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Thoughts on Virginia Tech, bowl picture & more

Time for the autopsy now that the hope for a record improvement from last year to this year is officially dead following Saturday's 31-17 loss to the Hokies...

... The easiest thing to do whenever a team underachieves is point the finger at the head coach. But did Randy Shannon miss tackles, draw holding penalties and drop the would-be tying touchdown pass in the fourth quarter? No, his players did. I thought Miami's game plan was very good. The Hurricanes stuck to the running game (262 yards on 42 attempts compared to 33 pass attempts) on. Defensively, they put pressure on Tyrod Taylor with a few surprise blitzes (Taylor was sacked five times). And when it came down to it, they took the right chances, putting the ball in the hands of their best players (they went for it on 4th and 1 and Damien Berry fumbled and let Matt Bosher try a field goal late in the half) to try and decide the game. The players simply let the coaches down. Six turnovers and too many missed tackles ultimately doomed the Hurricanes, even though they outgained the Hokies 464 to 369. 

... That being said at what point does Shannon start taking the blame from the administration? In his four years, UM is 4-9 against ranked opponents and has yet to win a bowl game or even get into the ACC Title game. Virginia Tech, which came over with UM from the Big East, will be making its fifth trip to the conference title game in seven years. Even Boston College has made it to the ACC Title twice.

No, Shannon wasn't handed the keys to a Ferrari like Nick Saban was at Alabama. But when you consider that Mario Cristobal is on the verge of winning the Sun Belt Conference with FIU after being handed an 0-12 program, the current state at UM is a little embarrassing to say the least.

And if you go simply on self-improvement: Where other than the play of the offensive line and running game do you point to in 2010? Receivers? Other than Leonard Hankerson, they've gone backwards. Defense? The pass defense is good, but the run defense has given up more than 500 yards in the last two games combined. Special teams? What's been special about that after the Ohio State kick return/punt return effort?

... Freshman Stephen Morris played spectacularly in the first half, completing 12 of his 17 attempts for 186 yards and a touchdown. His second half (3 of 16, 33 yards, 3 INTs) will most certainly put him back on he bench. Interestingly enough, the first words from Shannon after the game about Morris: "turnovers," "adequate," and "didn't do great." In Jacory Harris' 20-plus starts, I'm not sure Shannon was ever that hard on him. It was more like "receivers," "wrong routes," and "guys not helping him out." Just saying. 

... The most eye-opening quote in the postgame press conference from Shannon for me. "... we got a lot of little things we can look forward to ... " like "senior night." Don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time a Canes coach referred to Senior Night as one of the bigger highlights of the season. But that's where the Canes are today.

... We asked linebacker Colin McCarthy after the game what happened on Ryan Williams' 84-yard touchdown run, which put the Hokies up for good 24-17 in the fourth quarter. His response: "I couldn't tell you." Same for the 43-yard touchdown pass Danny Coale scored on to put Tech up 17-10. Here's what I saw on replay on the Williams' run: Sean Spence met the fullback head-on, Ramon Buchanan missed a diving tackle and McCarthy ran to the wrong hole. By the time he realized it, Williams was past him. Safety Ray Ray Armstrong, who was supposed to be the last line of defense, got picked (to use a basketball term) by the referee. On the Coale touchdown: Brandon Harris let Coale run free across the field where no safety (Armstrong) or cornerback (Demarcus Van Dyke) bothered to follow him. 

... The game actually couldn't have started better for the Canes. They scored on the opening drive then forced the Hokies to punt (Travis Benjamin fumbled), UM's defense got the ball back and Morris found Benjamin for a 43-yard gain down to the Hokies 21. Then, Orlando Franklin drew the first of two holding penalties in the game and the Hurricanes called time out after Leonard Hankerson converted a third and long. The time out actually gave officials more time to review Hankerson catch, overturn it, and then Damien Berry fumbled on fourth and 1. Talk about a momentum shifter.

... Lamar Miller ran for a career-high 163 yards on 15 carries. And he was cramping.

... Colin McCarthy had 14 tackles and the Canes defense had five sacks and 11 tackles for loss. Still, somehow, it feels like feast or famine for that unit. 

... Here are some numbers that should grab your attention: 
- 18. That would be the number of turnovers UM's offense has had in its four losses.
- 12. That would be the grand total of turnovers in UM's seven wins
- 23. That would be the turnovers created in seven wins
- 3. That would be the number of turnovers UM's defense created in four losses.

... It's becoming more and more apparent the Canes could lose the only quarterback in their next signing class. Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater declined to discuss recruiting when our own Andre Fernandez tried to talk about it when Bridgewater was selected as a U.S. Army-All American last week. When I spoke to Bridgewater's mother last week, she told me she very much wanted her son to stay close to home. But the Gators and LSU are making a hard push at Bridgewater. Some may disagree because they think he's a Jacory Harris clone, but losing Bridgewater wouldn't be good for Miami. There is no real backup plan and nearly every good quarterback is already committed. 

... The Canes were pretty much on path to head to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl with a win over the Hokies Saturday. At this point, all signs are pointing to the Sun Bowl with a win over South Florida next week. The Sun Bowl picks fourth among ACC schools. The Orange takes the ACC Champ, Chick-Fil-A picks next and the Champs Sports Bowl picks third. It's likely at this poin,t Florida State (8-3) and N.C. State (8-3) will both be picked ahead of Miami even though both could end up losing season finales to Florida and Maryland respectively.

Had USC (7-4) been bowl eligible this year, UM might have been pitted against the Trojans. Instead, it looks like after Oregon and Stanford are taken by better bowl games, any team from Arizona (7-3), Cal (5-6), Oregon State (5-5), Washington (4-6) and UCLA (4-6) could end up facing UM. Oregon State and Arizona would be the sexier matchups. But Oregon State still has to become bowl eligible by beating Stanford or Oregon to close the season. If Oregon and Stanford win out, they'll both play in the BCS (National title game and Rose Bowl) taking Arizona away because they would end up in the Holiday Bowl or Alamo Bowl. 


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Urban, a little ridiculous. Any serious Cane fan knows that what did Coker in was his recruiting (or lack thereof) from 2003 onwards:

2003: Kyle Wright
2004: Kirby Freeman
2005: None
2006: None

Wide Receivers
2003: Darnell Jenkins
2004: Khalil Jones, Lance Leggett
2005: None
2006: Sam Shields, George Robinson

Running Back
2003: Tyrone Moss
2004: Andrew Johnson, Charlie Jones, Derron Thomas, Bobby Washington
2005: Derrell Mabry
2006: Javarris James, Kylan Robinson

So at wide receiver and quarterback, in the last two recruiting classes Larry Coker was able to bring in zero QBs and 2 WRs. That left Miami's cupboard bare when Shannon arrived, and was why players like Ryan Hill had to be converted to emergency WRs in 2006.

Coker failed because he kept losing prized recruits on offense to Florida, Syracuse, and other schools at the last moment, and for that reason alone.

If Bridgewater doesnt want to be a cane don't be a cane. It's a cane thing and he don't understand. Goes for all the recruits and randy feels the same way but he HATES ALL OF YOU

teddy and all other recruits do not be swayed by the posts on this board.
the silent majority supports you, the team and the school.
come here and get a quality education and a shot at the pros!
dispite the posts the future is bright at the U.
dont let irrational so called fans effect a potential positive life changing decision!!
the U has it all. top education and top coaching to the next level - just look at the rosters in the nfl

We were all disappointed with the result yesterday but I would like to extend a BIG thank you to the university for supporting UM's LGBT community and helping us organize two busloads of "Gay Canes" for the game.

We've been going all along, of course, but it sure was nice to have things more organized and show our spirit as a group.

Thank you, athletic department!!

Sadly, the Canes are not moving on up.
As the coming recruiting season will show, the
opposite is true. Comments regarding PC liberals
like UM President Shalala are unfotunare, but
do have a ring of truth. Although Coach Shannon is unboubtedly a good man and dedicated to his players development as total men, he is not the right fit to lead a program with recent memories of chllenging for the national tgitle. It is a shame, as I was a RS supporter. However, the results speak for themselves. We need a new Prez and Head Coach if the Canes are to rise to national football prominence again! So, Board of Trustees, do your job!

I see the racist "Sean Wilson" is back to stealig other posters screen names.

Gee Sean...one would think that with your cheating, soon to be on probation gator program swirling down the toilet bowl you would have other thigs to do that continuing your hate and lies on this site.

Talk about a real hee-haw...that nut case coach of your's has now turned to starting 3 QB's. You gators are great...for a high school football team.

Even with Foley scheduling the weakest teams in all of college football that you cowards will only play at home you are still cellar dwellers.

As an alum, one man's opinion is that we need a change at the UM. Coach Shannon, for all his positives, does not have the ability to consistently motivate and energize a national championship caliber football team. UM needs a strong recruiter, motivator and dedicated winner who fosters a sense of inclusion between the team, the school, the media and the community. Dedicated PC liberals like Donna Shalala may be well-intentioned, but it is performance, not some other static variable, that should be rewarded and pursued. Nowehere is this most true than in athletics. Sadly, the results speak for themselves. Board of Trustees, do your job!

After Coker was canned, I believe the admins had NO other option but to hire Shannon as he was a top coordinator and the press would have come down HARD on UM if he was passed over. They would have made it a big, racial issue, especially at BSPN and SI. If Shalala thinks we need to have a HC that is from a minority, she could possibly replace Shannon with Kevin Sumlin of Houston (who was doing well until all his QB's got injured), Mario Cristobal, a Latino, or Navy's coach whom I believe is Asian. If a replacement hire has to be a social issue, there's three names in the mix already. Am sure there are more top assistants who are black or Latin. I don't care if our next coach is purple and has horns and comes from Venus, I just want someone who can WIN.

Bull Gator. I can tell by the sold out crowd, Dan Morgan/Torretta comments, and all the fans sites - duh U is back.

PS Nothing is going to happen to the Gators.

Aren't there any female candidates for HC?

O I rember many year ago I went to LUMS before the game at the ORANGE BOWL and it was a good time all ways!! they had the very delicos hamburgers that they made in there beer and then we wold walk to the game at the ORANGE BOWL STADUM and all the spanish ladys there would be yelling at the people to park here park here!! and also there was the BOWL BAR that was there on the outside of the ORANGE BOWL and there were many great partys there also for the MIAMI DOLPHINS that was when they were at the ORANGE BOWL to and one time even the whole family came from Georgia and we went together but I dont remember now if it was for the Huricanes or the dolphins game but any ways we all met at the BOWL BAR and then we went to the ORANGE BOWL STADUM after wards and then BACK to the BOWL BAR and then you could take the bus from there back to 79 street in MIami and go to your car there and it was easy! well that was a long time ago and now the ORANGE BOWL isnt there any more it is where they are going to put the new stadum for the MARLINS but I do not think they have called it the ORANGE BOWL this time it is something different now

I think the lady announcer from the game pam somthing or other would make a good head coach.

16-16 in conference play. No bowl wins. No ACC championship game apperance. This was suppose to be the year we become relevant again instead we have digressed. Do the right thang Donna. It's time for a change. Go after G.Patterson,M.Leach or J.Jagozydski. No one with U ties. This team need a change of culture.

Pappy Wilson - those were the days!

10 dollas! No blocky!

I don't think ‎ Miami president Donna let Randy Shannon get da players he want or don't spend money on da football team

Mike Leach will do nothing but keep us at 8-4, 9-3. That was his record as HC of Tech except for one season. His defensive squads were mediocre and he was considered a sideshow within the Big 12. Again, why would Leach want to come here when we already interviewed him and turned him down in 2006?

Patterson would be great, but it would take $5M a year to get him and there is no way that the U would fork over that sort of money. We're more likely to see Ken Dorsey be brought in as HC than get Patterson.

Pappy Wilson:

How about the slipperiest Astroturf on the planet…the upright wooden sideline signs on both side of the field that signified each yard line (10-20-30-40 yard line, etc)…the trench seating for the players on each sideline…the old players entrance to the locker-room under the stadium at the 50 yard line…then the new locker-rooms at the west end of the stadium with the life size photo of Roger Staubach just outside the locker-room entrance that each time you came in or went out reminded you of the great players who had played on that hallowed field.

Hey Urban,

I understand insanity makes reading comprehension difficult, so let me be more explicit in my point:

How can UF and FSU steal our recruits by telling them UM fans are mean... when they were every bit as vocal and demanding on their programs to dump coaches when their teams underperformed?

Additionally, we couldn't get a big time coach due to $$$, not mean fans. RS deserved a chance at that point, but blew it.

Any coach or recruit that doesn't come to the U because the fans are "too mean" is an effing p*ssy (I suspect like you) that has no place on a football field, particularly at the U.

Go take another pill and go to sleep.

Amber and gold leave fall softly in cool air. Gentle song of old woman in kitchen. Scent of green tea and ginger. Birdsong and rustle of breeze through bamboo.

I will rspect Shalala if she mans up (or trolls up) or whatever, and does the right thing. Not the easy thing because RS is a good person, buit the tough right thing for the program, the U, and the community of canes fans all throughut the world:

Fire Randy Shannon, Whipple, Huff, and Pannunzio.

And for the blogger that thanked everyone for the support for the LGBT cane fans- get a life. Not only do I not care that you are LGBT when you wear a green or Orange shirt or hat with a U on it, I find it desperate that you have to herd yourselves in buses to go as a group. Canes fans really dont give a flying --- if your L, G, B, T, AA, chinese, martian or whatever.

Now, to bugger things:

Mistake prone offense. lazy receivers. I saw a white boy receiver for the Colts (intersting last name-White) dive and stretch out to make a catch. Just saying. No hidden agenda. Why did Benjamin not dive or stretch to make that game-altering catch in the 4th q?

These players need tobe benched to send a message:

Benjamin- you hurt the team one too many times
Orlando Franklin- son, your holds are getting ridiculous
ray Ray-blah blah
Colin Mcarthy-one too may bad reads and angles, and missed tackles

I dont care. bench them.


Gore, Clinton, Reno? C'mon at least try to be genuine instead of a liberal troll trying to support another one. There is a wide margin between making contributions that exceed the lack of support for athletics - and being the best ever.

Again, your claims about donations ring hollow when they are based on your presumptions and guesses and are short on data and facts. (You voted for moronobama, didn't you?)

Trust me, I'm not a liberal, nor am I a conservative as ironically as that is now defined by big government war mongers - I'm more of a constitutionalist libertarian if I have to define it (Ron Paul 2012 - change you wanted).

But what I do know about donations is #1 - none of the money that goes to the "general fund" (i.e. when you send Calling Canes your $20) goes to athletics and #2 - athletics are completely self funded with the money from ticket sales, bowl winnings, conference TV contracts, jerseys, and some unknown/unreleased percentage of other memorabilia (mugs, keychains, and all that other crap in the bookstore), and yes, some donations that are specifically designated for athletics.

So, sure - they wouldn't have their film room or baseball field or new on-campus locker room if it wasn't for Edge, A.Rod, and the Schwartzes, but their athletic program doesn't suffer in the least when the multitudes of alumni stop sending in their $100 checks because the football team isn't performing, they never see that money anyway.

But you're right, it's impossible to argue that Bowman Foster Ashe isn't the best UM president ever. Shalala is clearly second.

Also, as much as I hated "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore's presentation of the material at UM was much better than the movie.

He actually gave credit to the researchers who did all the work and there wasn't a single shot of him working furiously on his Mac, implying that he was researching climate change and coming up with conclusions all on his own (and giving an easy out for any critics watching the movie with a preconceived notion of the man who invented the internet).

All these post and I didn't see anyone say run LAMAR MILLER more the will never work no matter who there Morris or Harris to berry isn't getting da job done either

What about Golden Canes and other Hurricane Club members? There are a lot of checks for more than $100 getting sent in each year. Perhaps you are counting those as ticket sales.

We'll never match the alumni donations of big state schools because those schools graduate 3-4 (or more) times as many students as the U - each and every year. I don't think donations are completely insignificant, however, and suggest RS wouldn't have been able to get his contract extension without some of those donations. I think it would be more painful for the Athletics Dept. than you think if all those donations just stopped.

Lay off Mario, he still needs to win one of the next 2 games and he needs to validate his coaching abilities with a couple more winning seasons at FIU.

Also, RS is a good coach and just give him some time. Also, I can tell the majority of U fans are obviously not alumni or students. I would not compromise FIU's academics for wins. That is the reason why Mario is at FIU and not the prior coach, to fix the academic performance of the football program FIRST, and win SECOND. As an alumni I would not stand for a bunch of thugs playing ball for FIU I would not care how many wins would result.

I can't stand Al Gore. I'd like him better if he gave a big donation to the U that allowed us establish an endowment to fund the buyout of RS and hiring of a new coach. Until then, I'll keep my distance from him.

The real question is whether the University of Miami likes a permanent figure for the next 10-20years or a quick fix like Florida and Alabama did. If given more time would he leave this place as a legend like Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden with I believe three or four national championships combined and the most wins? Or should we go with what has always defined Miami... A quick fix that last 3 to 4 years max before they head to the NFL but result in 5 national titles.

I've sat in the presidents box and gone to a couple luncheons and bowl game tailgates with these "golden canes", they're all old men who are going to give their $15,000 to UM athletics no matter what.

Put it this way, there aren't any Millennium Society ($50 million) or Miami Society ($10 million) donors giving to the athletics department.

We all know Shalala's about the bottom line. If Shannon's performance was jeopardizing the donation revenue of the football program, he would be fired.

You know its a bad year when nearly every televised game the play-by-play or color guy throws out the cliche that "the Hurricanes are beating themselves..."

I firmly believe that this team, inclusive of its coaching staff, has the lowest IQ of any collegiate football program.

They should have a Golden Canes raffle and let a different person coach the team every week.

Can't be any worse. We'll end up with the same record anyway.

Don't go to The U.

I like what RS has done as a playr and def coach ,but as a head coach he is not getting it done!until we spend some money on a top tier coach top tier facilities and we will be an average team!I have been a fan since 83 ,the u will not be back until we win the acc and hoist the crystal ball!im out canefan in lsucountry!oh yeah how da hell we let peterson get away!

The fans have spoken, and Randy has no credible answers. What remains is a statement from Shalala. She needs to address the public on how she plans to fix this mess that Miami is in. I have never in my life heard such public outrage about a football program. The fans, the alum, and the players all deserve an answer. You want us to keep supporting this program? Then you need to speak Lady, Speak!!!

Thank You Randy for losing again. This just makes it easier to justify getting rid of an imbecile like U and getting us a real Head Coach. Kudos to U randy, you are great at one thing, losing. Won't be long as it has been.

Boo-hoo...I'm not going to anymore games. Yeah right! 99% of your whiners don't go to games anyway.

The only thing you complaining morons have succeeded in doing was sending Teddy Bridgewater to Florida where he will lead the gators to many, many wins. Great work morons!!!

One idiot is complaining that Shalala is now appearing in ads to boost the athletic programs. I can guarantee you this is the same idiot that claims Shalala doesn't support the athletic programs. And if you wingnuts think Shalala is going to be fired, then your stupidity is such that you should be given an award for ignorance.

Despite all the hate you clueless boneheads have spewed at the program Randy has recruited and developed what will be the best offensive line in the country next season, with the best stable of running backs and receivers led by two QB's who will rewrite the Canes record books.

You so-called Canes fans quit at halftime of the Ohio State game and started with your hate, because winning doesn't really make you happy only whining and complaining does.

No real recruits want to come here and play before a miniscule fan base that doesn't go to games and sit on their ever growing fat arses and complain about everything from the president of the school to the athletic director to the head coach to the assistant coaches to ALL of the players to the stadium they play in which none of you visit to the uniforms they wear AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN!

No--it's wasn't Larry Coker who brought the program down and it certainly wasn't Randy Shannon--it's you little girls that hate your own lives that do nothing but complain night and day about the Canes. It started during Larry Coker’s first national championship season. You morons were complaining then that you didn’t like the way the Canes were winning. He was only winning because he had Butch’s recruits (another coach you hated while he was here saying he wasn’t a game day coach and made terrible decisions). And after the national championship game win against Nebraska you twerps whined that Coker stopped the Canes from winning the game by more points. The recruits and coaches from around the country saw and heard this and our competitors like Florida and FSU were quick to point out what it’s like to play for the most ungrateful, unrealistic, unknowledgeable, spoiled fan base in all of college football.

Donna Shalala tried to bring Barry Alvarez down here who greatly admires and likes Shalala. But, once Alvarez understood who the people are who surround the program (YOU MORONS) no amount of money would get him to sign as he knew you nimrods would end up destroying his legacy with your non-stop hate. You idiots are the same reason when Shalala hired a highly respected head hunter to search for a replacement for Coker he came back and said no one worth a shyt will come down here and coach because of the idiot fan base.

The bottom-line? Because of you this program is nowhere near hitting bottom. Randy Shannon was our last great hope and you morons have prevented him from recruiting with your hate and uninformed opinions. The current players despise you, most of the former players despise you and the recruits (Bridgewater, etc) have learned to despise you as well.

The above post is spot on!

Somehow the Canes fan base has evolved into the Florida Gator fan base and there's no worse insult than that.

Hell, she created the mess here at Miami. She should know how to fix it. Fire the moron she hired and hire a real Head Coach.

Bobby Petrino
Chris Peterson
Gary Patterson
Brady Hoke
Steve Sarkisian
Paul Rhodes
Al Golden
Mark Stoopes
Art Briles
Doug Marrone
Any one of these guys and we are National Champions within a year or 2. With SHannon were never going to win a coastal division title. So U do the math.

WHo cares what Bridgewater does. What have we lost another interception machine. We already have Jacory to do that. I hope he does sign somewhere else and maybe that school will want Shannon too. Oh I forgot nobody who wants to win would ever want a loser like Shannon.

You all are on the money. They need to leave yesteryears. Im a black man and I could care less about what color the coach. I have loved the hurricanes for as long as I have loved and began to understand the game of football. I live five minutes away from Sunlife Stadium and I would not waste a red cent to go watch such an ugly display of a game! The scariest thing of all is, where would this team be if Leonard Hankerson left a year early or if Mark Duper had not step in to help him? WOW! Shalala need to pack her boxes along with Shannon in them and take a walk. This team has been Irrealevant long enough.

Posted by: forever a CANE.

Well written article. I think it just boils down to Shalala has a lot to answer for. The fans have spoken. The players are not allowed to speak. Randy speaks in riddles. What say you, Shalala? What answer do you give for this abysmal mess that the Canes are in? The fans, alum, and former players are simply NOT HAVING IT. Recruits, season ticket holders, and other financial contributors are jumping ship. You better figure something out and fast. You need to address the Miami public on why you've allowed this mess to continue on as long as it has and what your answer is to fix it. Pony up Lady! You may not have high expectations of your coaches or your players, but WE THE FANS are united, and we have high expectations of YOU. Speak!

I could not agree more, cawyst.

I'm taking my talents to LSU because yo coach s*cks.

Diehardcanesfan..you said"the liberal movement is what this country needs"

paraphrasing you, criticizing Randy is "stopping the liberal movement."
How about what's holding back the Canes?
I supported the hiring of randy Shannon, based on what i thought were good reason...recruiting Fla. talent, his defense expertise, and his love for UM. NOT HIS RACE.
So sca-roo your liberal agenda. fat lot of good it's done UM.
Donna IS the problem, and she brought her Clinton administration PC vibe with her.

Judge a man by his deeds, not his race. Randy has not done the job, and the absence of some talented out of state players (read this as BIG NASTY WHITE O-LINEMEN, like in the 80's and 90's) is a disgrace.
There are poor white folk deserving of a scholarship as well.

Who really cares. Until they get rid of Shannon, 4-5 losses a year will be the norm for this now mediocre, loser program. How embarrassing!! I do not know about everyone else, but I have better things to spend my money on than watching this crummy program attempt to play football. Shannon and these players are all a bunch of mouth. I am done going to games and spending the money. I urge all of you to do the same b/c until Shalala starts to feel it in the pocketbook, she won't make a change. Money talks, and w/ her and this administration that is quite clear.

But at least the players get good grades. Way to go, you stink at football but at least your grades are good.

What happened to a good ole fashion white qb? Is it against shannons nature to recruit one of those?

Keep Randy Shannon. I can't wake to kick a last second field goal on you in 2013.

you are all racists. you don't like that fact that this team is powered by soul power.

shalala understands the needs of the community!

A year ago I posted about my Orange Bowl curse and everyone laughed at me...I hope u guys are starting to take me serious now!! Until UM doesnt play FIU at FIU stadium, the curse will continue. Unlike UM, that allowed the destruction of my beloved Orange Bowl and didnt take pride in the stadium and allowed several loses there the last year, FIU took pride and won the final game at FIU...Therefore, I have blessed FIU and UM will continue to lose....Lose year after year...For 20 plus more years at Dolphin Stadium, until they take me serious and play FIU at FIU stadium...UM, lets see how hardheaded u guys are until u take me serious!!!

A year ago I posted about my Orange Bowl curse and everyone laughed at me...I hope u guys are starting to take me serious now!! Until UM doesnt play FIU at FIU stadium, the curse will continue. Unlike UM, that allowed the destruction of my beloved Orange Bowl and didnt take pride in the stadium and allowed several loses there the last year, FIU took pride and won the final game at FIU...Therefore, I have blessed FIU and UM will continue to lose....Lose year after year...For 20 plus more years at Dolphin Stadium, until they take me serious and play FIU at FIU stadium...UM, lets see how hardheaded u guys are until u take me serious!!!

Lots of good comments but here are some of my thoughts as to why Shannon & rest of the coaches need to be removed.
1. Awful bowl game record
2. Losing games at home
3. Losing to unranked opponents
4. Awful record vs ranked opponents
5. Excuses, excuses & more excuses! Remember when we were young & didn't have experience or depths?
6. The Stephen Morris treatment in the media? He's just a kid coach!
7. Top recruiting classes turned into???
8. Lack of enthusiasm from the coaches
9. Coaches who are afraid to get upset with players for mistakes!

Please correct your article.... DeMarcus Van Dyke wasn't on the field when Brandon Harris ran after Coale. It was #13 Ryan Hill.

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