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Shields becoming success story for Packers

Got a link from a reader to an interesting article written last week by the Associated Press about former Hurricane Sam Shields, who has gone from undrafted free agent to knocking long-time veteran Al Harris out of a job with the Packers.

Sam Shields Although Shields was blessed with tremendous speed (he was timed under 4.3 at UM), he didn't accomplish as much as Canes fans hoped for in his college career. After three years of mediocre play at receiver, Shields was moved to cornerback his senior year by UM coach Randy Shannon. Although Shields spent an entire spring and an entire season at UM at corner, apparently, he didn't learn much.

According to the article, Packers cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt was "at his wits' end when he found out that Shields had no idea how to watch film, learn defenses or prepare for games at the cornerback position." So according to the article, Whitt began at, well, the beginning.

"He had no clue. Trust me, no clue,'' Whitt said bluntly. "There was one day, I almost lost my mind."

To teach Shields, Whitt went back to an approach he used as an assistant at Louisville, where he helped turn two former offensive players - Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes and Philadelphia Eagles safety Antoine Harris - into NFL-caliber defensive players.

"Basically, I got flash cards. I drew a formation on one side, I drew the check on the back side, just like you do in school," Whitt explained. "The next day, I come in, he has a stack of flash cards, two inches deep, and he has everything on it. And from that day on, it was a total transformation because he understood the defense from that day on because he understood how to study."

Luckily for the Packers, Shields has been a quick study. In the Packers' 45-7 victory over Dallas before their bye week, he got his first NFL interception (an acrobatic one-handed catch) and, while also responsible for the Cowboys' only touchdown, proved once again on a big stage that the job isn't too big for him. In fact, his play solidified the Packers' difficult decision to sever ties with Harris, a 13-year veteran who'd started 106 career games in Green Bay and wound up with the Dolphins.

"Back when we started training camp, not many people knew who Sam Shields was, and I didn't know much about Sam Shields. But we thought he had potential, and he's continued to make improvement," defensive coordinator Dom Capers told AP. "We've played nine games with him out there now, and that's a tough position to stick a rookie out there because everybody in the National Football League knows."

Whitt believes Shields will eventually become a star in the league.

"Write this down," Whitt said of Shields, the Packers' No. 3 cornerback in their nickel defense. "Sam is going to be one of the top corners in this league in two years."

For the complete article, check out the link here.


> Despite the 31-17 loss to Virginia Tech, Brandon Washington and Lamar Miller were named ACC Players of the Week on Monday. Washington earned ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week while Miller earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors. It was the second time for both this season.

Washington graded out at 98 percent for the Miami offensive line and had seven pancake blocks and three lumberjacks. Miller ran for a UM season high 163 yards and a touchdown on just 15 carries against the Hokies. Safe bet both of these guys will make the all-ACC team at season's end (likely 2nd team for Washington and the rookie team for Miller). 

> Don't know about you, but I'd love to see the Hurricanes face Notre Dame in a bowl game. As our Susan Miller Degnan wrote for Tuesday's paper, there is a chance UM could see the Irish in either the Champs Sports Bowl (that would take UM beating USF) or the Sun Bowl (it would take no Pac-10 teams being available). 

> The Hurricanes missed out on one of the top receivers in the country Monday when U.S. Army All-American Sammy Watkins announced his intentions to sign with Clemson. Watkins, a standout at Fort Myers High and the No. 1 receiver in the state (he's ranked 3rd by Rivals nationally), had the Canes in his top two with the Tigers.

The good news? Hurricanes are still in the running for Rivals' top-ranked receiver George Farmer (6-2, 192) of Gardena Junipero Serra High School in Calif., and Glades Central's Kelvin Benjamin (6-6, 210), considered the ninth-best receiver in the country by Rivals.

The Hurricanes currently have seven commitments and are expected to sign no more than 12 to 15 recruits. One of the current commitments, Tampa Alonso defensive end Anthony Chickillo told Canesport.com Monday UM hasn't exactly made it easy for him to sway other prospects with a subpar season.

"I've been trying, but it's been tough," Chickillo told Canesport. "A lot of different recruits are going different ways. There were some guys interested in Miami, and to be honest with you they just lost interest. I don't get a reason why - I guess it would be the season."


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Good to see the Shields article! Ha! ;-)

I agree Manny. If we HAVE to play in a mediocre bowl then lets make it NOSTALGIC! ND vs Miami a TRUE classic!

So Shields gets to the NFL and it becomes evident that he hasn't been taught anything....absolutely anything....what exactly was he learning when he was playing CB that one year at the U? What does it mean when players with incredible talent suck at the U but when they get coached up in the NFL they become stars? It means the coaching staff at the U has no clue as to how to teach these kids to be football players. Pathetic

"Although Shields spent an entire spring and an entire season at UM at corner, apparently, he didn't learn much."


In addition to the wretched play of the Canes, the anti-Shannon venom from the fans has made many players wary. Everyone wants to play for a winning program and a great coach. As long as Shannon remains, Miami will have neither. Look at the schedule of recruits visiting. No quality recruits are seriously looking at the Canes. The good players already committed are looking at other programs.

listen people, stop acting like we're the only fanbase who gets upset when the team plays like s***. unrest among ANY fanbase is a symptom of losing. no recruits are basing their futures on what irrelevant posters on a blog say (and if they are, then theyre hopelessly misguided). theyre decommitting because they see a program thats not progressing.

In order for Shields to truly understand the defensive back position he would have to spend considerable time at the position. A whole spring and a summer as a DB is not enough time to be able to comprehend all of the work habits of a high level DB. The man spent 3 years as a WR. He knows all that he needs to know to play the game at that position at a high level. So to all nay sayers please pick up a copy of "Football for Dummies", read it, and stop critizing Coach Shannon. If you are a true Hurricanes fan you would not down OUR TEAM when they need our support the most!

bama, its one thing to not fully understand... but he knew absolutely NOTHING


Joe Whitt said Sam didn't know the most basic aspects expected of a player regardless of position.

That means in his years at Miami, Sam was relying on what his high school coaches taught him.

"no clue,trust me no clue"....there you go,that says it all...it's the coaching at miami,not the talent...and people wonder why they want shannon gone...pathetic..

All die hard fan bases criticize. You don't think Mark Richt has been ripped by the media and fans in Georgia? Read the local Atlanta papers. Richt, who has been more successful than Shannon and he is getting ripped non stop. Earlier in the year there was a question as to whether he would keep his job. But that hasn't stopped the Dawgs from getting big time commitments. If your fans aren't upset when their team loses than they just don't care. If players aren't coming to the Canes because of the fan criticism then those players better not go to Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, Ohio State, Texas, Michigan or any other big time college football program. Because if you think Canes fans are critical then you don't know the half of it. The grass isn't greener on the other side it's actually louder and meaner.

This is really great for the future employees who may want to hire Canes players. WARNING: THEY WERE NOT COACHED PROPERLY.

Sam Shields was the epitome of the underachieving super-athlete at UM. That procedure penalty thathe committed against FSU shows how clueless he was. He single-handedly lost that game for Miami. He also dropped many key passes, ran wrong routes, etc. Shannon was correct in moving him to CB. He should thank Shannon for that.

But that is typical of some UM players. They come out of HS all everything, they under achieve and then they realize thatthey arent getting drafted and start working their tails off.

Watch Travis Benjamin be a break out receiver in the NFL.

Do you all blame Shannon on all of his hands-of-stone droppped passes?

As far as Sammy Watkins is concerned. He is good.

Where is Shannon's vaunted recruiting?

But we need linebackers, OL, and QBs. Right now we are ok in receivers.

QBs. We need a QB that doesnt turn the ball over. Look at all successful programs- they all have a great QB. Even if they have medicore offenses. The QB IS the position that matters most! A QB will win games and lose games. Unfortunately for Miami, they have lost games. Period. No excuses. That is why J12 needs to be benched!

25 and counting, we are ok on "stone hands" receivers, not on real good receivers. Next year when Hank is gone, who is gonna catch that ball?

I have been reading this blog for quite a while now and I have been wondering if the majority of the people on here are a bunch of idiots or even read what the articles say or for that matter what other bloggers say. This season has gotten really bad with the comments and even Manny, who a few years ago was very supportive of the program has slid considerably. Let's disect the comments that have been made over the past few years to understand this cacophony of comments.

Let's begin with the offensive play calling. When Patrick Nix was coach, everybody and thier mother screamed about the preponderance of bubble screens. It seemed everybody was of the belief that Pat Nix basically ran a bubble screen left, a bubble screen right and then a run up the middle. Everybody was up in arms talking about why Nix doesn't spread the field with throws down the middle or anything over 5 yards. Now we have Whipple a guy who looks to throw the deep ball down the middle. What do I read. "Hey, why don't we run bubble screens and get our guys the ball. why does Whipple look to throw down the middle?" When the Canes run the ball I read people commenting why don't we throw the ball. We the Canes throw, people commetn why don't we run the ball. We have all these ballers whocan run, why does Whipple throw the ball. Sound familiar guys?

Now let's review some basic offensive philisophy. In order to run the ball effectively, you need to spread the defense out by getting them to defend the whole field. If all you do is run, they will stack the box, pin thier ears back and come at you daring you to run the ball. If you do not pass the ball, everybody comes up to the line of scrimmage and stuffs the run. To get the CBs and safeties off he line, you throw the deep ball. To get the backers off the line you throw the pass to the flats or short routes for the tight end and backs. The pass plays enable the run and the run plays enable the pass. I'm sure you have all heard this before but the offensive philosophies expoused here show a complete ignorance to these precepts. To make all this work, you need a line that will provide some modicum of protection for the skills players. Pretty much since the 2001 season, the Canes have had problems with the line. It's only been now, with the addition of the "big uglies" from the Canes lasst draft class,that the Canes have brought in any decent lineman. The line is maturing and at times, providing basic protection to the skills players. What would be ideal is if the line matured quicker and were NFL ready when they first hit campus, which is the impression I get from reading this blog.

Guys, these are just kids. Most if not all had a big head in high school because they were "the man". They didn't have to work hard because they were men among boys. They come to the D1 level and think they caould do the same thing. Wrong. No where even close. They need to be taught how to play.

Funny thing about teaching people how to do something though. Like the old adage, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it" applies to teaching also. You can give them every feasible means to learn things but if they don't want to learn, then they aren't going to. Back in high school, or coaches use to diagram the plays literally on the field. They would take the sield lining stuuff and draw the plays on the filed so the players can follow the arrows on the ground. In high school you cando that. At a 1 program you can't. Kids have to be willing to learn. Eveybody says it's a coach's fault if the player can't learn the playbook. If the player won't take the time to learn the playbook, how do you blame the coach? Devin Hester came to Miami with a great deal of talent. Coker and company tried to teach him but to no avail. They looked for ways to get him on the field but somehow or another he didn't understand the plays. Same with Shields. If they aren't willing to learn how to breeak down film then whose fasult is that. People will say well Randy didn't teach him how to do it. Tell me, did Sean Taylor, Antrelle Rolle, Ed Reed, et al get coached by Shannon? Did anybody read how they were not able to break down film? You tell me, If a coach can teach people how to break down film one year and the next year he can't, whose fault is it, the one who is being taiught or the one who is teaching?

More to follow.

We need those to two wide receiver recruits. And how funny is it that Shields played wide receiver for three years and then they decided to make him a corner and taught him nothing LOL. Coaching?

Very interesting article, this really shows what many are saying the kids are not being taught, are not developing year to year. How can a kid go 4 years and not understand how to read film or prepare for a game, who's fault is that? Sam Shields proves that we have the talent but not the coaching accumen to develop them.

The more of these articles I read the more frustrated I become....I just want to get my computer screen, and throw it against a wall!!!!!

NJ Cane Fan,

Nice post, spot on. It is not the Xs and Os, it is the Jimmys and Joes.

Don't worry about the quality of the comments. The majority of the negative posts are from the same idiot using multiple names. Just look at the time stamps of the posts, they are never spread out but come in bunches.

Randy Shannon is the best coach for UM. I hope he stays for 30 years. He will win big for a long time. Nobody is more frustrated then the coaches and the team about the results this year.

Going into the season, the concerns were MLB, OL and the secondary. I think the OL is coming on great, as expected they have developed as the year progressed. The secondary has been pretty good, and they have the potential to be great if B. Harris returns. I like the safeties, but they have had their issues. Then again they are young.

The glaring issue to me is MLB. RS did sign the top LB in 2008, but he did not get on the field and left. Oh well, that happens, you cannot say the coach didn't try. I hope Cain gets in there next year and starts for the next 3 years so that we can develop a dominant MLB.

I thought Miami could be 10-2 or 11-1 this year, barring significant injury. It does not get more significant than losing your starting QB. I think we would've won @ UVa and beat VT if JH was playing.

I have always been and will always be a Cane. I have high hopes for the rest of the season and next year.


It was no secret that Miami's recruiting in 2011 would depend solely on how the "U" performed in 2010. Bad play=Bad recruiting. It has nothing to do with what Cane fans are saying on this blog or any other blog.

Good article on Sam Shields. As a fan, I wish him great success in the NFL......

Unlike most Canes fans, I like Mark Whipple. Gone are the days where we ran, ran, ran, ran and got nowhere. ASANTE CLEVELAND will be the next big thing at The U. HOWEVER, our DEFENSE DRIVES ME FREAKING CRAZY. They just folded in the 4th Qtr. against VT, FSU, and MD. Whipple had the perfect game plan for the offense. But the players are to blame for the offense. That is one game I can't blame Shannon. On defense, it was coaching, coaching, coaching. We need a middle linebacker. Second, although too late, SOMEBODY MOVE BAILEY TO THE MIDDLE to stop the run. He is getting double teamed on the end. I just don't get it. This years recruiting should focus on DTs. However, there are not that many to choose from in the nation this year. Defense is so frustrating. If we could only stop the run, we would be competing for our 6th National Chapionship. CANE 4 LIFE

In addition, STREETER will be the next WR at THE U. I guarantee it.

In addition, if anyone needs the pink slip, its PUNNUNZIO. What an IDIOT. Go sell Pizzas and ravioli. With all our talent, we are nowhere in terms of special teams. While other programs are blocking kicks, when is the last time we blocked a kick. I mean, am I missing something here??

To continue my discourse I now turn to recruiting. Read the blogs over the past few years and you see the same trend. Recruit this guy, recruit that guy. Oh this guy is a stud, that guy is a dog. Why did we ever look at that guy? Sound familiar? How many have actually sat own, broke down film of the one you are talking about, sat and watched every single game that person has played, visited the classrooms and talked with the teachers, school administrators, parents, etc. Get the picture? We have become a society that watches highlight reels and figure we know everything about a particluar person. Check it out. You can go to youtube or any of these pay sights and see highlight reels of just about any player in the country. Back in the day, the coaches at my high school sat and put together tapes for every senior who dressed for a game. No matter how good or bad they were, they had a tape made of that senior. My brother played for our hgh school. At 5 foot 9 inches and weighing in at about 160 pounds he played tight end. I think his whole senior year he got in on maybe 4 plays. Two kickoffs and two plays from scrimmage. In either case from scrimmage, he just blocked. Coaches put together a tape for him and lo and behold he got 4 offers. True, none were a D1 school but he got offers. Maybe he looked good blocking because he lined up next to Lester Williams but bottom line he got offers.

Couple the art of the sale to this generation of instant gratification and you get guys who just want to get on the field as soon as they walk on campus. I'm sorry but there are very few players across the country that can legitimately do this. Several players come to mind, Willie Williams (a guy I strongly defended when he first signed), the Brown brothers, and a whle host of others.

Everybody talks about the star system. Tell me, in the past 10 years how many 4 or 5 star quarterbacks did Miami recruit? How many came here or went elsewhere? Now how many have made it to the NFL? Everybody looks to these pundits that say they go out and rate the players. Come up with this handy dandy list where everybody is rated one way or another. Guys, you cannot not compare apples to oranges. Someone playing in BFE cannot be compared to someone playing in LA, Dallas or Miami. Plain and simple Arthur Brown was rated as the number 1 linebacker in 2007. Tell me, who has shown more on the field, Brown or Spence? If you were to pick a player now, who would you pick? Is it the coachng? Well, they were both taught in the same system by the same coaches. Only difference is what high school they went to. From the "omniscient" pundits who rate players, Brown was rated over Spence. You tell me, who is the better player? Did the Miami coaches pull Spence to the side whenever Brown wasn't around and gave Spence extra coaching or was it the pundits were wrong coupled with the fact that Spence wanted it more and WORKED HARD for his playing time? Bottom line the current generation is filled with kids who do not value hard work and want things given to them. You have to go out and work hard, VERY HARD to get what you want in life. This is not only in football but everything else.

We always hear about how a player "decommits" and opens up his recruiting again after committing to a school. It happpens here and just about every other school in the country. There are those that honor their commitments and then there are guys who don't. We only hear one side of the story when that happens because NCAA rules tell the coaches that they CANNOT talk about any recruit. Last year there was a supposed decommit from Miami from a local guy who said he was offered a scholly. Turns out he wasn't for one reason or another. There was a guy out in the West who actually did a whole press conference to announce where he was going. Turns out it was all a big lie. He was never offered a scholly much less ever known by the coach. It's human nature to embellish the truth. How many guys have told his friends that he nailed the girl he went out with the night before when he knows they actually just sat there in a movie or on the couch as her parents looked on?

How can anybody take seriously the committment of a 17 year old 6 months out when the 17 year old has no idea what he wants next week.

Now let's look at the recruiting process. Student is brought down to Miami and feels that he has got it made. South Beach, Bayside, Coconut Grove, Sun Tan U, hot chicks all over, the north side of Haulover (nudist beach), the honeys laying topless on just about any beach in south florida. Get the picture? Yeah man, party time. We're going clubbing at night, girl watching in the day and get laid just about every week with some hot babe. Reality check come recruiting trip. Guys, south beach, bayside, coconut grove are all offlimits during the season. You will be in your dorm room by 11:00 every night. You will hit the books. You will work in the wieght room during the offseason. What seems to be a party is now a lot of rules and a lot of hard work. Why the hell should I go to a party school if I can't party? Let's find a place that will let me party and have a normal life. are you starting to understand? these are STUDENT athletes. They are provided an opportunity to play IF AND ONLY IF they can maintain grades and show academic progress toward graduation. Unlike those of us who went to school and were not student athletes, there is no ANIMAL HOUSE mentality. There are no drunken parties, panty raids, House parties or the like. They are there to show academic progress to play. In other words HARD WORK.

Yes as jra posts above that people come whether fans write on the blogs good things or bad things. Nor is it about wheter a time plays well or not. It boils down to the STUDENT ATHLETE and how hard he wants to work and how caught up he is in INSTANT SELF GARTIFICATION.

More to follow.

nice post NJ Cane...

NJ Cane, YOU SHOULD BE HIRED to oversee this BLOG and keep it real for everybody. Nice work!!

maybe travis benjamin should be a def. back.

good stuff njcane, but i disagree with some. if a guy, shields or lets say benjamin now, cant do what is expected, then he shouldnt play. and the BASICS of football, the fundamentals, are missing here, and have been for a long time. is this not the coaches job? and those DB's you named, they were all coached by mark stoops. when he left, the drop off was noticeable. so as canes fans, who do we blame. shannon for not doing HIS job in the recruiting process. or the developement, who's fault is this. some of US, as canes fans ask for to much at times, but the frustration of reading all the hype each year, makes us want to believe. then the disappointment with each season not seeing growth or potential for better things by the team. somewhere the coach has to be held responsible. miami is looking for a team to follow. the canes draw much better than their reputation. maybe not like a notre dame or nebraska, but i saw a huge crowd at last years bowl. now after that game, and the results of this season, do you think they will follow now. i doubt it. miami has a fan base bigger than most think. and these fans care. expectations are high for miami, and if the current coaching staff cannot show promise,then its time to find one that can. whether we run and win or throw, we need a coach that gets the job done. go canes

Manny this article hurts Just like the truth.

Imagine that. Sammy had to be taught something they teach you in pre-school. The use of flash cards.

See, if you get out of those "regular" classes, and actually apply yourself to be in more advanced/AP classes you will see all those students using flash cards before every test. This is one way how you actually become more intelligent about the subject you're studying.

But if you spend time in college chasing tail and not worrying about studying film or taking your football seriously, you're going to run across articles like this one. In my opinion, it wasn't the coaching staff, but the character of the person being coached.

This article isn't telling me that our coaches aren't preparing the players well. This tells me we have kids that don't know how to study and prepare themselves for success. This tells me the players simply do not understand what it takes to be elite. Using your talents in HS is one thing, but talent can only take you so far at the next level. It hammers more on what's going on between the ears instead of just "flying around".

All the Green Bay coach did was show Sammy how to study. That's it, that's all. And because this is a job for Sammy now to where he actually has to earn money for a living, he seems to be all ears.

And who knows, maybe Sammy was struggling in school and had to spend more time with those studies instead of studying football. People just need to accept we are a private school that does give a rats ass about getting your degree and all that. We ain't the SEC where we pay you to play and give grades away.

I played football, and coaches would tell me to watch film. But they would not hold my little hand, and walk me to the film room. I had to watch it by myself and bring questions to my position coach that I had. He would spend time with me only if it were within the rules. It basically was solely on ME, no one else. Coaches can only do so much. Coaches will point you in the direction of what it takes to be the man on the field, but it is up to the player to take that first step in that direction.

What we need to understand is this is college football. It's not a job. In the NFL, there are no restrictions on how long coaches can be with players. They are no restrictions on how much time a player can be in the film room. They are no restrictions on how long players can stay out on the practice field. There are no restrictions to anything because they do not have 4 classes to attend after practice, finals to study for and all that.

When we would stay after practice, there would only be a trainer out there with us. No coaches to be seen because of "rules". You know. The one Rich Rod got in trouble for at Meechigan and West Virginia.

Eventually we'll have all the right pieces in place. What we need to practice is patience. And just so we all know:

Timmy Tebow was blasted by NFL scouts/analysts on how much his throwing mechanics sucked and all that. They also wondered what in the heck they were teaching him at UF.

So before we start thinking it's just THE U where this is happening...think again!


Quite damning. I think that pretty much tells the average 'Cane fan all they really need to know, doesn't it? Is it any wonder the team is not succeeding on the field, in the draft or in players' individual progression?

This coaching staff, STARTING AT THE TOP, MUST be removed. And not just because the fans and alumni expect and deserve a better product on the field, but because of all the young talent that is being wasted and mis-treated. The University of Miami is an educational institution, first and foremost. And the education and preparation it is providing its football scholar athletes is sub par, to put it quite kindly.

As for the bowl game... all I have to say is who cares? I can't bring myself to be concerned about this program until it starts being concerned about itself again. If the University of Miami doesn't care about winning football games, then why should I care about the University of Miami Football Team? Should we be excited about the prospect of a woefully unprepared Hurricanes Team frittering away yet another opportunity against a vastly less talented Irish, or anyone else for that matter?

I'm done. Wake me up when Shalala and Mr. Shannon are gone. Love the man for his dedication to the U, but the results quite simply speak for themselves.

Too dang funny. All you guys blaming the coaches act like they are aloud to chain these kids to chairs, tape their eye lids to their foreheads, and make them watch film.

Again, you can only do so much as a coach. It's on the freaking players. This ENTIRE SEASON has been on the players. They talk so much ish, and never back it up. They don't prepare like champions, therefore, they won't be champions.

The start of 1999 all the way to 2003 showed hungry players. We haven't had that in years. Guys that just went balls out. We don't have that. We have all these Twitter queens, brand makers and players that get semi-woods when they hear themselves on TV. We need players that don't give a crap about hype. And simply want to win because they are hungry. All these players say they hate to lose. Then why are we losing? It's on the players not the coaches.

To watch TBen half-butt this past Saturday had nothing to do with coaching. I don't care how many rabbits you've caught. Get your head out your butt!

Eventually Shannon will find those warriors. Eventually he'll find champions. And I'll support him until then.

I would rather take kids that haven't won championships in HS than the ones that have. All the ones we had delivered in 2008 are not hungry enough. We need players that are hungry for championships. I don't want players that think they are saviors to a program. I want players that care more about winning than anything else. Let the media worry about who saves what. As a player you cannot buy into all the media BS.


What does it tell you about the secondary coach at UM, when Shields knew nothing about his position? I feel the linebacker position is also the same. Time and time again they are out of position to make plays, and don't know how to tackle. Kids aren't improving but the coaching isn't good either.

Sad stuff, Manny. Way to feed these nimrods clamoring for Shannon's ouster. Good for Shields. I'm in Packerland and they're thrilled. The Packer coach had his say, but let's see how Brandon Harris, Bailey, et. al. do in the draft/NFL and then talk about coaching. The guy bleeds green and orange -- you can't even manage to put together a chat on the biggest game weeks this year (OSU, FSU and VaTech). Shannon will be with the Canes for a while. Hopefully, he'll improve. Hopefully, you will, too.

Sad stuff, Manny. Way to feed these nimrods clamoring for Shannon's ouster. Good for Shields. I'm in Packerland and they're thrilled. The Packer coach had his say, but let's see how Brandon Harris, Bailey, et. al. do in the draft/NFL and then talk about coaching. The guy bleeds green and orange -- you can't even manage to put together a chat on the biggest game weeks this year (OSU, FSU and VaTech). Shannon will be with the Canes for a while. Hopefully, he'll improve. Hopefully, you will, too.

Stop defending Randy Shannon. It's not the end of the world that he's not cut out to be a head coach.
Why deviate from the formula of bringing in a relatively unknown, hungry coach? Coker and Shannon broke from the formula--they were hired from within. You give a hungry (and competent) coach access to South Florida talent and attitude, and this team will return the form we all fell in love with back in the day.
And while it would warm my heart to see us destroy those arrogance-sans-accomplishment, morality-sans-goodness Notre Damers, that game would be like watching midgets wrestle. We don't deserve a bowl game.

Well that tells any logical person all they need to know as to why we are losing. Our entire coaching staff are a bunch of idiots that cannot teach and coach these players how to play the game. Heck I knew it the whole time. Now an NFL coach has admitted it. Now defend that loser Shannon. But try to do it logically, that is if U have a brain to begin with. Fire this fool before we hit bottom again.

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