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Shannon out as coach at UM (updated)

The Randy Shannon era is officially over at UM. Shannon was informed earlier tonight by athletic director Kirby Hocutt he has been fired.

Randy Shannon

The fate of all his assistants still isn't known. According to an ESPN report, offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has already been told he is out as well. Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland is expected to become the interim coach for the bowl game.

One assistant coach, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was already speaking to his agent about latching on at other programs. As for Shannon, the assistant said: "I can't imagine what he's going through right now. He loved this program with all his life. It's the tough part of the business."

The Hurricanes finished the regular season at 7-5 after a 23-20 overtime loss to South Florida at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday. Shannon compiled a 28-22 record, including a 16-16 mark in the ACC in four years as head coach of the Hurricanes. He received a four-year extension just before the start of the 2010 season.

Who made the decision? The Associated Press says Hocutt made the final call. But sources say UM President Donna Shalala and the board of trustees gave Hocutt the green light to get rid of Shannon after the Florida State debacle and loss at Virginia. 

“We have made a decision to seek new leadership for our football program,” Hocutt said in a UM press release. “Our expectations are to compete for championships and return to the top of the college football world. We will immediately begin a national search.”

Hocutt will address the media Sunday at 1.

Over the past month, I've been told by several sources who have a vested interest in UM that Georgia's Mark Richt and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach are at the top of UM's wish list. We'll see if that comes to fruition.


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Mike Leach is not the answer. Great offense but no defense. Never could hire DC that could stop anyone. Plus he's tarnished at the moment and UM doesn't want that type of PR. Rich Rodriquez from Michigan might be out of a job soon. Forget what he's done at Michigan which was a bad fit but remember what he accomplished at West Virginia. I'm going to throw a name out that might shock you. Tony Dungy!!! He loves working with young people, likes living in Florida, etc.,etc. I know it's a dream because UM doesn't have that kind of money but why not give it a shot.

are all these people putting down coach shannon the same people that were not at the game!!! MIAMI (CANES, DOLPHINS, HEAT, MARLINS) HAS THE WORST FANS IN THE WORLD!!
also, did coach shannon throw the interception at the end of regulation?? his only mistake was giving some players too many chances.
good luck coach, be proud of what you accomplished!!!!

Dont bring in Leach if he gets fired he will bring a lawsuit and own the school, why Richt and his 6-6 is a possibility is beyond me

Tony Dungy are phucking kidding me? That dude is Randy Shannon just older and light skinned lol. He sucks what has he done anywhere that u would want him as hc?

Let me give you some real coaches who I believe we would have a legit shot at.

Mullen MSU - This guy has MSU ranked and they play hard for him. Plus his DC there is the former mayor of Miami son and let me tell you there defense is very good, blitz a lot. I don't care if he runs a spread or not. We don't have to run a pro style offfense this is college people. Plus what has our pro style O done for us lately? Look college football is a place you can run a gimmick type O and get away with it.

Brady Hoke SDSU coach - Don't know much about him honestly but if you can win at SDSU why not and he would come cheap and this would be a step up for him.

Malzone at Auburn - Idk this guy was coaching high school in AK five years ago but can't argue with that offense and his play calling ablilty is nice. Just watch that AUB/Bama game.

The obviuos Peterson, Patterson, Harbaugh yeah I would take any of those guys in a second but I highlyu doubt any of them come here.

I keep hearing Marc Trestman for some god awful reason. People please the guy was horrible as the OC at NC State a few years ago and ran the worst spread crap offense I have ever seen, no way please! Plus he is coaching in the CFL.

Wayne Fontes

It's going to be Brent Venables so everyone can quit talking about Leach, Gruden, and Richt. We all know Miami isn't going to pay top dollar for a coach. I don't care what Lou Holtz says about a guy needing head coach experience. Miami needs someone who has been a winner at a winning program who understands what winning is about. Someone without blinders to the dysfunction that's been festering here since 2002. That's Venables and the excuses will stop once he arrives.

Shannon is a great man in getting his kids to study and behave like gentlemen in college. But Shannon is NOT a great football coach. Even worse, he is NOT a good judge of other coaches or men. For examples, his defensive coordinator did NOT know how to blitz and expecially against great passers. And harris is NOT a good QB having helped the other teams by throwing interceptions more than he helped the Canes. Except for harris, the players were good or mediocre. They were just not coached very well including NOT getting up emotionally and psychologically against FSU and in other games.

plus, shalala and her gay uniform designers should also be fired after their debacle powder orange uniforms and green helmets and all about the U BS. It is not about the U. It is about Hurricane football and the fans who support it year after year. Get rid of shalala and get some good tough coaches. And instead of 27K in the stands, you will have a stadium full of rabid Hurricane fans as in the years when they won national championships.

I would like for the U to get someone from Oregon or Boise State.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! But please no Mike Leach.

Mike Leach?? Really????? They didn't want him first time around, why now??? Don't do this in some act of desperation that you will regret..Sorry, but with this talent here, there are tons of coaches who would love this job. And for all you Whipple haters, his job was to run a pro style offense. That's why QB's come to Miami, that's why he was hired. He did a great job, but he can't block up front and he can't make decisions for QB. I know he teaches, but it's not him out there making the throws.

Randy, thanks for your dedication to the well being of the players. I do admire from an education perspective what you did. However, you must understand that from a HC perspective you blew it. You did not prepare the young men for games, your game time decision making was awful, you played favorites against common sense, you marginalize the press and subsequently the fan base. Time to go. We Canes will not stand for in the field mediocrity. It is clear we have some of the best national talent however or driver did not know how to steer this high performance talent.

Who is next? Who ever it is, must not be a players coach. That is what Shannon was, we need a fireball, an on your face, you are accountable or benched type of coach. Leach? Spread offense is not our thing and maybe too "colorful". Richt? Not sure he can cut it, his Georgia performance not the U standard, same for Tuberville. Some have suggested that Gruden was fired for not winning at Tampa, I feel he has been a winner (including SuperBowl)and although he had problems dealing with NFL primadonnas he would be an excellent college head coach. Also Herman Edwards would be that type of coach, he would fit perfectly. From the college ranks, Peterson, I even like Mike London from Virgina, Mullen from Missisipi State. Who ever it is just make sure, that he brings emotion, accountability, X and O's chessmaster knowledge. Go Cane's!!!

wasn't Wannstedt a nice guy too??

Halle- F....king- Lujah

now I don't have to root against the Canes anymore.......

I haven't watched or even read about Canes for 2 years, until this day came (I did the same for the Fins, Dumb Daves last 2 years)

----I hope these dumb bozo fans finally see the light, I doubt it (same for Fins ever freaking year, " wait til next year" or " were only a few players away"

YES BABY, WOW...............Christmas has come early......

Thanks to coach Shannon for his work at the U. The folks calling him names and saying he should have resigned are the same idiots that will be calling for the next coach's head a year from now when we're not bowl eligible.

And do you really want Mike Leach? He's an a-hole. Mark Richt won nothing in Georgia. And Tommy Tuberville has won nothing at Texas Tech.If you want a name, how about the Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema? Proven. Runs the ball. Plays D. has ties to Shalala thru Barry Alvarez.

It can only be one coach - Jon Gruden

He's the only name that can pull this program out of the hole it's in. Richt and Leach are both garbage retreads.

Richt is being run out of Athens - Hope UM thinks big - Coker, Shannon, enough already

Why is someone racist when he speaks the truth about Shannon?

Microcapsule: Miami is at the 31 yd line with 14 seconds left and two time outs (first of all, should have used a TO ear;ier. Miami has a B that is just getting warmed up after msissing 3 games. All you want is to advance the ball a few yds and Kick a fg. But how is it thathe "allows" Harris to throw that pass?

he is the f--ing head coach! How did he permit that pass to be thrown?

Randy was a terrible head coach. He may get a job as he said before- someone will hire him either as DC or ahead coach at a MEAC school.
FAMU may be a good fit, because thats how Miami looked the last few games.

Here is FSU now playing for the ACC ch. And Miami is still bumbling around.

But its on the players. I dont care what Futch said, the players didnt play on randy. They quit on him, they didnt give 100% and they were uninspired. If Larry Coker could inspire the 2001-2003 team somewhat (or if not they coached themselves), why could this team not?

Thank you santa... for my gift.. now i have one more for U..Please bring us a head coach that is going to compete for NT.... I am so happy SHANNON ERA is over.....bring Boise state head coach.. he is really good and he would win us a national title... lets not forget the FIU head coach... he will be cheap...lets go canes... now i am ready to spend my money on the canes again....

ok canes nation .... our voices were heard.. not showing up to the games got to donna....NO MONEY ... MORE PROBLEMS.. so now that we got what we want.. lets re-group and support our program gain.... we need to bring a head coach at what ever the price is.. remember form this lesson you get what u pay for... if we want to win NT, we have to spend money on a coach... if we don't we will be back in a whole again...go canes

Attendance 41,148?????????????? Whom do they think they are fooling

LEts spend real money getting a good coach...if we don't kick in money for a head coach ... we will be asking for more trouble... we got the money... so come on lets do this the right way... learn this lesson and lets move on

lets go canes... lets go canes...lets get boise state head coach here... he will take us to NATIONAL TITLE....

Leach is literally a sociopath. He was interviewed and rejected when Shannon was hired. I remember Dee coming from the meeting saying ' not that guy!'
He didn't do great things at his last job but did abuse his player, James.

Hey, what about Rob Chudzinchi? (Hope I spelled it right) He would be a great pick

please bring mike leach here, we will outscore everyone with him

Time for a new start. Why not think big? For years, Miami has needed an on campus stadium. We had the legendary Orange Bowl, and it was identified as a place of dominance for the Canes. Why can't we get a new stadium? Where are the big bucks alums? Where is the stadium fund drive? With the right teams, the Canes will fill Sun Life.Miami is a winners town. So, let's get both aspects of the program moving: a new coach (and staff) and a new drive for an on campus stadium!

Tommy Tuberville would be a great fit for Miami. IMO, I don't think he is real happy at Texas Tech. A picture says a thousand words. Even with a big win over Weber, there were no smiles. He strolls the sidelines with his head down. That is a sign of an unhappy man.

Miami is a great choice for any lower-middle tier coach who wants to step into the big time and has the ego to think he wants to build a dynasty.

The U has poor athletic facilities and terrible fan base and poor stadium. Who cares?

If you eliminate all of the tradition rich schools, the U is the only school that offers a coach the opportunity to build a dynasty. We have the talent in state, we play in an easy conference, we play a national schedule and we are still the darling of the national media when it comes to televising games which means national exposure to recruit.

Go Canes!

The first of the dominos has fallen: Shannon out. Next Spoelstra, then Sporano, then DeBoer( panthers hockey coach). Fire them all.

We need to get a young up and comer from a non-bcs conference. A young guy with drive and a desire to climb the ranks. Must be pro-style offense too. Richt, Leach, Gruden should not be considered top candidates. I'll take the head guys at TCU or Boise State as top choices if we could lure one of them.

This is a sad, sad day. Really wanted to see Randy succeed here, but it was the right time to make a move, it just didn't work out. Such a shame.

Congrats to all you Shannon haters you got your wish ! But now be careful what you wish for because administration will not be able to afford your wish list. Mike Leach? I could already hear of an altercation with a player with him. Mario Cristobal ? 1 winning year at FIU and you just kicked Shannon out not much of a difference there. It wasn't just coaching but the players must take blame as well and nevermind winning next year, I want to know from you haters with Hankerson gone next season, what WR is going to step up because I saw nobody other than Hankerson have a good game. Leach would be a RB killer and guys will transfer. I have 2 recommendations one is going to baffle alot of you but mabe some of you will understand the other knows the UM system well and you don't have to go far to interview him but you have to ask FSU for permission. Mark Stoops should get an interview as well as Terry Bowden. Stoops was the DB coach here for our last championship run and he probably would come within the budget. Now Terry Bowden I understand is going to get alot of WTF's ? but he is a good recruiter, knows Miami well, has done well everywhere he has gone and don't think for one second how the Bowden family would like to get some getback @ the program who dismissed his father. No, I don't want Jeff running our offense but whoever comes in, I would like them to bring back a Kehoe or Soldinger. But whomever you Shannon haters decide on, it's YOU who are all up to bat now and no you are not going to be in the National Championship Game for 2012 and YOU better choose wisely because there are alot of things to fix with this program. Ulimately Shannon haters whomever comes in here it will be YOUR pick and I don't want to hear you belly aching in 2 years when we haven't won a national championship.

cross Schiano off you list because his wife doesn't like it down here.

Bring in the Shulas!

HEY FOOLS WAKE UP, LEACH TOOK A PROGRAM ON PROBATION AND WENT 10 STRAIGHT YEARS TO A BOWL GAME. Great defense mind, tough coach with discipline. What more do you want??? Plus he is White, need to check the homeys at the door and be football player. Treat the players as men not as kids, they are playing for their FUTURE, WHETHER IN THE NFL OR IN THE REAL WORLD. Stop the babysitting service and make them mentally tough. GO U.

Posted by: BertDawg

This is a great day....get on the bus.

its a shame that it will come to this , since 2001 we have become nothing it hurts to see my team ,like this after the glory years from the top of the mountain to the bottom .the u plays for championships not to loose to usf,the players,coaches etc ,need to go away ,lets bring the top coach in to bring us back to the top of the mountain,were are the U , the best school to go to.it all about the u ,i am tired of been on the bottom, lets get back to the top ,go canes

Take that racist garbage crap of yours somewhere else
Take your other id carl with you

Let's hope Norv Turner get's fired he's my dream candidate. I worry about Leach recruinting with this stain on him it might not play well with parents and coaches. Gruden won't come here he's in line for one of three potentiallplum NFL jobs (Cowboys, Vikings to say the least), who's the coach at UConn because that guy is doing his thing and I think we can get him.

Everyone is disappointed in the win loss record, but to attack Randy personally is plain wrong. Randy has devoted himself tirelessly to the U as a player and a coach and his decency, integrity and commitment to his players is beyond reproach. Randy was an outstanding defensive coordinator, unfortunately that did not translate quickly into a great head coach. In time he may be. Since everyone is speculating who the next hire might be another name to think about is Marc Trestman. Marc has a Miami pedigree having graduated from UM's law school and was part of UM's 1983 championship staff as the quarterback coach to Bernie and Vinnie. As head coach of Montreal of the CFL Marc led his team to a Grey Cup win in 2009 and Montreal is playing again for the 2010 Grey Cup this evening.

Marc has a pro-style mind set. Has proven himself as an accomplished offensive coordinator, a winning head coach and has the Miami history.

I know i am in the minority but I would have liked to have given Shannon one more year..I do understand as a life long Canes fan that this season was unacceptable with horrible losses at Virginia( I was there!) and USF...The Canes blew so many chances this year on offense and defense that the players deserve some of the blame but at the end everything falls to the head coach..Thank you Randy for leaving Miami with good talent and I wish you the best..I hope Miami opens up that checkbook and pays a top coach who knows the area and can recruit locally!..Miami is known to be cheap and I hope we get a top guy would (love to get Richt) but we Miami needs to change their budget and pay top dollar for a top coach.......Also if Miamimike is out there I apologize for my stupid remarks....GO CANES!

We're not getting Gruden.

I say go after Chris Peterson or Mark Richt.

I don't believe the Leach rumors for a second. Too much history, and that's not even mentioning the fact that Shalala did not enjoy her meeting with Leach the last time. He acted unprofessionally in the interview, and wasn't dressed for the part at all.

Richt I would believe, but he hasn't exactly won much at Georgia.

Another coaching name is Mike Belloti, he may be interested in this job.

The only way this works out for the best is if we get Jon Gruden. If the administration is really "all about winning championships" then they need to come correct with the money and hire a big name like Gruden. Leach? Richt? No thanks! Cristobal on the cheap might be interesting though as long as we spend on asst coaching.

How about Tommy Tuberville! Dude was here with JJ and coached the hell out of Auburn when he was there. Dude can turn out NFL players and can recruit like hell.
He would leave Texas Tech in a heartbeat to get back to the ACC/SEC

How 'bout Jim Leavitt? He'd be a great fit for program! Good recruiter and passionate!

Tommy Tuberville
He will leave TT in a hearbeat in a minute.
Why did my last post get deleted?

If we are looking for a dark horse - take a look at Kirk Ferentz at Iowa. With the addition of Nebraska to the Big 10, he now has to compete and recruit against top-15 programs Ohio State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and possibly Penn State. He developed Iowa with 3-star talent and year in and year out he is a candidate for NFL and NCAA top jobs. He runs a pro style offense which fits our talent, but unlike most flashy coaches who are maybe available, he develops lineman, something we have seriously lacked. He also has strong ties to Barry Alveraz, and we know how much respect Donna has for Barry. Just a thought

I agree with a couple of the people who have blogged, that he should have been fired, i think Whipple deserved it more, but regardless we can definitely improve from this. i think that mark richt is probably the worst move we can make, this guy WAS/IS a bum a Ga., and Chris Peterson is coaching against new Mexico st. and san jose st., i could coach great talent over a team that would have a hard time against a jv football team. i think we should bring a guy who is kind of relevant here and who has won, Mr. DENNIS ERICKSON or even maybe JIMMY JOHNSON

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