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Thoughts on Virginia Tech, bowl picture & more

Time for the autopsy now that the hope for a record improvement from last year to this year is officially dead following Saturday's 31-17 loss to the Hokies...

... The easiest thing to do whenever a team underachieves is point the finger at the head coach. But did Randy Shannon miss tackles, draw holding penalties and drop the would-be tying touchdown pass in the fourth quarter? No, his players did. I thought Miami's game plan was very good. The Hurricanes stuck to the running game (262 yards on 42 attempts compared to 33 pass attempts) on. Defensively, they put pressure on Tyrod Taylor with a few surprise blitzes (Taylor was sacked five times). And when it came down to it, they took the right chances, putting the ball in the hands of their best players (they went for it on 4th and 1 and Damien Berry fumbled and let Matt Bosher try a field goal late in the half) to try and decide the game. The players simply let the coaches down. Six turnovers and too many missed tackles ultimately doomed the Hurricanes, even though they outgained the Hokies 464 to 369. 

... That being said at what point does Shannon start taking the blame from the administration? In his four years, UM is 4-9 against ranked opponents and has yet to win a bowl game or even get into the ACC Title game. Virginia Tech, which came over with UM from the Big East, will be making its fifth trip to the conference title game in seven years. Even Boston College has made it to the ACC Title twice.

No, Shannon wasn't handed the keys to a Ferrari like Nick Saban was at Alabama. But when you consider that Mario Cristobal is on the verge of winning the Sun Belt Conference with FIU after being handed an 0-12 program, the current state at UM is a little embarrassing to say the least.

And if you go simply on self-improvement: Where other than the play of the offensive line and running game do you point to in 2010? Receivers? Other than Leonard Hankerson, they've gone backwards. Defense? The pass defense is good, but the run defense has given up more than 500 yards in the last two games combined. Special teams? What's been special about that after the Ohio State kick return/punt return effort?

... Freshman Stephen Morris played spectacularly in the first half, completing 12 of his 17 attempts for 186 yards and a touchdown. His second half (3 of 16, 33 yards, 3 INTs) will most certainly put him back on he bench. Interestingly enough, the first words from Shannon after the game about Morris: "turnovers," "adequate," and "didn't do great." In Jacory Harris' 20-plus starts, I'm not sure Shannon was ever that hard on him. It was more like "receivers," "wrong routes," and "guys not helping him out." Just saying. 

... The most eye-opening quote in the postgame press conference from Shannon for me. "... we got a lot of little things we can look forward to ... " like "senior night." Don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time a Canes coach referred to Senior Night as one of the bigger highlights of the season. But that's where the Canes are today.

... We asked linebacker Colin McCarthy after the game what happened on Ryan Williams' 84-yard touchdown run, which put the Hokies up for good 24-17 in the fourth quarter. His response: "I couldn't tell you." Same for the 43-yard touchdown pass Danny Coale scored on to put Tech up 17-10. Here's what I saw on replay on the Williams' run: Sean Spence met the fullback head-on, Ramon Buchanan missed a diving tackle and McCarthy ran to the wrong hole. By the time he realized it, Williams was past him. Safety Ray Ray Armstrong, who was supposed to be the last line of defense, got picked (to use a basketball term) by the referee. On the Coale touchdown: Brandon Harris let Coale run free across the field where no safety (Armstrong) or cornerback (Demarcus Van Dyke) bothered to follow him. 

... The game actually couldn't have started better for the Canes. They scored on the opening drive then forced the Hokies to punt (Travis Benjamin fumbled), UM's defense got the ball back and Morris found Benjamin for a 43-yard gain down to the Hokies 21. Then, Orlando Franklin drew the first of two holding penalties in the game and the Hurricanes called time out after Leonard Hankerson converted a third and long. The time out actually gave officials more time to review Hankerson catch, overturn it, and then Damien Berry fumbled on fourth and 1. Talk about a momentum shifter.

... Lamar Miller ran for a career-high 163 yards on 15 carries. And he was cramping.

... Colin McCarthy had 14 tackles and the Canes defense had five sacks and 11 tackles for loss. Still, somehow, it feels like feast or famine for that unit. 

... Here are some numbers that should grab your attention: 
- 18. That would be the number of turnovers UM's offense has had in its four losses.
- 12. That would be the grand total of turnovers in UM's seven wins
- 23. That would be the turnovers created in seven wins
- 3. That would be the number of turnovers UM's defense created in four losses.

... It's becoming more and more apparent the Canes could lose the only quarterback in their next signing class. Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater declined to discuss recruiting when our own Andre Fernandez tried to talk about it when Bridgewater was selected as a U.S. Army-All American last week. When I spoke to Bridgewater's mother last week, she told me she very much wanted her son to stay close to home. But the Gators and LSU are making a hard push at Bridgewater. Some may disagree because they think he's a Jacory Harris clone, but losing Bridgewater wouldn't be good for Miami. There is no real backup plan and nearly every good quarterback is already committed. 

... The Canes were pretty much on path to head to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl with a win over the Hokies Saturday. At this point, all signs are pointing to the Sun Bowl with a win over South Florida next week. The Sun Bowl picks fourth among ACC schools. The Orange takes the ACC Champ, Chick-Fil-A picks next and the Champs Sports Bowl picks third. It's likely at this poin,t Florida State (8-3) and N.C. State (8-3) will both be picked ahead of Miami even though both could end up losing season finales to Florida and Maryland respectively.

Had USC (7-4) been bowl eligible this year, UM might have been pitted against the Trojans. Instead, it looks like after Oregon and Stanford are taken by better bowl games, any team from Arizona (7-3), Cal (5-6), Oregon State (5-5), Washington (4-6) and UCLA (4-6) could end up facing UM. Oregon State and Arizona would be the sexier matchups. But Oregon State still has to become bowl eligible by beating Stanford or Oregon to close the season. If Oregon and Stanford win out, they'll both play in the BCS (National title game and Rose Bowl) taking Arizona away because they would end up in the Holiday Bowl or Alamo Bowl. 


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CowboyCane, I'm with U. All that matters is RESULTS. To the VICTORS go the spoils. None of this gold star for everyone just for trying and PC garbage. RS is NOT getting the RESULTS and should be judged on that. Sure, lots of little things didn't go our way yesterday and RS didn't make TB not catch that ball. But our team is repeatedly making crucial mistakes and many of them stems from coaching. Blown assignement on 43-yd TD pass, McCarthy out of position on 84-yd TD run. Now every team has moments like these but it seems to be rampant with us. This game should have had "W" all over it. The U really needed this game, and it was not do-or-die for VT, playing at home, coming out of the gates with lots of energy, running at will, doubling up your opponent in yds at half....yet tied score at halftime. I knew then we were in deep #^%$. I know many will think it is a stretch but I feel we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. What makes us think we'll beat this team next yr in Blacksburg after all the reasons we should have won yest but didn't? I think a new direction, new attitude is needed. Comments?

CowboyCane, I'm with U. All that matters are RESULTS. To the VICTORS go the SPOILS. None of this gold star to everyone just for trying and PC garbage. RS is not getting the RESULTS and should be judged on that! Sure, there were lots of little things that went against us yesterday and RS did not make TB not catch that ball, but I consistently see too many mistakes stemming from coaching. Blown coverage on 43-yd TD pass, LB out of position on 84-yd run. These were huge back breakers. Yes, every team has moments like these, but they seem to be rampant with us. As much as it pains me to say it, how often do you see the Buckeyes out of position? Most of that is coaching. I know that many will think this is a stretch, but I feel yesterday we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. This game should have had a "W" written all over it: A must win to keep conf title hopes alive, your opponent does not NEED this game, playing at home, coming out of the gates with tons of energy, running at will, doubling up your opponent in yds at halftime....yet the score was tied. I knew then that we were in deep #%$&! What makes us think that next year we will beat this team in Blacksburg after we couldn't win with all of the reasons above? Answer: new direction, new attitude. Comments?

It was yesterday.....

CowboyCane, I'm with U. All that matters are RESULTS. To the VICTORS go the SPOILS. None of this gold star to everyone just for trying and PC garbage. RS is not getting the RESULTS and should be judged on that! Sure, there were lots of little things that went against us yesterday and RS did not make TB not catch that ball, but I consistently see too many mistakes stemming from coaching. Blown coverage on 43-yd TD pass, LB out of position on 84-yd run. These were huge back breakers. Yes, every team has moments like these, but they seem to be rampant with us. As much as it pains me to say it, how often do you see the Buckeyes out of position? Most of that is coaching. I know that many will think this is a stretch, but I feel yesterday we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. This game should have had a "W" written all over it: A must win to keep conf title hopes alive, your opponent does not NEED this game, playing at home, coming out of the gates with tons of energy, running at will, doubling up your opponent in yds at halftime....yet the score was tied. I knew then that we were in deep #%$&! What makes us think that next year we will beat this team in Blacksburg after we couldn't win with all of the reasons above? Answer: new direction, new attitude. Comments?

Sorry guys for the 3 posts. Thought i was having technical difficulties, or maybe I'm just an idiot.

Almost every post on this blog is ridiculous.

Donna Shalala is the best president UM has ever had, there's no way she's getting fired.

Hit them where it hurts???? MIAMI DOESN'T MAKE ANY MONEY OFF FOOTBALL. They don't even make their money off tuition, they make it off their hospitals.

Fire Randy Shannon? Who do you want to promote to HC, Whipple or Lovett? Because those are the only candidates UM would pay to replace Shannon.

None of you have the slightest idea what you're talking about and I'm guessing that many of you never went to the school. UM doesn't owe you anything and UM will never change the way they operate their football program. If you don't like it, make good on your idle threat and stop "supporting" UM.

We all know you'll be back as soon as they're winning again anyway.

Great. So the head coach doesn't know when it is.

Can we finally decide on a running back please....... This whole 4 back rotation thing sucks!!

Lamar Miller is the best back we have. He should start and get as many touches as possible period!


I did go to the U, I have already stopped contributing and will not start again unless / until I see changes to the program.

You're right... UM football doesn't owe anything to us and just as importantly, we don't owe anything to it. However, for the program to continue there needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship. Only an idiot continues to contribute to something that is unsatisfactory with no improvements in sight, whether it is football, academic programs or health care programs.

jimbo Fisher is in the ACC Champ ganes in his first season WTF//

Randy sucks!

The problem is they won't spend big money to buy a big name coach.

If you were donating to UM solely so they would change the way they run the school then you're a sucker. I can't imagine what you saw in the history of the football program that made you think that your $1,000 would make any difference in their hiring philosophy.

I'm not sure Shannon was ever that hard on him. It was more like "receivers," "wrong routes," and "guys not helping him out."

Great point Manny thank you for keeping it real!

What makes you think I donated solely when I wanted change? If I'm happy with the program's performance, I'm happy to donate and don't need change.

Some of us donate to support things we like, not just when we demand a change. Its just stupid to continue donating when you are dissatisfied and there is no indication things will get better.

Couldn't agree more. The only problem I found with your article was your use of that insulting (to America) politically correct term "African American." How I despise it when whites cave in and use that misappropriated label. You seldom if ever hear Conservative blacks use the label because they know how phony and misleading it is. I remember when blacks decided they wanted the term black to be used in referring to them, because they said "black is beautiful." I was fine with that and happy to see it adopted in America. However, the vast vast amount of blacks in this country are not from Africa, nor are there parents or grandparents. Why they are so proud to use that countries name over there own, to me is despicable. I'd bet, if any of them travel to Africa, and were asked by the local gentry what nationality they were, they'd proudly say "American."

Leadership begins at the TOP. Randy Shannon is a teriffic human being and an honorable person as well! However, he has some of the finest talent with unacceptale results! No Bowl wins, one of the MOST pentalized teams in college football, and the list goes on!
Randy has been an excellent def. coordinator, that is his strength.
His lack of intensity, enthusiasm, and discipline has taken its toll on the Hurricanes. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.
I, along with thousands of other true Cane fans, Know that a head coaching change is needed before any major changes will take place in Miami's success! Until that happens the football program will never get back to it's National prominence. WE HAVE THE PLAYERS! LET'S GET A PROVEN WINNER AT THE HEAD COACHING POSITION AND MOVE FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets look at Jimbo Fisher and RS. Has Jimbo done a better job at FSU in 1 yr than RS has now in his 4th yr? Look how FSU's defense has improved compared to last yr. Miami-4th yr no top 25 finish-still can't stop the run,returning kickoffs still sorry,holding calls at critical times-lots of missed tackles-still dropping passes multiple times during games,and turnovers. Look what Mario Cristobal has now done at FIU,compared to Randy . Miami is underachieving again. FIU is forging ahead along with FSU. Miami is right now the worse football team in the state of Fl.

UM has not defeated a single ranked team this season...

Enough Said!

It's hard to disagree with any of the points made by Manny, except maybe for the Teddy Bridgewater comment. I personally dont want to see another Jacory clone in Miami. Unfortunately, as long as Randy Shannon is coach, this is the best we're going to do.

On a personal note, I can't remember a year with more highs and lows than this one. There were years, very few I might add, that knew going into a game we had little chance of winning. Then there were years whem I knew we would win and for the most part, the team would come through. This year has been different. It started the same as every year, with high expectations. then came the first loss to Ohio State and little did I know it would be the start of the roller coaster ride that ended with the VT loss. You see, for me, this season ended yesterday. Sure, I'll be at next weeks game (I haven't missed a home game in 19 years), and I'll watch whatever Toilet Bowl we end up in, but for me, this season is over. Unlike Randy Clueless, I'm not looking forward to Senior Night, a game that will played at 12 noon, mind you. No, right now I'm feeling uncomfortably numb and only thing I look forward to is waking up one morning, opening my newspaper to the sports page and reading the headline, "Shannon Fired."

That day can't come soon enough for me.

Randy Shannon is inept and has failed in his four years here. Period. The single reason as to why he won't be fired at the end of this dismal season is because of his race. In this politically correct world Shannon will survive the year. Where is Michael Irving after he lambasted a 60-15 Larry Coker? Coker now looks like Lombardi compared to 28-21 Shannon.

You don't get medals for trying, you get medals for results!

anyone talking about graduation rates or race as the deciding factor are disillusioned...college football is all about the money. UM just extended RS's contract, thus presumably making the buyout clause more expensive right now. UM is not Ohio St, Texas, Alabama, etc with an endless flow of cash and boosters. They dont have the money to pay off Shannon and bring in a big time coach...that is the reality of the situation


The V-Tech game was a microcosm of what's wrong with this team and what's been apparent in every loss this season. The List:

1. Missed Tackles
2. Getting gashed up the gut for huge chunks of yardage
3. Drive killing penalties
4. Momentum killing turnovers
5. Inability to consistently stop 3rd and long
6. Inexplicable play calling - Why wasn't Miller in the series after he tore it up??!
7. Outprepared
8. Outcoached
9. Lack of mental toughness
10. Lack of physical toughness

Can anyone explain to me how a defense that leads the nation in tackles for loss - meaning there's talent on the D - can be so inconsistent and horrible at times on run defense? Anyone??

Can anyone explain how we are the MOST penalized team in the country? Even the renegade teams of the 80's and 90's didn't have that distinction. And they won so it didn't matter. This team lacks discipline and that's coaching sports fans.

At this point, the onus is on the AD. If Holcutt can't recognize the fundamental problems with this program, the fact that we are regressing and not progressing, and make the necessary change of leadership, then he needs to be fired along with the head coach.

Even then, we wouldnt get a medal for trying.

Did Benjamin "try" tocatch those two TD balls?

Did MCarthy "try" to read the right play but gave up a TD?

Did this team "try" not to turn the ball over?

Turnovers turnovers turnovers

THAT is why this team stinks.

I cant name a D-1 football team with more turnovers

You cannot win anything if you trun the ball over

Why were these players redcruited if they cannot play basic football?

Does any other program have more QB ints and sacks since Kyle Wright?


Someoen please add up the ints and sacks with these 5 QBs

This has got to be all times' worse run of QBs for a d1 program. All time

Why cant we get a QB that can throw the ball and read Ds? And not turn the ball over? Do we need to give these kids IQ tests?

Let me add to that list:

11. Dropped passes and dropped INT's

Our "fans" are funny as hell.. Go "support" another team then if you are going to pat them on the back if they win. This is my squad for life!!! lol @ the support for Manny-where was the story the award that Randy is up for?

Santana extended the streak!

Go Canes!

"enough" - sorry, let me rephrase that, you're a sucker if you think that the tiny amount of money UM gets from football donors every year has any influence on what they do.

Anthony, only a short-sighted horse's rear end would make this about race and some "liberal agenda." Trust me, if Shannon doesn't win in the near future, he will be fired. I don't care what color a coach is - the ones that don't win are fired. RS will be among them if things don't change. There's too much money at stake.

It's laughable to hear a bunch of people who obviously never attended college and have NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to the University of Miami demanding that Shalala be fired because they have their panties in a bunch over the football team.

Well here's a news bulletin for you: ACADEMICS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN A CHILDREN'S GAME.

This is a UNIVERSITY, you nitwits. Shalala is not the General Manager of a pro football team, she is the president of a UNIVERSITY (it's a big place where they educate people) and her job is to promote academic excellence and raise funds for the institution---both of which she has done FAR better than any past UM president.

If anything, the school is likely to give her a raise for the excellent job she's done.

The 80's and 90's are over, folks, and they aren't coming back. If you want to root for a school where football is more important than academics you'll have to look elsewhere. Those days are over forever at Miami, thank God.

^ great post, umgrad!

I volunteer to coach the Miami Hurricanes. I won a John Madden tournament at Hecht back in the 90s.

First off, let me reiterate that when I donate I do so out of choice, not to influence action. Stopping donations might not influence action, either, but again only an idiot would continue to donate when you are unhappy about something and see no hope for change.

Further, despite your claims I know donations matter to the finances of the athletic program, like they do to every athletic program. That's why they constantly spend money sending letters and have people call asking for them. If no one bought tickets to the games and no one gave donations, there would have to be action, or there would be insufficient money to run a program.

Your claim that donations don't matter is simply absurd, so why don't you provide some support for it.

Regarding Canes players what I have seen year after year is a lack of on-field and locker-room leadership, heart and pride. Ed Reed must be going out of his mind watching this team drift and get smacked around like a ship without a captain.

As for coaching, in my book there is nothing more telling about a coaches talent than what happens to them after they leave a program. Where is Coker now? What does Coker's current situation tell you about how his coaching skills are regarded by the college football community? Shannon - where do you think he will end up after Miami? Who is going to bring him in as a HC? What does that tell you about how his skills are regarded by football minds that are paid to evaluate such things?

What exactly has earned Shalala the title of "best president ever"? (... and yes, I am an undergrad and grad alum from those wonderful days of the 80s and 90s some of us still value).

wow! the most hate filled fan based in all of sports. u can all literally goto hell

We're already in hell... Glad you could join us.

Boo-hoo...I'm not going to anymore games. Yeah right! 99% of your whiners don't go to games anyway.

The only thing you complaining morons have succeeded in doing was sending Teddy Bridgewater to Florida where he will lead the gators to many, many wins. Great work morons!!!

One idiot is complaining that Shalala is now appearing in ads to boost the athletic programs. I can guarantee you this is the same idiot that claims Shalala doesn't support the athletic programs. And if you wingnuts think Shalala is going to be fired, then your stupidity is such that you should be given an award for ignorance.

Despite all the hate you clueless boneheads have spewed at the program Randy has recruited and developed what will be the best offensive line in the country next season, with the best stable of running backs and receivers led by two QB's who will rewrite the Canes record books.

You so-called Canes fans quit at halftime of the Ohio State game and started with your hate, because winning doesn't really make you happy only whining and complaining does.

No real recruits want to come here and play before a miniscule fan base that doesn't go to games and sit on their ever growing fat arses and complain about everything from the president of the school to the athletic director to the head coach to the assistant coaches to ALL of the players to the stadium they play in which none of you visit to the uniforms they wear AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN!

No--it's wasn't Larry Coker who brought the program down and it certainly wasn't Randy Shannon--it's you little girls that hate your own lives that do nothing but complain night and day about the Canes. It started during Larry Coker’s first national championship season. You morons were complaining then that you didn’t like the way the Canes were winning. He was only winning because he had Butch’s recruits (another coach you hated while he was here saying he wasn’t a game day coach and made terrible decisions). And after the national championship game win against Nebraska you twerps whined that Coker stopped the Canes from winning the game by more points. The recruits and coaches from around the country saw and heard this and our competitors like Florida and FSU were quick to point out what it’s like to play for the most ungrateful, unrealistic, unknowledgeable, spoiled fan base in all of college football.

Donna Shalala tried to bring Barry Alvarez down here who greatly admires and likes Shalala. But, once Alvarez understood who the people are who surround the program (YOU MORONS) no amount of money would get him to sign as he knew you nimrods would end up destroying his legacy with your non-stop hate. You idiots are the same reason when Shalala hired a highly respected head hunter to search for a replacement for Coker he came back and said no one worth a shyt will come down here and coach because of the idiot fan base.

The bottom-line? Because of you this program is nowhere near hitting bottom. Randy Shannon was our last great hope and you morons have prevented him from recruiting with your hate and uninformed opinions. The current players despise you, most of the former players despise you and the recruits (Bridgewater, etc) have learned to despise you as well.



Yur an idiot and u dont even watch football im guessing. But in your case they should jus shut the football program down, then Fiu will rise to dominence and take all r recruits and get their school on the map the same way miami did. WATCH THE U DOCUMENTARY DUMBA**!!!

Wow, Urban,

I didn't know they let the crazies use computers.

I guess you don't remember fireronzook.com? I guess that was a mistake? Coaches are lambasted in every program when things go wrong. Remember Bobby Bowden?

Re-connect those wires in your brain before you hurt yourself. People are down on RS because he can't win and can't develop players and has proved both once again. Its truly unbelievable someone is insane enough to suggest it is the fans' fault the team can't progress and players don't develop.

Enough - if alumni did donate money to the athletic program then donations would obviously matter, but they don't. UM has completely sh*t its pants and gone on a media blitz over the three big donations it's received that were solely designated for the athletic program, and Edge James' quarter million, A.Rod's 4 million and Mr. Schwartz's 5 million would just be big once a year type donations for some state school programs.

Put it this way - UM doesn't like to spend university money on athletics, and they would need a 50,000 donations of $100 every year to hire an established coach.

And I also blame "YOU FANS" for everything surrounding PATA.

Of course you same whiny little girls would be saying today that beating Virginia Tech was no big deal because they aren't a good team had the Canes won.

And "Enough Already"...your post is a perfect example of someone who knows zero about football and the damage you and your ilk have done to the program over the last 10 years. You read my words and your takeaway is to point to fireronzook.com as your defense...YOU ARE A MORON!!!

As I said, this program is not even close to the bottom as you nimrods who call yourselves fans have made the recruits hate us and that started during the Larry Coker era and now with Randy Shannon who is considered one of the best recruiters in the country.

I hope when Randy leaves the Canes he joins Mario and FIU and they steal every recruit who would have signed with the Canes so you idiots will be forced to wallow in the mess you have singlehandedly made of a once great, proud program.

You aren't fans...you are full time critics whose qualifications are sitting in front of a TV for a few hours once a week making notes on everything you can hate on.


You know who else HATES YOU "FANS" - The Taliban!

And Grounds Keeper Willie

You "FANs" are responsible for Global Warming

Manny, you are definitely "Telling It Like It Is"...one of your best columns ever. A sad and disappointing season for Canes Fans everywhere. If you looked at the schedule before the beginning of the season, you would have probably settled on the OSU, FSU, VT games as the defining ones. Well, we lost all three and to a 1-5 (ACC Record) Virgina squad. I wish the AD would simply announce that Miami will not go to a Bowl, even if invited. One has to wonder what this team could have achieved this year with a Head Coach like Beamer & his Staff at VT...I think we can assume it wouldn't be what we are witnessing...

And as for Donna Shalala, I'll preface this by saying that UM wouldn't exist without the vision of presidents Ashe and Stanford, but in terms of big moves to make UM a premier University, it's hard to argue against Shalala's accomplishments.

* Used her political influence to bring presidential debates to UM's campus as well as big guest speakers like Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and the Dalai Lama.
* Made the decision to move to the ACC, which was intended to solidify UM's reputation among academics as a research university and opened up hundreds of study abroad opportunities for students (all ACC universities allow students of the other universities to apply for their abroad programs).
* Bought several hospitals and completely changed the economics of the university as they now make more money from their hospitals than they do from tuition.
* Raised 1.6 BILLION dollars in the Momentum campaign including 700 million to the medical school and over 100 million to the college of Arts and Sciences.
* Approved the renovation of 6 major labs in the Cox science building and altered the composition of the Biology department from all ecologists to a balance of ecologists, developmental biologists, and molecular biologists.

I could go on, but I think it's clear to anyone who's been following UM that her contributions to the university far outweigh her perceived lack of support of UM football (I say perceived because unlike her predecessor Ted Foote she's not actively trying to dismantle the program, and I would contend that she supports UM football more than any president in the university's history, as low a bar as that is).

Also she convinced Janet Reno to teach a course in the law school by servicing her with her own special brand of scissoring.

You forgot that Shalala was able to throw the ring in the lava river at Mordor and return to the shire safely.

Because of you moron haters Teddy Bridgewater will most likely sign with the Gators. This will also influence other recruits to shun the Canes. Thanks to you jerks, Anthony Chickillo will be the next to de-commit and this is a player with an extraordinary family history of love for the Canes…a love of the program—unlike you morons who call yourselves fans.

The instant Teddy committed you morons, you imbeciles, you wingnuts began slamming the kid, a kid that is one of the nation’s most highly prized recruits and most every major program in the country would get on their hands and knees and beg this kid to sign with them. You, in your normal derogatory way, compared him to Jacory because of your hate for Jacory a hero amongst local players/recruits and called him names and hoped he would go to another school. Well numbskulls your wish has been granted.

Teddy and other good recruits have made it clear about their disbelief of the classlessness and ignorance of the Canes fans… Just as our current players have done-- only in a more guarded way.

Well congratulations MORONS, because Teddy was calling around the country trying to recruit other top flight players to join him as a Cane. Those recruits know who Teddy is and greatly admire and respect his talent. Teddy is going to continue recruiting those great recruits, only now, thanks to you morons, they will join him at Florida or possibly LSU. Of course you imbeciles will blame Randy Shannon for Teddy not signing with the Canes.

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