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Morgan: Unless UM wins ACC, 2010 a failure

The Miami Hurricanes are in a tough spot heading into Saturday's showdown with 14th-ranked Virginia Tech. Even if the Canes beat the Hokies, they still need Virginia Tech to lose to Virginia a week from Saturday to earn a ticket to the ACC Championship game.

Dan Morgan Before the season even got underway, most UM fans felt the season would be a disappointment if the Hurricanes didn't at least play in the ACC title game or reach a BCS Bowl game. But without a win Saturday and some help from the 4-6 Cavaliers, UM will fall short of that goal. 

So here's the question: What if UM wins out? What if the Canes beat Virginia Tech, beat USF and beats the Gators (or another SEC school) in the Chick-Fil-A bowl (their likely destination should they win out)? Would a 10-3 record and potential Top 15 finish in the rankings satisfy Canes Nation? 

One person it wouldn't satisfy is former Hurricane and WQAM radio personality Dan Morgan.  "I wouldn't be happy with it at all," Morgan said. "I came into this season with high expectations. The school and the coaches and players and media had high expectations for this team. I know there were a lot of people who thought we could beat a Florida State and Ohio State. That's where my frustration comes from.

"It's funny. Everybody acts now like there weren't high expectations for this year. But there were. You can't forget about that. Just because we lost those games doesn't mean the expectations aren't as high anymore. If we don't win the ACC, then this season absolutely is a failure. That's what you play for at the University of Miami -- to win championships, ACC championships and not go to these no-name bowl games. We're not a normal school. We're not UCF, South Florida or FIU. We're the University of Miami and the expectations are always going to be high."

Morgan, in his first year with WQAM, has said on the radio plenty of times this season he isn't sure if UM coach Randy Shannon is the right person to lead the program. And he said he'll continue to feel that way, unless he sees the team take some major steps forward.

"They haven't even won a bowl game under him," Morgan said. "How many years do you give somebody to get the job done? I don't know. If you aren't winning the smallest bowl games, what makes you think your going to win next year? We're getting beat handily and we aren't beating good teams. It's frustrating. I don't want to go on there and say so-and-so should get fired. I've got nothing against Randy or anybody. But you have to start beating good teams."

The Hurricanes haven't beaten a ranked opponent since it knocked off Oklahoma 21-20 last October. They've lost three in a row to ranked teams -- Wisconsin, Ohio State and Florida State -- and are only 4-8 against ranked teams under Shannon. But a win Saturday and two more wins after that (that would be five wins in a row to close the season) would go a long way in my eyes of showing at least some improvement.

So, how would you feel if Miami finished 10-3, but didn't make it to a BCS Bowl game?


> If there's one thing I love about Morgan as analyst it is his brutal honesty. And he makes no apologies for it.

"I have thick skin," said Morgan, who did some radio in Carolina before moving back home to South Florida. "I've had that since my playing days. I had people talk about me on the radio, rip me for this and that. People don't like reality sometimes and the truth. I do what I'm paid to do, speak my mind and give my opinion. Everybody isn't going to always agree with me. Some will. But everybody has their own opinion. I love doing the radio thing. It's definitely tough talking about your own school. But I'm paid by a radio station to give my opinion and if something isn't good I can't just sit there and act like it's good."

Two weeks ago, after the Hurricanes were beaten by Virginia, Morgan and WPLG Sports Director Will Manso got into a heated exchange with WQAM color analyst Don Bailey Jr. on air before the Maryland game. Morgan and Manso argued with Bailey Jr. over the team's effort at Virginia with Bailey Jr. citing that "the team doesn't have enough talent or experience." Morgan and Manso countered by calling "another excuse." It eventually got to a point where Bailey Jr. began taking shots at Morgan about things he did when he was a player -- including the 66-13 loss at Syracuse and the lack of defense in UM's win over UCLA a week later.

"There really was nothing fake about it," Morgan said. "We were all pretty heated. Don said some things he now knows came off the wrong way. When your doing radio, it gets heated. Will and I didn't feel the same way as Don. It's just grown men having their opinions and arguing. Nobody was going to win that argument. Don's reached out me since and said if I offended you in anyway, I apologize. Don is a good guy and is obviously real passionate about the Hurricanes. But if things aren't going as well as I think they should be, I'll speak about it. I know Don's opinion varies from mine."

> Morgan said although he has never spoken to senior linebacker Colin McCarthy in person, he has messaged him on Facebook and passed along his number to McCarthy, who wears the same number (44) Morgan wore at UM. As for McCarthy's play... "I thought he's done well," Morgan said. "He's definitely represented the number well. I was happy about it. He obviously is a good dude."


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Can't deny the high expectations before the season started. It's heard not to think that if we were undefeated right now we would no doubt be ranked number 1 right now, and this Virginia Tech game would be the biggest game in years. Man... the what ifs.

Anyway, I'll take a 10-3 season. Especially with a 4th string qb right now. Puts us in very good pre-season poll position for next year. But anything less then a BCS WIN next year will not go well with me.

i agree w morgan.
randy isnt gettin it done.
not gettin to the acc championship game is huge disappointment and should be seen as a step backwards.

i hope other canes players would be more vocal with their displeasure.

this team w a decent coach with accomplish greater things.

Dats how u do it..Morgan tellin it how it iz
real talk right there and he aint gotta hold nothin back like da rest dese n***as

I agree with Dan Morgan. This was supposed to be the year when the highly touted recruiting class of '08 was supposed to shine and lift the Canes back to at least the ACC Championship game. I've got all the respect in the world for Randy Shannon as a recruiter, but what good is bringing in all that talent when you can't develop it? That's been the issue since the Larry Coker days, five-star high school players who come here and then perform like anything but high school blue-chippers. Aldarius Johnson was all-state in high school, but has done little at The U. LaRon Byrd has shown glimpses of greatness, but that's it. Travis Benjamin has been decent, but he's got too much individual talent and speed to be just decent. Whatever happened to Tommy Streeter? Kendal Thompkins? Davon Johnson? It's pathetic how mediocre the coaching is at The U right now.

Randy has one more year. I am pretty sure 10-3 is an improvement but I may not know how to do math. I never thought this year was going to be a BCS year. I always felt like randy should have 5 years.

Dan Morgan hit the nail on the head. This season is a big disappointment to everyone except those that constantly make excuses.

The only saving grace is that perhaps we found a real QB for next year and the Jacory Harris "era" will come to a merciful end.

Look at the committments who are dropping now....they know Shannon is a loser as a coach. He's protected mediocre Jacory Harris since day one--he was biased against Robert Marve(who was just as bad as JH, but that's beside the point), and I'm sure his manner sent a clear message to Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith. Listen to his inane interviews--HE doesn't even know what he's saying. Average teams can win with excellent coaches--this is the greatest waste of NFL talent in the history of college football--we could be an excellent team, but we have an average coach. Good coaches don't need four years in a mediocre conference to win 10 games or go 2-2 against your mediocre in-state rival--and our two wins against FSU were less-than-convincing. I cannot believe that this passes. Miami has been desecrated.

right on dan, i disagree with 1 thing, if we win the ACC, its only because someone else had to lose. why cant we WIN the conf. its weak. we should own it. fsu will usually be a good game, but losing to virg. is unacceptable. and the way we lost to fsu. shannon is NOT the man for this job. save the program fire shannon

I totally agree with Dan. I believe he has more cred to talk about the canes than Don Bailey Jr. Dan is a cane to the bone. He is the definition of a MLB. He left his blood and guts on the field for the U. For Bailey Jr to critize Morgans play was laughable. Baile- did you see his effort in 2000, in 95 degree weather aginst FSU?

Miami in the peach bowl agaisnt the trds if they finish 10-3??

How would that benefit Miami inany way shape or form?
UF will be 7-5 (or at best 8-4) going into bowls. If Miami is 10-3, playing UF can only hurt us or not even benefit UM even if they win- recall in 2004 when UM was ranked 13 or something and they played 19 ranked UF. We womped them and barely jumped in the final polls. I'd like tosee UM beat UF when there is more at stake.

10-3 would be an improvement:

But there has been a paarallel decline in qulaity recruiting. So what gives?

To me, after this season, there is no room- Randy Shannon must play for the NC next year.

What true cane fan even gives a flying rats --- about the ACC championship? I don't. I only care about the sears trophy.

The ACC divisions are unfairly weighted against UM and favor FSU heavily- I mean UM has Va Tech, Ga Tech in their own division. FSu has at most Clemson.

And if Miami wins out, they would likely be 10-3, and ranked in the top 15. Va Tech could finish 9-4, be ACC champions and win a bowl and still be ranked below Miami. How do you figure that joke?

truth hurts

this would be a good poll, how many think the season is a failure. i would say at leasy 75% would say yes. and fear, i thought THIS year we were supposed to play for something. again the next year stuff. RS has had toooo many years already.


Some Shannon defenders on here write "well you never played, so you don't know" when we criticize the team. Here is Dan Morgan telling you same exact thing - Shannon isn't fit to be a head coach at a major program.

All you "Randy Shannon Haters" make me sick with all of your trash talking.. All you guys ever do it criticize and blame the coach for everthing when he's not the one out there playing the game.. If your going to be honest about the situation just say what you guys have been saying and that is simply that you all dont want a "BLACK" head coach at the U.. All of you were so easily to put Jacory down and make it seem as if Miami didnt want a Black quaterback either but now its all about Stephen Morris, but just as soon as he starts messing up you same bandwaggers are going to start pointing the finger again.. How many of you have actually played the game?? How many of you are season ticket holders?? How many of you really even mean anything, stop talking and go try out or sit ur a#@ down and shut up!!!

10-3 would be an improved RECORD! That doesn't mean the TEAM has improved! You have to examine the wins (how? who? etc.) and the losses. Duke? UNC at half strength? We should have beaten Ohio State and there is absolutely no excuse for the WAY we lost to FSU!! Virginia...(where do I start)? That said, I like the emergence of Morris. The team seems to rally around him. I am excited about the rest of the season and next year.

Posted by: Robert Bishop

Noone cares about Shannon's race. It's all about the record.

Well, I did play college ball and I can say Randy is a very good recruiter, but you have to be able to develop those recruits to win games, big games, and win bowl games, which has not been done. Could a different coach do any better, depends on the coach and the pressure put on that coach by the administration, or lack of pressure as is the case with Shalala. With pressure from the administration to win more than 8 games a year I think Shannon would have that sense of urgency, and the fact that he could loose his job, that he would hire the type of staff that would develop the players he recruits and the U would be playing for the ACC championship and possibly for the National Championship. Until he has that sense of urgency, I'm afraid the U will be an average to above average team going to lesser bowls with great talent.
With that said, we, former athletes, alums, supporters, donors and the City of Miami need to continue to support the Hurricanes. They, the Hurricanes, have brought a lot of pride and recognition to the University and the City.
Go Canes!!!!

Robert Bishop, please read post before yours (canesjunkie) You should never ask somebody to shut up...get some school.

Dan Morgan is absolutely right, if you aim for the stars and do not get halfway there the its a failure, no way around it. Regarding his question /comment, "How many years do you give somebody to get the job done? I don't know." You take a look at other programs and compare, by what I seen most turn around programs have done it in 2-3 years no excuses. That is why I think Randy has not delivered. He was given his chance and did not perform, next...


A loss to OSU is understandable....the effort and intensity in loss to FSU is unexcusable and the loss to UVA is beyond ridiculous (Duke put 55 on them). And to think we aren't playing for ACC chance this week because of the UVA loss....to me that is FAILURE enough and the coach should be held accountable.

Only thing this season is successful of doing is wasting talent.

And please lets not even think past this game right now and feel anything good about this team - that is when we usually lay a big fat egg.

I wonder if Don Bailey, Jr., is on the University of Miami sports information payroll, since they seem to be expanding at a rapid clip to spin this PR fiasco. Bailey sees our team through bias-colored glasses because of his relationship with Shannon. Under any other Coach, Bailey would stay true to our legacy and DEMAND EXCELLENCE from our student athletes. These days, being mediocre is what passes for Canes football at the Hecht Athletic Center.

YES, this season has been a disapointment, any time you lose to florida state, its a disapointment. But the bottom line is this.... Had miami beaten virginia, and beat virginia tech on saturday, then its off to the ACC championship game. But virginia tech isn't miami, they will not lose to virginia because they have something miami doesn't. FRANK BEAMER!

If we end up 10-3, are ranked higher in Top25 than any ACC team and maybe with a bit of luck and fate we get to play and beat the Gators in a Bowl game, to me, this would not be a wasted season. Along the way we found a true QB, our OC finally realized he has a running game, and maybe, just maybe, our head coach puts it all together next year.

Dan MORGAN...IS RIGHT.. and i have been saying it all day long..FIRE RANDY SHANNON.. he is NOT the man for the job.. Losing to Virginia? thats regresing, not progresing...Jnoodle is not a good QB, he is all talk... LETS GET A REAL COACH in here and beging playing for NT again

the running game will be tested. VT will load the box, and force morris to win the game. they have speedy secondary, should be interesting. go canes save the program fire shannon

For those of u who keep defending SHANNON.. next year he will do the same thing.. come up with new excuses as to why the team is not winning.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.. Nothing will chance under SHANNON.. thats why we need change now..DONT GO TO THE GAMES UNTIL SHANNON IS FIRED!!!! GO CANES

FIRE SHANNON.. he is wasting our time and the program is going down under him... Lets get a real coach who can develope players and not protect his favorite boy(JNOODLE) we need change now... save the canes FIRE CANDY RANDY!!!!!

Couldn't agree more and so glad at least one high profile individual is speaking the truth. The individuals who call people haters or worse, racist because they feel the way Dan does have drank so much kool aid they piss purple. I hope guys like Dan Morgan give the writers and other high profile people the courage to demand that the U bring in a coach who is a winner!

The simple facts are; the number one team in the ACC lost to James Madison this year, the Canes should have at least matched the energy of FSU in a home game keeping it close (not necessarily even win), been able to pull out a win against the worst team in the conference, Virgina. THESE ARE THE FACTS AND NOT UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS.

The Canes should own the ACC, this conference is hardly a step up from the Big East, now or in the past. Is that really too much to ask? Aren't the things that have kept that from happening over the last 7 years due to the fact that we have had two very good coordinators but not head coaches as our head coaches???????

For someone who is loving his radio time....Unfortunately morgan hasn't done anything to help out the program on the practice field either.
He probably hasn't even donated back money to the program.

comments like this proves his opinions are just that and should remain to himself.

“he isn't sure if UM coach Randy Shannon is the right person to lead the program. And he said he'll continue to feel that way, unless he sees the team take some major steps forward.”

---> That is like me saying “ I am not sure it is going to rain today. But when it does, I will tell you.”

WOW!!!! What a great message to send to the kids! I disagree w/Dan...

Dan Morgan and Gino Toretta have been on this kick for a while now. The thing is, with these two, they want to say that the U is different - regular bowls won't do (which i agree with), but its also different in that its a family. NEITHER ONE OF THEM have been to UM to talk to the players (like NUMEROUS other UM alum) or Randy. They have that opportunity. No one expects them to coach the team, but there are things you can teach college players, JUST LIKE WHAT THEY HAD WHEN THEY WENT TO THE U.

Everybody should listen to the call Darrin Smith made to Gino's show last week. That will tell a WHOLE lot about what MOST former Canes feel.

Dan Morgan is QUICKLY falling out of grace as one my UM favorites.

Robet Bishop,

"All you "Randy Shannon Haters" make me sick with all of your trash talking.. All you guys ever do it criticize and blame the coach for everthing when he's not the one out there playing the game.. If your going to be honest about the situation just say what you guys have been saying and that is simply that you all dont want a "BLACK" head coach at the U.. All of you were so easily to put Jacory down and make it seem as if Miami didnt want a Black quaterback either but now its all about Stephen Morris, but just as soon as he starts messing up you same bandwaggers are going to start pointing the finger again.. How many of you have actually played the game?? How many of you are season ticket holders?? How many of you really even mean anything, stop talking and go try out or sit ur a#@ down and shut up!!!"

Might be the stupidest post ever.....

The head coach in college football is RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING.

If the coaching is bad...His fault.
If the players are bad...His Fault.

Correct me if I am wrong....But it not like Jacory and Company showed up uninvited on his doorstep and he stuck with them...right?

Dan Morgan speaks the TRUTH! Now thats what a TRUE CANE is....NO EXCUSES!

Someone should ask Dan Morgan what did he ever when at Miami....Did he when a national championship....No......did he ever have an undefeated season.....No. Was he part of blowout losses.....Yes (FSU 47-0). Its easy to criticize someone when you are on the outside....Just because you played at a school doesn't mean you know everything about that school....Things change...this isn't the 90's...What has he done for the program since he left? Some people have hidden agendas. It doesn't matter if they when the ACC this year, next year, and the year after....This is the way he feels about RS plain and simple...I bet ....Was there high expectations...Yes, as always.....but only a fool would consider a 10-3 season a failure. To most of the people on these blogs, they claim only wins and losses matter...If any other coach improves his win/loss record every year they would be commended....but not RS....I wonder why.....But yet people claim that Butch was such a good coach....I ask the question again...What did he win at Miami....Its a shame when people outside of South Florida recongnize the overall job that RS is doing, RS being named a semi-finalist for Coach of the Year, and not a single peep from most of the media outlets in South Florida....If anyone thinks that RS winning a NC would change the way people feel....Your kidding yourself....this has nothing to do with his win/loss record.....

We haven't went 10-3 yet!

Could end up 7-6, then what would you do?

Fire Shannon?

Give him one more year that he deserves....And if nothing changes...then consider firing....I agree with that......now what if he does go 10-3 then what?

If we go 7-6

monkey1371 - What would you do? Still love your best buddy Shannon?

Its about winning CFB games, that's it!

Win a bowl game? Win the ACC? Actually go to an ACC Championship game? Beat a ranked team?

If he goes 10-3 then I keep him one more year!

But he has to win the weak ACC next year!

If you think any coach can when a championship in less than 5 years with what he had when he started...your are crazy.....don;t forget...they were 6-6 the year before he became head coach

How do you know the ACC is going to be weak next year....So you what if he goes 9-4 and win the ACC....thats less wins but he wins the conference...

Basically what everyone is saying is a NC is the only thing that would satisfy them....and even then for how long....No one is going to win 5 championships in 10 years anymore....


Posted by: Charlotte_Cane

What did Morgan do while at Miami?

- Dick Butkus Award
- Bronko Nagurski Trophy
- Chuck Bednarik Award

- Laid the foundation for one of the greatest teams in the history of college football.

Did he when a national championship?
- Lol...best team in the nation by the end of the year.

What has he done for the program since he left
- A great NFL career that was cut short by injury.
- Tell you the honest truth...we aren't living up to our potential

It's not about winning the NC it's about showing improvement. And how do you do that?

-Win a bowl game?
-Go to the ACC Championship game? (Don't even have to win it, just go)
-Beat a ranked team?

And show us you can coach!

Remember, we lost to Virginia. They have now won ONE ACC game in their last 11, and Shannon admitted he didn't have them prepared to play.

Robert Bishop and revsmalls70 are two manginas. Put the masingill down ladies and read the other posts before u spew your ignorance. You sound like a couple of gayturds.

If Miami wins out and plays UF in a bowl game and wins I would be delighted. Beating the Gators would sure help soften the huge disappointment from this year's losses. With our new and hopefully permanent run-offense I will give Shannon 1 more year and no more. I'm not a hater or a racist but facts are facts. Nick Saban coaching Miami would win 5 National Titles in 5 years!

Unless a miracle happens by the end of next week this season is without a doubt a failure and we all get to start thinking about next year with Randy. Better hope we dont loose a bunch of juniors to the draft.

Let me say one thing for those who are coming up with the 10-3 defense as improvement. What has Randy done up to this point that gives you confidence this team will win out and win the bowl game as well? Nothing. Now, I will disagree with Morgan on one thing, if Miami wins out, bowl game and all, I wouldn't say the season would be a complete disappointmnet. It's not good enough but at least a step forward for the program and it should buy Randy another year to prove himself once and for all. Having said that, I'm skeptical this team can win out the year based on what I've seen in Randy's 3.7 years. Let's see what happens.

If you think any coach can when a championship in less than 5 years with what he had when he started...your are crazy.....don;t forget...they were 6-6 the year before he became head coach

Posted by: Charlotte_Cane | November 19, 2010 at 09:30 AM

And Bama was 6-7 before Saban took over.

Alabama before Saban


And he won it within 3 years!

Once again....I ask what did Dan Morgan win at Miami.....Individual awards are just that...Individual awards....An to the idiot that says Nick Saban coaching Miami will win 5 titles in 5 years....he haven't won 5 titles in 5 years at Alabama...please shut up...In fact since Saban is a coaching guru...here is Nick Saban first 4 years record at Michigan State...6-5-1, 6-6, 7-5, 6-6.....Am I comparing RS to Saban now no.....but you see..it does take time.

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