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Let the QB competition begin at UM

The Miami Hurricanes may not have much left to play for this season outside of matching their record from a year ago and picking up their first bowl victory since 2006.

Jacory Harris But for Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris, Tuesday's practice was really the official start of what should be a back-and-forth quarterback competition -- one that probably will not end until the week before UM begins the 2011 season next September. Although coach Randy Shannon said this week Harris would be the starter Saturday if he can show he's back in a rhythm with the offense during practice, I don't expect Shannon to just hand the job back over to the junior permanently. In fact, NBC-6's Adam Kuperstein said a source told him Morris was told Monday night he will start against USF.

Ultimately, Shannon knows very well the best thing for Harris and Morris is a healthy competition. And the fact Morris (50.5 comp pct, 880 yards, 5 TDs, 7 INTs) played pretty well when Harris (53.9 comp pct, 1646 yards, 14 TDs, 11 INTs) was out, I've been told, has convinced Shannon to leave the quarterback competition open heading into next season. When Shannon spoke on the ACC Teleconference Tuesday what he said seemed to support that belief.

"This is the first time I think since Robert Marve was here that he’s had somebody to push him where he needs to go,” Shannon said. “With Stephen there, Stephen and him talk a lot, they communicate a lot. It’s a competition factor of him staying on top of his game but also ... not feeling the heat, just knowing you have somebody by you that’s just as good as you that wants to work just as hard as you. I think it’s been a great cohesive deal between those guys that should really work out well.”

For what it is worth, Morris took all of the first team snaps when we were able to watch the first 15 minutes of practice Tuesday -- a sign Shannon clearly wants Harris to earn the job back. 

“He’s got to get back in the rhythm of running and cutting and doing those things,” Shannon said. “Jacory has to get back in the rhythm of throwing the football and the timing routes, dropping back, letting the football release at a certain time, getting back to handing the football off, doing all of those things. If he’s really sharp and crisp we’ll go with him. If he’s not really sharp when we need him to be, we’ll go with Stephen. He knows it, and he’s going to work hard this week in practice to get those things.”

Stephen Morris One thing Harris did that impressed Shannon as well as his teammates was that he kept coaching Morris while he was out -- something that won points all around after Harris was seen at times this season off on his own.

"Even though he wasn’t playing, he played a valuable role," senior running back Damien Berry said. "Jacory was coaching on the sideline. He was telling Stephen what he did wrong, his reads and what he saw, critiqueing him from the sideline. Jacory is a big part of our team. Stephen is also, whether on the field or off the field. Both of those  guys are great. I love the way Jacory hasn’t been selfish or anything. He stepped up and he was a real leader, showed how much he cared about this team being on the sideline coaching."

Berry won't be around next season for the competition, but he expects it to be a good one. "That will be very interesting," Berry said. "I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen with that one. It’ll be very interesting to see both of them compete because they’re two different styles of quarterbacks. I want to see what happens."

Berry believes that if Harris had real competition from the beginning of the season, he might have been better off and perhaps more focused. "That’s the goal, to put you into that fire and see how you come out," Berry said. "Some people break, some people fall. But most of the time, if you’re here, you’re going to step up to the plate."


> With 262 yards rushing against Virginia Tech, the Hurricanes have climbed up to No. 25 in the country in rushing (192.73 yards per game) and are on pace -- with what they've accomplished over their last six games -- to eclipse the school record for rushing yards in a season (2,558) set in 1954. As it stands, UM's 2,120 yards on the ground already rank 10th all-time -- behind five glorious season from 2000-2004 that featured Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, James Jackson and Najeh Davenport. 

> Between Harris (11), Morris (7), Spencer Whipple (2) and A.J. Highsmith (1) the Hurricanes have thrown more interceptions this season (21) than they have thrown touchdown passes (19). Of course, 12 of those TD passes have been caught by Leonard Hankerson (a new school single-season record). FYI, the school record for interceptions thrown in a season? 32 set back in 1944. Jacory Harris, who has 35 career INTs, is three picks shy of tying George Mira's school record of 38 (1961-63).

Antonio Dixon > Left tackle Orlando Franklin said he will be spending Thanksgiving with his mom and former teammate Antonio Dixon, who has gone from undrafted free agent two years ago to starting five games for the Eagles this season. Franklin said he actually sent Dixon a funny text message last week as he watched the Eagles-Redskins Monday night football game.

"I was surprised he didn't stutter the other night when I was watching Monday Night Football. He actually said 'Antonio Dixon, The U.' I made sure I called him and left him a message about that," Franklin said of Dixon, who battled a severe stuttering problem when he was at Miami Booker T. Washington High and at UM.

"He called me right after the game and cussed me out. It's all good. I'm happy for him. He just has to continue doing what he's doing."

Franklin said he often plays Call Of Duty online with Dixon.

As for his career at UM, Franklin said: "I definitely think I had a real good career. But really it's all about wins and losses. People are not going to see anything else. I remember last year, people telling me I had a great game against South Florida, but I had a horrible game against Wisconsin. Well, grade-wise I had a great game versus Wisconsin and a horrible game against South Florida. It's all about wins and losses here."

> The consensus among players as far as the most disappointing moment of the season? That was pretty easy, Virginia.

"Losing is one thing," cornerback Ryan Hill said. "You go into games with expectations of a win. But when you take a game like Virginia, you lose to guys you know you shouldn't lose to. I kind of stomach Florida State and Ohio State -- these guys are among the nation's elite just like we are. But to lose to Virginia, that's one game that really stuck out to me. I didn't have any answer for it. I don't really understand how we lost that game."

> Hill, to me, has been the most pleasant surprise of any senior on the team. He basically went from a receiver in Shannon's dog house to the second-best cornerback on the team as a senior. He's also a great, great interview.

When I asked Hill about being in Shannon's doghouse, he said: ""I wasn't in his doghouse, I was in his kennel. Coach Shannon wouldn't even talk to me. Coach Shannon, we'd pass by each other and he'd look at me - `uhhh.' We've grown and I love him to death. I'm sure he loves me and we talk all the time. There's not a thing I wouldn't do for him and I'm sure he feel's the same way."


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Most of those things shannon said jacory had to get back to doing ... he never did in the first place. Let Morris play out the season to get some experience for next year.

How does Ryan Hill think that we are amongst the Nations elite? Does he even know what elite means? Hey Ryan take a look at Boise State, TCU, Auburn, and Oregon. THats the Nations elite.

I know Hill made a gigantic mistake even thinking the way the U has played that they are one of the elite teams. So sorry to say but elite and Miami doesn't even belong in the same sentence never mind the same story. I've never been more disappointed in a team than this year. So much unfulfilled potential.

Shannon is just doing that because of the media pressure he would have to take since he has been exposed as a coach that plays favorites. There isn't any way Morris will start next season. If Morris starts the rest of the season it will because Shannon and shalaber want to use it as yet another excuse for Shannon's failure and a way to justify keeping that loser as head coach.

Just think, unfortunately we are looking for a repeat performance next year if they keep Shannon.

Nations Elite?? Not even close. We should focus on beating USF and nothing else. The U is far from elite. Last time I checked, we were knocked out of the top 25. How did we lose to UVA? Easy. We play down to our opponents. Remember UM fans, we struggled on the road at Duke for heavens sake. Elite? Alabama in my book is a top program and they totally dismantled Duke in the first quarter. We are an average team at best. Focus should be USF. I'm sure it will be a struggle to end the season on a positive note with this group.

the right thing to do, let Morris play this game and the bowl game...then, let them compete next year.

I have a feeling it will be Morris, the kid's got talent.

Ok ok. Words.

Miami I will say is not technically an "elite" team. But on any any given day, and this isnt some miracle. On any given day THIS team can beat any team in the country. Boise, TCu, Alabama, or whatever. They just have to limit mistakes, and play their game. Run the ball, play actionpass, and limit turnovers and on D limit the big plays. I mean make teams work for their TDs.

Against OSU- Had them 10-7. Next series, Terrel Pryor throws a deep out for 60 yds or something. Seriously? And take away Jacorry's pick in the end zone, Benjamin's threw the hands int, and the other int that J12 threw and we have an upset in our hands.

Against FSU- Does anyone here think that the team that beat Clemson cannot also beat FSU? That game was a travesty of major proportions. every player should tell us exactly was going through their minds in the locker room.

Against Va Tech-Mistakes, turnovers, turnovers, mistakes

And finally, the key inall this is Whipple- I believe that Whipple himself has lost several key games with his bombastic play calling. He has killed drives with silly passes, that have also led to ints. Passes that did not need to be thrown. When we have the talentto run and get 2, 3 yds a pop and break one loose, he decides to pass on 1st down against Va Tech. And if the running isnt there he gives up pn it too quickly. Goal line plays have been horrible an unimaginative.

What a sad season ..... why would U think that next season would be any better ?? didnt U think that last year too? or the year befor ...I am sick of saying wait till next year this team will be good.... none of our players have developed think about it ? Who has? what they were as freshmen the leave as seniors this coaching staff cant teach the game!!!!!! I feel sorry for some of these kids they came in here thinking about winning championships and leave wondering where they will work!!! Because there coach's as teachers failed them !!! OOO thank you Mark for teaching hank with out you we would have 4 or 5 wins Thank you for teaching (coaching) our great receiver ... Just how sad is that really BIG TIME COLLEGE PROGRAM RIGHT ..... Our player had to get outside help to learn how to catch !!!!!!!!!! What is that !!!!! A SAD SEASON ...

wow a lost season! im at a lost on to whats going on down in th Gables! this season has truly been an up & down! I dont know if its coaching, lack of accountability, or what. I played sports and i cant fathom what is going on. 1 game were its coaching, next game its accountability next game we struggle. Coaches Players and Fans need to step it up. All true canes fans lets get behind our team and pump them up!

Some of you fans, are just that fans of another school, the way you pull on other schools and coaches johnson. Miami is a small private that has had great success in the past on rivaled by the large public schools. Do you realize that not many americans Want Miami to return to greatness. No shannons not a great coach, neither was any other coach when they coached at Miami. The 80's are gone, all schools are fielded great players now, not just the The U. These other players dont have to play or coach under a microscope. Why do you think no other coach ever wanted the job or return to their origin of greatness. Pease dont say the money, since winning and NC rings is all that matters. Funny how all the other coaches won with Miami players acting a fool on the field but was about to lose their jobs every year for the way we acted. I say We because win or lose I'm a CANE. Schools like Texas and Florida got better recruits other than just one year of recruits like Miami, better coaches, better fan base, a better strong arm QB, and was an ELITE program and NC winner the last couple of years, but yet whats their problem. It got to be the coaching of Mack Brown and Urben Meyer, the coaches are a joke since they cant win at bigger schools with all the 5 star recruits they have. Mack and Urben defintely cant devolope players or coach such top notch players. Heck Texas and Florida just played for the NC in the last 3 yrs and had the top recruiting classes the last 5 yrs. Fire them dumb coaches and school presidents for the way they disappointed their FANS this year. Shannon is here to stay and if you dont like mediocre, start with the mediocre fan in the mirror.Who has been living a mediocre life, mediocre job,with a below average mentality. If you start there and draw attention to yourselves, like all you haters get together purchase season tickets all in the same section of the stadium with your fire Randy and Donna signs, just maybe ESPN will grant you guys an episode to voice your disgust of the direction of the program. I'm telling you it can be done. Now lets go support the team directly and indirectly. Go CANES

Yes, this was a season with a bright future that turned into disappointment, but look on the bright side, UM baseball begins in two months and they are looking pretty good. We had a very young team last year and did pretty well, this year could very well be another trip to Omaha.
Hopefully the football doesn't eat too much turkey tomorrow, they could end up looking like turkeys, especially if they wear those god awful uniforms again.
Support the Canes, it will be senior day and hopefully theta will finish the season on a winning note.
Go Canes!

Start Morris, Jacory is a good backup QB.

In response to those who re not optimistic the Canes can rise to the the dominance of the 80's and then again to the dominance of 2000-2002, have faith.

UM has only one thing going for it and that is location, not only the S. Fla recruiting but also the entire state. The talent is arriving on campus but the bumbling fools we have as coaches do nothing with the talent. When Butch came in he had just been on an NFL staff and he brought others with NFL coaching technique and mixed it in with college coaches and our players learned and were prepared for the NFL and thus the NFL came calling. Those coaches have moved on to bigger and netter things and we are left with those coaches that had no skills which were sought out by other teams.

Look at all the undrafted talent from the U that is thriving in the NFL. When we get coaches that develop talent we will be right back. We have the talent to beat all these teams out there but we make mistakes, play sloppy, take bad angles and have bad technique. Then with sheer athleticism we have a great play that keeps us in the game.

Wake up! The same sloppy losses will continue year after year until we change coaches.

Jacory will bounce back and Morris will take over when he leaves... Adversity will only make you stronger... Yea this year was a major disappointment... The players failed to achieve the teams ultimate goal, but you continue to fight and work harder... Players lets humble yourselves and work harder than anyone over the offseason... Its time for you all to hold yourselves accountable... You got a pass in 08 and 09 but this year was no excuse...

Its time work hard and to finish this season strong... Go Canes!!!!!!!!! USF is gonna come with their "A" game...

PlantationCane: Mark Whipple has been a successful NFL coach. Randy Shannon has been an NFL assistant.

It takes time to develop a winning program, especially when you start with a team that has issues like a murdered player and on-field brawls that lead to serious image problems in the national media. Miami is now a top-50 university. This isn't the old days of Sun-U.

Notre Dame hired Charlie Weiss from the NFL. What did he accomplish?

Winning takes more than just talent. Swaggalikus makes a great point above. Is Urban Meyer winning this year? Mack Brown? They've got great talent and all the five-star recruits who came there because of national championships.

Set aside any anger or bias and look objectively at this team. Defense, much improved. Offensive line, HUGE improvement. Running game, huge improvement. Secondary, huge improvement. Now we've had the OC and DC for two years running. There are still holes to fill, and Shannon is a first time head coach. This is the first time the pieces are truly in place.

Many fell for the idea that Miami would be great this year, built on a lot of media hype. Only a fool could have imagined a great season with an inexperienced O-line, including two freshman and a redshirt freshman. Also, we had no proven tight end and a gaping hole at middle linebacker. Seriously, the suggestion this year would be great was hype. Period. Plus, you had Jacory coming off hand surgery without having played spring ball and no viable back up to press him.

Let Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard hype Ohio State and Michigan. They don't do that so those kids don't have to play under the pressure. Miami plays under very hot lights and a microscope.

For 2011 Miami has: a BIG, more experienced O-line with some backups who are big. They'll retain the vast majority of the D-line. They'll lose Damien Berry and the power running, but retain Miller, James and Johnson. They'll have two QBs and genuine competition for the job. Can Kelvin Cain step up to play MLB? Will Brandon Harris stay or jump to the NFL? Will Latwan Anderson return to the football team and become lightening in a bottle as a return guy? Who will step up to replace Hankerson? Who will replace Bosher?

It takes time ... and all this is occurring under the constant barrage of National Championship expectations from fans and Miami media. This isn't 1980 or even 2001. National TV has allowed programs to attract kids everywhere. But there's also tremendous scrutiny of programs by the NCAA, and with Cam Newton, the FBI. The FBI!!!

Under the circumstances the biggest mistake Miami made was singing Randy Shannon to his original four year contract. It should have been at least five years, because of the mess he inherited. He needed a year just to change the culture and improve the image of the university. The team still does memorials for Bryan Peta. Try to imagine one of your teammates gunned down. Try to imagine convincing parents to send their kids to the U where a player was killed at HIS APARTMENT!

I believe Shannon must make the ACC championship game next year to stay. He will have taken a full recruiting class with Harris and company through their senior years. That would be fair expectation.


I'm tired of hearing this "qb competition is good for jharris, it will bring out the best in him". C'mon man, if jharris was complacent with his performance because no one was threatening his position, then you have to point the blame on the coaches for not getting the best out of their players. It's embarrassingly obvious that our coaching staff SUCKS! All our losses (with the exception of the vtech game) were because the canes were out coached. If randy is happy with his players progression, then he is definitely not who i thought he was...a true cane. He better talk to jimmy j on a nightly basis to get coached on how to coach. shalala needs to open her purse, give back to the program by hiring quality coaches and pay them accordingly. It's true what has been said, "we get what we pay for"... mediocrity! This not who we are. I'm also tired of hearing fans say "well look at our graduation rate"! Given, that is definitely a plus and i'm proud of these kids for it, but why should that effect the talent pool on the field? One thing (academics) should not have anything to do with the other (well coached football players). The U should be able to satisfy both aspects!

Please, all you fools think Morris is better than Jacory. Morris proved that he's not against VT. For you idiots who think we have nothing to play for; if we win out, we will position ourselves with a high ranking to start next year. If we lose one of our last games, we start next year with a low ranking and no shot at a N.C. even if we go undefeated. Morris will only be a good backup to Jacory next year and to Bridgewater the rest of his years here. If he wants to start, he should transfer. Jacory looked way better than Morris his freshman year and Morris even had more time in the system than Jacory.

Everyone talking about look at TX and FL they suck this year and the coaching there is a joke, wait until next year they will be back to an elite level because they have been stockpiling talent. I mean Tx was just in the NC game last year, yes they suck this year but it's a rebuilding year for them and FL. Imagine if FL had Cam Newton running the show this year. How will the Canes be next year? Same as this year probably 9-3 or so or maybe worse. We will lose some key players this year: Hank, Harris is probably gone, Ryan and Pat Hill, Bailey. So thats both our starting corners and our only FB and by far our best receiver.

As long as this coaching staff is here we are doomed to mediocrity. We will need a lot of people to step the f#uck up next year starting with these coaches!

Quit the bitching and come to the game this weekend. 60,000 screeming 'U' fans would be great. I keep telling everyone, be careful what you wish for. Randy WILL have this team ready for Senior Day. I believe 9-4 will be a good finish and then the big '10' + wins for the 2011 season. Hang in there Randy the fickle 'U' fans will love you yet. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

miamicanes1, you have been saying it from day 1 and we are sick and tired of seeing your posts on here
Try posting something else instead of the paste and copy you do every single time
Its beyond old Sean

I totally agree with Howard. Next year was always supposed to be our year. If Brandon Harris stays for next year, we will have one of the best secondaries in the nation. Only Bailey and Josh Holmes, who never played, are leaving on the DL. DL will be considered one of the best next year also. We only lose McCarthy at LB, so we will be very solid at LB as well. With the way our defense played this year, it will be considered one of the best in the nation next year.

I am hearing a rumor that this game vs USF is completely sold out and they are taking the tarps off!! Way to go Canes fans! We need to support Randy, the team, and especially the Seniors. They have provided us with many great moments! I can think off both UVA travesties, the demolition by FSU, and the repeated loses to VaTech and ol' Butch...


Some of you are idiots on here. Some you get it!

Shannon is the right guy for the program. He knows how to win on the collegiate and pro levels of football. He knows what it takes.

Realize that Miami played 14 freshmen this year. When we stop playing that many freshmen in a year, then, and only then, will we be where we want to be! He will need another year of recruiting to build depth so that he's not playing freshmen. The elite teams redshirt just about every recruit in their first year.

As concerns Whipple, Shannon does need to sit him down and tell him to run the ball more - that's the team's identity. Throw only when you have to. Sure, it's not sexy, but it wears down your opponent and keeps your defense off the field. Whipple had no business throwing the ball 33 times even with us down.

Think back to 2001, it's a close game against Va Tech in Blacksburg and we run the ball 25 times in the 2nd half with Portis. Think back to the BC game in 2001, we run the ball 35 times straight because Dorsey has a horrendous game throwing 4 picks.

Stop bithcing fans and let's start supporting the Canes!

Go Canes!

Posted by: Duane

we were young, the ball was wet, it was cold, no home field advantage, shalala doesn's care about winning, randy is new to this, whipple throws too much, whipple runs too much, the crowd was too loud, the refs don't like us, and the grass was too green

Offensively, we have almost all of our players coming back. We only lose Hankerson and Berry respectively. I love Berry, but we all know Berry will be replaced easily next year. Again, we will have one of the best backfields in the nation next year. Hankerson will be a bit tougher, but I fully expect the rest of the receiving core to step it up a notch and replace him without any problem. WR's, full of seniors will be considered one of the best in the nation next year also. OL, we only lose Orlando Franklin and Joel Figueroa, who hardly played this year, and will most definitely be considered as one of the best OL’s in the country next year. Lastly QB, Jacory with Morris providing some competition behind him will make Jacory a very efficient QB. Our undeniable strength will be a dominating running game together with a quick strike passing game will make us unstoppable next year. Just because with the BCS you never know; with a slightly less difficult schedule next year, at the end of the year we will be in the thick of all the national talk next year.

And just what was so difficult about this year's schedule? The only really good team we played out of conference was Ohio State.

More excuses you guys come up with

We undoubtedly will have the best WRs, RBs, and OL in the nation if not the world. I predict barring any cold/wet weather, crowd noise, or turnovers that this team will be the greatest of all time - not just in college football but ALL of football including the NFL, UFL, and any intra-murals.

Go 'Canes!

When did we get a new coach to make this happen?

It looks like our db's "have no clue as to prepare or play their position." Just be glad we don't play Texas Tech,50 passes or more would be thrown,and they would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. McGriff has to go.

Morris is not the QB for this team until he can read a simple defense which won't be this year or next. Bridgewater is probably ahead of him now as we speak in reading defenses. Barring injury of course, Jacory will have a great year next year. All he has to do is keep his interceptions down like he has this year since the Clemson game. Bridgewater will be the next great QB here, not Morris. You Jacory and Shannon haters need to get over it.

And just what was so difficult about this year's schedule? The only really good team we played out of conference was Ohio State.

Pittsburgh was a good team we made look like small children out of conference buckoo

Thats what you call a good team? I rest my case that U don't know anything about football.
Thank You

Guys Virginia was a good team we just underestimated them. We are still seeking that revenge from the 48-0 closing of the Orange Bowl.

And u think Harris is. I think I will take my chances with a freshman with an arm than a stick figure without one that throws one duck up after another. I give U exibit B as a reason U do not know anything about football. Except how to lose that is.

Thats a good one Bull, Virginia is a good team. LMAO

I think there are some pretty good young players to build with........Morris, Cleveland, Henderson, Linder, Washington, Miller, Cain.

But there are also some glarying weaknesses. If Harris leaves, our CB position is in trouble since McGee has not improved. And if I hear one more time about how great Ray Ray will be, I will puke. He is terrible right now, and I hope Jamal Reid or someone else gets a shot. Telemaque has been better but any comparisons to Ed Reed (from Randy or otherwise) are a ridiculous joke. And the DT position is quite frankly a mess. We have no one who dominates or requires a double team. FSU moves us around like a sack of rice. Lastly, the LB spot is going to be a big concern. For everyone that bashes McCarthy, he is in on a ton of tackles, and while not spectacular, he is pretty steady. Don't know how the freshman Cain will turn out just yet.

So that running game better be the strength that we use alot next year, in order to help the QBs, but more importantly, to keep that vanilla D up the middle, off the field.

I heard Morris is starting Saturday so we will see. Whipple needs to call 100 running plays and 2 statue of liberty's to Hank.

Also our offense should wear those green nike helmets and our defense wear the normal white ones - I bet USF won't see that coming. That's how you coach Randy!

Go multi-helmeted Canes!

Thats the only chance we would have. Hey Bull what did U think of the jersey's last week?

Funny that you see Ryan Hill has a pleasant surprise where every time I see him on the field I think of him as a liability. If I was an opposing offensive coordinator I'd go after him all the time.

"I kind of stomach {losing to} Florida State and Ohio State..."

And that's why we lose to the Florida States and the Ohio States -- because we don't mind losing.

Anytime you trick your your opponent into thinking they are playing FAMU you have to, right? That's why the running game was so effective in the beginning until they realized it was UM in the 4th qtr then VaTech stopped messing around.


Great post Chris and Swaggalikus....Miamicanes1 please go look in the mirror and decide if you are as perfect as you think you are.Glad to see a few rational thinking canes fans on this blog making some sense

I will take that U were not a big fan of them either.

I've hated Jacory since the day I was stalking him in the shower at Northwetern when he was a 10th grader and they had me arrested.

Today has been awfully depressing as I have misplaced the soiled pair of Urban Meyer underwear I stole out of the UF trash bin.

Oh yeah! I hate Shannon! I hate Whipple! I hate Jacory! I hate Shalala! I hate Hocutt! I hate the uniforms! I hate Sun Life stadium! I hate Lovett! I hate Jeff Stoutland! I hate Joe Pannunzio! I hate Rick Petri! I hate Wesley McGriff! I hate Michael Barrow! I hate Aubrey Hill! I hate Andreu Swasey!

"Championships is all that matters" has it right...I hate everything about the Hurricanes too!

You are my brother from another mother "Championships is all that matters"!

Just like "Championships is all that matters" says: You Canes are the worst football team in the country and all of you recruits should sign with 'our' gators. And like he says...I hope USF beats you as that will mean even less recruits will sign with you and sign with my gators.

Well Sean or whoever U are, I do not hate these people, What I hate is losing because of them. Now Lovett has not done a bad job with our defense other than stopping the run consistently, Whipple has done a pretty good job with the offense, he is a bit pass happy though. Pannunzio is a terrible special team coach, that is true. Swassey is hung up on yogo and palaties hence the reason we get pushed around all day and stay injured. Shannon well his record speaks for itself, he is the worse coach next to Wandstache in the whole NCAA. Barrow is a terrible LB coach and Hill is so bad that Leonard Hankerson had to turn to Mark Duper to coach him up. McGriff can't teach DB's so they sign as free agents in NFL get coached up and become starters ala Sam Shields.
If Shannon is such a Cane then why has he not tried to get KEhoe and Soldinger back?
Oh to let U in on alittle secret the real Championships is all that Matters shows up in black writing, not blue. Nice try though Bull. Man U really love your Gators, since thats all you talk about.
Oh and by the way I do hate those uniforms. They are as ugly as Shannon's bad head Coaching. We look like a bunch of Carrots or Pumpkins walking around out there with those hideous green shoes and green helmets. And if a loss to South FLorida gets rid of that loser Shannon then so be it.

Wow, stolen IDs all over the place.

I sure hope they clean this blog up soon.

The previous posts in this thread by Canes over Gators, Feral Cat, Bull Gator, and championships were all faked by one obsessed Gator troll, lonely and sad because he cannot post on the Sun Sentinel, gets no reaction on the Post, and will soon get banned from the Herald.

Gator Clause has died thanks to his actions, so now he is aiming at this blog one last time before they flush him away like he deserves. Retaliation destroyed his blog far worse than he ever did here, but just like Bin Laden, the slimeball is still hiding out in his cave. The occassional threat of a jihad from him is still annoying, but his power base has been cut off.

Real Bull Gator, real championships, real junkie, and anyone else that finds their ID stolen, just accept that the Herald can't stop him for another few months, but don't assume someone insulting you is the real poster, it is just Sean Wilson in his many IDs, trying to build up to some lynching threat like he always does.

Show him we are better than he will ever be, and just ignore his weak rants for a while.

Go Canes, and get ready for the day the Herald finally bans that ID stealing little wuss with mother issues. Momma Wilson even denies him access to the computer in her home....

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