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Thoughts on Virginia Tech, bowl picture & more

Time for the autopsy now that the hope for a record improvement from last year to this year is officially dead following Saturday's 31-17 loss to the Hokies...

... The easiest thing to do whenever a team underachieves is point the finger at the head coach. But did Randy Shannon miss tackles, draw holding penalties and drop the would-be tying touchdown pass in the fourth quarter? No, his players did. I thought Miami's game plan was very good. The Hurricanes stuck to the running game (262 yards on 42 attempts compared to 33 pass attempts) on. Defensively, they put pressure on Tyrod Taylor with a few surprise blitzes (Taylor was sacked five times). And when it came down to it, they took the right chances, putting the ball in the hands of their best players (they went for it on 4th and 1 and Damien Berry fumbled and let Matt Bosher try a field goal late in the half) to try and decide the game. The players simply let the coaches down. Six turnovers and too many missed tackles ultimately doomed the Hurricanes, even though they outgained the Hokies 464 to 369. 

... That being said at what point does Shannon start taking the blame from the administration? In his four years, UM is 4-9 against ranked opponents and has yet to win a bowl game or even get into the ACC Title game. Virginia Tech, which came over with UM from the Big East, will be making its fifth trip to the conference title game in seven years. Even Boston College has made it to the ACC Title twice.

No, Shannon wasn't handed the keys to a Ferrari like Nick Saban was at Alabama. But when you consider that Mario Cristobal is on the verge of winning the Sun Belt Conference with FIU after being handed an 0-12 program, the current state at UM is a little embarrassing to say the least.

And if you go simply on self-improvement: Where other than the play of the offensive line and running game do you point to in 2010? Receivers? Other than Leonard Hankerson, they've gone backwards. Defense? The pass defense is good, but the run defense has given up more than 500 yards in the last two games combined. Special teams? What's been special about that after the Ohio State kick return/punt return effort?

... Freshman Stephen Morris played spectacularly in the first half, completing 12 of his 17 attempts for 186 yards and a touchdown. His second half (3 of 16, 33 yards, 3 INTs) will most certainly put him back on he bench. Interestingly enough, the first words from Shannon after the game about Morris: "turnovers," "adequate," and "didn't do great." In Jacory Harris' 20-plus starts, I'm not sure Shannon was ever that hard on him. It was more like "receivers," "wrong routes," and "guys not helping him out." Just saying. 

... The most eye-opening quote in the postgame press conference from Shannon for me. "... we got a lot of little things we can look forward to ... " like "senior night." Don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time a Canes coach referred to Senior Night as one of the bigger highlights of the season. But that's where the Canes are today.

... We asked linebacker Colin McCarthy after the game what happened on Ryan Williams' 84-yard touchdown run, which put the Hokies up for good 24-17 in the fourth quarter. His response: "I couldn't tell you." Same for the 43-yard touchdown pass Danny Coale scored on to put Tech up 17-10. Here's what I saw on replay on the Williams' run: Sean Spence met the fullback head-on, Ramon Buchanan missed a diving tackle and McCarthy ran to the wrong hole. By the time he realized it, Williams was past him. Safety Ray Ray Armstrong, who was supposed to be the last line of defense, got picked (to use a basketball term) by the referee. On the Coale touchdown: Brandon Harris let Coale run free across the field where no safety (Armstrong) or cornerback (Demarcus Van Dyke) bothered to follow him. 

... The game actually couldn't have started better for the Canes. They scored on the opening drive then forced the Hokies to punt (Travis Benjamin fumbled), UM's defense got the ball back and Morris found Benjamin for a 43-yard gain down to the Hokies 21. Then, Orlando Franklin drew the first of two holding penalties in the game and the Hurricanes called time out after Leonard Hankerson converted a third and long. The time out actually gave officials more time to review Hankerson catch, overturn it, and then Damien Berry fumbled on fourth and 1. Talk about a momentum shifter.

... Lamar Miller ran for a career-high 163 yards on 15 carries. And he was cramping.

... Colin McCarthy had 14 tackles and the Canes defense had five sacks and 11 tackles for loss. Still, somehow, it feels like feast or famine for that unit. 

... Here are some numbers that should grab your attention: 
- 18. That would be the number of turnovers UM's offense has had in its four losses.
- 12. That would be the grand total of turnovers in UM's seven wins
- 23. That would be the turnovers created in seven wins
- 3. That would be the number of turnovers UM's defense created in four losses.

... It's becoming more and more apparent the Canes could lose the only quarterback in their next signing class. Northwestern's Teddy Bridgewater declined to discuss recruiting when our own Andre Fernandez tried to talk about it when Bridgewater was selected as a U.S. Army-All American last week. When I spoke to Bridgewater's mother last week, she told me she very much wanted her son to stay close to home. But the Gators and LSU are making a hard push at Bridgewater. Some may disagree because they think he's a Jacory Harris clone, but losing Bridgewater wouldn't be good for Miami. There is no real backup plan and nearly every good quarterback is already committed. 

... The Canes were pretty much on path to head to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl with a win over the Hokies Saturday. At this point, all signs are pointing to the Sun Bowl with a win over South Florida next week. The Sun Bowl picks fourth among ACC schools. The Orange takes the ACC Champ, Chick-Fil-A picks next and the Champs Sports Bowl picks third. It's likely at this poin,t Florida State (8-3) and N.C. State (8-3) will both be picked ahead of Miami even though both could end up losing season finales to Florida and Maryland respectively.

Had USC (7-4) been bowl eligible this year, UM might have been pitted against the Trojans. Instead, it looks like after Oregon and Stanford are taken by better bowl games, any team from Arizona (7-3), Cal (5-6), Oregon State (5-5), Washington (4-6) and UCLA (4-6) could end up facing UM. Oregon State and Arizona would be the sexier matchups. But Oregon State still has to become bowl eligible by beating Stanford or Oregon to close the season. If Oregon and Stanford win out, they'll both play in the BCS (National title game and Rose Bowl) taking Arizona away because they would end up in the Holiday Bowl or Alamo Bowl. 


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Whipple is an outcoached moron who game plans out of fear and distrust of his players.

Shannon is a moron because he cannot recognize Whipple is an incompentent loser who doesn't have the smarts to coax an ice cube to melt on a stove.

Shalala is a brain dead she-gremlin that was spotted a +200K year job by the Clintonistas at UM so she'd have a retirement plan without having to work. What she understands about Academia or Football can be written on the back of postage stamp with a Marks-A-lot.

Who'd have ever thought we'd be saying this, but PLEASE COME BACK, PRESIDENT FOOTE!

This blog needs to be shut down......its dispicable...

Bull Gator understands me. It's going to take time to turn this thing around.

How wants to go to those big bowls anyway?

Stop slamming me on this blog, we don't want these young men to realize I can't coach until they've signed on the dotted line.

Shannon is currently the 4th losing-est coach in UM history... the last coach to lose this many games left in 1970... he only needs 7 losses to take third... he is the fastest coach in UM HISTORY to reach 20 losses... yes folks... that does mean that no coach in UM football H... I... S... T... O... R... Y... lost 21 games in their first four years...

It could be worse...we could be those cheating, cowardly gators coached by a nut case that should be wrapped in a straight jacket anywhere he goes.

That rag arm brantley is the worst QB in all of football...starting with youth league.

of course the 35 felony arrests is just the beginning as the criminals that make up that awful roster grows by the day.

the ncaa investigation is going to put the program on probation for 5 years and get foley and meyer fired.

how about the gator who stole the credit cards off the dying girl and went on a shopping spree only to have coach nut job defend the criminal so he could play the next week.



urban meyer is the worst coach in america...



Can't say for sure %100 but word at the "U" is R. Shannon has been or will be let go as head coach. Not bashing Shannon in any way. Have been R. Shannon fan. But news may be true.




NOTE: Too good to pass up. Re-Printed without permission, but credit given.

Rudy′s Rant
By: Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat

NEW! - All is Lost

Mon Nov 22, 2010

Where did the people go who said this team would be winning the ACC Championship this year? Just curious.

I know I wasn't one of them, and quite frankly, what I am watching simply doesn't surprise me. Miami is 7-4 right now. What did you really expect? Sure, they beat North Carolina. Sure, they beat Georgia Tech and Clemson. But then hey, they also got roasted by Florida State, got embarrassed by Virginia, got smashed by Ohio State and got drop kicked in the fourth quarter by Virginia Tech.

Really, what made you think this team would be any better than they were last year? This is the same soft marshmallow team that stepped on the field last year. There's zero leadership. When your leader is a senior who has essentially barely played in three years in Damien Berry, that's a problem. The so-called other leaders are the one's that make the most glaring mistakes, Orlando Franklin, Colin McCarthy, Matt Bosher, Jacory Harris. But those guys are barely leaders. They certainly don't lead by example. Even Brandon Harris had a foolish personal foul called on him on Saturday night, but he's also the only player that truly hustled to try to keep Ryan Williams out of the end zone the 84-yard touchdown run.

But it's a funny thing when a team that has this much supposed talent can lose four games, three in arguably the second worst BCS conference in the country and the President of the university not see anything truly wrong with it. The Big East is worse because Miami beat Pittsburgh 31-3, the team that will likely be the Big East representative in the BCS. But even in that game, Miami led only 17-3 in the fourth. Not very impressive against a pretty pitiful excuse for a team.

But even after this team won its last two and had a chance at having a semi-successful season, no one showed up at Sun Life Stadium because fans have given up on this team and knew what would happen Saturday night, so why spend the money to watch the inevitable? I can't blame them when I see a half empty stadium against the nation's 14th ranked team in what has become a one-sided rivalry.

Does that not speak volumes to the people in charge of this university? Board of Trustees - Miami was still playing with a chance at an ACC Championship and only 40,000 people showed up. President - your women's soccer coach was just fired following her best season in the past five, yet Shannon remains with a team that simply doesn't get any better even though the team is filled with juniors and seniors.

How much money is this program losing at this point? I can only wonder. 40,000 people a game. Can you imagine what it will be next Saturday against South Florida at noon? Heck, half the fans in the place will probably be cheering for South Florida. If there's more than 30,000 there, I will be shocked, let alone if there is inclement weather who really knows how many will show up.

And you'll know how much of a hold Shannon has on this team if it doesn't show up and comes out flat as most expect. Quitting certainly doesn't bode well, but why should you expect more from these players, from this team, from this staff, from the head guy who seemingly puts the blame on everyone else, but himself? He preaches accountability, but to the public he's only held himself accountable once -- after the FSU waxing.

It's the turnovers, it's the penalties, it's now the schedule he's talked about. The schedule is now too tough. We need more patsies. Newsflash, we don't blow anyone out. No one is a patsy against this team. Good grief, what next? It's too sunny. It's too hot. It rains too much. It's too cold. We already know that's why this team had practiced in the morning so to avoid the hot sun and the rain. And when you do that, all you have is a soft team that when everything is on the line, they wilt, they fold and you have a 7-4 mediocre team at best, can only match last year's 9-4 record. Just face it, all is lost. And it will be no different next season if Shannon is still here.

I did not steal those credit cards off the dying girl...I simply borrowed them so I could buy my Auntie who lives cross town a quart of malt liquor.

I know one thing fo sure...you recruits don't want to play for urban the nutcase.

PS: What's a dying girl going to do with credit cards anyway? I'm a Florida Gator and proud of it!!! I learned everything I know while being a Gator!!!

I love my Gators.

To the parents of Florida recruits out there...please know I will be only 1 of 40 felons teaching your sons everything I know!

Go Gators!

It's a hard sell for 'Canes fans to accept (then pay hard earned money in this economy) to travel to El Paso, Texas for a (Sun)bowl game. Unless it's the BCS championship or a high profile bowl game, 'canes fans are not going to travel well. The 'Canes are better off staying at home (it won't cost Donna as much). They still get part of the ACC proceeds. Remember 8 wins is good enough and they need to study to earn their degrees.

It could be worse...we could be those cheating, cowardly gators coached by a nut case that should be wrapped in a straight jacket anywhere he goes.

That rag arm brantley is the worst QB in all of football...starting with youth league.

of course the 35 felony arrests is just the beginning as the criminals that make up that awful roster grows by the day.

the ncaa investigation is going to put the program on probation for 5 years and get foley and meyer fired.

how about the gator who stole the credit cards off the dying girl and went on a shopping spree only to have coach nut job defend the criminal so he could play the next week.



We graduate. Who cares about football.

UM should reject any bowl invitation that comes.

They don't want to play and we don't want to watch them. Just call it a year.

Don't even recruit...noone is coming here to get whipped by UVA.

I was all 4 randy back in 07. As a long time canes fan since the 80's, he has now had 4 yrs. COME ON. We have had top 10 classes every yr except teens last yr, but top 10 on ESPN.com recruiting in 07,08,09, and almost in 10. The players are there. We are not getting better. Period. No enthusiasm from the coach. YOU DONT GIVE THE UM JOB to a first time head coach, U just dont. Especially someone reserved like shannon. Maybwe we can talk Jimmy into coming out of retirement--he is still young enuff and maybe can handle 3-4 yrs. IT would look good on his resume. ITS TIME------4 yrs. another 4 loss season. oh, excuse me, possibly 5 countin the bowl game. we should beat USF. Its shannons fault there is a freshman qb playing and no 2nd or 3rd yr Juniors like other schools. ITS TIME TO BRING BACK THE U!!!!!!!!. We need a young exciting type of coach that can motivate these players. PERIOD. ITS TIME

So, even though FSU also lost many games in the last few years, there recruting results is now higher than Florida's. If UM continues to drop in the recruiting rankings, even if they had a solid coach, they would not be able to compete with top teams due to a lack of player talent. Yes, that is the path that the Canes are taking (aside from the solid coach remark). How many ways can the program be destroyed before it become beyond repare?

Posted by: Rodney W. | November 21, 2010 at 10:49 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/11/thoughts-on-virginia-tech-bowl-picture-more.html#ixzz163yZNTYy

RODNEY, we only have 7 or 8 committs, thats why the rank is low. We only have 15 schollys this yr available. so we wont be that high. But 4 of our 7 are top 150 players. WITH THAT SAID, ITS TIME FOR A CHGANGE-----Randy must go. WE look like a UCF OR a USF. WE have the talent to win. PERIOD> Saban took over a similar team like the canes, they were 7-6 his 1st yr, and he has made them great. Meyer took over for zooks team and won in the 2nd yr, and so on and so on. Randy is not getting us better., Its year 4 and we are making a ton of mistakes, dont look good, and its a F--king shame. really. We need a young, exciting coach, or PLEASE, JIMMY, COME OUT OF RETIREMENT AND LEAD US BACK-----------that would make him the best coach of all time if he has 3-4 yrs left in him.

To you gator recruits and you mommy's and daddy's of those recruits...let me have your son for a semester or two and I'll teach him everything I know.

Chris Rainey will teach your boy how to treat dem women and I'll teach em how to treat em when they are dying in the street...up here in gainesville we call the economics 101.

So, don't you parents woory about your boys who play for the gators, cause I'm only one hundreds of fomer gator felons anxious to do some teaching.

I'd rather be a criminal and win than a cane loser.

Stanky, bridewater sees S Morris as a freshman qb. Meaning morris will be a soph next year. IF Morris wins the job, bridewater sits for 3 yrs and doesnt start till he is a SR. So, unfortunately, thats what we have with qb competition now. If we dont get him, good riddance. I like the kid, but JH will be a SR, AJ a Junior and Morris a soph next yr, so if we have to take 2 qbs in 2012 class, so be it, morris will still have 2 yrs left. Bridgewater is wavering b cause of playing time. BUT, I was supportin randy all these yrs, but after another 4 loss season, possibly 5 or 6, its JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE> NOT ACCEPTABLE. Maybe Mario Cristobal is ready to come now. He has coaching experience and is a young energetic dude. Randy is way too reserved on the sidelines. 2. RUters Schiano, his 2 good yrs when he had Ray Rice are over and now he doesnt look like the next Urban Meyer, but maybe since he has gone backwards at Rutgers he is ready.
3. Mark Richt. A FORMER QB at THE U backing up jim kelly, a great recruiter, and HE WILL NEVER WIN IN THE SEC WITH the way things r goin. Maybe he would come home. WE MUST, MUST

Mr Bridgewater, decommit as soon as possible. Go to Florida where they are at leats a stable program, or LSU.

Randy, excellent news on the Bridgewater front. You're well on your way to duplicating the success of Larry Coker, where he recruited one QB a year and always had them decommit at the last moment.

Posted by: TonyCane | November 21, 2010 at 10:49 AM

TONY---------Bridgewater sees s morris is a soph next yr. If Morris is our next qb, WHEN is TEDDY GONNA PLAY???? He would have to be moved to WR or DB. Or he waits till he is a SR. IT has nothin to do with randy, although I want Randy fired. Recruits look at playing time. Morris looks good, so when would teddy play? Also, guys, yes espn has us ranked in the 20s , but we only have 7 committs and 3 or 4 are on their espn 150 list so dont sweat it. WE HAVE LOW SCHOLLYS THIS YR. nothin we can do about it. BUT< we have good talent comin in,.

Man where do I start! The canes looked good for a while the defense was swarming and the Offense was making plays early. Somehow, we looked like a bottom ranked team who is scared to make BIG plays on both sides of the ball! These guys are not taking it to the next level. Where is the intensity, they don't play hard at all. I love the canes but if we look like this evey week that 2008 recruiting class was a bust. Forget the #1 ranking those guys have not showed up. It is time to clear the bench and see what we have behind our so called starters.

I am a big Randy Shannon supporter, he is a home grown product that we all adore. Winning is the name of the game and 8-9 wins per year does not pull in the type of recruits we need to get to the next level. Look at the recruiting sites no one wants to come to Miami. No one is talking about Miami or throwing up the U in their high school games or interviews. We are not relevant on any level. We might as well run back to The Big East somehow.

I loved the documentary It's All About The U 30/30 but that is not who we are now. Teams play Miami now and know they have a chance to win. What happend to the fan support? I live in Phoenix, Arizona and would kill to go to a Hurricane game. The stands look like high school game. Even the soul bowl or a local playoff game brings a bigger crowd.

I am upset like the rest of you. I feel betrayed by my best friend right now. The canes have not lived up to anything talked about in the pre-season.

We have a ton of guys not playing for example:

1.) Streeter WR
2.) Dye DE
3.) Thompkins WR
4.) Storm Johnson RB
5.) Henderson T, needs to be in the game all day***
6.) Cain LB

I cannot name everybody, but if guys are not getting the job done they should not be playing.

I hope Jacory is ready to play the last 2 games because our recruiting depends on it. Hell our final record will be the key factor in landing some signing day surprises.

If we drop this last game and bomb the bowl game Coach Shannon is in trouble. I hate to say that but that it is the truth! I am deeply saddend by our lack of effort. If there has been any effort exerted it was a sorry 1. I am hoping we can close out strong and salvage a sorry season full of disappointment.

I love the hurricanes you are the only team i root for please grow up and play like the stars you are supposed to be!

To coach please do something different and get these boys ready to play on saturday! I honestly cannot take anymore ass kickings this season you gave away 4 already 8-4 is way better than 7-5!

Jimmy Johnson will not return to coaching, he's not an option.

It's over...breakout the DVD's.

I think there are a lot of coaches and players who are to blame for what is happening at the U right now. It's not all RS's fault but he is the head coach and ultimately responsible. The team is not progressing the way it should, we're all seeing the same exact mistakes week to week. Poor decisions, poor tackling, and the same holding penalties and dropped passes by the same players.
I really wanted RS to succeed, you couldn't write a better story. But, it doesn't seem like he's the right guy for the HC job at the U.

Definition of overachievement: Small resources, relatively small crowd support, no stadium yet 5 NATIONAL TITLES AND COUNTLESS NFL stars.

Definition of underachievement: limitless resources, sold-out games, university-owned stadium, ONLY 3 TITLES, FEW NFL STARS, DOZENS OF FELONS IN THE ROSTER, 3 game HOME LOSING STREAK DESPITE TOP RECRUITING CLASSES.


Why do we think attacking Florida is a good defense for UM's failures? I couldn't care less about the Gators.

Dom, good point. My post about Bridgewater was made in a pique of bitterness about the U. By all means I want Bridgewater here. If he's good enough, he can beat out Morris.

I have been laying the blame for months as to where it belongs: the liberal elitist-sh-la-la, who will never fire shannon for obvious lib reasons and is why I will cease supporting her lib agenda with donations. Let's not blame Whipple-I think he is the best thing the staff has right now. In fact, I dont even suffer anymore with each loss as in the past because losing is becoming the norm with this administration.

I knew being black would payoff eventually.

Blueprint for beating the Canes:

1. Show up.
2. Watch Canes implode.

Shannon has demonstrated his coaching incompetence and race should not be a factor in considering whether or not to retain him. Shannon has a much worse record than any of his predecessors since Schnellenberger. If race is important, note that Shannon lost to a first year black coach with a terrible Virginia team. Shannon can't coach, can't recruit, can't communicate with fans or the media, and, most damning, he can't motivate his players. He has taught his players, by example, to make excuses rather than give total effort.

bring back howard!!! we can pay him more than fau. i hope. RS takes care of harris cuz he owes harris' dad money 4 crack. go back 2 your crack house randy. take donna w/u

DO NOT buy any season tickets or GO TO another game UNTIL SHANNON and his circus leaves town...Teams are laughing and mocking the U, there is no respect..and is all DONNA AND SHANNON'S fault... FIRE BOTH AND LETS REBUILT...
Yes people will stop mocking the U if all of fans avoid the stadium like the plague since our team sucks. Nothing garners national respect like fair weather fans and nothing gives our athletic department the capital to buyout a current coach and spend appropriately on a new coach like taking away revenue. See you at the tailgate my man I'll be at east 22...

As a faithful fan of the CANES through good and bad times, I must say that many of you are playing the Judas role. Its not about race at all. Randy was a successful Defensive Coordinator for many years and when it came time to look for a coach many of you (myself included) wanted a defensive minded coach like him. Randy isn't Jimmy and yes the University isn't as supportive of the program as we'd like. But the simple fact is that he is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. I think he's doing a decent job on the field and a tremendous one off the field. During the 90's when we were in the dog house many of you scoffed at the players for being ex-cons and back deal takers, but it was ok when they won. Now that we've erased that mentality (which killed us when Coker was here), you're all up in arms. None of us are experts...if we were we'd be on those sidelines. So quit your complaining and be patient. Just be glad we aren't USC, we all know what happened to them.

A real Cane fan.

Ok ima rip dis sorry ahh team and coaches. I watchd da first half da game then had to leave to wrk later to come hom e to hear all da freakin news.
for all u candy randy, Shallalalala, jnoodle, colly flower carthy, excuse dis excuse dat supporters...F*** U!!!
Y was Graig C. starting wen Lamr is the best back. Rotating 10000 backs doesnt wrk sorry. And Orlando Suks tooo!!!

for all u "Academics first football second" people...F*** u too!!!Yall aint real fans Str8 up. Football is last in this school and is an after thought. and for all u ppl that say us fans never attended the school and arent real fans check this out...maybe we shoudnt be UM fans if yall dnt want us to b... Then the stadium will fill up 2K every home game

Posted by: season's been over | November 21, 2010 at 04:24 AM

Just a fantastic post. Way to embrace the reputation of the typical UM fan.

Eudocimus, GFY. seriously. just because you dont care about success doesnt mean the rest of us should just follow suit. miami sucks, get used to it or stop being a fan!? are you f***in serious!?

whatever buddy... you can sit there and say "nothing can/will change, we just need to accept it" but i for one WILL NOT.

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