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Thoughts on Virginia Tech, bowl picture & more

Time for the autopsy now that the hope for a record improvement from last year to this year is officially dead following Saturday's 31-17 loss to the Hokies...

... The easiest thing to do whenever a team underachieves is point the finger at the head coach. But did Randy Shannon miss tackles, draw holding penalties and drop the would-be tying touchdown pass in the fourth quarter? No, his players did. I thought Miami's game plan was very good. The Hurricanes stuck to the running game (262 yards on 42 attempts compared to 33 pass attempts) on. Defensively, they put pressure on Tyrod Taylor with a few surprise blitzes (Taylor was sacked five times). And when it came down to it, they took the right chances, putting the ball in the hands of their best players (they went for it on 4th and 1 and Damien Berry fumbled and let Matt Bosher try a field goal late in the half) to try and decide the game. The players simply let the coaches down. Six turnovers and too many missed tackles ultimately doomed the Hurricanes, even though they outgained the Hokies 464 to 369. 

... That being said at what point does Shannon start taking the blame from the administration? In his four years, UM is 4-9 against ranked opponents and has yet to win a bowl game or even get into the ACC Title game. Virginia Tech, which came over with UM from the Big East, will be making its fifth trip to the conference title game in seven years. Even Boston College has made it to the ACC Title twice.

No, Shannon wasn't handed the keys to a Ferrari like Nick Saban was at Alabama. But when you consider that Mario Cristobal is on the verge of winning the Sun Belt Conference with FIU after being handed an 0-12 program, the current state at UM is a little embarrassing to say the least.

And if you go simply on self-improvement: Where other than the play of the offensive line and running game do you point to in 2010? Receivers? Other than Leonard Hankerson, they've gone backwards. Defense? The pass defense is good, but the run defense has given up more than 500 yards in the last two games combined. Special teams? What's been special about that after the Ohio State kick return/punt return effort?

... Freshman Stephen Morris played spectacularly in the first half, completing 12 of his 17 attempts for 186 yards and a touchdown. His second half (3 of 16, 33 yards, 3 INTs) will most certainly put him back on he bench. Interestingly enough, the first words from Shannon after the game about Morris: "turnovers," "adequate," and "didn't do great." In Jacory Harris' 20-plus starts, I'm not sure Shannon was ever that hard on him. It was more like "receivers," "wrong routes," and "guys not helping him out." Just saying. 

... The most eye-opening quote in the postgame press conference from Shannon for me. "... we got a lot of little things we can look forward to ... " like "senior night." Don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time a Canes coach referred to Senior Night as one of the bigger highlights of the season. But that's where the Canes are today.

... We asked linebacker Colin McCarthy after the game what happened on Ryan Williams' 84-yard touchdown run, which put the Hokies up for good 24-17 in the fourth quarter. His response: "I couldn't tell you." Same for the 43-yard touchdown pass Danny Coale scored on to put Tech up 17-10. Here's what I saw on replay on the Williams' run: Sean Spence met the fullback head-on, Ramon Buchanan missed a diving tackle and McCarthy ran to the wrong hole. By the time he realized it, Williams was past him. Safety Ray Ray Armstrong, who was supposed to be the last line of defense, got picked (to use a basketball term) by the referee. On the Coale touchdown: Brandon Harris let Coale run free across the field where no safety (Armstrong) or cornerback (Demarcus Van Dyke) bothered to follow him. 

... The game actually couldn't have started better for the Canes. They scored on the opening drive then forced the Hokies to punt (Travis Benjamin fumbled), UM's defense got the ball back and Morris found Benjamin for a 43-yard gain down to the Hokies 21. Then, Orlando Franklin drew the first of two holding penalties in the game and the Hurricanes called time out after Leonard Hankerson converted a third and long. The time out actually gave officials more time to review Hankerson catch, overturn it, and then Damien Berry fumbled on fourth and 1. Talk about a momentum shifter.

... Lamar Miller ran for a career-high 163 yards on 15 carries. And he was cramping.

... Colin McCarthy had 14 tackles and the Canes defense had five sacks and 11 tackles for loss. Still, somehow, it feels like feast or famine for that unit. 

... Here are some numbers that should grab your attention: 
- 18. That would be the number of turnovers UM's offense has had in its four losses.
- 12. That would be the grand total of turnovers in UM's seven wins
- 23. That would be the turnovers created in seven wins
- 3. That would be the number of turnovers UM's defense created in four losses.

... It's becoming more and more apparent the Canes could lose the only quarterback in their next signing class. Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater declined to discuss recruiting when our own Andre Fernandez tried to talk about it when Bridgewater was selected as a U.S. Army-All American last week. When I spoke to Bridgewater's mother last week, she told me she very much wanted her son to stay close to home. But the Gators and LSU are making a hard push at Bridgewater. Some may disagree because they think he's a Jacory Harris clone, but losing Bridgewater wouldn't be good for Miami. There is no real backup plan and nearly every good quarterback is already committed. 

... The Canes were pretty much on path to head to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl with a win over the Hokies Saturday. At this point, all signs are pointing to the Sun Bowl with a win over South Florida next week. The Sun Bowl picks fourth among ACC schools. The Orange takes the ACC Champ, Chick-Fil-A picks next and the Champs Sports Bowl picks third. It's likely at this poin,t Florida State (8-3) and N.C. State (8-3) will both be picked ahead of Miami even though both could end up losing season finales to Florida and Maryland respectively.

Had USC (7-4) been bowl eligible this year, UM might have been pitted against the Trojans. Instead, it looks like after Oregon and Stanford are taken by better bowl games, any team from Arizona (7-3), Cal (5-6), Oregon State (5-5), Washington (4-6) and UCLA (4-6) could end up facing UM. Oregon State and Arizona would be the sexier matchups. But Oregon State still has to become bowl eligible by beating Stanford or Oregon to close the season. If Oregon and Stanford win out, they'll both play in the BCS (National title game and Rose Bowl) taking Arizona away because they would end up in the Holiday Bowl or Alamo Bowl. 


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Heartbreak Hotel.....

Ok ima rip dis sorry ahh team and coaches. I watchd da first half da game then had to leave to wrk later to come hom e to hear all da freakin news.
for all u candy randy, Shallalalala, jnoodle, colly flower carthy, excuse dis excuse dat supporters...F*** U!!!
Y was Graig C. starting wen Lamr is the best back. Rotating 10000 backs doesnt wrk sorry. And Orlando Suks tooo!!!

for all u "Academics first football second" people...F*** u too!!!Yall aint real fans Str8 up. Football is last in this school and is an after thought. and for all u ppl that say us fans never attended the school and arent real fans check this out...maybe we shoudnt be UM fans if yall dnt want us to b... Then the stadium will fill up 2K every home game

Canes fans I want to alert you to an issue that no one wants to talk about but is playing a major role in how Randy Shannon is being judged. If you read many of the articles and posts on different sites you will see that in most cases Shannon is not being held accountable for the failures of this team. Many are blaming his assistants and the players and although they do shoulder some blame it is ultimately the responsibliity of the head coach to rectify the situation. The reality is Canes fans that there is a disturbing agenda being pushed by some fans, members of the media and most prominently Donna Shalala and that agenda has to do with unfortunately race. Unless you've lived under a rock over the last several years there has been a major push by a number of people to get more african american head coaches in Division 1A football. As of now there are 13 african american head coaches in Division 1A. The most prominent of the thirteen jobs that african americans hold in college football belongs to Randy Shannon here at Miami. The other jobs are at places like Eastern Michigan and Western Kentucky so no one pays much attention to those but in the case of Miami it is extremely important to many people including Donna Shalala that Randy Shannon succeed as coach here for the very reason that if he doesn't it will be a major setback to this liberal movement to give more blacks jobs at major programs. That is why Donna is going to cut him plenty of slack and he will be the coach next year and most likely beyond that unless Canes Fans who don't share this ridiculous agenda unite and let Donna know that this is unacceptable now and always!!! The bottom line is Shannon is not getting it done those are the facts!!! The most vociferous shannon apologists who most certainly share this agenda as well and come on here and defend Randy will give you a boatload of excuses which they have given you for the last four years. First it was Coker's fault then it's Whipple's then the players. The bottom line is that it's all smoke and mirrors to cover up Randy's failures. Agenda's like these are not logical. They are short sighted and destructive. Shannon must be removed as head coach because he has failed as a coach and that is the bottom line and his race should not give him immunity from criticism and from being held accountable for his failures. Send an email or call Donna Shalala and tell her that enough is enough and Shannon must go or she is not going to get our money to watch an inferior product. Your move Canes Fans!!!


You are right on the spot! Excellent overview and presentation of the facts.

Shanon has to be held ACCOUNTABLE, and as such, he has to go!

I'm a UM graduate and was an RS supporter, but the results speak for themselves and I'm tired of listening to excuses.

Shalalalala is just as accountable, especially after she signed a 25 year contract with the folks of Sunlight Stadium. She also has to go, although I don't believe that will ever happen until she retires.

D. Shalala and R. Shanon have to be terminated. Performances such as theirs in the business world are UNACCEPTABLE, and as such when such individuals don't produced they are relieved of command.

Fire Donna Shalala and Randy Shanon. Period!!!


Amen and bravo!!! You are dead on with your statement. In todays PC society it is taboo to criticize or hold accountable for their actions ANY minority. The University would of course be sued AND the target for protests and demonstrations by bottomfeeders like Sharpton and J. Jackson. Our team is being held hostage by Political Correctness. It is really just a microcosm of the sad society that we live in today. As long as we the people continue to accept these discriminitory practices they will never stop.


Congratulations on an excellent and unbiased report!!

Good work, especially when you present the truth as should be divulged and outlined!

Jacory Harris put on one of his best performances yesterday and needs to repeat that performance for the remainder of the season.

Morris played really, really well in the first half. The fumbles and game changing dropped passes began to get to him in the 3rd quarter. By the 4th quarter, the frustration/pressure got to him.

I agree as well with Anthony's point but suggest the following: if you really want a minority head coach, that's fine, I guess; just find one that can develop players.

We recruited a bunch of kids from Miami Northwestern that were supposed to be superstars. They are now at the end of their jr. year and there is not a single star among them. Is that because they were ALL overrated in recruiting, or because RS simply can't develop players? I think a little of both, but mostly the latter.

Finally, despite his rough second half, I'd still prefer to see Morris under center. Jacory Harris does not have the right physical tools, has demonstrated repeatedly that he can't make decisions under pressure (with far more playing time than Morris) and lacks the maturity necessary to truly lead the offense. Harris has one year left and if he starts next year, write the season off right now.

The big thing that jumped out at me was the way Shannon threw his freshman quarterback under the bus. He plays favorites and admits it. (You've heard him say on several occasions that Hankerson is one of his favorites) Do you think Morris feels like he was treated the same way in Shannons press conference as Jacory has been? And our future is Morris because Bridgwater is not coming.
Also, look at the play calling to start the second half. Whipple went back to the first down passing. Then run on second down, leaving a third and long. That is the same thing he did to Jacory and it is a recipe for failure.

Ok ima rip dis sorry "season's be over" butt dis dude no da freakin wrds if yall dnt want us to b excuse dis excuse dat supporters. no wht i say?

Answers certainly are one thing that seem impossible to come by when it comes to Canes football. I am tired of speculating and hearing others do the same. Bottom line is this team has under achieved for so long I have forgot what it even feels like to be happy I am a Cane fan.

In a year one of the top recruiting classes of 2008 was supposed to start to shine, that we should stop hearing the lame excuses of the past and blah blah blah blah blah it actually got worse! Numbers don't lie this team has a worse regular season record than last year, got humiliated by a mediocre FSU team and lost to the worst team in the conference.

How can any self respecting fan possibly find anything positive about this team? Yes, some individual performances have been great but how do you find anything to give you hope for the future with this TEAM?

The way I see it Cane fans have just two options: Pray that someone, somewhere in the organization will blow the whole thing up by firing the entire coaching staff and starting over. Or, just accept that for the foreseeable future even the low expectation of playing for a conference championship in the second worst BCS conference is an impossibility let alone coming close to the former greatness we once enjoyed.

At least I can say I was there, I got to see the best, from the rise in the early 80's to the top. I thank you for the enjoyment you gave me over those 20+ years. The last 8 back to the bottom have been rough with the high expectations I held you to but no more criticizing for me. From now on I promise to view you for what you are, just another insignificant team in the world of college football.

Manny great column. Anthony, great points and its probably right. My only thing is Shannon was the 3rd choice because the Coaches before him turn it down. I'm guessing that's what the agenda is now. Nevertheless it make sense especially the politic side of it

Stop defending Randy Shannon. To fail as a head coach is not the end of the world.

Manny, I think you need to do a little bit of research before you post bowl predictions. This is from the Sun Bowl Media Guide:

"The 2010 Sun Bowl features an annual matchup between the the Pac-10 Conference third pick after the BCS, who will face either the runner-up of the Atlantic Coast Conference or the ACC third pick after the BCS. This year will mark the first year of a four-year relationship with the Atlantic Coast Conference. through the 2013 season."

Miami will not be the runner up, after being eliminated from the ACCCG, and the ACC will not be taking two ACC teams this year. So the loser of the ACCCG will be in the Sun Bowl, and Miami will probably end up in Orlando, Charlotte or Nashville.

How do you prevent a backlash for firing a minority? By hiring another minority. Mario Cristobal is right in Miami already. Mario has done an incredible job at FIU. Mario has ties to the University of Miami. Because of his close ties to the high schools in south Florida Mario will be able to recruit the talent rich area. It won't happen. Not because of skin tone but because Shalala doesn't care about winning. She's happy with mediocrity (7 and 4) and a high graduation rate. She's interested in graduation rates only. This way when she's around other presidents and provosts of academia and they're all drinking their wine she can brag about her precious graduation rates. You see school provosts and presidents don't care about winning. Well at least not outside the SEC. Precious......my precious.....graduation rates.....

Oh and one more thing....don't ever wear those god awful FAMU uniforms ever again.

Carlos said: "The 2010 Sun Bowl features an annual matchup between the the Pac-10 Conference third pick after the BCS, who will face either the runner-up of the Atlantic Coast Conference or the ACC third pick after the BCS. This year will mark the first year of a four-year relationship with the Atlantic Coast Conference. through the 2013 season."

Miami will not be the runner up, after being eliminated from the ACCCG, and the ACC will not be taking two ACC teams this year. So the loser of the ACCCG will be in the Sun Bowl, and Miami will probably end up in Orlando, Charlotte or Nashville.

He's misinformed. Virginia Tech in the ACC title game. So Sun Bowl gets runner-up or third pick behind BCS. That runner-up thing is written so the ACC Champ loser doesn't fall any further than the Sun Bowl, but FSU/NC State will be taken ahead, so they dont have to worry about that. So go to third pick after BCS -- Virginia Tech. Pick No. 1 or 2 will be NC State/Florida State. So pick No. 3 is Miami. Sun Bowl is all over Miami.

we need to get some deep pocket ullumni together to throw some money in a hat and pay off shanons remaning contract so that we can go after an experienced div1coaching staff

People i have been saying this all year long.. FIRE RANDY SHANNON.. he is making our program decline.. For those of u who are still randy lovers... i hope u are happy with the resluts.. He can't beat a top team.. and the highlight of the season is SENIOR NIGHT? what the F..*

we need change now... FIRE RANDY CANDY, Bench JNOODLE...morris looks really good..is there anyone else that cares about the U football program out there othere than die hard alumn/fans? or they are just worry about graduation rates? F...* all that.. we want NATIONAL TITLES>>>

who picked those nasty looking uniforms? donna probably.. FIRE SHANNON... people wake up and speak out or we are going to deal with this...sh...* next season. Randy is full of excuses this year and he will be next year...he is not the man for the job.. he can't win at home? what the f*

cane fans is time to rise up and 2gether lets run CANDY RANDY out of town.. lets get a real coach who does not play favorites and is full of excuses.. hey how about that FIU COACH? he is making a big impact at his program and i am sure he cant be to expensive...

DO NOT buy any season tickets or GO TO another game UNTIL SHANNON and his circus leaves town...Teams are laughing and mocking the U, there is no respect..and is all DONNA AND SHANNON'S fault... FIRE BOTH AND LETS REBUILT...

Miami has fallen so far...will never return until they get a good HC.

All Miami Hurricane Football Fans:

Do not buy any tickets to games, or miami hurricane gear until they pony up and get a bigtime head coach.

We Have The Power to force a Change!!!

First of all for all you people who are looking to get rid of Randy Shannon because of race wake up we live in 2010 and the only thing that matters to any major sporting program is money not and that color is green if you do not know. Randy Shannon needs to be held accountable for the programs short comings but so do the players. At what point in any of those losses does a player step up and make plays. They all run and hide. The game plan if executed would have won them the game. As far as starting Graig Cooper who knows maybe he was the best back in practice the last 2weeks that is what competition is about. Yes this program is falling short on the field but they are excelling in every other area. Even in raising donations to expand the athletic program. I bleed orange and green but to bring race into this is very ignorant and your post does not help the liberal movement. Also did you forget Virginia’s head coach who beat us as well is black. Your post is well put together but your thought process is stopping the liberal movement that our society needs. At some point the players need to step up and make plays T.Benjamin has had a terrible year and if another receiver cannot crack the rotation with all the problems that he has had then there is problem. These players are not hungry enough. Laron Byrd seems to be more consistent but for whatever the reasons balls is not going his way. On another note everybody wanted S. Morris to start he looked great but mental he is not at a point where he can win us a game his arm strength is good but our best chances are still with J12 as bad as they may sound it is the truth. At this point in the program we do not need to make a coaching change we need these players to grow some heart and it seems like they are it is just taking longer than we all expected me included. When randy got this program it was empty. Most programs you have upper classmen that teach the players how to do things how to prepare in the offseason, train, win, and lose. This first recruiting class did not have that and yes it is taking longer than we all want but that is and important step in the college maturation process and a coach can teach you that. The northwestern 7 won their whole high school career but the high school game is not easily translated to the next level. We have seen Jacory Harris now for three years and to be honest most programs you only see a QB for 2 JR & SR year. In all honesty he has improved form year to year but his improvement is still not acceptable to him or us as fans and I am sure the coaches know that as well. That is why they were trying to redshirt S. Morris to build that depth. If you notice the other QB’s that transferred are doing far worse than J12 so the fact that they left for whatever reason they still were not better and the coaches saw that. Hence the reason J12 was named the starter. Marcus fortson had a back to back good games and it looks like he is coming into his own but he missed all of last year same with Sean Spence. Only a handful of players can come into the college level from High school and make an immediate impact. The state of this program is not about RS and being black it is about the player growing up and being held accountable and if you watch each player is starting to click individually they just have to put it together as team. No matter who you bring in they too will have to go through the process. You cannot just put on a jersey that has the “U” on the front or “james, wade, and bosh” on the back and think that you are going to start winning games.

I have been going to UM football games since 1954. We have held season tickets since that time. I graduated from UM and was one of the original boosters of The Athletic Federation of Broward County before it became the Hurricane Club and I have donated to the Hurricane Club since inception.
I have watched inept players like Kary Baker, David Olivo and others and coaches like Curci, Tate and Selmer. The teams of the 50's. 60's and 70's.But nothing tops what is happening today. Per almost all the national analysts on TV and print media Miami has the most talent of any team player for player in the ACC. Yet we underachieve.
I think that Robert Smith from ESPN said it best. "The coaching staff does not have the ability to develop these players into a championship team."
I remember when DS tried to hire Barry Alvarez as AD when she came here from Wisconsin. Barry doesn't want to work for DS can you blame him. Do you see any other university presidents doing commercials during the promo slots? That's because it all about Donna and not the "U".
It's hard to be a fan these days especially when you know that nothing will change. RS will continue to be the coach and will never be held accountable for anything. The way he threw Stephen Morris under the bus after the game is inexcusable. Jacory can throw 6 int''s in a game and it would never be his fault it will always be someone else's fault. The kid has 1 bad half and it's off to the bench in disgrace. Totally biased coaching. Well, fans you will have Jacory as QB for another year and RS as coach forever because he'll never quit or be fired.
The Only way for DS to get the message is to lose sponsorships, fans quit buying tickets and quit donating $$$.

Great article Manny. Especially Shannon's comments about the diffrent QB's. Where do we go from here. Donna and the AD have lowered the bar at the "U". It's up to the Alumni and the Board of directors. Certainly a clean program is important and kids graduating is nice. But it's about money. Can't make much going to a garbage bowl. How much more suffering can we take. Losing to Virginia should have gotten him fired on the spot. Most important they are losing their loyal fans.

VT has WON 11 of the last 16 against us!!! What does that tell you. Beamer may not be the best college coach or have the best talent , but he seems to get the best out the talent he has.

I was at UM when Coach Shannon was playing for us and would love nothing better than see him succeed! Players are executing in the class room and not making the police blotter which is great. They are not executing on the field. You can have both.

Yes the player has to make the tackle or catch , but the coaching staff has to help develop them. You can't say that this team doesn't have talent on it ! The players aren't picking up what is being taught on the practice field and bringing it to the game.

As much as I would love to see Coach Shannon succeed , he and his staff aren't getting the job done.

Who's next for the UM job?

The real irony about DS and focus on graduation rates is that I don't think the rates were all that bad when we were winning championships...

This article from 2003 (http://miami.scout.com/2/109876.html) says:

"Miami has received recognition by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) as one of an elite group of schools to exceed a 70 percent graduation rate among its football student-athletes in eight of the past 12 years. The Hurricanes' have exceeded the national graduation rate for AFCA member schools for 15 of the last 16 years".

So, what exactly is being accomplished by not caring about winning? Teaching kids its o.k. to just get by, without focus on quality or recognition of results?

By the way, if you want to have your voice heard, stop donating to all aspects of the U, not just athletics. If DS doesn't care about winning, decreased donations to the football program won't bother her.

Congratulations Randy. You have officially turned the U into the FAMU! My aplogies to FAMU!

Hi Cane Nation,

Manny your article is dead on! Shannon has loyalties to Jacory I get that but the fariest thing do is to have an open competition next spring. Best man wins unfortuntely for Morris he was hand picked by Whipple and Harris by Shannon. Morris can make all the throws and a true NFL league arm. He needs a little more time, experience and film studying. But he is already just as good as Harris and he is only freshmen. The things I have noticed the last couple years from this team are miss tackles, overpursit, dropped passes, int's, penalties and special team play. When things are always the same u need to change something either coaches or players. Since this not the NFL we cannot waive or trade players then its time for coaching change. Why do u think these potential recruits keep wavering on there commiments? They see the same trend for the last couple years as we do. (Bridgewater, Rogers, Marcus Jackosn and Chickillo still visiting other schools) In there heart they no something is missing at the U. One of my favorite lines from a movie is. "There is nothing worse than wasted talent". That's all folks!

In response to 'diehardcanesfan'...SHUT THE _ELL UP you pontificating simple-minded social engineering Shalala _ss-kissing moron. Why don't you run for office in the Democrat party and help drive our country into greater depths of socialism oriented political correctness and total destruction instead of doing it to our football team! Let's everybody gather around and figure out how to make life 'special' for under-achievers!

Well said Orlando Cane. It's a shame what has happened to our once proud program. RS is such a joke. All these clowns that support him and say he's sucha good guy and blah, blah, blah. Well he's such a good guy but throws his Fr. QB under the bus and then backs it up over him with those comments but J12 gets a free pass for years. He threw those picks because VT is actually coached up on Defense and they probably actually know how to study film. Did u notice how that VT db read the slant and jumped the route? He knew what was coming because Whipple runs the same six pass plays every game. Same thing on the one #2 for VT picked off he read it and made a play. The other pick was just bad by Morris but he is a true Fr. I just hope that this staff and Jdummy coaching him up haven't totally killed the kids confidence or game.

And isn't Randy suppossed to be a great DC according to all u cluless clowns? Well then why don't we ever step up on D and make a play against a real team? The only time he was a good DC is when he had overwhelming superior talent because we line up in the same D every play every game for the last 15 years. Never blitz and when we do it's so recognizeable and we never get there anyway. We are poorly conditioned and lay down like some bitchez in the 4th quarter when we used to own it. Case in point Miami 0 points in the 4th and VT 14.


I agree with you on one point you made that I'm taking out of context:

"The state of this program is not about RS and being black..."

The problems with the program have nothing to do with RS being black. It has to do with his incompetence, which seems to be getting overlooked because he is black. Do you not see the distinction? Really?

I don't care what color the coach is... but he better know how to develop players, something RS can't seem to do.

I hate the way Randy Shannon commented on Stephen Morris' performance. The kid is a true freshman and over the past 3 weeks has made several plays that have led to wins.

The program is going to get worse, not better.

Everytime we play on national TV it's 4 hour commercial on how bad Randy Shannon is as a head coach. The results on the field speak volumes about his inability to coach. The commentators then apply their opinions and the logical conclusions are drawn.

Do you think we'll able to recruit with Randy Shannon resume? Would you send your kids to play for him?



For those of you who don't know it yesterday was senior day, that's why Cooper was starting. Every college in the the world starts a preponderance of seniors on senior day. In fact Saturday was senior day at U of F, and a walk on senior, who had played 4 downs his whole career scored a TD. Some of you haven't a clue.

I am tired of this Bridgewater talk!! If you wanna be cane then come here, if you see Morris out there playing an scared of compition go to LSU!!!! I dont care!! Just rember rumor has it Les is tired of the LSU fans calling for his head and could be jumping ship in the next couple years!!!! I cant believe Shannon made that comment on Morris if his reciver catches the TD pass we are never down 2 scores trying to throw every play!!!!

I would like RD gone, bye, see you later. But those of you that want DS fired as well........at ain't going to happen. You don't fire a college president because of football. You just don't Please get real. BTW when DS approach Barry Alvarez, he declined because he wanted to stay retired. He was part of the search process that hired RS as HC, DS and Alvarez are very good friends. I don't know where some of you get you're information.

Shannon quote:

"we got some seniors on this team that did a lot on this team to get back to where we're at right now"

THAT, my fellow cane fans, explains how clueless, how inept, how blind, how arrogant, how stubborn this HC is.

"where were at"? you mean the laughing stock of the NCAA? You mean another (at best) 9-4 season, or possibly 7-6?

This is ridiculous. Great article Manny. I am glad you are seeing what thousands of us disgruntled fans have seen for at least 2 yrs now. That this coach cant coach.

But RS isnt the only problem:

How is it that the WR receivers coach doesnt get called out? Benjamin has single handedly choked in several games that had he made THE play, would have impacted the game:

At OSU, he allowed the ball to go through his hands into the defenders. Pick 6.
Then, he didnt jump on a jump ball and it was an int in the end zone
He has muffed 3 punts, recovered 2 and yesterday lost one.
He dropped to key passes yesterday. One would have most certainly tied the game 24-24 with 10 minutes left.
Why is Benjamin still playing? Answer: Shannon is stubborn and wont admit his biases
And by the way Hankerson has dropped many key passes as well.
And so has Aldarius.

Why not think outside the box and recruit say a slower, no star or 1-2 star receiver, even a white boy that has great hands and runs great routes? For example- Hartline, the receiver at Ohio State, Gonzalez, or that kid that plpayed for Michigan State who was a walk-on and now is in the NFL? because Shannon and Miami black coaches are too caught up in the speed speed speed issue of South Florida kids, like Eli Rogers or others.

And McCarthy and the other line backers- The most pathetic unit of linebackers we have ever had at Miami. Where was Mcarthy going on the Williams TD run? ESPN showed the play straight from above, like a chalkboard. In slow mo. It was so obviouos how bad his reads are. he went left, and the A gap was wide open for Williams to run through. Blown play like the countless others.

Berry- you have dropped about 50 spots in the draft because of the 2 pathetic goal line fumbles thelast 2 games

VT and Ray Ray- You are not or will ever be reed or Taylor. Youguys talk too much and dont stay inyour assignments. You guys are overrated. But youhave potential so shut up and work harder.

Whipple- Why did youstart throwing the ball on first down when all we were down was 24-17? whenwe were running the ball well? can someone tell me why he is still the coacjh at UM?

How to save Shannons job:

bench Benjamin for good
Stop throwing Morris under the bus
fire whipple, Huff, and Pannunzio
Win vs USF and beat whomever you play ahndedly at a bowl to finish 9-4, possibly ranked, and rrecruit your --- off in the winter and spring

Otherwise, fire Shannon

Shalala is a liberal troll who has no clue about how imporatnat football is to the identity of the U. With the fins as bad as they are, South Florida has no sports (except the Heat +/-). The canes are the heart and soul of many of us. And youo guys are tearing it out.

I will not spend any more money on thsi team until something correct is said or done.
Peace out, Hocutt.

PEOPLE DO NOT BUY SEASON TICKETS..DO NOT go to the games.. DO NOT Donate Money to the program until RANDY SHANNON is fired.. all of u randy lovers, where u at today? nothing to say? thats because actions speake louder than words.. he plays favorites and full of excuses.. lets hit DS where it will hurt her... MONEY....

Mr Bridgewater, decommit as soon as possible. Go to Florida where they are at leats a stable program, or LSU.

Randy, excellent news on the Bridgewater front. You're well on your way to duplicating the success of Larry Coker, where he recruited one QB a year and always had them decommit at the last moment.

I am so sick of the biased defenders of Shannon. Stick to the facts if you plan to defend him. When Shannon was brough in, it was said that he could connect with recruits like no other coach. Four years later UM has dropped significantly in recruiting. In fact, ESPN has the Canes 2011 recruiting ranking as being 23rd in the nation while FSU is number 3!!! Here is the link http://insider.espn.go.com/college-football/recruiting/classrankings?&action=login&appRedirect=http://insider.espn.go.com/college-football/recruiting/classrankings

So, even though FSU also lost many games in the last few years, there recruting results is now higher than Florida's. If UM continues to drop in the recruiting rankings, even if they had a solid coach, they would not be able to compete with top teams due to a lack of player talent. Yes, that is the path that the Canes are taking (aside from the solid coach remark). How many ways can the program be destroyed before it become beyond repare?


Speaking of clueless...

Why would RS say this:

""... we got a lot of little things we can look forward to ... " like "senior night."

... if senior night was yesterday? Don't most senior nights take place during the last home game?

So... is it you or RS that is clueless?

SAVE YOUR MONEY.. do not go to the games... lets hit DS where it will hurt her.. people this is way out of hand and someone meeds to be fired now...

25 years of support !!!! love the school love the pride ( we use to have ) love the U ..... that being said this team is layed in talent from the 2008 class to present yes i know we have lost major 5 star talent from our great state last two years not one 5 star kid from fl even gave the U a thought but we still have talent that would start on most big programs u think v-tech gets 5 star kids ?? top 5 class's they develop what they have and make them better WOW !!!!! coaching at its best NOW at the U we go after "GIFTED" kids and hope they battle for hail mary's OR expect them to get better because other "GIFTED" kids are pushing for there spots lmao !!!!!! hey coach's why dont U do something like ummmmmmmmmm teach or coach this team sux sorry to say it but look at who we have lost to over the last 4 years and how we have been beat en down by at best middle of the run teams we are only 2 or 3 wins better then temple was in the big east back in da day but with so much more talent we should NEVER EVER LOOSE to a virgina never mind the OB slap in the face !!!! sorry to have to bring that up .... but again this year its time for a change my friends i dont know who wants to capt this ship but i will support him who ever it is it cant get much worst then this can it ??

Hey Manny, Saban was not handed the keys to a ferrari. In 2006 Alabama went 6-7 and in 2007( his 1st yr) they finished at 7-6 and losing to Louisiana Monroe at home. We all know what happened 2 yrs later.

Re: I can't believe this anymore, absolutely right!

Benjamin cost us two wins this year all by himself, bench J12 next year too, Morris is our future!!



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