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Shannon out as coach at UM (updated)

The Randy Shannon era is officially over at UM. Shannon was informed earlier tonight by athletic director Kirby Hocutt he has been fired.

Randy Shannon

The fate of all his assistants still isn't known. According to an ESPN report, offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has already been told he is out as well. Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland is expected to become the interim coach for the bowl game.

One assistant coach, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was already speaking to his agent about latching on at other programs. As for Shannon, the assistant said: "I can't imagine what he's going through right now. He loved this program with all his life. It's the tough part of the business."

The Hurricanes finished the regular season at 7-5 after a 23-20 overtime loss to South Florida at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday. Shannon compiled a 28-22 record, including a 16-16 mark in the ACC in four years as head coach of the Hurricanes. He received a four-year extension just before the start of the 2010 season.

Who made the decision? The Associated Press says Hocutt made the final call. But sources say UM President Donna Shalala and the board of trustees gave Hocutt the green light to get rid of Shannon after the Florida State debacle and loss at Virginia. 

“We have made a decision to seek new leadership for our football program,” Hocutt said in a UM press release. “Our expectations are to compete for championships and return to the top of the college football world. We will immediately begin a national search.”

Hocutt will address the media Sunday at 1.

Over the past month, I've been told by several sources who have a vested interest in UM that Georgia's Mark Richt and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach are at the top of UM's wish list. We'll see if that comes to fruition.


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i,am 52 years old and a huge canes fan living in southwest virgina.i wanted to see another national championship before i die. i hope that the mistakes of hiring a head coach in the past will not happen again.take your time. it is all about the u.

My wish list

Gary Patterson
Charlie Strong
Steve Sarkisian


the canes have more players in he NFL than any other school, and most of our players can been seen in the facilities and on the sidelines. these guys are making millions on top of millions because of the "U" but the only one who donates to the university is A-ROD (who didn't even go to miami)

lol a E saying Leach has a great defensive mind. Hes a ofensive minded coach you stupid racist troll!

Hahaaha! This is what U fans get for tearing down by beloved Orange Bowl! Don't worry guys this is only the beginning of my powers. Soon FIU stadium will become the new Orange Bowl. Tell me when U are ready to listen to my demands! My curse continues...


Over the 4 years Randy has been here talent seemed to get worse. Except for Hankerson and he was getting all this help from Duper on his own time. Did he realize on his own that he wasn't going to get better with our coaching?What does that tell you? With the recent article by NFL scouts about Johnson and Shields and how they didn't know how to read film? Maybe it was time to make the change. I was rooting for Randy. But we need coaches who are going to make these young men better. I don't blame any of the players. Its obvious coaching is the problem. All these players will be better with a good H/C

Manny, Why don't you allow my post? I am not kidding here. I have cursed the U! Things will only get worst especially if U dont let me post. My beloved Orange Bowl, they will make u pay for tearing u down!! When U are ready to listen to my demand, let me know. Till then the Orange Bowl curse continues!


People, this is a great day. We're going to get a new coach and start building this thing up. It's on!

1pm press conference


I'm with ya Junk. Christmas came early for us.

Anyone who is so out of touch to not recognize that Gruden would be the messiah of the program is brain dead....not a winner? How about all the all pro canes and noles he coached...lives in Tampa and has a HS son playing ball that he helps coach his hs team? Just check out the Boys of Fall on ESPN and see what a real leader sounds like....The pro primadonnas are why the real leaders and motivators like Saban and Curry and Gruden and Spurrier have left the pros thanks to free agency....Gruden at the U???
Every kid in the country will want to come here, ESPN will pay for every TV prime slot, and the assistant staff would be pro caliber...how about Warren Sapp( dline)Ray Lewis (Lbackers) Ed Reed ( Secondary) Clinton Portis ( Rbacks)...this list of possibilities is endless...
Time to make dreams a reality...just watch the money role in if they get him!
Go Canes!

Miami is no longer a place big time coaches want to come to. In 2006 how many established coach turned down offers to become Miami's HC. Get ready for a second tier coach, an up and coming HC at a smaller school that leaves coaches like Al Golden, Mario Cristabal, Kirby Smart, Randy Edsel, or a Mike Leach in the running. As for this list that someone put together:

The list:
1. Harbaugh - he's got a contract, the only place he would move to is Michigan.

2. Chris Peterson - He's got a contract, he can compete for a BCS bowl year in year out at Boise St, he's turned down better programs than Miami to stay at Boise.

2A. Gary Patterson - Read above.

3. Muschamp - Highly paid, love Texas, has a contract, coach in waiting. Where would you like to coach right now texas or Miami.

Quit being naive.

This isn't the NFL, if a coach has a contract with a university, they can't accept a job at another university. Richt has a contract with UGA, forget him unless he's fired, which might happeen. We can go after an assistant because it's a job promotion, but not a sitting HC with a contract.

Right Gruden can come, but he would be more interested in an NFL job where the pay is much richer.

Posted by: championships

I know you're also feeling good.

I thought we were going to have to live with Shannon for another 2 years. Felt depressing to switch from our game to FSU-UF. Now at least there's something to feel positive about.

!!! HALLELUJAH !!!! RS never should have got the job,now on to the future, I like Wisconsin"s OC,
none of the old retreads please, we will get the players,& give up complaining about the stadium, thats where the National Championship & Super Bowls are played,its an honor for a play there !
and a lot more fans come from the north than dade co, get real,not many gringos down there...

The firing of Coach Randy Shannon and Mark Whipple is terrible They improved at the Univeristy of Miami certain players were not playing up to par without Whipple we wouldn't have a 1,000 yard Receiver that broke Michael Irvin's Single Season Touchdown Record and a running back that is close to a 1,000 yards rushing and that running back missed 2 games and Randy Shannon did not coach bad he recruited the best players that did not produced great numbers but were put in the right situation to do so

Kirby press conference wasn't that informative. He seemed pretty upset about having to fire Shannon. I'm sure he's feeling the pressure because this hire will follow him throughout his career. The pressure is on.

Malzahn would take UM to a national championship in his second year.

Junk, U better believe I'm a happy man this day. Man I, much like U, figured we would be stuck with this crap a few more years too. I'm like U, Holcutt needs to hire the right guy for this job. But hey it couldn't be any worse than what we had. But I like how holcutt is commited to winning. He doesn't seem to be a dummy that can't seperate personal feelings from business.

Here is my wish list for a new head coach similar to some of the names you experts are calling for and having as much a chance of occurring:

Bill Belichick

Phil Jackson

Rex Ryan

Joe Paterno

Don Shula

Nancy Pelosi

Mike Ditka

Nick Saban

Lady Gaga

Jim Tressel

Sean Payton

Nick Kotys

Gene Chizik

Howard Schnellenberger

Yogi Berra

Kim Jong-il

shut up tard. Shannon sucked and got canned for it.

Please stop saying the U is a pro-style offensive team that feeds the NFL and any spread coach like Leach is a no-no. I like our unbeatable list of NFLers as much as the next guy, but we need points to keep the tradition alive. POINTS, defense and the National Championship. I don't care if we get this done with the Single Wing or the Spread, just WIN! Leach was screwed. Lets give him an opportunity for sweet revenge...

Randy didn't have the budget to hire the right coaches and it showed on the field so good luck to him and go get Mark Richt, Tony Dungy, Herman Edwards or John Gruden from the NFL Ranks.

Bert Rannon.

You are an Idiot. Just because players play a position doesnt mean they can or want to coach it. Biggest misconception most of you stupid fans make.

Shannon's tenure had been a success up until this year. As you all know, his win/loss had improved each year. The trouble with hiring a first time head coach is that even he doesn’t know where he is deficient.

I have a cousin that’s a Hurricane Hater (a.k.a. “Closet Cane”), his assessment is that Jacory cost Shannon his job. I see it differently. The Shannon administration failed Jacory and all of the other 4 & 5 star recruits that have not been turned into All-Americans over the past few years.

Let’s take Jacory: What would Jimmy have done (WWJJD)? – He would have sat him for at least a year, put about 20lbs of muscle on him and give him a chance to master his position. Of course Jacory thought he was ready & wanted to play but who’s coaching whom.

Overall I have to acknowledge that, like most of you here I Like Randy Shannon, but like all of you here I like winning even more.

I hate to admit it but it was time.

See article/link below. Do we really want to inherit this mess along with our new head coach?

Mike Leach Expects Depositions in Texas Tech Suit to Clear His Name - NYTimes.com


RS is a very talented defensive coordinator, I think he was out of his comfort zone as a head coach. In my opinion the entire coaching staff must go! The U was bad on both sides of the ball. Hopefully whipple will take his son with him, so we won't have to worry about him in a U uniform. Randy will surface as a coordinator some place. I think if possible the U should go after Gruden. He has instant name recognition and football intelligence. The ultimate hire would be Jimmy Johnson

Leach + Richt = no change in our current status. Those two would NOT be any better.

Randy was a good man but not a good coach. Wish him well but the change had to be made! We have the talent but need a strong coach that can bring it together. Please get someone with experience this time!

Mike Leach saved Texas Tech and would be a constant thorn thorn to FSU and UF if hired. He was screwed by Tech and ESPN. Just google and you will see. He gave so much grief to the BIG XII that he would rule the ACC. He would bring the same swagger that JJ brings and then some.

lets look at this mike leach is a real coach that scores points plays fast football miami fast football recruits love fast ball he had the problems at texas tech.we all have r had problems in life .we need a real coach this is one orfense/head coach all n 1 win win.his points our defense.no 1 can;t tell me thats not good.someone said unconn. coach if thats true keep shannon.r coker come back.a real joke 10years no championship we don;t have time to go 2r3 years to win with a green coach the time is now a real coach.mike leach,buch davis.may b mark rick r boise coach.

First of all Canes Junkie you don't speak for me and I guess YOU are one of the Shannon haters I'm talking about. Like I said before, Mike Leach would be a Running Back killer and we have a good stable of Running Backs. I don't want to see any of them tranfer. UM will say they can't afford Gruden but I'm all for putting him at the top of the wish list. How many bridges did Butch Davis really burn at UM ? Would he really want to come back to UM ? Some of the coaches on everybody's wish list make more at the schools they are at already so could UM really compete? Mark Stoops should get an interview and right now he is my choice. Championships is all that matters, You must be an FSU fan in disguise because you must want Miami to be a sneakergate program.

Now Hocutt is now on the clock. If he can't get a big name coach real quick to keep our recruits and current players bolting early, then he should be the next one fired. "h-o-l-e-t-e!"

Shannon, who I love, was not a great Dee Coordinator. He ran a "cover 2 man-under" almost all the time, which Boston College figured out and everyone started to copy BC's solution. (Clearing routes combo'd with underneath crossfield crossing routes.) Let's be real in our comments. Shannon's superb players made him LOOK like a great Dee C.

After considerable consideration of everyone's comments I am convinced the guy with the best chance of immediate impact is Mike Leach - he is a winner with a potent O. We need a super- good Dee Coordinator to go with him. Who can we grab for Dee Coord???

Guys, watch this video! Leach is a good coach. I played for him at Valdosta State University.


given the history of u-m coachs and their history of moving up to a pro job , look for someone capable of making that upward move after three or four years, given the return to "greatness?" that is just out of our reach. Gruden might greatly enjoy being ringmaster out there with the Canes. The nfl is going to be convulsive for a while, so it is not so hard to pitch him on moving to Coral Gables.

Well it's about time. As a UM alumni, I am glad to see Randy Shannon go. He has brought the program to the depths of mediocrity. For the life of me, I couldn't understand how they extended his contract in early 2010 with such a lackluster record. I guess the UM leadership has seen the error of it's ways. Good enough, now let's start rebuilding this program for a national championship. Go Canes.



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