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Jacory will travel to Atlanta, help Morris

   University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris has not let his concussion get in the way of his team spirit and good nature, say his teammates.

   During the game against Maryland, Harris encouraged freshman starter Stephen Morris from the sideline, providing reassurance and helping him cope with his new responsibility.

  The Hurricanes veteran quarterback is expected to do the same Saturday when UM (6-3, 4-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) plays Georgia Tech (5-4, 3-3) at noon in Atlanta. Even though Harris has been ruled out for the game, he will travel to Atlanta and continue helping Morris.

   "He said he's been doing it for so long he kind of felt like a coach that day -- coaching up a young guy, a guy that looks up to him," said defensive tackle Marcus Forston of the quarterbacks' interaction last Saturday. "So that was a good thing."

Morris said after his second-half debut at Virginia that he had already begun to emulate his role model by staying calm and composed. "I learned that from Jacory, actually," Morris said last week. "Jacory is the calmest cat I've ever seen. I just try to mimic him in all the ways possible. ...It was all good."

    Cornerback Brandon Harris believes now that Morris has emerged, the healthy competition between the two will only make the Hurricanes better.

   "It really does a lot to build character and maturity on this football team," Harris said. "A lot of people don't look at it that way. They just look at it as a position battle and controversy."

    Harris said the team is rallying around both quarterbacks.

  "There's no picking and choosing on this team. Everybody understands we're in this together. Whatever outside forces say, and whatever they want to do to separate us, that's not going to happen.

   "[Jacory] understands that he's down and he wants the freshman to be successful at this point. He has to do what he has to do to help this football team win. Jacory understands, and that shows a lot about his maturity and how much he really cares about this football team."

   Center Tyler Horn believes Harris has too strong a will to be intimidated or upset about Morris' emergence.

   "He doesn't really pay attention to that kind of stuff," Horn said. "He doesn't. He's our quarterback and his role is as our quarterback and that's the leader of the team. He knows that."

   Said linebacker Sean Spence, who played with Harris at Miami Northwestern High: "I don't think it affects Jacory. If anything, I think Jacory is happy for him to [have gone] out there and won the game for this team.

   "Just being the competitor jacory is, he wants the best for whoever is on the field.

   Forston, another former Northwestern Bull, smiled when he was asked about Harris being out at practice again this week.

   "You never know what's going on in his head, man. Like I've been saying, with all the things that happened to him, he's going to keep on playing and keep that smile on his face."




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LOL @ "Help Morris". "Okay you see your receiver being double covered you laub the ball over there".

Dallas Crawford is an athlete. A corner. Too small to be QB at Miami. Maybe at Oregon or Michigan. But look how many times "shoelace" has been injured at Michigan with that style of play. So Crawford is good, but may not be the optimal fit for UM.

Sammy Watkins on the other hand, is also a stud. Good size, fast, excellent hands. He would be a great fit/ DOES HE HAVE THE GRADES?

Other recruits to consider:

Tony Steward-ILB

Joey Lohmann Barron Collier Naples -ILB
Jon Alvarez Bishop Verot- Fort Myers-ILB
These two are the top 2 ILBS in Southwest Florida

The QB from St THomas Aquinas
Nick O Leary

Like I said little gator piglet I am not sean. But U are correct on the money, women and intelligence. At least U are catching on, slowly but U are catching on non the less. Give me your address so I can visit U when I am bored. I can see U are still hating the truth as usual. Oh glad to see I could help U out with your little spelling problem.

Actually I am not, however U sound like someone who is content to settle for what U can get rather than go after what U want. If U are cool with that then so be it thats your perogative. Its just not mine. So with that being said, if we have not put the resources into the program before, which incidently could be correct, then how do U explain 5 national titles that are ours. Could U please explain to me how pathetic it is that dan Mullen has Mississippi State ranked and in contention for the SEC west in just 2 years and here we are stuck losing with Shannon after 4 years and cannot even win the coastal division of the ACC. Look bro, I realize that we may indeed be stuck with Shannon for this year and maybe even next year but that does not mean I am willing to be quiet about it. You can accept mediocrity if you wish, that is what the administration would want you to do anyway. But for me it is unacceptable and I am going to let it be known. So if what I say bothers U and U don't like it, tough. I would advise U to then not read what I say and move along, cause I'm not changing anything.

Hello spotefans,
My name is Jaboney Harrus. I wuz an elight QB fo Duh "U". I got smacked up side my noggin in Da Virginia game az you all recall. You peoples say I ain't gut no alm but it is alot scronger dan you tink it is. I am de unquestioned leader ov dis teem. I will be back win I git deese cob webs out of my head. I ain't tinking to clearly yet but I see all deese negative vibes you all been leeving on dis blog. You will eat dem words you been saying bout me. Piece!

Sean Wilson was RIGHT!
Pay that man his money....

Posted by: FIRE RANDY SHANNON | November 11, 2010 at 10:19 PM

Buddy, I got no problem with firing Randy Shannon. However, that racist Sean Wilson was a Gator fan that wanted to LYNCH Randy, BEFORE he knew whether he was any good, just because he was BLACK. Seriously, there is a difference between Curse Piggy/Sean Wilson and someone like rogperu or "championships" that just wants better results on the field.

So no, he wasn't right, becuase he wasn't liiking for a firing, he was looking for a murder.

Fair enough.

But in answering your question about accounting for the 5 national championships I have to point out that Randy Shannon and most especially his big recruiting class from Northwestern are following the same formula UM has always used to win. They recruit their (untapped prior to the 1980s) local resource of hungry, talented inner city kids who have known each other and played with and against each other their entire life and allow them to play with a chip on their shoulder and the swagger that comes from their camaraderie and dedication to the program. Now aside from Howard Schnellenberger, who invented the formula, the head coach doesn't matter. UM makes coaches, it doesn't hire already established ones.

And so now the same formula isn't getting the job done - they're not dominating like everyone thought they would. I'm of the opinion that it's Randy Shannon's fault because he appears to have no motivational skills and he doesn't encourage his players to play loose and free.

But right now it looks extremely unlikely that Randy Shannon will be fired before his first class of seniors is given a chance, and the part that I think a lot of UM fans are missing is that if and when Randy Shannon is fired, it will not be an established coach replacing him.

The Miami Hurricanes will go back to square one with a new up and coming coach who may or may not be able to continue recruiting the elite talent that Randy Shannon has been able to get.

And so if the scenario that all you fans who profess to "not settle" for mediocrity are hoping for plays out - it will not help the University of Miami to win football games, and beyond that it will most likely hurt their ability to recruit the very best talent in south Florida.

No Hurricanes fan is content with 2-3+ losses every season, but the ones who know the history of the program should recognize that to fire Randy Shannon would be to throw out the chance that the talent he's accumulated over the past four years will compete for a national championship and it will be at least another four years before this opportunity comes again.

Stephen Morris is our best QB right now.. Jskinny U suck.. How are u going to provide advise for someone if u have not taken care of businees? ur just a joke.. and SHANNON is too. FIRE CANDY RANDY AND TAKE JSKINNY WITH U. shannon plays favorites and does not allow the best players on the field.

Posted by: maimicanes1 | November 11, 2010 at 09:23 PM
Idiot, wait til the freshman has more experience before you judge or compare.

360 cane........ur a tool.
classic apologist.
ur part of the problem, not part of the solution.
how low have you set the bar now?
are you part of the fanbase that jumps up and down and hi 5s his mom when we have a high graduation rate?

randy is not a good coach and now he cant even recruit.
he makes up more excuses and continues to throw players under the bus while having an unhealthy loyalty to the 2008 class.

we are stuck now because we signed him to an extension cause he cried about recruits not believing he would be around.
if i was a recruit that would be a selling point.
As for you, you're just another naive person judging the team before the season is over. 360 made tons of good points, at least he isn't misinformed like you. We still have a chance to win 10 games this season(progress from last year) and there's no point on being negative until the season is over. If you wanna trash your team and your coach then pick another team, because no one wants a senseless moron following their team.

Eudocimus, I agree with your assessment of Shannon's lack of motivational skills and encouraging the players to play loose and free. I do feel that we need to however play with a disiplined controlled rage out there. Also he and his staff have not developed the raw talent these players have coming in each year under his watch that would take them and us to the next levels.

I do disagree with with the coach doesn't matter part. Howard did establish the formula, but when he left, the school went after Jimmy Johnson who was the Head coach at Oklahoma State. Now Johnson was not a world beater there because Oklahoma and Nebraska killed him just about every year but he was pretty successful there and was a head coach. Also he changed the defense and implemented his 4-3 defense that changed the whole identity of the defense.

Then they went after Erickson from Washington State who was another head coach. This was the time the U passed up on Garry Stevens to be the Head Coach. I feel that at this time we should have gone with a coordinator to replace the HC. But other than Erickson letting the talent level decrease over the years he was a very successful head coach for us.

So I do feel the Head Coach does matter. Randy Shannon has been given every blue print available to be successful in 4 years here. Jimmy and Butch gave him the ones to go by and Coker gave him the one not to follow. Just look at what Mullen has done at Mississippi State. Some guys are head coaching material and some are better suited to be a coordinator, like Shannon.

I just don't see anything that Shannon has done that would suggest that we are heading for a National Title ever under his leadership. Losing doesn't recruit talent, winning, and winning championships recruits the best talent to a program. And to say firing Shannon would hurt the programs ability to win a National title is insane. Could U imagine Art Briles or Petrino with this talent and what they would do with it. A lot more than we have gotten from Shannon I can assure U.

All of us TRUE CANE fans want a National Championship Program. We do not want a 9-3 type nice academic team. Shannon was given a golden opportunity to lead Miami back to greatness. This is his fourth year and he has failed. If he really loved the U, he would do the right thing and thank the University for the opportunity and admit he is not capable for the job and resign. I have come to the realization that the sooner Shannon is gone the faster Miami can be great again and lossing games will force Shannon out, that is why I will be rooting for GT this week. I will BOYCOTT the games and I will not donate any money or leave any money in my will to the U, until SHANNONis GONE. I hope all you true CANE fans follow my example. MAN UP, RANDY AND RESIGN!!!

let's be honest, before the season none of us would of accepted 3 losses.

the loss to Virginia was UN-ACEPPTABLE. let's not even touch the FSU debacle.

if we don't win out the season is a failure.

sadly, this means we must now regain our love for Butch and hope his boys can beat the Hokies.

otherwise see you at the "insert lame bowl game here".

we expected more this year.

Oh really! So Jacory is somewhat of a coach now trying to help out Morris. I am pretty sure Morris could teach Jacory a thing or two!lol

GaTech will murder the canes ... unfortunately sadly so.
This might be worse than FSU ... R-Rated - No Kids Allowed

Posted by: Mark Drebin

I wish Shannon would resign, but it's not going to happen.

Would you give up the money he's got coming to him?

Why did they give him an extension!!!! They could've let the season play out. It's not like recruiting is going well. Every game is like a 3 hour commercial on why recruits should not come play for Shannon.

Question: What happens if we lose this game? I mean, I'm just wondering. If we lose and do nothing, what does that really mean folks?

Win or lose....same thing at this point.

Stephen Morris and Lamar Miller are the only exciting things about this team. I just hope they do well and retain their starting positions.

Love you 360 Cane...put it on these infantile twits!!!

Go Canes!!!

Well, think about if the Canes had that rag arm Brantley from the cowardly gators...what a overhyped joke!

How about Urban Meyer releasing Cam Newton's academic records so the kid doesn't win the Heisman Trophy.

Question: What happens if we lose to GT?

aint nothing wrong with jacory. we just need to adjust our offense to his abilitys. which whipple has,nt done.

Canes have the best 2 QB's in the country!

Thank you Randy Shannon for your recruiting and coaching.

Go Canes!

LOL @ "Help Morris". "Okay you your receiver being double covered you laub the ball over there".

Posted by: PRacrePerAcre1

IMA sez...
"Laub" must be the Yiddish word for "lob." LOL
I agree with an earlier poster who suggested we cut some of the nastiness. No one should doubt these kids are trying hard. But if your kid previously was on the deans list (Jacory's football accomplishments) at high school is now pulling a "D" in ONE subject at college, wouldn't it cross your mind that maybe there's a disconnect between your kid and
the class professor.
In this case, Jacory and Whipple/Randy, whomever aren't connecting.
I'm as unhappy with our record as the next fan/alum, but lets not name call and be as abusive. recruits come up here too.
Go Canes.

championships - and once again you're making a lot of reasonable points which leads me to wonder how you could possibly come to such a drastically different conclusion than me.

So I'd like to present exhibit B - Larry Coker. Larry was a horrible coach, he was corny, uninspiring (much like our friend Randy), and he couldn't control his players (which when he had leaders like Dorsey and Reed on the team was actually a good thing).

Larry won the national championship because he had insane talent.

Larry had to go because he couldn't replace the talent he inherited and therefore had no chance of winning again.

Well you may be correct that Shannon won't be able to get this team to a championship (although I think if Coker can do it so can Shannon), but you're still not accepting that IF Shannon were fired before the end of 2011, they would not be able to hire even an up-and-coming, mid range salary coach (Briles makes 2 million a year and Petrino wouldn't even be close).

So would someone who would sign on for half a million a year or less be able to win right away in 2011? Maybe, maybe not - but you would be sentencing the program to another four years of maybe/maybe not recruiting.

The only sensible thing to do is to let Shannon coach his seniors and wait until you can hire someone better for the next 4 year rebuilding project - and of course all these arguments are moot because this is what UM will do.

If we had a quarterbacks coach, there would be no need for Jacory Harris to come along for the ride. I wonder whose spot he's taking on the travel squad?

By the way, I don't buy the excuse that Harris is coming along to tutor and support Morris. (What's he going to teach him?) That's pure PR cover. There must be some other reason.

The team plane pilots ought to let Jacory fly the plane back down to Miami after the game. All J-35 would have to do is just follow the ducks heading south.

Did you come up with that all on your own Quack Quack/Sean or did Justin facebook that one to you?

Well, think about if the Canes had that rag arm Brantley from the cowardly gators...what a overhyped joke!

How about Urban Meyer releasing Cam Newton's academic records so the kid doesn't win the Heisman Trophy.

Posted by: Bull Gator | November 12, 2010 at 05:56 PM

Are the Gayturds constantly in your head when making any type of comparison Bull ?

Canes have the best 2 QB's in the country!

Thank you Randy Shannon for your recruiting and coaching.

Go Canes!

Posted by: Bull Gator | November 12, 2010 at 07:22 PM

You're kidding right? Or did you drink your dinner tonight ?

FU is just making it worse with the NCAA by saying they had a player they knew didnt have the grades but still didnt do anything about it.
It goes right up there with Percy and Hernandez testing postive for the Chiba over and over but Urbie was hiding the test results so the kids could keep playing
Lets not forget about the $ that fat boy Pouncey took from an agent and handed out to his brother but Urbie pretended not to see that and both played in the bowl game. The other fat brother is still playing now
The NCAA is having a blast going through all the failures of FU

Eudocimus, I do agree that Coker was horrible as our head coach and with talent like Dorsey, Reed, and Johnson among many others they did not need a great head coach to lead them to that national title. In fact they didn't need a head coach at all (which incidently is what they had in Coker)to win it. Think back if U would, the Boston College game that year was the first inclination that there were chinks in our armor and it just continued to the next year and so on. Those mishaps and steady decline in the development of our players continues till this very day.

There is no doubt that if Shannon were the coach of that 01 team he would have won a title too as U say U believe he can. The biggest difference is Coker inherited a fully functional well coached team in which all Coker had to do is be there. Shannon is not following Davis and or another great coach who has a team ready. I do understand that but he has not showed the necessary progress that he should have over the last 4 years. Plus although the talent was not what it was in 01-02 there was still plenty enough talent here to win the ACC with Wright and company, Shannon's 1st year.
Personally I felt Coker should have been fired after the 04-05 season since the team had shown that it was slowely eroding away from what it had been. With that being said I also see no reason to continue on with this as it is. Shannon brought alot of this on himself with the way he handled Robert Marve and others. And if U get technical about it, this is Shannon's first season that he has had players he recruited as seniors, DVD, Cooper, and others. So he has had time to turn things around by now. Plus his juniors have had 3years playing experience as well.
I do feel what you are saying is all about Money. But I do see that continuing to lose games being coached by an incompetent coach like Shannon will ultimately lose recruits as well as money. We bought out Coker after he had signed an extension so I cannot see why we don't do the same with Shannon. Holcutt is not entirely to blame being this was his first year or so but I like Canes Junkie cannot figure out why they didn't just let this season play out before he offered SHannon anything in the way of an extension. Shannon may very well not be fired this year and may get that 5th year but unless he wins and I mean win big I and others are going to continue to call for his firing.

Yeah, keep flattering yourself Championships Douche. Oohing, I'm sure Randy is terrified of you calling for his firing. In fact, anyone who crossed your path must be terrified.

Give me a break you self-absorbed digit. You are almost as big a loser as Curse Piggy. Get back to calling Domino's for pizza. Your dates must really think you're a high roller.

Shannon's got enough to be terrified by with his lack of coaching ability and figuring out how what excuse he can make for tomorrow. And those who crossed never are stupid enough to let it happen again, I can assure U of that.
Later little gator. Don't let your tail get run over when the big rig is coming through. U big dummy.

fire randy !

hire the top d-2 coach and let this UM job be a stepping stone for his career.

people! people! ...randy shannon should NOT be fired... he should be demoted back to defensive coordinator lol

morris, whatever jacory tells you... do the opposite.

hey serious question, does anyone know where jacory stands on the list of all-time interceptions thrown at UM? (i cant find the stat anywhere)

im just curious because people are making the argument that he throws alot of touchdown passes consequently making him a good QB. but i'd be willing to bet hes near the top of the all-time INT's category as well.

Why not just say it?

The Hurricanes are pretty boring.

WTF is a laub?

ooster/sean and all the other names you go by
Just shut the hell up already or at least come up with some new material

Lovin' Randy Shannon!!!

He is taking the program back to the top of college football.

Great coach!

Great recruiter!

Great mentor!

Great man!

Great leader!

Great--to be--a Miami Hurricane!!!

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