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Morris named ACC Rookie of the Week

Stephen Morris might not be the Hurricanes starting quarterback much longer, but he'll always have fond memories of his first start.

Stephen MorrisMonday, the 6-3, 209-pound true freshman earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors for his performance against Maryland. He completed 18-of-30 passes against the Terrapins and none was bigger than the final completion for a 35-yard touchdown to Leonard Hankerson with 37 seconds to play. The touchdown pass gave the ‘Canes a 26-20 win and capped an impressive debut for the rookie. Morris threw for 286 yards, a single-game high for any UM quarterback this season, and also rushed for 13 yards. He also threw two interceptions, one that was returned for a touchdown.

Moments after the come-from-behind win, UM coach Randy Shannon said there wouldn't be a quarterback controversy and that once Jacory Harris is cleared to return from his concussion he would retain his starting spot.

Morris, though, is expected to start Saturday at Georgia Tech.

Shannon spoke to WQAM's Joe Rose Monday morning and said offensive coordinator Mark Whipple tweaked the offense to help Morris succeed against Maryland.

“We sat down and said, ‘OK, what is he comfortable with throwing?’ We went back and watched the films in camp and the things in practice, the throws he was comfortable with throwing and those are the throws we went into the game with and the offense we went into the game with," Shannon said. "It was quick throws, getting the ball out of his hands, but also we threw some deep balls off of play action because our running game was going so well. That’s really big when you have a chance to do that.”

> Kickoff time for the Hurricanes-Virginia Tech game will be at 3:30 p.m. The game will be televised on either ESPN or ABC. UM will wear its special Nike Combat uniforms.


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Jimmy "built" the program at OSU? Really? He couldn't wait to get out of there because he was getting his ass handed to him by Switzer and Osbourne. He lost 5 -6 games a year. They were mediocre while he was there and when he left and but for a very few years since then, they have remained mediocre (please don't tell me you credit Jimmy for their current modest success).

Can someone whose knowledge of college football prior to 1995 please take over this blog. At a minimum, if you make a statement, know what you are talking about.

coaching makes all the difference now a days. randy can't coach. randy, have some self respect and step aside.

bring in someone like george mira jr..

"And as to how much "better off" the program would be if people were more supportive - get over yourself bro, nobody that matters reads anything that's written about the Hurricanes, least of all message boards!"

Posted by: Eudocimus
Has someone stolen your screen name, because your earlier posts made 'some' sense.

It has been proven that recruits and their parents do in fact read the blogs and use 'some' of that information to select their school. During the Larry Coker era a highly prized recruit from Alabama that had committed to UM only to later switch his commitment to LSU pointing to the things he read on the UM Rivals.com website. His parents started posting on Rivals the day of his commitment stating how proud they were to be part of the Canes family only to later, after reading the daily hate and lies being spewed about everything green and orange by supposed Canes fans, post that they and their son want NOTHING to do with the so-called Miami fans and thus, would be attending another university, which he/they did!

Further, national publications and talking heads with vast audiences are always pointing to football blogs as a source on numerous issues in the college football world to typically reinforce that the fans of certain schools are upset with their coach, a player, etc.

The above information is factual, just as the information you read every day that our current players and recruits state that they are also aware of the derogatory things being said about them. These things being said about these players and their coaches comes mostly courtesy of blogs such as this one. Recently Teddy Bridgewater said he was disgusted and teed-off having read the things the so-called Miami Fans were saying about Jacory. To that comment the haters on this blog told Teddy to go screw himself, that he really isn’t a good player and should attend another school…Teddy Bridgewater is a highly prized recruit that is being chased by; FSU, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio State and 30 or so other schools.

So, I respectfully reject your erroneous conclusion.

indiana cane...We turned on our coach after several years of adversity and yes I too thought this would be the year but as usual it's not. Some of us never liked the idea of shannon being hc. And as far as the recievers catching the ball... thats coaching! It also seems to me they try harder since Morris has been in the game. He is a better leader and it shows when he is on the field. This team needs a leader and they will not get it from J whatever unless he has been reading these posts and figures out it is time to put up or ride the randy train until he runs out of eligibility. Some thing has to change and nothing ever seems to.

Canes 77 - I didn't skew nothing, I don't have time to add that sh*t up, the numbers come from a USA today article I googled, and they are all HOME games. But you're right, several seasons don't mean anything, the rest of the years in the '00s (including 2001) are below 50,000.

Miami fans only go to the games if they have a winner, and sometimes not even then, it's always been that way.

As to players or anyone associated with the university reading these blogs - no way you can convince me they read this sh*t. National pundits comment on what "fans are saying" in a region by reading the local newspapers or talking to local radio hosts about what callers are saying. And Rivals.com is a site dedicated to recruiting, of course parents and athletes read that! And don't pretend that you don't know that whole Bridgewater thing had to do with Harris' twitter account and the things that were posted on there.

How delusional do you have to be to think that anyone who wanted to know what people think of them would scroll through pages and pages of a bunch of a**hole fans arguing with each other?

Sean Wilson - I was born in 1986, I don't know anything about Jimmy Johnson at Oklahoma State except that UM thought he did a good job rebuilding them and he was hired as an up-and-coming coach, just like Butch and just like UM will have to do if they fire Shannon, which was the only point I was trying to make.

And you'll notice that I went out on a limb and assumed that you have a scroll button in case you forgot what you said instead of wasting everyone's time and copying and reposting your comment.

Put the same amount of faith in me to be able to scroll up and I promise I won't let you down.

Posted by: season's been over | November 09, 2010 at 01:33 AM

Hope I didn't miss anything on the blog. I've been trying to keep up with all the news while posting under my many alias's like above. Hard day spinning my arrow near the roadside for Papa Johns. Even though I'm a diehard d-bag gator troll, I love this blog.


Even when presented with facts you refuse to accept them as they interfere with how you WANT the facts to be. This is not uncommon in today's world as you see this day after day regarding political arguements. Facts are either completely ignored or altered to help one side or the other to make their case.

I gave you several FACTUAL examples as to the damage that is being done by the comments on these blogs and could give you more if I were so inclined, but it's not going to change your mindset as you are only going to believe what you want to believe and not going to let the facts get in the way.

There has been NO mention of Jacory's twitter account by Teddy that, oh by the way, was closed approximately 2 months ago...Teddy's comments came long after the closing of the twitter account--now I know you won't allow those facts to alter your thinking either.

You call me delusional, yet I quote what these kids are saying as they mostly acquire their information via the internet. The delusional person is one who is presented facts and then comes to a completely different conclusion than what the facts dictate. You must have sat on the OJ jury.

Did I forget to mention I like Justin Bieber?

Bridgewater said he didn't like what he was seeing on tv and "reading on the internet" - I think he meant articles and actual blog entries by actual bloggers, I don't believe he was sitting there reading through page after page of this nonsense.

I checked out Rivals.com and their message board is just as shoddy and ridiculous as the ones in this paper, so if that's true about the Alabama player then I'll grant you that it's conceivable that recruits might read things and be offended.

But I'm sure you can find just as insulting and enraged message boards for every school in the country. I can't imagine that very many recruits would let that influence the most important decision of their lives.

Besides maybe Bridgewater, who may not want to have to follow in Jacory Harris' footsteps after some of the racist sh*t that's been said about him online.

And you might consider how specific any part of an argument has to be to be a "fact" because the rest is just your interpretation.

You "think" that's what it meant? The kid could not have been any more clear that he was reading message boards. And your takeaway is he reads the articles on the blog, but doesn't read the comments. My friend you are not blessed with any degree of deductive logic.

The worst arguement--the infantile arguement is so and so did it making it okay that I did it. Pointing to other schools and the behavior of their respective fan bases tells me you do not grasp the historical nature of what being a Canes fan means. There's a saying that you are apparently not aware of that has helped define the Canes since 1982... "It's a Canes thing--you wouldn't understand". We have always prided ourselves for not being like the other fans--we are SUPPOSE to be a brotherhood.

Then you say: "Besides maybe Bridgewater, who may not want to have to follow in Jacory Harris' footsteps after some of the racist sh*t that's been said about him online." Uh...do ya think? Apparently my posts are getting garbled before they reach you as that is one of the BIG reasons, if not the biggest that Teddy is disgusted with what he's been reading about Jacory. And more breaking news...if you look closely the Canes football roster has a few other black players...do you see where I am going with this...and if Teddy is offended (here we go again, me asking you to use some dedutive logic)don't you think that other African American recruits might also take offense and not sign with the Canes?

Might seem weird to someone like you, who seems to scour message boards looking for any possible point they could contradict, but most people just read newspaper articles and blogs, they don't bother reading the comments section.

I could argue through the rest of your points by saying that the historical nature of being a canes fan has EVERYTHING to do with the players and NOTHING to do with the fanbase or that I don't think that many recruits are making their decisions based off of comments sections on local blogs, especially since they're reading the same negative garbage in the newspaper of every other team, but you're not interested in any of that, you just want to find something else to argue about, so enjoy:

Spencer Whipple is better than Harris or Morris, he should start the Georgia Tech game.

man this guy is psychotic...

I'm not psychotic, I was only kidding.

A.J. Highsmith should start.

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