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Morgan: Unless UM wins ACC, 2010 a failure

The Miami Hurricanes are in a tough spot heading into Saturday's showdown with 14th-ranked Virginia Tech. Even if the Canes beat the Hokies, they still need Virginia Tech to lose to Virginia a week from Saturday to earn a ticket to the ACC Championship game.

Dan Morgan Before the season even got underway, most UM fans felt the season would be a disappointment if the Hurricanes didn't at least play in the ACC title game or reach a BCS Bowl game. But without a win Saturday and some help from the 4-6 Cavaliers, UM will fall short of that goal. 

So here's the question: What if UM wins out? What if the Canes beat Virginia Tech, beat USF and beats the Gators (or another SEC school) in the Chick-Fil-A bowl (their likely destination should they win out)? Would a 10-3 record and potential Top 15 finish in the rankings satisfy Canes Nation? 

One person it wouldn't satisfy is former Hurricane and WQAM radio personality Dan Morgan.  "I wouldn't be happy with it at all," Morgan said. "I came into this season with high expectations. The school and the coaches and players and media had high expectations for this team. I know there were a lot of people who thought we could beat a Florida State and Ohio State. That's where my frustration comes from.

"It's funny. Everybody acts now like there weren't high expectations for this year. But there were. You can't forget about that. Just because we lost those games doesn't mean the expectations aren't as high anymore. If we don't win the ACC, then this season absolutely is a failure. That's what you play for at the University of Miami -- to win championships, ACC championships and not go to these no-name bowl games. We're not a normal school. We're not UCF, South Florida or FIU. We're the University of Miami and the expectations are always going to be high."

Morgan, in his first year with WQAM, has said on the radio plenty of times this season he isn't sure if UM coach Randy Shannon is the right person to lead the program. And he said he'll continue to feel that way, unless he sees the team take some major steps forward.

"They haven't even won a bowl game under him," Morgan said. "How many years do you give somebody to get the job done? I don't know. If you aren't winning the smallest bowl games, what makes you think your going to win next year? We're getting beat handily and we aren't beating good teams. It's frustrating. I don't want to go on there and say so-and-so should get fired. I've got nothing against Randy or anybody. But you have to start beating good teams."

The Hurricanes haven't beaten a ranked opponent since it knocked off Oklahoma 21-20 last October. They've lost three in a row to ranked teams -- Wisconsin, Ohio State and Florida State -- and are only 4-8 against ranked teams under Shannon. But a win Saturday and two more wins after that (that would be five wins in a row to close the season) would go a long way in my eyes of showing at least some improvement.

So, how would you feel if Miami finished 10-3, but didn't make it to a BCS Bowl game?


> If there's one thing I love about Morgan as analyst it is his brutal honesty. And he makes no apologies for it.

"I have thick skin," said Morgan, who did some radio in Carolina before moving back home to South Florida. "I've had that since my playing days. I had people talk about me on the radio, rip me for this and that. People don't like reality sometimes and the truth. I do what I'm paid to do, speak my mind and give my opinion. Everybody isn't going to always agree with me. Some will. But everybody has their own opinion. I love doing the radio thing. It's definitely tough talking about your own school. But I'm paid by a radio station to give my opinion and if something isn't good I can't just sit there and act like it's good."

Two weeks ago, after the Hurricanes were beaten by Virginia, Morgan and WPLG Sports Director Will Manso got into a heated exchange with WQAM color analyst Don Bailey Jr. on air before the Maryland game. Morgan and Manso argued with Bailey Jr. over the team's effort at Virginia with Bailey Jr. citing that "the team doesn't have enough talent or experience." Morgan and Manso countered by calling "another excuse." It eventually got to a point where Bailey Jr. began taking shots at Morgan about things he did when he was a player -- including the 66-13 loss at Syracuse and the lack of defense in UM's win over UCLA a week later.

"There really was nothing fake about it," Morgan said. "We were all pretty heated. Don said some things he now knows came off the wrong way. When your doing radio, it gets heated. Will and I didn't feel the same way as Don. It's just grown men having their opinions and arguing. Nobody was going to win that argument. Don's reached out me since and said if I offended you in anyway, I apologize. Don is a good guy and is obviously real passionate about the Hurricanes. But if things aren't going as well as I think they should be, I'll speak about it. I know Don's opinion varies from mine."

> Morgan said although he has never spoken to senior linebacker Colin McCarthy in person, he has messaged him on Facebook and passed along his number to McCarthy, who wears the same number (44) Morgan wore at UM. As for McCarthy's play... "I thought he's done well," Morgan said. "He's definitely represented the number well. I was happy about it. He obviously is a good dude."


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Dan Morgan is right...this year has been a big disappointment whether we win the ACC or not. I wanted to control our destiny and win the thing, and the best case now is we get in through the back door.

BUT, Don Bailey is absolutely right to call out Morgan a bit, because Morgan and his great class didn't do squat and didn't come up big until their senior seasons, which would be next year for the highly touted recruiting class currently residing at UM. Before the 2000 season when we lost to UW and then never lost again, Morgan and his talented buddies got squashed by a mediocre Syracuse team the week before the UCLA upset (which hinged on a blown turnover call at the end, by the way, though I don't much care) and had a bunch of other frustrating losses. His defense was swiss cheese that year and got lit up consistently before putting it all together.

Point is, with the turnover in college football, programs that are consistently improving do not necessarily get progressively more wins each year. It's more like screwing in a lightbulb...you work and work and then suddenly the bulb starts to shine. This season is a disappointment, but disappointing years happen. If we'd fired Butch Davis during Morgan's junior season, it would have been a colossal mistake.

Go Canes!

Coach P.....Are you saying that RS had the same caliber of team when he took over as Saban had when he took over? Really...

Comparing a head coach with over 20 years on coaching exp to a guy w/less than 5 is dumb! Do you think the coaching greats started out winning titles or even being great coaches right away?

Exactly ChicagoCane.....evryone wants instant success but does not understand you have to struggle and work for it....

this season is a bust as soon as we lost to Virgina. that game was a direct reflection of how this team is coached. They played us like it was thier championship game, and we had no fire. the staff has to prepere for each game like it means the season, and thier job. you cant say win the acc or win your divison. its all or nothing a week to week battle. thats how the 2000, 2001, and 2002 teams were. if you told ken dorsey or ed reed that losing two games was ok, they would punch you in your mouth, and tell you to leave. those guys didnt like to lose a checkers.

Mr. Morgan is right on point. Every single "U" fan thought before the season started that the Canes were experienced and talented enough to atleast go 10-2. Talented enough to win the ACC Coastal Division and play in the ACC Championship game. That anything short of a BCS Bowl game would be a failure in 2010. BUT I will say this. If the "U" wins their next two games and by some miracle happen to play Florida in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl and crush them I would be somewhat happy with a 10-3 record and top 15 finish. There are still many players and fans of the "U" who still remember the Gators kicking that late field goal to run up the score back in 2008. A revenge whooping would make things alot better.

Posted by: Charlotte_Cane

You're asking what team awards an individual won?

Why? Dan Morgan can criticize Randy Shannon because Morgan never won a NC. I don't agree, but OK, your opinion.

My only response to you would be Gino Torretta. Gino is an much harsher critic of Randy Shannon. There's a NC and some other individual award he won.

I agree with Dan. Shannon is not the guy to get it done. This team lacks discipline and commits stupid mistakes. I would love to see them go after a coach like Chris Peterson from Boisie State. Hes a coach with a passion that shows itself through his players. They do not commit penalties and if you make a dumb penalty you sit for a series or the rest of the game. Total lack of discipline.

if only the current players had as much "heart" as morgan...laying an egg against fsu was terrible...but the virginia game was an embarrassment...these kids need to wake up and smell the coffee...one of the most talented teams in the country...they need to listen to what former players like morgan have to say...and why in the world hasn't mccarthy reached out to morgan??? what a joke...colin: please pick up the phone and call the guy...with all of the former canes in the NFL, these kids need to tap into their resources...they are ALL PRO's!!!


3 losses are unacceptable.

2 at the most...with the 2nd being in a BCS bowl game.

we have too much talent this year to settle for 3 losses.

the season is a failure.

is what it is.

Can people stop with the reverse racism crap already? This is 2010! Racism would be dead already if you guys did not keep pulling the race card. It's people like robert bishop that keep it alive. NOW , let us go out and get a good win with our new QB. See ya'll there. 6 rows up at the 30. CANE 'TIL I DIE. Even with a bad head coach.

I will love to see this team going 10-3. Big step for next year. This job is for Randy to lose. We need to dominate VT, and send them home with their tail between their legs. Beat them so hard they can't even keep up with the Cavaliers the next week. DOMINATE!!!

"If you think any coach can when a championship in less than 5 years with what he had when he started...your are crazy.....don;t forget...they were 6-6 the year before he became head coach"

Please research before saying stupid things.

Randy took over a 7-6 team....

Lou Holtz - Year 3 at Notre Dame (took over 5-6 team)
Bob Stoops - Year 2 at Oklahoma (took over 5-7 team)
Urban Meyer - Year 2 at Florida (took over 8-5 team)
Jim Tressel - year 2 at OSU (took over 8-4 team)
Lloyd Carr - Year 3 at Michigan (took over 8-4 team)
Nick Saban - Year 3 at Bama (took over a 6-6 team)
Nick Saban - Year 4 at LSU (took over a 3-8 team)

Other coaches that won National Titles under 5 years.

Gene Stalling - Bama Year 3
Jimmy Johnson - Miami Year 4
Dennis Erickson - Miami Year 1
Larry Coker - Miami Year 1
Les Miles - LSU Year 3

While Dans message is right the way some of the ex Canes go about saying they are trying to reach out to current players is pathetic
Most of those guys are free to come down there at anytime to get with RS to chat up the players
Instead some of them choose to go the Facebook or the friend of a friend and waiting for RS to reach out to them
Stop saying what you could do for the current players and coaches and go do something about it
Rolle showed up and did something as did Gore in recent weeks

Get em, C_C... Great job!

Charlotte Cane,

Are you really comparing winning at Michigan State to Miami......

Come On...

Miami - Most dominant program of last 25 years
MSU - 4th or 5th dog in the B10 at best.

Miami - Centered in a Top 3 recruiting ground
MSU - ?????

Miami - All Pro after ALL Pro playing in the NFL
MSU - ??????

Stop with the stupid comparisons.

I would take the Gators season this year for their past 4 years. Shannon is horrible and Morgan is right!

Posted by: monkey1371

You forgot

Miami - Randy SHannon

Winning when it matters solves everything! This season is a bust because it no longer matters. While winning out and winning a bowl would be great, what would they really have accomplished? If, and that's a big if, they can win out it's a marginal improvement at best. Overall, I think most people the Randy sympathizers like to call haters would be happy if this team just played for the ACC title let alone win it. I know I would.

oo! oo! oo! WITCH HUNT! yay!

Fire SHANNON thats thesolution to all of our probrems... We want national tittles not a bowl Game... For those of u who are Randy Lovers U suck just like he does.. he is giving the U a bad name.. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFEE... 10-3 that is maybe 10-3 is not what we want

miamicanes1/Sean Wilson
Go back in your moms basement and shut the hell up

Last i checked saban has two losses about to be three and two or three losses the year before he won the nc. dan morgan is right this season is a failure if we don't win the acc. I have been questioning why we stopped running the ball at ohio st. didnt run at fla state. whipple ball is terrible. we must run the ball to win. this is where the failure is evident. if randy doesnt make sure we run the ball 40 to 50 times a game irregardless of how many they have in the box he needs to be fired. then u have to ask the question with all of the great UM players why has the biggest donation come from a non player. UM wont pay for a coach either so who do U think will come coach here.

final score predictions?

morgan didn't have a great nfl career mediocre at best. would have had a better career if he had not been on that good water.lol

A few things. How many of these Sunday morning QB Miami fans actually go to the games? I'd her a majority of you don't. I don't think you have any right to criticize the school, the players, or the coaching staff if you don't even invest in ONE GAME. Same thing if they were 10-0, you can't thump your chest about Miami if you don't even go to the games. Miami fans are the worst, especially those whose support wavers and changes after one game. Did you see the stands for the Maryland game? That was pathetic. I was embarrassed to be a Hurricane fan. If this team goes on a NC run next year, none of you deserve to go along for the ride.

Dan Morgan, what a punk loser. The University of Miami gave him everything he has. Now he's trashing the program for ratings, on Miami's "flagship" Hurricanes radio station. What has he done for the program since? How come Antrelle Rolle, Frank Gore, and others are going to practice, talking to these kids (as UM alum had did for him!) but all he contributes is garbage behind a microphone. He may be right or wrong but the issue is the principle: how can you dog these kids and he program when you've done nothing to improve it... a program that put you on the map? What a slimeball. Miami fans lack pride unless its team is playing for a NC. They lack loyalty. I love the Miami Hurricanes, but their fans are horrible. And Manny Navarro is the most negative member of the print media. If Morgan had said positive things, there would be no story posted. He has a gripe with Miami's handling of the media so he gives forums to UM bashers and his perception is questionable in regards to the team.

Don't like the message, shoot the messenger. This is like politics. LOL Who gives a crap what Dan Morgan did, gives or is, he's just another high profile guy in the fraternity that has lost faith in Shannon. Nobody in their right mind would argue that Coker should still be there and as momentum continues to build when Shannon finally gets the ax nobody will say he did not get a fair shake. I just wish it could be sooner rather than later as this has gone on far too long.

all you haters are fake bandwagoners.... seriously get a life and go be a fsu or gator fan since they are doing so much better.. i have a feeling that you people that constantly spew that crap are fan bobs jerking it in front of the computer all day.. never happy with anything.. i wonder how your wife(if you have one) feels since your never happy with her either... pathetic go jump off a cliff please! and take dan no-buddy morgan with you

10-3 is a successful season too me. Canes fans are spoiled and not use to going through the process, but this is a different era to the ones we where use to in the 80's and 90's. I do think once we become a top 10 team we'll be there for a while. Shannon keep stacking chips and we'll be alright. Nice young offensive line, young running back, up and coming QB. Stay patient Cane Fans.

Miami is one of just 9 schools that ranks in the top 30 nationally in both offense and defense this year. The other 8 are:

Southern Miss

UM is 19th in total defense and 29th in total offense.

Happy with 10-3?

First, if Jacory Interception returns to the starting lineup, it'll be very tough to beat a good team.

Second, any team that loses to a squad like Virginia cannot consider their season a success, no matter the record.

Third, this team was set up to do some damage this year. The loss of Bailey, McCarthy and Brandon Harris (no doubt he'll bolt for the NFL) will leave massive holes in the defense. And I don't see anyone on the current roster ready to fill those shoes.

Manny sure knows how to stir up the haters and give them ammo.

Manny's the Cy Sperling of UM football blogs; "Not only am I the president of the UM Haters Football Club, I'm a member as well!"

I love the crowd talking about how much the Canes recruiting has fallen off all the while Freshmen such as Henderson (#1 recruit of the 2009/20010 class), Linder, Morris are all starring for the Canes.

You haters shouldn't allow the fact that Randy Shannon has been named a semifinalist for the inaugural Joseph V. Paterno Award for Coach of the Year slow you down from hating on Randy that was just announced by Maxwell Football Club President Ron Jaworski. Below is a list of other candidates that are in the running for the award:

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech
Bret Bielema, University of Wisconsin
Troy Calhoun, United States Air Force Academy
Kirk Ferentz, University of Iowa
Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern University
Jim Harbaugh, Stanford University
Ken Niumatalolo, United States Naval Academy
Tom O’Brien, North Carolina State University
Gary Patterson, Texas Christian University
Chris Petersen, Boise State University
Gary Pinkel, University of Missouri
Randy Shannon, University of Miami
Bob Stoops, University of Oklahoma
Jim Tressel, Ohio State University
Kyle Whittingham, University of Utah.

It's interesting that Manny didn't report on this prestigious nomination for our head coach. That recognition would not play well into the hate diatribe. Clearly others from around the country appreciate the accomplishments of Randy Shannon and know him to be a great coach.

Just look to our man Edge
You will see him on the sidelines for games and is around the program quite alot
Why can a guy like Dorsey keep in touch with J12 and the program but yet ex players like Dan and Gino love to take it to the airwaves to say what needs to be done and how they cant seem to find a way to get inside the program anymore
They can talk about the W-L but the rest of it is pure B.S.

good job manny posting an negative article the day before a crucial game. who cares what mr concussion has to say. he obviously doesnt like randy so he insists on bashing the program. i hope wqam is paying him real well to sell his soul. i will no longer even acknowlegde the guy as one of our greats. he disgusts me!! go canes and i support my coach!

Another point that alot of you seem to forget is the fact that the administration is happy with the job that Coach Shannon is doing with the program. Time and Time again I've asked you Shannon Bashers you fire him and bring in who when nobody wanted the job when Shannon accepted the job. It's ok for the older canes to throw stones but are they really helping ? The ship is much tighter now in the program than when they were playing I'm sure. And for all you Shannon Bashers remember if and when you do get your wish, it won't be a top tier coach because remember the school cannot compete with the high salarys so quit ur belly aching and support this program but I know you haters are too busy voting for Bristol Palin to win DWTS anyway.

commitments drop because you lose games or kids and i stress kids want to go to the "hot" school....we aren't hot right now

but i think we have found a qb (recruited by shannon) to shut everybody up for a minute and win some games.....so if he loses this weekend, and i hope they don't, u gonna blame shannon for that too???

cmon people wake up....morgan is as much the problem as every one else crying wolf.....have no solutions but wanna complain on the radio while the team gets to a 10-3 and possible BCS bowl....

that's an improvement if you ask me and sets the U up for championship commitments and a championship run

I agree 100% with Dan Morgan. Randy Shannon was not the right hire in the first place. Shannon said a few weeks ago that if he didn't win the ACC, that it wouldn't be a big disappointment. Please fire Randy Shannon at the end of the season.

Hey let's look at Mack Brown right now. Texas is doin worse than us. Is anybody getting on him? No. Calm down fellas the season isn't over yet.

I would not go as far as saying "Randy is a loser"....I think he had no choice but to stick with J12 up until his injury. I truly feel the play of J12 has prevented us from winning some big games...I think Whipple is responsible as well for allowing J12 to constantly throw the ball "up in the air" for pics....So far...Morris has not done anything "stupid" in my eyes or be "careless" with the football...he has made mistakes....the question is...will here learn from them and not let them linger like J12 did...

monkey1371....everyone on that list with a NC with the exception of Urban (whom he did not recruit not one starter on that team)and Nick Saban...happened over 10 years ago...And please Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson did not have to build anything...stop living in the past....Its funny....how you can claim that how all those coaches can do it in such a short period ot time.....but very few have multiple championships

Bob Stoops 1
Jim Tressel 1
Lloyd Carr 1
Gene Stalling 1
Les Miles 1
Larry Coker 1 (do we need to even talk about him)

Miami - Centered in a Top 3 recruiting ground
I am assumming you mean (TX, FL, and CA)How many other schools are also in that top 3 recruiting grond and how many have multiple championships in the past 10 years...The answer...2 (USC, Florida)

Miami - All Pro after ALL Pro playing in the NFL
What does that have to do with this team right now....

Miami - Most dominant program of last 25 years
I totally agree with that.....but like you said....past 25 years....2 titles in the past 20 years is the reality

I am the biggest U fan out there....but you have to be realistic in expectations....I want a championship every year as well....but common sense should tell you it takes time to build..and if you think that he had nothing to build..then thats your opinion...But like I said in an earlier post, it desn't matter what RS does (like being a semi-finalist for a Coach of the Year Award)....People will still shout every negative thing they can about him..I wonder why....

Also....how is Sam Shields all of a sudden some top DB in the NFL at this time? Why wasn't he a top DB for Miami??????

ok for all u dan morgan haterz check dis out. DAN DONT OWE NOBODY OR DA UNIVERSITY S**T. HE WORKED HARD FOR EVERYTHING HE GOT AND CAN SHARE HIS OPINION JUS LIKE US. HES UPSET WIT MIAMI JUST LIK US AND WANTS THE BEST FOR MIAMI. Also he stayed for his senior year at miami to help them get back to dominance and we all remember those times. Dan morgan will be in the college hall of fame. Dan was also an NFL Pro Bowler before the injuries if ya aint kno.

And what did Dan do while he was here other than his individual awards? What bowls were we in and all that? 2001 we won the title and he wasn't even on the team...

It wasn't until Dan was a senior before they went to a good bowl filled with sugar.

So Dan...why don't we let Shannon's first class become seniors before we comment on failures. How quickly you forget the 1/1/2000 Gator Bowl...


Also....how is Sam Shields all of a sudden some top DB in the NFL at this time? Why wasn't he a top DB for Miami??????

Posted by: Joe | November 19, 2010 at 01:20 PM

Maybe the two years he spent as a DB at Miami helped, yes? How quickly you forget he was the WR that caught the winning TD against Nevada on the blue turf. How quickly you forget his character issues, and how he was almost kicked off the team. How quickly you forget how it was Shannon's idea to move him to DB because of depth and because Shannon knew it was Sammy's only shot at the NFL. Most importantly, how quickly we forget how MONEY motivates people. His degree is in education, and I'm sure he knows how little they get paid. That adds some motivation, yes?

It's funny how fans like you think there is a magic wand in the NFL that they wave over these players. That they really are not being developed here. How about we look at it a little more closely like I have and posted above?


"It's funny. Everybody acts now like there weren't high expectations for this year."

Um, not me Dan. See, I am a realist. And I do understand what makes Champions...unlike you...

Let's see your ring...oh, wait...

Let me show you mine. Shoot, what's the combination to my safe again?

I was a 10-2er leaning towards a 9-3 season. Those are REAL expectations. Not "we're THE U and we win everything" expectations...

We will win everything again, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Just go ask Mack Brown, Urban Meyer and Nick Saban how their season are panning out. They're the million dollar coaches everyone on here screams about wanting.

Mack Brown = not ranked.

Urban Meyer = not ranked.

Nick Saban = about to have his 3rd loss.


Dan and Gino are both considered "members of the media" and therefore are not allowed at the practices.

"Morgan said although he has never spoken to senior linebacker Colin McCarthy in person, he has messaged him on Facebook and passed along his number to McCarthy"

That's a champion's effort right there. Honestly, that's weak Dan!

Take your brutally honest butt down to the weight room and practice field. Work with these players instead of talking ish miles away. Barrow did it. Why not you?


Also....how is Sam Shields all of a sudden some top DB in the NFL at this time? Why wasn't he a top DB for Miami??????

Posted by: Joe | November 19, 2010 at 01:20 PM

I love SS, but really? Top DB? Really? Already?Hyperbole @ its finest!!!!!

"It eventually got to a point where Bailey Jr. began taking shots at Morgan about things he did when he was a player -- including the 66-13 loss at Syracuse and the lack of defense in UM's win over UCLA a week later."


How does it feel to fall back to earth...HARD! C'mon man on ESPN should be now called...


The maore games that SHANNON losses, such as this week, there will be more former players calling for SHANNON'S FIRING!. Morgan was the first there will be a lot more to follow. All of CANE FANS wanted Shannon to be succesful. He got his chance and he has failed. This year should have been a top ten year and it is not. This year recruiting class is terrible. The longer SHANNON is coach the longer it will take Miami to recover after they fire SHANNON

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