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Shannon out as coach at UM (updated)

The Randy Shannon era is officially over at UM. Shannon was informed earlier tonight by athletic director Kirby Hocutt he has been fired.

Randy Shannon

The fate of all his assistants still isn't known. According to an ESPN report, offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has already been told he is out as well. Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland is expected to become the interim coach for the bowl game.

One assistant coach, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was already speaking to his agent about latching on at other programs. As for Shannon, the assistant said: "I can't imagine what he's going through right now. He loved this program with all his life. It's the tough part of the business."

The Hurricanes finished the regular season at 7-5 after a 23-20 overtime loss to South Florida at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday. Shannon compiled a 28-22 record, including a 16-16 mark in the ACC in four years as head coach of the Hurricanes. He received a four-year extension just before the start of the 2010 season.

Who made the decision? The Associated Press says Hocutt made the final call. But sources say UM President Donna Shalala and the board of trustees gave Hocutt the green light to get rid of Shannon after the Florida State debacle and loss at Virginia. 

“We have made a decision to seek new leadership for our football program,” Hocutt said in a UM press release. “Our expectations are to compete for championships and return to the top of the college football world. We will immediately begin a national search.”

Hocutt will address the media Sunday at 1.

Over the past month, I've been told by several sources who have a vested interest in UM that Georgia's Mark Richt and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach are at the top of UM's wish list. We'll see if that comes to fruition.


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Should fire the idiot or idiots that gave shannon an extension. Fire Every1!!!

We want to be relavant, as does he.
Match made in heaven.

This team got better then it was under coker. U cant say they regressed from what coker did to this team. Randy built up the talent base the next coach will have a chance to do what urban did at florida nd compete for a bcs title right away. For all his faults randy could recruit good players and talent and did so. As for the gator troll putting down us canes fans. Graduating from florida is worse then a g.e.d. or just as useless. The only thing football players learn is the swamp is how to make a deal with a prosecutor. Also dont go throwing stones u just got spanked by fsu also and are 7-5 as well. See u in some bowl game may the best team win. U know some bowl out there is hoping to get both.

I wish Randy Shannon all the best . I was a big fan of his , but he was in over his head .

Please no Leach, Npo Malzoun....need a coach with Expereince: Gry Patterson, Chris Petersen or Al Golden...maybe Pat Fitzgerald or Brady Hoke out at San Diego State for a young up and coming coach. They should look at the Coach at Northern Illinois as well...

I respect Randy Shannon biut things just didn't work out. I am sure he will bounce back and land a DC job fairly quickly.....heck you might see him out at Univ. of Washington...Pittsburgh....Texas Tech or back in the NFL as a position coach...

P.S. I don't know Leach but we should at least talk with him. He lit it up at Tex Tech. I also love Shannon, but the bottom line is the bottom line and his did not cut it. I also love Richt - strong Christian who walks the talk - but I agree with the guy who asked "what has he won?"

I can't stand Mark "f'ing" May! Marquee your butt lame-o!

the first of the dominoes has fallen:Shannon.
Next spoelstra, then Sporano, then DeBoer(panthers hockey coach). We need to get rid of them all.

Randy Shannon gets smoked ... Ur Football program is at its lowest or even lower point now than at the time U layed a Turd in the final OB game 3 years ago...

Hmmmmmmmmm, let me guess Cane Tards ...

Ur Back Right ?

Kudos to Miami for doing this now. Got to be in position to recruit plus guys like Bridgewater, etc., are probably weighing their options. Gruden would be a terrific choice but he'll likely wait for one of several NFL jobs to open up. Leach is an arrogant jerk who will alienate the players. Mario Cristobal would be a nice pick who'd be able to hold on to Dade County recruits. Greg Schiano should also be considered. He's a good coach who squeezed as much as he could out of being at Rutgers.



HARBAUGH! Stanford is ranked 6th in the nation and he's a confident, hard nosed guy with a pro-mentality and offense.

I don't like Leach. I don't like pass-happy spread offenses. We send kids to the pros and run a pro-set.

Petrino is the other guy I'd like, then Richt behind him.

Mark May just ripped the Canes claimimg we are not a top tier program with no facilities, no stadium and the players are not as good as the fans and alumni think they are...meaning they are performing to the best of their abilities.

Having lived in Lubbock and being aroound Coach Leach at little league games, airports, attending most practices I can promise yu will not find a better man the him and he has proven he can coach.

Randy Shannon Fired: Who Will Replace Him At Miami?


by Brian Floyd

With Randy Shannon out at Miami, the attention turns to the coaching search. Athletic director Kirby Hocutt clearly wants to make a splash while finding a coach to return the Hurricanes to glory. Who will the next head coach be? Time to take some guesses.

Mike Leach: The pirate wants to get back into coaching, and has said as much, but still has to overcome the stigma attached to his name. With a lawsuit against ESPN pending, Leach is trying to clear his name while lobbying for another shot at a head coaching job. Luther Campbell already took to Twitter to give Leach a ringing endorsement, so he's got that going for him.

Mark Richt: The Georgia head coach hit a rough patch this season and currently sits at 6-6. As a former Miami quarterback, Richt has ties to the university already. The honeymoon is over in Athens and Miami could provide an easy escape route for Richt following a disappointing season.

Gus Malzahn: The offensive coordinator at Auburn has plenty of buzz surrounding his name and is a prime offensive coordinator turned head coach candidate. If there is fire to go along with the smoke surrounding the Cam Newton investigation, the time may be right for Malzahn to make the jump. Even if there's no fire, a head coaching job at a storied program like Miami would be tough to turn down.

Chris Petersen: Another year, another round of coaching rumors for the Boise State head coach. Petersen's name always seems to come up as a candidate for any major opening, so why not Miami. The Broncos seem destined to be a big fish in a small pond, even with the impending move to the MWC. If Peterson is looking for a step up in competition, Miami would be it.

There is one final head coaching candidate. Mere minutes after Shannon's firing was announced, an industrious Twitter user put Photoshop to work in an effort to lobby for an unlikely candidate.

GT fan here and I will say that Leach was railroaded by TTU and ESPN. At worst, Leach went a little bit over the line and at most should have gotten a warning from the AA. Instead, the AA hated him for political reasons and seized on it to breach their contract.

Remember Leach was at TT for 10 years and consistently won 8-9 games in Lubbock and 11 games on the one year he actually had some talent. He would do great with real talent, likely far better than most of the alternatives you could hire for the same money.



As much as i like and support Randy i am FOR whatever changes are necessary for this to be a winning program. I honestly dont feel Randy was the problem as much as his Assistants were (they did not properly develop the players). Not to mentioned the half-ass effort of the players. And for all of you requesting that we pursue Mark Richt... PLEASE!! I live in atlanta and i can honestly tell youhe's done nothing at georgia! And for all of those who don't like The "U". You should thank Jacory Harris for accomplishing two things in the same year 1) getting the most INT's and getting the first black coach of UM football fired!!

I can tell you have a vast knowledge of football and really put work into seeing who you want for the next coach of the U
You might want to find out the Coachs name for UConn before just putting UConns coach as part of your wish list
By the way his name is Randy Edsall but im sure you already knew that since you must be an AD somewhere

I never thought I would thank a guy named Holtz but thank you SKip Holtz. Christmas and it isn't even December yet. I don't care who they hire, any body that has been named will win here.
Jim Harbaugh
Chris Peterson
Gary Patterson
Bobby Petrino
Brady Hoke
Mark Richt
Mike Leach
Mark Stoopes
Steve Sarkision
Mike Gundy
Doug Marrone
and there is about 80 more coaches that would be better than what we have had the last 9 years.
Sorry Randy but U were terrible as a headcoach, but I got to hand it to U, that White Wind coat was sharp as a switchblade.

As much as i like and support Randy i am FOR whatever changes are necessary for this to be a winning program. I honestly dont feel Randy was the problem as much as his Assistants were (they did not properly develop the players). Not to mentioned the half-ass effort of the players. And for all of you requesting that we pursue Mark Richt... PLEASE!! I live in atlanta and i can honestly tell youhe's done nothing at georgia! And for all of those who don't like The "U". You should thank Jacory Harris for accomplishing two things in the same year 1) getting the most INT's and 2)getting the first black head coach of UM football fired!!

I wish Randy Shanon well. Unfortunately he was not HC material.

It pains me, because he really loves the U and wanted the best for his team.

It must also be said however that his players did not help him or support him to turn/move the U program into the national championship picture.

Good luck Coach Shanon!! The best of future success to you!

Can anyone SERIOUSLY deny a return of BUTCH DAVIS ??

Can fans putting their collective empty heads together trying to come up with Duh U's next sacrificial head coach ...

U clucks are beyond pathetic

Everybody keeps on mentioning this so called talent the Hurricanes have, I've yet to see it.
These talented players let a good man down. I guess Shannon was out there dropping balls, missing tackles, and committing penalties.

Can anyone "SERIOUSLY" deny the return of coach DAVIS ??

Nothing to see here,

I'm just a casual observer that made some suggestions. No different than anyone else here, but my suggestions was far more educated (in terms of football) than your Jon Gruden one. Besides, you called me out to begin with, I'm just pointing out your folly logic.

I present Exhibit A:

Yes I know he was fired but the Bucs also wanted to go with younger players and he didnt want to go that way so they let him go
Dont tell me you are that much of a dolt

Posted by: Nothing To See Here | November 27, 2010 at 11:45 PM

***Notice how your argument calls for a coach that got fired for not coaching Younger guys. Last I checked, NFL players are OLDER than College players.*** Please move on, there's truly Nothing To See Here. Thanks for trying.

What did U expect Mark May to do? Did U really think he would tell the truth about how Shannon did not develop the talent under his watch and how he failed to meet expectations. He did just what Bull and alot of other people have done and that is promote their blackness.
He would have ripped any other coach in the same situation but all he did was make one excuse after another and was visably upset that Miami fired a black man. The bottom line is no matter what his color he was the losingest coach in the past 30 years of football at Miami.

dam. had it been four years.
seems like yesterday that RS became the man.
here is my advice. hire a couch that will bring in his own staff.
we need a crew that is roven as a unit.
not just a name who will hire strangers. that was randys problem

we all owe Donna an apology

Sid Rosenberg as head coach! Miami needs a Jewish H.C.too beef up ticket sales! Mike Irvin as O.C.too keep the brothers happy! -30-

JJ, Bill Cowher, Buddy Ryan, or Gruden. And maybe the Boise coach to be the OC.

I am embarrassed for the University of Miami community that this took so long to play out. Randy Shannon has been in over his head from the start, and only dreamers could be sad that the obvious has transpired.

@Bill: Why would NFL guys like JJ, Cowher, Ryan, or Gruden even want this job? And why would Peterson leave Boise to become the OC at a very average ACC program? You're a troll or an idiot, or possibly both.

We are Miami, all the greats want to come here.

Look how packed our stadiums are, and we have money to spend.

I'm no troll, just a realistic Miami fan that is getting a laugh at some of these suggestions. We are a small private school, yet people expect state school football budget.

Shannon lack dit

Coach Mike Leach would electrify Miami!
The thrill is gone at Texas Tech without Leach.
He is multi-dimensional and builds an offensive plan according to the talent of the players & team.
Jealousy of Tech administrators and manipulators is what cost Leach his job. Everything else is propaganda engineered by Texas Tech controllers, Craig James, ESPN and Spaeth Communications. You can check out in the new lawsuit filed against all of them this past week. Tech Amin thought 'anybody' could coach a college team and they could get out the $12 million dollar contract.

I get a kick outs of the FIU d-bags pounding their chest on here and talking trash about UM. Don't they realize that Mario is a Cane?
Sean Wilson aka douchebag Gator troll has been busy too.

Sean your turds got smoked by a lowly ACC team.......now go play in traffic.

leach would be awesome, ,we would finally start scoring points

shannon lack of disciplined towords his platyers and that was hisdown fall!!!

A lot of you people are uninformed and make statements without substantiation.

Calling someone a scumbag because they are badmouthed by a major network and accused of something they said they didn't do is irresponsible.

Also, calling for coaches that are making more than 2 million per year (Patterson) or calling for a coach that has roots 2500 miles away (Peterson, Harbaugh) from Miami is unrealistic.

People are apprehensive about raising their kids in a city like Miami, particularly if they are accustomed to living in smaller, whiter cities.

Salary wise, consider coaches that are doing good things at BCS schools that are not making a ton of money. NOT the Al Goldens of the world,

Edsall, Mullen and Stoops make less than 1.6 million. Calhoun makes 800K. All have awesome pedigree and are primed for bigger programs.

Patterson makes more than 2m per. Harbaugh is a step away from taking a NFL job and Chris Peterson is from Cali and has lived in Idaho for the last several. He takes ASU, Cal or CU before Miami.

Let's be more realistic and do research before posting.

Let's be realistic before just shouting out names.

lets talk about some realistic options since all the A list canidates will turn the U down.... Mario Cristobal, FIU...Rob Chudinski OC Chargers[no head coach exp. Also would be making lateral move]....Brady Hoke SDSU...Kirby Smart DC Bama[would be wise to hold out for SEC job]...Mike Leach...Art Briles Baylor...Kevin Sumlin Houston..Al Golden, Temple...and a true wild card Gus Bradley DC Seahawks [tireless worker, would be great recruiter]

Dennis Erickson was at Washington State and he came here so I don't see that as being unrealistic. Peterson may come or may not. If he wants a National title he will, if not he won't. I could care less. Anybody would be better than what we have endured for the last 9 years.

Bottomline haters: if you are happy Shannon was fired it's b/c you are a racist.

I am not going to disagree with you Chris D even though I am white. Shannon deserved another year. Next year would be ALL his recruits. But today was the kind of day when you coach for your job. You beat the little sisters of the poor so to speak. And if you really have done well recruiting, Benjamin, A Johnson, Streeter, Forston, Spence, et al, all come up and make the plays. They didn't. The players lost the game but chose who would be their coach. An overwhelming numer of the black players chose Randy wasn't the guy. That is their choice.

That's for all of you who said complaining about the coach and not attending games was stupid.

Let us lay the blame where it clearly belongs. The players. Black players had no pride in being coached by a black man. They didn't respect him, and didn't play hard for him. They resented abiding by rules and flat out showed it on the field. I would go so far as say that we will never see a successful black coach in college. Because if Randy couldn't do it, I don't think anyone else can. So thank the loser players for that.

Cam Cameron.

i wanted randy shannon to suceed , but he didnt get the job done, fine but for some people saying he's worthless is crazy, he's orange and geeen through and through , once a can always a cane,


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