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Shannon out as coach at UM (updated)

The Randy Shannon era is officially over at UM. Shannon was informed earlier tonight by athletic director Kirby Hocutt he has been fired.

Randy Shannon

The fate of all his assistants still isn't known. According to an ESPN report, offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has already been told he is out as well. Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland is expected to become the interim coach for the bowl game.

One assistant coach, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was already speaking to his agent about latching on at other programs. As for Shannon, the assistant said: "I can't imagine what he's going through right now. He loved this program with all his life. It's the tough part of the business."

The Hurricanes finished the regular season at 7-5 after a 23-20 overtime loss to South Florida at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday. Shannon compiled a 28-22 record, including a 16-16 mark in the ACC in four years as head coach of the Hurricanes. He received a four-year extension just before the start of the 2010 season.

Who made the decision? The Associated Press says Hocutt made the final call. But sources say UM President Donna Shalala and the board of trustees gave Hocutt the green light to get rid of Shannon after the Florida State debacle and loss at Virginia. 

“We have made a decision to seek new leadership for our football program,” Hocutt said in a UM press release. “Our expectations are to compete for championships and return to the top of the college football world. We will immediately begin a national search.”

Hocutt will address the media Sunday at 1.

Over the past month, I've been told by several sources who have a vested interest in UM that Georgia's Mark Richt and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach are at the top of UM's wish list. We'll see if that comes to fruition.


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"A person familiar" ? This is a college football team, not the Pentagon. Name sources.

Mike Leach must be smokin a nice big cigar right now...

Mike Leach? Ew, no.

I really didn't think the u would do this. But, recruiting would have been a disaster with Shannon as dead man walking. Had to be done.

wow nice to see its official. I think he deserved one more year but u cant lose to usf. If u are miami u cant lose at home to usf if u do u get your coach fired. Hope we dont lose spence and harris to nfl due to this. Whoever comes in to coach this team will have a ton of talent to coach. Espn is reporting whipple was fired also. If true its nice to know the guy most responsible for this teams defincancies is gone also. Whipples play calls hurt this team all year. Go canes

Leach is a scumbag. Don't bring him in.

Lets start partying and get ready to win next year. Maybe the Virus is over finally.

Jon Gruden is the coach that UM must concentrate on.

I also believe that most of the defensive coaches should be kept.

no one names soruces. for all u know the source could lose there job if found out. Weather its hocutt or shala its nice to knwo 8-4, 7-5 isn't acceptable with all this talent in your own back yard.

John Gruden, Leach, or lets throw the hail mary and go after Jimmy Johnson. Randy is a nice guy but not a head coach. Can the phins pick up Whipple as o coordinator

What has Mike Leach or Mark Richt won?

As a diehard Nole fan, I sympathise with fans of the U for their hard times...been there. Randy is a fine man who cleaned up a program, and he should be remembered for that. It's a shame that he couldn't translate character into wins.

if Jimmy Johnson would be a possibility I would write a $10,000 check next week - anyone with me?

if memory serves,.. Mike Leach runs a spread,..? not to mention the bad pub that we'd get with his whole debacle. No for Leach. it'd better be someone that will still run a pro style offense, thats one reason why so many of our players are NFL ready, in my opinion at least. then again, i hear Green Bay is high on Sam Shields, but that he didnt even know how to watch film correctly. maybe thats one of the underlying reasons.

Although Whipple is suspect as a coach, this year's offensive numbers surpassed the 2001 team. There's some good with his offense, how much bad was the QB, Receiver?

Remember the giddy early days of 2009 when we thought someone would snatch whipple from us.

Look how Leach left Texas Tech. Sues them and then sues ESPN. Why would you want him running Miami?

We can not hire Mike Leach as our head coach. We need someone who can run a pro style offense and that is not Leach. I would like to see a push for Gary Patterson or Mark Richt. Richt needs a change of pace and Patterson could win a NC here.

DONNA !!!! Call up ex. Athletic Director "SAM JANKOVICH"

He hired Dennis Erickson, Jimmey Johnson, Howard S.

Mr. Jankovich said he would never hire a coach "without" head coaching experience. LIKE: Larry Joker/ Randy Sahnnon

Pay John Gruden the big bucks and you'll see how this thing turns around as quickly as Saban did Alabama. Ok, he may not stay more than 3-4 years, but I'll take it. And, he's been out of Pro ball for a while. Does he really miss it much? Maybe working with youngsters will give him some satisfaction. Can you imagine that dude as a recruiter? As Ochocinco says, "child please"! He'll have the recruits salivating and their mothers eating out of the palm of his hand. Not to mention he's a no nonsense, fireball that will bring out every ounce of talent of the kids we have now. Oh, and he's a heck of a smart X's and O's guy as well. Gruden = immediate turnaround. Hey, don't call me stupid or crazy. Only wishful thinking! And admit it, you'd LOVE to see it as well!

what were you people saying last year when the opened up the year 3-1 against that gruelsome schedule?

First USF sends FSU's Bobby Bowden packing and now UM's Shannon. The Miami-Dade and Broward recruits will start rolling to USF more and more.

UM has to get back to the BCS Natl. Championship picture immediately.

Whoever comes in has to understand this fact, and plan and act accordingly.

Thoughts of a U fan....

"Hi, I am a U fan, when I am not masterbating dreaming about Jimmy Johnson, I am lamenting about how bad the Miami program has gotten. You see, I am a typical U fan, I did not go to the school, as a matter of fact, I never graduated high school. So I want U to win at any cost, thugs, I will take them, murders, I can turn a blind eye, kids not going to class? Who cares? Just win baby, I don't care what it takes, Coach Shannon be damn!!!"

The players at Texas Tech didn't like Leach. I do like the fact that he would run the spread though? The Spread with our speed? And he would actually find us a real qb who could throw the ball. But once again his players didn't like him. That huge.

Mike Leach would be attractive if UM thinks they can get him cheap as damaged goods. Jim Harbaugh would be a fantastic choice, but would require a ton a money to dislodge, and if he's going anywhere it would be to the NFL rather than to a lower-ranked college program. (And that UM is a lower ranked program than Stanford is a pretty good explanation of why a change was needed...) Now for the best option, just look across town to FIU.

Not kicking the field goal at the end of the game to win it, with the top kicker in the ACC in field goal range, and taking a chance with a pass with an erratic QB, cost Randy his job. Randy was more suited for defensive/recruitment coodinator than head coach - he didn't have control of the game; mismanagment of time outs and the time; underutilizing all the talent he had, etc. Could we bring back Butch Davis? Would love Jon Gruden as mentioned by another person.

Come on Gruden. He has a passion for winning !!!

Folks, Gruden is no longer a head coach for a reason. He got fired for NOT winning. I don't get the fascination with Gruden. Just cause he's got charisma - and a decent commentator doesn't make him the right fit for UM.

Good luck to you Randy. You're a good man. No one could question that.

The AD said our goal is to compete for national championships and return to the top of the football world.

I like that- I added national championships- he only said championships but I hope he knows we don't give a rip about an ACC title- only national titles.

Thanks Jasorry Harris u got the 1st black head coach in um history fired, now who your daddy gone call. Let's see if any White assts. get fired WHIP...... no local black players aren't coming here now cancel it, no bridgewater, no perryman no dorsett and I'm happy its racist there.

Mike Leach is a douche who runs the gimmicky spread. The U cannot waver from the pro set.

Richt hasn't been able to get over the hump at UGA despite having years to do so. And he's not worth how much the billy-bobs in georgia pay him.

Jimmy doesn't have the drive anymore/too old.

Of course if Gruden were even mildly interested, they need to come at him with millions (ie, trustees need to put their money where their mouth is). Longshot.

I would kill for Patterson to come, but I think he is scared to play in a real conference. It will be interesting to see which players go pro now or transfer. All those players who said they were randy guys but never played well for him need to go

Regardless of whether Shannon was a good guy, this had to be done. He was in over his head. The team routinely made stupid mistakes. Maybe that is just the talent they have, but part of that is surely do to coaching.

The replacement? Think coordinators or recently deposed. Miami can't afford top talent. Georgia just beat Tech, so rule Richt out as he'll get another year. Miami is a choice job for one reason only - recruiting base. That is it. Low pay (respectively), facilities (poor), and alumni base (non-existent compared to others) all make it a less appealing job than others. Malzahn would be interesting, but dude was coaching high school 5 years ago. Leach is a dead end - gimmick offense that can be shut down.

The reality is this . . . the U may never again be more than a 7-4 team. Just can't compete against the OSU/Bama/UF's of the world.

We have great players!!!!! They need great leaders! And why don't we find a place in MIAMI to build a field for or HURRICANES?????

It hurts to see the hurricane nation go through this again. But, Randy as a head coach just did not get it.......Good Night, Sleep Tight....

canes nation got an early christmas gift

Randy should be admired and respected for what he has done. Securing a top job in college football. Whatever he is going through now it pales in comparison to what he has already faced in his life. Unfortunately he could not translate his message of courage and persistance into wins for the team. As someone who has been a part of the "U" for over twenty years he knows you can go 1-10 but that one better be FSU. How do you tell the public you did not get your team ready for the Noles and think you are going to keep your job. I respect Randy for his accomplishments, but even he has to admit things got away from him.
Good luck Randy, I truly hope you land on your feet

Randy was a good man and ran a good program but he did not produce on the field. Leach had one of the best graduation rates and won with mid-level talent. He would do great here.


Try knowing your facts before saying why Jon was fired
The guy knows how to coach

I wish Randy the best...he's a really nice guy.

However, being a UM fan, I can't help but to be happy that UM decided that Randy's time was up.
With all the talent we have, we should not lose to Virgina or USF, PERIOD.

Best of luck to Randy...hey, he's not going away BROKE, that's for sure!!

Miami would be smart to hire Mike Leach. Not only does he graduate players, he can make something out of nothing. Recruiting in Lubbock is next to impossible and he still contended. The things he could do with a program like Miami is mind boggling. He is brilliant, colorful and is certainly no scumbag like was posted above. And don't comment on his lawsuits unless you know what you are talking about. He was screwed by Tech and ESPN and deserves his day in court.

Glad to see that Miami has learned their lesson and is firing most of the coaches this time. Miami made the mistake of promoting from within last time when it was clear that a totally new direction was needed.

How does Stoutland keep his job though? The Oline has been terrible for years. Exactly how many great lineman has he produced in his time. Look at all the busts in Youngblood, Trump, Barney and so on.

i cant believe im gonna defend leach. One lets start with how he left. He was backstabbed by his administration and that idiot craig james. Espn cost him his job and james is still employeed there coverage was biased and slanted they deserve to be sued. One he put a kid with a concussion in an equipment room that was air conditioned and out of the sun. U dont want guys with concusions on the feidl and james had a history of trying to skip practice. 2 the trainer in a aphadavit said he told james not to go into the electric closet in the media room leach put him in yet james was taking cell phone pics from inside same closet the trainer told him to avoid but espn chose to ignore this stuff. So yea tech and espn deserve to be fired. Id love to see jim harbaugh at miami but that wont happen. tubberville would be nice also. That said its more likely they go after a guy like Al golden of temple.

ESPN is reporting Whipple was also fired! Finally, we have some hope. Losing to VA and So. FL is a disgrace. RS should of resigned and given the money back, if he's a true cane! Four years is enough time to judge a head coach. Its obvious this team was going backwards. PLEASE dont get Leach. Maybe Pete Carroll will get fired in Seattle. Like to get OC at Auburn.

Don't include UFelony with Bama and tOSU. Those two programs gave tradition and class. UFelony trash not so much.

Let's get boise at or TCUs head coach, that's the only way they will let those guys compete for a national title.... Imagine what those offenses would look like with our talent

About time - he's a dimwitted, incompetent, lying, paranoid, "do as I say, not as I do" guy. Take all the other bozo coaches as well. No progress (indeed, regression) in 4 years!

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