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Reaction to Randy Shannon firing (updated)

Going to make this a blog where I update and place running news from today. Check for updates throughout the day.



"I am proud of the last four years at the University of Miami and what we have been able to accomplish. I have a deep respect and appreciation for the young men who have played here during my tenure.

"We established three winning seasons; continually improved in the Atlantic Coast Conference over the last four years; brought in strong recruiting classes; and just as importantly, made tremendous strides off the field with our academic progress rate and graduation success rate among the best nationally.

"I believe that I leave the Hurricanes football program with a stronger foundation upon which they can continue to build. I thank President Shalala for the opportunity. Those that know my history know of my passion and dedication to the 'U', and only want success for this University moving forward."

> Interim coach Jeff Stoutland: "The reason that I became a coach is to serve student-athletes. We are in a tough situation -- there is no doubt, but that does not change our commitment to the young men on this team. Everyone on this coaching staff remains fully committed to this program and finishing this season the right way. We are going to do everything in our power to prepare for a winning bowl experience, and continue the highest standard of excellence off the field."


When UM recruit and Tampa Alonso star defensive end Anthony Chickillo woke up Sunday morning he said he had more than 50 missed calls and text messages on his cell phone. The majority of calls? From other coaches trying to convince him to drop UM because the school fired Randy Shannon.

"Even when I committed to Miami, they still kept calling me," Chickillo said. "Coach Shannon had a real special relationship with me. Coach Urban Meyer called me this morning. Florida State called me and left a message. Every school you can think of called me. I haven't had a chance to speak to many of them."

"It really comes down to who is going to be a head coach. My love for Miami doesn't change. I have such a strong relationship with the school itself. It's my dream to go to the University of Miami since i was a little boy. This happening -- it shocked me. And I still can't believe it."

Chickillo said he went to Saturday's game at Sun Life Stadium and was disappointed by the 23-20 overtime loss to USF. But he was also disappointed by what else he saw.

"I went to the game Saturday and saw the plane flying around with the stuff saying fire coach Shannon," Chickillo said. "There weren't a lot of people in the stands. I've been a Miami fan, a Hurricane my whole life. I love the University of Miami. And, it was sad to see. I remember Miami in the hey day in the 2000s, one of the most dominant programs in college football. I don't know what to say or why they lost. They shouldn't have lost to that USF team. I'm trying to be positive about the whole thing and see what happens."

The Hurricanes currently have seven commitments as part of the 2011 signing class. Chickillo has been a vocal leader in trying to recruit other players to UM. But with UM in the midst of a 7-5 season, it has been tough to lure others.

"I need to talk to my family about it," Chickillo said. "I think I'm going to take all my official trips. I just have to see who is going to be head coach. I think that's what everybody is waiting to see. I've heard some names out there. I want to see who comes in as coach and what type of people he brings in. I've established a good relationship with the coaches there for the past three years and now I'm going to have to establish a good relationship with a new staff in a matter of months before signing day. I want to see who the defensive line coach is. That's a real important thing for me and the process."

One coach Chickillo doesn't want to see -- former USF coach Jim Leavitt. "Jim Leavitt wouldn't be a good one I don't think. What happened with the whole USF deal, he's not well liked. I don't think that would be a good situation."


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No, dummy I can't tell U who the offensive coordinator was for or against Tampa Bay that year, and really could care less since that is irrelavent. Now Dungy was fired because he had taken them as far as he could. They never would have won a title with him. The only reason he has one to begin with is because of Peyton Manning. Don't U think that they would have changed things after he left. That happens every year in the NFL and plus he had the sense to bring in Brad Johnson to be the QB.

Jon Gruden affirms ESPN committmentEmail Print Comments1 ESPN.com news services

ESPN football analyst Jon Gruden said Sunday night that he isn't leaving ESPN.

"I am committed to Monday Night Football and to ESPN," Gruden said in a statement. "I enjoy working with Mike, Jaws and our entire crew and am just trying to get better at this job."

Earlier Sunday, the South Florida Sun Sentinel, citing a University of Miami source, said Gruden initiated talks for the Hurricanes' open coaching position.

Miami fired Randy Shannon on Saturday night, hours after Miami lost to South Florida in its regular-season finale. The Hurricanes fell to 7-5, still have yet to play for an Atlantic Coast Conference title and lured only 26,369 fans -- many of them rooting for the visitors -- to Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, the smallest home crowd since Larry Coker's last home game in 2006.

The Associated Press, citing an anonymous source, reported that Gruden, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, is atop Miami's wish list to fill the position.

guys i haven't been paying to much attention to the dolphins today cause im anxious as hell to find out who the next coach will be!!!

WHen did we start dancing again anyway? I haven't seen anything like that but it would be a welcomed sight. Bring back the old days and the bad boys. Thats when Miami was the most entertaining team to watch. Who wants to see them hand the ball to an official. I know I don't.

They always say that Canes Fan, Maybe he comes maybe he doesn't who knows who its gonna be? We will just have to see but there are alot of guys out there that we can choose from.

"I don't know how many times I have to say this...I'm not going to be the Alabama coach."

Sound familiar?

We don't know who is on Kirby's list. And we probably won't know until after the bowls.

Interesting days ahead.

Good point, but it surely has me interested.

Hey Junk did they fire Whipple or not? first I hear they did with Shannon and then I heard they did not.

Whipple isn't fired and will stay as OC through the bowl game.

So,Gruden says not happening. Hope it is a ruse. Regarding Coach Shannon, he did some good things for sure. But winning and consistently motivating his team were not among them.That is why he was terminated. Race was not a factor! If one sees racism at evry turn, and wants to understand ALL the causes for that conclusion, start by looking in the mirror. It was Coach Shannon's W - L record that cost him his job.

He is a good man and all should wish him the best!

Right, Whipple isn't fired. However, he was asst head coach (or whatever) and wasn't made the interim coach. Doesn't seem like they want to retain him.

Shannon did bring in some talent, got to give him credit for his recruiting.

I wonder where he will end up. I think he'll be a d-coordinator in the midwest. Maybe Minnesota will make him the HC.

They are projecting the Canes to play Boise State in a bowl game...that won't have a happy ending for those of us in orange and greeen.

I'm not buying the Gruden talk. He can get an NFL job, maybe even the Cowboys. I'd think he would want to wait out the NFL season before making a decision.

Thanks guys, Junk I kind of thought Gruden would be in line to take the Cowboys job too. And I agree that a Boise match up would be a less than desirable destination, but one good thing about it, we would have a chance to end their home winning streak. And who knows maybe even lure their headcoach to want to come to Miami after he sees all the talent we have. Why in gods name would anyone want to freeze up there is beyond me.

Thanks guys, One guy that they should really look at is Brady Hoke out there at San Diego State. He has already made them into a winner and did the same thing at Ball State.

A big name feels requisite.

I think Leach would be a personality clash with the majority of south Florida athletes and Gruden seems unattainable.

If UM is really looking to spend 2-3 million a year on a coach as is being reported then there shouldn't be a question on either side about poaching back Butch Davis.

Looks like we can pay Patterson more than he is making. Unless Gruden comes expect a bit of a wait for an announcement.The better coaches will be in bowl games.

Can't argue with Butch or Patterson as both would be great fits. I just hope whoever we get has their staff together and brings them.

Stoutland what an upgrade.

Several questions
1.Do they really want nut cases like Jim Leavitt and Mike Leach? Look at these guys one is a head butting nut and the other locks kids in dark rooms. Give me Shannon over those guys any time. UM can't afford guys with those records of past behavior.
2. When was the last time they hired a coach who had previous head coach experience-? Maybe Fran Curci who coached U of Tampa or maybe Pete Elliot.
Been watching Um 50+ yrs- Saturday was the worst ever
just opinion

I hope they dont get Leavitt or leach. Too nut cases that have scared off recruits- Chikillo himself said that he wouldn't be happy with Leavitt coming here.

Hey you all Shannon lovers:

Nobody really wants to see a good man lose his jobe. Butthis was bigger thanShannon. He said that he has "passion and dedication to the U", but what about translating thatinto passion on the field?

The saying that a team takes on the personality of the coach is true. This team has been bland, un-motivated, and disconnected. When Sean Spence danced after the int against I believe Clemson or someone ( I cant recall, I bet Randy Shannon laid into him even though it wasnt thatbad.

Shannon was trying to be a militaristic big daddy. He tried ittin his first year with the no-names on the jerseys and it failed miserably. He then did that incredibly stoopid Marve-harris QB switch for absolutely no reason, and it backfired, because that was a wasted season with no real progress. He recruited 8 Miami NW players 6 of whom have been real busts. He ran off two back up QBs because oof his "loyalty" to harris.

But the real problem is that "his players" quit on him miserably. That was thereal nail in the coffin. If players are so sad to see him leave, and blah blah,thenwhy, I plead, why did theyplay so poorly against Virginia and USF? Myself, Boosters, and all supporters would have taken a 10-3 season in a heart beat, asnd seen itas a steping stone for next year. But regardless of graudation rates, this team hgas been un-focused, and un-disciplined, judging by the tons of mistakes, game-changing mental brain far-t-s like holding penalties, fumbles on the 1 yd line, false starts, and ints. ints ints ints.

In fact the interception machine- you know who that is, he ran Shannon out of town.


Some things to consider about John Gruden. I think it is clear that he is an NFL guy. Having said that, he is also a Florida guy and loves the Tampa area. Gruden's statement does not say that he is NOT interested in the UM job. The University does not want to jump on one candidate and does not want to announce a successor before the bowl game. Another thing to consider is his desire to have another NFL job. If UM is successful and gets their man, how long will he be here? IMO it would be nice to find a good coach that would stay for a while versus one that would jump ship for the NFL after a few years.

Venables, Mullen, and Mark Stoops should be the front runners. I still think that Terry Bowden should be a wild card interview. You know that family wants some kind of getback at FSU.

I totally agree with Chickillo about his comments about Leavitt and besides he didn't want the job when Shannon was hired. I also feel that Chickillo should be commended for his statements and I have no problems with him taking his visits.

You guys are a bunch of idiots!! To say that the money that comes in every year because the ACC affiliation is bogus. Look at the yearly expenses of the athletic department. Football barely breaks even becausae nobody wants to go to the games. Then the money that is there has to be split among all the other sports like men's and women's soccer, track, swimming and even baseball. Get the picture guys? The money from the ACC and the television contracts goes to the Athletic department not to football. Football and men's basketball pays the bills for all the other sports so that we can be a D1 program. Without all the other programs, can't be considered D1.

So to say we have money for a coach like Gruden, Cowher, Dungy and the like. Get real. There is no money. And if you think that there is money made from games, check the contract. Parking and concessions are probably earmarked for the owners of the stadium. That's where the real profits are and most venues look to keep the concession money. Yeah, they will give you a discount for rent but stipulate they keep concsession money. Most on this board have no idea what goes on in the real world. All you do is think that bewcause Miami won 5 national titles faster than anyother team that Miami is invincible.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Welcome to reality.

BertDawg, I agree with you. Terry Bowden should be given some consideration as well.

@ Duh. Thank you. You make up the 1% of Cane Supporters that truly know whats going on with this program. Its a sad day in Miami Hurricane Football and how Mr. Shannon was set up for failure, but still took on this job. Again, the grown ups understand what has happend to Shannon and this situation. The kids are happy he got fired. Spot on to Mark May. Most of the fans, Alumni, Boosters are delusional. This program just isnt equipped and or good enough to compete in the current landscape of college football. You give Shannon beer money and expect him to hire a Champagne staff?? The program got from Shannon far more than it invested in what he did accomplish for this program in his tenure. The University only spits in his face by being willing to offer another coach more money and better equip him to succeed at the job after Shannon has done all the dirty work for less pay building the foundation. Thanks UM!! and oh, wait until he gets another job and he comes to South FL to recruit!!

offensive quality control coach

What in the h*ll does that mean and how do we get one?

There's a correlation between every person in the stadium to those watching on TV.

The financial impact is in TV and mechandising.

Everytime The Troll's commercial runs on ABC....that's worth a lot more than parking, tickets, and a beer at the stadium.

You're only looking at the accounting view. Think invest and return.

Mark May doesn't know what he's talking about. He's on a national network talking about our recruiting situation saying we're irrelevant.


If you're covering it, it's relevant.

If they would have announced Shannon's firing on the loud speaker during the game during the game only USF fans would know about it. Gruden would want to coach in front of capacity crowds. Other than away games that rarely happens.

Bull Gator: I think your coach is developing heart problems again after that stellar performance against the noles. Read about your own team you flash in the pan losers.

Mark May is a loser. Should Notre Dame fans give up because that school hasn't been relative for more years than Miami? No! May should be an AD somewhere and hold a press conference where he says, "What do you expect we're not that good and so we'll stop trying." Some of these analyst say the dumbest things just so we'll talk about it.

Lets go after "Stoops" at Florida State. WE get a double whammy for the buck.

The University of Miami showed no class by the firing of head football coach Shannon after a three point loss to South Florida.
Shannon was brought into the University of Miami program as head coach four years ago to correct a football program that had lost its luster and was out of control.
Many of the supporters of Canes football seem to have their egos wrapped tightly around the win/lost record of the team.
Their manhood seem to be attacked by any lost game or lost recruit to the program.
They seem to take it as a personal affront that the Canes dare to lose any game.
While it is true a loss to Virginia and to South Florida is a step back for the program. it is not necessary to behave in a childish egotistical manner.
By firing head coach Shannon a few hours after the loss to South Florida, the "U" acted exactly the same as a child "throwing a fit".
The firing was done totally without class.
I expect more from my school. I expected that the "U" would have waited until some time had passed in order to consider the problems that a short fuse tantrum will produce.
There was no need for a rush to judgement.
Shannon deserved better.

Oh Please its one thing to lose a as in 1 game at Ohio State its another to get blown out at home by FSU with a first year head coach, then lose to a Virginia team that had only beaten Eastern Michigan, struggle just to be Duke and then lose at home to Va Tech and South Florida. He got just what he dished out to Marve and others.

I feel Shannon should have had one more year. This year was rough, and I feel a majority of it was injuries, and just players not executing. The only thing lacking was consistency. Players didn't perform consistent, the coaching system hasn't been consistent...

With that said, the firing of Shannon puts the program back at least 2 years. Our offense and defenses will have to learn new systems for the third time since arriving at the U.

I have nothing but love for Randy Shannon and the U. I wish Randy the best, he was made the U better than it was academically, he added character and made men out of boys, and laid a better foundation to build upon than what he received.

Hopefully we bring someone in with the character and discipline of Randy Shannon, and win some games. I am not a fan of Leavitt or Leach...

MAY U OF M ROT IN HELL BECAUSE OF FIRING COACH SHANNON!!!!!!!!! My Wish List for U of M in 2011:
(1) That all the players revolt and never do what they're supposed to for U of M
(2) That all who called for Randy Shannon's firing throws up, pukes, gets run over by a car/bus/armory tank, or has an early death
(3) That U of M football team NEVER has a winning season b/c of firing Coach Shannon
(4) That U of M has MAJOR problems like they did in the 80's with 'thug' players. And all of you calling for Coach Shannon's head - you will have brought it on yourselves
(5) That U of M NEVER gets into a bowl game, gets into a BCS championship, and never enjoys the stability that Coach Shannon brought as head coach
(6) That ALL the football players transfer out of U of M
(7) That the head honchos responsible for this firing get fired themselves, get run over, get arrested/and do major prison time or get an early death
(8) That the Florida Govenor/Congresspeople/Senators DEFUND/Cut U of M's budget BIG TIME - & let it start by cutting the new football coach's salary, cutting the head honchos salaries, and cut the perks of their jobs
(9)That the NCAA under the new football coach, finds MAJOR sanctions against U of M, where they'll pay big time - and long for the days when Coach Shannon was around
(10)That the U of M Stadium IS EMPTY & GOES BROKE IN 2011-2012!!!!

i hate that the U fired him .. thats just not right ¡!!!!!!



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