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Morris named ACC Rookie of the Week

Stephen Morris might not be the Hurricanes starting quarterback much longer, but he'll always have fond memories of his first start.

Stephen MorrisMonday, the 6-3, 209-pound true freshman earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors for his performance against Maryland. He completed 18-of-30 passes against the Terrapins and none was bigger than the final completion for a 35-yard touchdown to Leonard Hankerson with 37 seconds to play. The touchdown pass gave the ‘Canes a 26-20 win and capped an impressive debut for the rookie. Morris threw for 286 yards, a single-game high for any UM quarterback this season, and also rushed for 13 yards. He also threw two interceptions, one that was returned for a touchdown.

Moments after the come-from-behind win, UM coach Randy Shannon said there wouldn't be a quarterback controversy and that once Jacory Harris is cleared to return from his concussion he would retain his starting spot.

Morris, though, is expected to start Saturday at Georgia Tech.

Shannon spoke to WQAM's Joe Rose Monday morning and said offensive coordinator Mark Whipple tweaked the offense to help Morris succeed against Maryland.

“We sat down and said, ‘OK, what is he comfortable with throwing?’ We went back and watched the films in camp and the things in practice, the throws he was comfortable with throwing and those are the throws we went into the game with and the offense we went into the game with," Shannon said. "It was quick throws, getting the ball out of his hands, but also we threw some deep balls off of play action because our running game was going so well. That’s really big when you have a chance to do that.”

> Kickoff time for the Hurricanes-Virginia Tech game will be at 3:30 p.m. The game will be televised on either ESPN or ABC. UM will wear its special Nike Combat uniforms.


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yea im done with that. i just wanted to make it known. its all one person posting under a million different names. he has no one to agree with him, so he agrees with himself.

Georgia Tech is not a very tough opponent. They're a pack of scrubs....so was Maryland and Virginia.

The problem is that we are coached by a functioning retard who doesn't even know who to play. Shannon's lineup decisions remind me of my gf trying to set her fantasy lineup.

and namecalls those who dont agree with him. the funny part is the complete denial of the multiple screen names. but all of his different posts lead back to the same website lol

People have such a selective memory when it comes to Jacory Harris.

He lost last year's Clemson game. Straight up. 100% his fault. His interceptions lost the Ohio State game this year, but two of the picks weren't his fault.

That's it - those are his meltdowns.

He single handedly beat FSU on a late drive last year. He led UM back for a last second score and overtime win against Virginia his freshman year. He led UM back for a last second score against Wake Forest last year.

His style is what it is - he takes a ton of chances and he has to throw the ball to where his receiver is going to be because he has no arm strength. But that style has won more games than it's lost over his tenure - and it's pointless to argue whether Stephen Morris would be a better quarterback Jacory is going to be starting the rest of this year and all of next no matter what.

ur forgetting the UNC game he blew last year with 4 interceptions. all his fault.

plus the teams he came back against, we shouldnt have even had to have come back against in the first place. not saying the comebacks were a bad thing but he's had one game where i was really impressed with his play. and that was the FSU game last year. since then his weaknesses as a quarterback have been exposed. and he hasnt been as good as he's been hyped up to be.

Facts - he lost the UNC game and wake forest and virginia are bad.

But his weaknesses have never been concealed - FSU knew Jacory Harris last year, Clemson and UNC knew Jacory Harris this year, and he beat them all with the long ball.

I'm not saying that Jacory Harris will play in the NFL or that Stephen Morris won't eventually be better than him - but UM is still alive in the ACC in that UNC could very well knock of V Tech, and Jacory Harris gives UM a better chance of beating Georgia Tech this week and Virginia Tech next week. Morris is an unknown quantity against good teams, but we know UM can win both those games with Harris if the receivers catch and the defense plays ball.

i honestly think our chances are the same no matter which quarterback plays right now. theyre both equal at this stage of their careers in my opinion. difference is, is that one is a freshman and the others a junior. but at this point id rather play a freshman with upside over a junior with none. with morris we only get better. whereas jacory you know what youre gonna get.

Ooster, I agree 100%,Jacory is the main reason we had to come back against those teams that we should blow out to begin with. And what big time team has Shannon and Jacory beat? A freshman and injury depleted Oklahoma team at home last year, A UNC team that played with freshman corners and countless other big time players missing. In two bowl games that they had almost a month to prepare for we were dominated physically, coaching wise, and on the scoreboards. IF it wasn't for two long returns we would have been blown out by Ohio State and Florida State drilled us 45-17 at home on National TV, and need I bring up the Virginia game.
The only team Shannon has shown that he can beat year end and year out is Duke. ANd it took a fumble late in 4th qtr with Duke driving to seal that win. That says it all.

Jacory Harris starting and playing the rest of the season gives us the best chance to get rid of Shannon. Start Harris, so we can get us a real Head Coach. Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

No chance of getting rid of Shannon, even if they lose out.

There was an emergency trustee meeting the morning after the virginia game, and they decided that they can't fire Shannon until after 2011 because otherwise they won't have enough money to sign a new coach.

True story.

The problem with ooster, championships is all that matters, canesjunkie, j-smooth and all of the other aliases this person uses is he becomes enraged when other posters push back on his hate. Read his posts and you will notice how he talks back and forth with himself reinforcing all of the negative things he constantly says about the Canes. He has his daily hate fest and then wigs out when any other poster disagrees. I believe he's the guy that got banned from the Sentinel site.

changed your site at least lol. you sound like someone who just got his balls busted. youre a defeated man. you gave up so you just copied everything i wrote about you and claimed it was me. nice try though. just to humor you...

for one, im not those people. i think theyre overly harsh. im critical but thats it. the criticism is well deserved too. we are not the same team we were 10 years ago. which is where i want us to be. but since that time, everything regarding the program has been in decline. no stadium, no swagger, no proper funding, no 1st rounders, no coaching, no new facilities, etc. i dont hate anyone. nor have i ever posted on another site. i just want us to be great again. and im tired of what im seeing every year. there's no accountability. just excuses and unanswered questions. and no one seems to care. i dont see any efforts to help the program return to greatness.

youre the kind of person who thinks a blown coverage by the defense is a great play by the reciever. thats why you have no credibility when you post. because you post selectively without understanding whats actually going on.

Why cant we all just admit Randy is not the man for this job. ppl needa stop defending him. He makes big money to coach a team up and win games and i dont care how good his kids are doing in the classroom...they came here to play football then the NFL. Just wait and see whats gonna happen if/when shannon loses another game..yall think miami fans are in an uproar now..U Aint Seen Nothin Yet

getting back to football: unless its freezing out, (for us that means 60 or below lol) i think we beat georgia tech pretty soundly. our conservative base 4-3 defense is well suited to stop their option attack. i believe thats why bill young had such horrible success against it in '08. his defensive philosophy was too aggressive against GTECH so the players were constantly out of position. lovett and randys scheme is just the opposite. thats why we crushed them last year (along with home field advantage). i expect a more competitive game this year, but a win none the less.

Fot the first time in many yers , Morris brings excitment to the team

I like the talent that Morris brings, but there is no need to put the program and fans through another 'freshman experience' at the mid-season point when we have an experienced Qb who probably throws about the same amount of picks but has played in big games before. J12 needs to finish what he started because he still gives us the best chance to win. Then open up the competition with Morris in the spring.

Harris is Shannon's preferred QB, so there can't be a QB competition. Morris could throw twice as many TD's and Jacory will still be the starter.


whoa whoa boys on the hype on Morris already.

recall how when J12 had a good early part of the start of his career, we (all of us) and the media had him pegged for heisman material, and we were talking nat championships and all of that. Then, the true j12 came out when he ws hurt (and shannon let him play at less than 100%)- he began throwing ints and dead ducks.

That begs the question- Was j12 hurt all along and never 100% after the hand injury and should er injury etc etc?

If so he is 100% to blame and so is Shannon. They both would be. For being blind careless and too enamored with each other. And for J12 being less than honest.

careful with overhyping morris becuase those same people that hyped harris were the ones trashing him after he threw his...11 int.

The problem is that most UM fans aren't alumni and don't understand that UM is a small private school that does not make any money off its football program.

They treat UM's football team like it was a big state school or even an NFL franchise, and they rail against Shalala and Shannon as if they were accountable to anyone but the students and the alumni.

Shalala has been a great president for the university, even if she did destroy the football program (and she did) and Shannon has been excellent in turning around the image of the football program, even if he is a terrible head coach (and he is).

The university is never going to spend a lot of money to hire big name coaches and is never going to put winning ahead of maintaining their image. If you don't like it, go root for FIU or something.

Is Rick Truth Speaker related to CHRIST? Just asking.

It doesn't bother you that we live in the most fertile recruiting territory in the country and our team is at it's best average?

If we spent money and getting a real coach we could compete with anyone.

That doesn't bother you!!!! We can whip any state school if we had a real coach.

since when has being a small private school ever stopped us from being great? just seems like some people are using that as a scapegoat for why we arent very good.

and we do make money off of the football program. but none of that money is invested back into the program. its invested solely on academics.

Posted by: RICK TRUTH SPEAKER | November 09, 2010 at 09:58 AM

Hey genius turn off the CAPS LOCK! You are a goofball if you think the fan bases at other schools are any different. The inbred gator faithful paint on walls all over town to fire their O coordinator. Get real!

ooster said:

"changed your site at least lol. you sound like someone who just got his balls busted. youre a defeated man. you gave up so you just copied everything i wrote about you and claimed it was me. nice try though. just to humor you..."
Did you eat lead paint chips as a kid? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

If you are this sites 'blog detective' all I can say is...don't quit your day job!

The fact you use 5 or 6 aliases to attack the football program is cowardly and I suspect you are that Gator jerk who was banned from the Sentinel site.

You not only attack the football program, but attack anyone that has something positive to say about the Canes. I don't care how you define yourself, but you are no fan and only visit this site to take out your frustrations on 18-21 year old kids.

You (using all of your aliases) bad mouth Jacory and do so even after he hasn't played for most of the last two games and is not expected to play next week. Why would a real fan ever do that to one of our players who was seriously injured?

I know nothing I say to you is going to stop you from squating on this site day and night preaching your hate, but karma is a funny thing and just maybe someday it will be you or...one of your family members...that finds themselves being publicly ridiculed by a bunch of cowards.

ooster - you're talking out of turn, UM makes way less than 0.1% of its total budget from football.

As a matter of fact, they now make more from their hospitals than they do from tuition.

NONE of the money they make from football goes to academics - it all goes back into a general athletic fund.

UM is good at football because they have a huge crop of local talent, they've never been good because they hired good coaches and they never will be because they don't have that kind of money. They don't sell 70,000 tickets 6 times a year and they don't have a single big donor who follows the football program -they can't afford to pay a coach 4-5 million dollars a year, which is what it would take to bring in a Mike Leach or someone of his ilk.

I get that it sounds like a cop out but it's the truth. Blame Shalala all you want - at least she isn't actively trying to dismantle the program like her predecessor, she's just doing it accidentally.

Things won't change at the U until Randy Shannon is gone. I'm not just talking about on the field but dysfunctional stuff with Shannon in charge.

As I long time supporter I have come to the realization given things at Greentree and inside the program that Randy Shannon must be removed as HC.

Manny why isn't the media trying to get to the bottom of what is happening inside the program?
Where are the journalists seeking the truth and shining the light of day on this stuff?

C'Mon Man win a Sports Pulitzer for this.

Typical Florida Gators...

They leak negative academic information about Cam Newton (one of their former players) in an attempt to hurt the kid and to further kick him when he's down having to fight the agent asking for cash controversey. And then the cowardly Gators deny doing so.

Based on their denial one can only assume that anyone can break into the computer system that houses the information pertaining to the academic records of all Florida students.

There is not anything going on that people don't already know. The guy from the Sun Sentinel made it perfectly clear. We have a president here now that is very comfortable with going 9-4 every year as long as the kids are graduating. National championships do not matter anymore.


I'm sorry I upset the QB recruits.

I admire Jacory for the following reasons:
the mindnumbing Tweets, fake casts, pink Heisman suit, Tressel sweater vests, stupid Raiders outfit, the fact that you watch Sponge Bob, and all of the hideous game-killing interceptions.

Is that better?

@Bull$&*# - Those student honor courts are staffed by students you dope. This happened almost 2 - 3 years ago (an eternity in student years). How do you know a boyfriend/girlfriend of a member of that court didn't give it up? How do you know someone in his entourage or former team mate in Tx didn't give it up?

You canes crack me up, with your barn burning to the ground you're fussed-up about this?

Don't you think Urban and company had the chance they would've leaked this info way before the kid boomeranged back into the conference?

It happened two years ago, two years in "student years".

I don't really care one way or another but the kid said he wasn't going to talk about it, if it didn't happen he would have said that.

The AD says "by all accounts" Newton is a great kid. No, by this account he's a pumpkin eater.

Posted by: Conspiracy Theorists = Losers | November 09, 2010 at 02:07 PM

Last time I checked the turds have three losses same as the Canes. This with a 4 million a year head coach and better recruiting classes the last 3 years. According to gator fan all your players are 5* studs. You don't rebuild, you reload.

The sad thing about Cam is even if he did cheat the gators still did not kick him off the team he TRANSFERED..........

Not sure who "Gator fan" is from whom you quote those hyperbolic superlatives - anecdotal I'm sure.

Analyzing the wreckage from this season is above my pay grade. I yield to the pollsters....are all 3 loss teams viewed equally? Apparently not. See for yourselves:


The reality is the following:

When Cam was under the leadership of Urban Meyer and company he was Al Capone, Jr. The kid was a crime wave.

After getting out from underneath Meyer and that infamous Gator program he has been nothing short of a model citizen.

Why is that?

what a nut case lol. still saying the same old thing. still doesnt realize that he puts the same website links for all his different posts. still fooling no one except himself.


anyway, Eudocimus, i agree we're in a talent rich area but we've had good coaches who put that talent to use. schnellenberger, jimmy, butch, etc... they were all great coaches. we were great in large part because of them. you dont necessarily need to BUY a good coach. you just need to find the right guy. preferably a relatively unknown up and comer whos eager to prove himself... whos willing to work hard for low pay.

plus our stadium used to sell out all the time. until the program declined and the stadium was destroyed. the orange bowl was a huge reason we were great as well. our place struck fear in the opponents the moment they stepped on that field. no one wanted to play us at home. 58 straight wins at home wasnt just because of the athletes. that atmosphere helped tremendously.

also, junkie/championships, ease up on the boycotting of games. while i understand your reasonings (trying to send the administration a message by not giving them your money, the parking/tickets are WAY overpriced, etc.) if youre a fan of the team you dont do that kind of stuff. mike irvin said it best: its like your child... you might be upset with them when they do something stupid, and you can criticize the heck out of them... but at the end of the day, they're still youre child. you still love them and you still support them even when theyre down.

i think as a fanbase we should all be there for the team. regardless of how frustrated we are with the direction of the program.

why do you insist on bringing gator fans over to this blog? stop instigating!

ooster, I like your enthusiasm but the Canes did not "used to sell out all the time..." Miami has always had an issue with attendance. It always will given the small size of the school and the location.

Miami is not a huge state school/diploma mill like you see in the SEC; nor is it located in a college town where it is the only thing going like you have in the SEC and in many instances the Big 12 and Big 10.

Attendance will continue to suffer moreso than normal until the team improves.


Ooster says: "plus our stadium used to sell out all the time."
Of course this is another uninformed, if not outright lie that a haters uses to bash Randy and the current program.

It is comments like the one above that is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of their lack of knowledge and the lengths they will go to disbarge Randy and the kids...disgraceful!

It make you wonder how much better off the program would be if the haters were to help promote the program by discussing the good things instead of inventing new things to complain and moan about on the hour every hour.

As to Inspector Clouseau's (ooster) comments about why the Gators are discussed on this board and most every Canes blog...any real Canes fan that has a historical perspective of the program would first of all be a 'Gator Hater' and secondly know of the things the Gators have done to the Canes that many believe to be some of the worst acts in college football history...this guy (child) simply dosen't know--what he doesn't know!

ooster, would you just shut up already and go back to your little Gator blog where you belong
And take your 5,000,000 ids with you
Dont you get bored posting the same boring garbage day after day?

Very true but every other school in the nation is now looking for that hot up and coming coach, it didn't used to be that way.

Someone like Jimmy Johnson (who built the program at Oklahoma St.) or Butch Davis (defensive coordinator of super bowl cowboys) would be snatched up by a michigan or a notre dame in a second.

canes77 - he's not wrong, UM used to have decent attendance.

They AVERGAGED 70,000 in 2002 and 60,000 in 2003, 2004.

Of course it's been all downhill from there...

And as to how much "better off" the program would be if people were more supportive - get over yourself bro, nobody that matters reads anything that's written about the Hurricanes, least of all message boards!

This blog consists of about 4-5 people doesn't it? You should all meet somewhere and have a huge brawl like in Anchorman.

They AVERGAGED 70,000 in 2002 and 60,000 in 2003, 2004.

Of course it's been all downhill from there...

Posted by: Eudocimus
Nonsense!!! You are skewing the attendance numbers by adding in away games. What was the average of 'HOME' games as Clouseau claims we sold out 'ALL' the time, Further several seasons hardly qualifies as ALL THE TIME!

If you want to argue the case of the haters at least get your facts straight.

Allow me to offer some recent advise I recieved...get over yourself!

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