes, he is teaching the boys how to become better educated, men, but what about better football players. After all they are all on an athletic scholarship. I must bite my tongue and give him one more year. I hope that this is a learning experience for him and his staff.

What a piece of crap article.... I don't expect any different from an OSU Alum. If Shannon was OSU's coach, I would want him to stay too.
Randy Shannon = FAIL

Give Shannon a break

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