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Mike James to miss USF game

The injury report is out and the Hurricanes will be down a running back when they face South Florida in their regular season finale Saturday.

According to the injury report released, Mike James will sit out because of illness. James is third on the team in rushing with 394 yards on 66 carries. He's scored three rushing touchdowns.

Defensive end Marcus Robinson, who has five tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks this season, had season-ending surgery on his knee and is out the rest of the season.

Also out because of illness: backup middle linebacker Kelvin Cain, who has been sick for about a week, coach Randy Shannon said Wednesday. Defensive back Lee Chambers, special teams standout Cory Nelms and defensive tackle Curtis Porter will also not play this week. All have lower extremity injuries.

Defensive end Andre Smith is listed as probable with a lower extremity injury.


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Storm Johnson or Eduardo Clements should get his carries.

Mike James is an awesome guy. Plying fullback last year and now getting his turn and producing at RB. Tough loss for Sat, but an opportunity for other guys to step up.

Go Canes!

Jacory's Dad is right and wrong. Whipple is not running the same offense that he ran for Jacory, and I think that Jacory would have had more success with the new play calling. With that said, Morris is OBVIOUSLY a better passer. So now what?

Jacory's Dad is wrong for taking his feelings to the press. If you are going to take your "ball" and go home, then do it, but we don't give two shyts about U Mr. Harris! U don't run anything in the Miami program except your mouth!

Go 'canes!

Where was all this concern about fair competition from Mr. Harris before Jacory got hurt? The hypocrisy is amazing coming from him right now.

That being said, RS got himself in this trouble because of his comments about J12 starting when he was cleared to play.

this is further proof that Shannon is in over his head and can't even get that right.

RS is a good man, as good as it gets, but he is not headcoach material on any level.

I have spent much money on this team in the past and won't again until a change is made.

I have donated and will not until RS is gone.

that injury report makes my upper extremety hurt.

McDavis needs to do stand up because that was some funny az sit.

What is it with all of these players' illneses?

What is it Dengue fever? Bed bugs? The clap? The crabs? First Berry, now james, what the?

MR. Harris,
The only thing more embarrassing than your son's performance this year is daddy jumping in and crying for his son. its clear you are concerned about your son losing his job. simple solution . ..tell your son to step up and improve. oh. ....and read what herbstreit thinks about your kid's leadership.

Yeah, imagine the nerve of a father defending his own son. Seriously, a parent defending their child, what will Rodney Harris stoop to next, protecting a 80 year old woman from being beaten up by a gang of thugs?

You losers/haters are so without a moral compass that even the most natural of reactions by a father is something you can't understand. You morons have no code, no courage and no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Yeah, imagine the nerve of a father defending his own son. Seriously, a parent defending their child...


Still trying to be me I see, keep trying. The whole thing is Papa Rodney doesn't know jack squat about football. Rodney U want to know what has changed? Shannon's job is on the line and he knows that Morris gives him the best chance to win. Everything was just lovely when Shannon and ya'll were screwing Marve over wasn't it? Doesn't feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot now does it? The difference between that situation and this is, it's no screw job. Morris is clearly better than Jacory. For once in your life let your son be a man and fight for something he wants rather than think your brat is entitled to something he has never earned. I always say I give credit where its due and this is by far the best decision Randy Shannon has made all year. Randy I applaud you for once, not playing favorites and letting the best man play.

Please stop all of this nonsense about Randy Shannon not being able to coach. No Miami is not competing for a national championship and no it is not back to its early 1990s glory days. Let's look at some other powerhouse teams from the early 1990s and how they are doing this season: Florida State, Washington, Miami, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Colorado, Notre Dame, UCLA, Washington State, and Syracuse. How are Texas and USC doing? What about SEC powers Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida? Is any Florida team doing good? Maybe there are just some schools (ahem Boise State, Oregon, Auburn, LSU, Ohio State, etc.)that recognize they are football factories and don't do anything to dissuade this image and encourage football players (thugs or not) to attend. If Miami and those other teams want to get back to prominence they need to cut out the PC speak and bring in some ballers. Point blank.

Mike Bellotti, is the answere...

He would be a major upgrade over Randy Shannon

Anyone bought there tickets for the toilet bowl yet?

Haha screwing over Marve... What is he doing??? Thats just a stupid assessment about this coach... Obviously you're not a fan if you defend that kid after how he behaved at the U. As for Rodney he shouldnt go to the press but what do you expect of a concern parent... I really think Harris isnt completely healthy. I mean Morris performances has been protected through the run game... Outside of a stronger arm and possessing the tenacity to run he is not better than Harris... Compare the two best games of the season and how do they stack up... How about Jacory's best performance of his career as compared to Morris, Morris isnt better.

We have so many haters on this team... Just win and Go Canes!!!

Marve for your information dummy is injured with an ACL tear. Well you are wrong about me being a fan, so I will pose a question to U, can U really call yourself a fan when U clearly do not want whats best for our team to succeed? What I expect from Rodney is to sit back and shut up. Jacory is an adult not a kid. He is above the age of 18 and its time for him to quit being babied. Oh and Morris is a true freshman and Harris is a Junior who has played for 3 years so he should be better but he ain't. Stats don't mean crap when you are comparing talent and non talent. If you were a fan You would have seen Morris's passes are on a rope and Harris's are ready for hunting season. You thinking Morris isn't better than Harris and with more upside is a prime example of U not knowing jack about the game of football. I applaud Randy for being a man and making a man's decision. Not playing favorites.

My daddy met with Shannon...then I ended up at Purdue.

Is this a rumor or any truth - Rob Chudzinski former UM player (national champion team member)former asst coach at UM and presently Offensive coordinator with the San Diego Chargers. His name has been mention as a possible successor to RS. A friend of mine who lives in San Diego called me because he was listening to a radio sports talk show and they discussed about RS being replaced at the end of this season. WOW!

Dude Chud would be awesome but he's never been a head coach? Do we want to have that experiment again?

soccer Daddy crying about not enough playing time... This is not pee-wee football.. DADDY to the rescue... u got to be kidding me?. the sad thing is that SHANNON is going to give into DADDY and put JNOODLE in. FIRE RANDY SHANNON BENCH JNOODLE and Suck it....... SOCCER DADDY... Put Morris In... he is the best QB.....

JPretzel can bench just like any other college QB thats not getting the job done...we are in the business of winning games not babying players who think they deserve the number one spot... JNOODLE has not proved he is the man for the job... so lets take him out and lets go with the hot hand. Shannon would be asking for more trouble if he gives into soccer daddy

soccer daddy...that's great!

Shannon must be feeling the pressure to actually do the right thing and play the best player for the first time in 4 years instead of playing favorites like he's been doing. He knows his days are numbered. But why does the UM admin do this, give a coach and extension when it's obvious he sucks and then we are stuck with a buyout paying some clown to go away when he should have never gotten an extension.

Please don't hire some suppossed headhunter and pay another fee for that when the last dude didn't do us any good. I know nobody wanted to come here and blah, blah, blah. Thats bs coaches don't get into this profession cause they are scared of what fans say on this or any other UM blog. All collges have blogs filled with fans talking shyt, isn't that what a blog is for?

Hocutt hopefully has known this might happen and hopefully little Kirby has been researching candidates and maybe trying to think outside the box and look at some good hungry coaches from somewhere. There are good coaches out there you just have to put in work and find them.

Whoever it might be needs to do a total house cleaning as far as assistants go. Maybe keep... nah I wouldn't keep any of them.

Whenever anyone says they have a friend of a friend that heard something about something it all equals up to one thing
Youre a liar
You and your friends of a friend of a friend should create your own site

When did SHannon became a clown, when did Shannon became suck. No one not no one on here dog this Man when he was our DC. Now he might not be a head coach, but he is by far not a clown. I do believe Shannon needs to coach our DC and if he do steps down. He needs to be replace by a Legend say JJ or someone to that standards. Dont blame Shannon, blame UM when they waited to give him the job after several folks didnt want it.


Marve played awful at Purdue as he did at Miami before he was injured. Facts are...Jacory was the much better QB and Marve's DADDY, who was always crying to the press, realized that Jacory was much better took his son to Purdue.

Donna Shalala, Kirby Hocutt, the Trustees, The Play Maker, Kirk Herbstriet and most all 'real' Canes fans love Coach Shannon and he will be the Canes head coach for as long as he wants to be.

The Canes will boast a 9 and 4 record after the bowl game (possibly Notre Dame) and next year will play for the National Championship with Coach Shannon leading the way.

Coach Shannon, the best recruiter and judge of talent in the nation does not rely on the idiotic star rating system (look at those losers in Gainesville) received a huge commit last week and will once again bring in great players who will contribute their freshmen year.

PS: How badly do you think FSU will bury the cheating gators on Saturday? I am hearing the NCAA investigation is getting nasty and the sanctions are going to be brutal. TO THE RECRUITS AND THEIR PARENTS...DON'T SIGN WITH FLORIDA UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR SON TO BECOME A FELON WITH NO PRAYER OF PLAYING IN THE NFL!!!

good maybe we loose and Shannon gets fired!!!

Maybe your parents will come home and take your computer away from you pepe

Hey fake championships you sound like NOtre Dame back in the 80's with all that talk about felons. There you go again with your predictions of our record and what we will do. THat did not work out the last time you said we were going to win the coastal and crush everyone including FSU and end up winning the Orange bowl. How did that work out for you.
Marve didn't play at Purdue but about a game and half before he was injured and looked about as bad as harris did before he was injured.
I wouldn't count on Shannon being coach as long as he wants, especially the way your predictions have gone. And what good does it do for us to play NOtre Dame. IF we play them and say we win, who have we beaten, another nobody. We certainly can count on being out coached again by Brian Kelly. So we will have to hope out talent can overcome that just like when we played Duke.
As far as FSu beating the gators, I do feel that if they show up with their A game the noles will win.

It still amazes me how a garbage team like University of Houston, thats NEVER won a single meaningful game can get this done. Simply amazing....


Hey Pepe (as George Lopez would pronounce it),

It's "lose" not "loose" my brainless amigo!

Randy Shannon is on his way to becoming the greatest coach in UM football history.

Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris will be the best QB combination in all of college football that will only grow stronger with the addition of the fabulously talented Teddy Bridgewater.

Teddy is going up against Central tonight in a playoff game...tune in for a record breaking performance by Teddy boys and girls.

Just remember you read it here first:

Donna Shalala, Kirby Hocutt, the Trustees, The Play Maker, Kirk Herbstriet and most all 'real' Canes fans love Coach Shannon and he will be the Canes head coach for as long as he wants to be.

keep dreamin dummy.

Mr. Harris, I know how U feel. My son was the starting Q.B. and got injured. The Head Coach said that when he gets healthy, he would get his starting position back because a starter never loses his position due to injury ...

Now some kid by the name of VICK has stolen his job and it's just not fair !!!

But why does the UM admin do this, give a coach and extension when it's obvious he sucks and then we are stuck with a buyout paying some clown to go away when he should have never gotten an extension.

Posted by: WPB | November 26, 2010 at 10:42 AM


Shannon's Contract could run through 2020. Fact is, the remaining years on Randy's contract after the year 2010 are worth about as much as the paper it was written on. He's basically guaranteed through next season only. That's why it took so long for him to sign it because he had ZERO bargaining power during the entire process. The people that run the University of Miami's financial business are no dummies. The put down Randy's numbers and basically told him, "You have not done enough win/loss wise to earn a fully guaranteed deal." Shannon's agent realized it, was running out of time, and went ALL IN on this year for escalating incentives to kick in past 2010 and beyond. It DID NOT happen and Randy's in a tight spot now (that look @ 30-17 before the PAT on the sideline said it all last week... NO 10 Win season possible).

I do think he will get next year, but, if this thing falls apart against S.Fla. and another Bowl game loss ... That might be it.

But rest assured, after next year, it will cost Miami and its trustees, and undisclosed amount of NADA to send him packing.

Those are the facts, I assure U fellow Cane Fans ... It's just sad, that after yet another sub-par season, we are in a position to have realize it.

*************** Extensions Mean Zip Without Guarantees ***************

You are an angry douche, championships.

Tell us again about all your women, cars and cash. Pleeeeeeeeeaaase.

Nah, it just makes you feel worse about yourself, I mean U already envy me so much that over and over again U post under my name dreaming of being me and what it must be like. I'll just let U continue on being a little gator wanna be cane. But that is a pretty interesting post made by WGT22 don't U think? Now that extension does not look to be as much of a problem as I thought, now does it? Later slapnuts

what's up Arty ?

@ championships is all that matters.... Are you high? WTF is wrong with your mind? You obviously are very delusional. What ever substance you are abusing has rotted your brain.

20 years as a fan! I am DONE! Until Randy, Donna, and Jacory are gone i'm thru with it...the U i grew up loving is DEAD and gone...we just lost to USF bottom line now we are the 5th best program in the state...im thru wasting my time or even caring. I will watch from afar but my passion has finally been completly destroyed...thanks Donna

Where ya at championships is all that matters? I though Shannon was gonna be the best coach in Miami History.

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