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UM injury report for Ga. Tech

Hurricanes injury report for Saturday's game at Georgia Tech:

DL Josh Holmes – Lower Extremity

RB Damien Berry – Illness
OL Orlando Franklin – Lower Extremity
QB AJ Highsmith – Upper Extremity
DB Brandon McGee - Illness

DB Lee Chambers – Lower Exremity
TE Asante Cleveland - Head
QB Jacory Harris - Head
WR Allen Hurns – Upper Extremity
DL Curtis Porter – Lower Extremity


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Don't U mean an extremity report. Do we even have legitimate injuries anymore on this team? I've never known a team with so many boo boo's that kept them out of a game. But then again I have never seen a right handed back up QB be held out because of his left hand. Where is the toughness in this team.

Do you follow UM football at all? If so you should know by now that Randy Shannon doesn't tell anyone what's wrong with his players because he thinks it gives him a competitive advantage.

A torn ACL or an amputated arm would still be listed as lower or upper extremity injuries.

Ojomo's broken jaw that caused him to miss last season was a "head injury" until the story got out.

Yes to answer your question I have been a fan for over 25 years and followed them every season of the way. Do follow UM football or did U just follow Shannon. AS far as a competitive advantage, judging by Shannon's body of work he might consider other avenues as ways of gaining competitive advantages. Why doesn't he try actually coaching the players instead of thinking his CIA idea
is going to win games. I don't know who is more stupid, Randy Shannon or U dummies that support his failures.

randy shannon head coach extremity

Championships Doichebag, you are as ignorant as they come. Listing an injury simply as extremity does not mean it is minor. You should know that, what with all the football "watching" you do to go along with all the women you get.

Don't know which part of the above is more funny. You are a buffoon championships, and you still have not fixed that grammar.

Has anyone here ever heard of HIPAA? By federal law, medical information about anyone is considered "PHI" protected health information. When you go to the doctor's office now, the first thing they do is shove a HIPAA form at you - it is about privacy. Without a signed release, no one is permitted to have, or to release any medical information about a third party. Shannon would have to get signed releases from every player in order to give details of injuries - and let's face it, why expose the U to possible litigation? If someone is too hurt too play, that's all we need to know.

Well Bull there you go. All the proof U need is on this blog that I am not Sean Wilson, it's U. So I guess U are the racist like I said all along. Just when I think U can not get more stupid, U prove me wrong. WHich incidently is the only thing U can prove me wrong at. So kudos to U nimrod. U must be so proud. Oh and U are worried about the grammer thing, if I were U i'd get a spell check or a dictionary with your spelling short comings.
Who told U how to spell douche bag, its not doichebag. U big dummy.

Why do some of you "fans" bash your own. I have always supported the Canes. You guys want to throw Randy Shhannon under the bus. Randy Shannon that helped the U win a national championship as a linebacker, won a national championship as a defensive cordinator (actualy 2 if you count the one the refs took in 2002). Randy Shannon is a CANE! He is part of the CANE family. Nobody wants this program to win as much as him.

We all want Shannon to succeed, the problem, in case you haven't been watching, is the lack of consistancy from week to week. This team lacks a killer instinct and with our so called talent, we should be blowing teams out. We scraped by a pitiful Duke team and lost to Virginia, that Duke put half a hundred on. This team at worst should be 8-1. If we hadn't been so dam generous at OSU, we could of won that game. FSU just plain spanked us.

Gotta agree, consistency is what we true CANE FANS are looking for. I feel that this game against GT...will TELL US ALL ALOT ABOUT THE STATE OF OUR BELOVED CANES FOOTBALL PROGRAM!! If we go out there and lay an egg. Bring the ham, bacon, hash browns...because we are TOAST! However, if by some chance we pull together with every ounce of effort...( VT does play UNC - Alot rides on that game )...and we comeaway from GT with a W...then we got something here. I say we know the outcome of this one by the middle of the 3rd qtr...let's have Morris, Berry, Hank, Miller shine on O. BUT PLEASE DEFENSE STEP UP! NO big runs from the razz matazz offense...pressure on their young QB...play in their backfield....it's on the D this week. I don't see any other way we win...unless we make them have trouble with their exchanges. I live in ATL, 5 minutes from Tech...nobody here fears us...they believe they'll take it to us! Let's show them we have not given up on a good season, and that we have come to play some dang football! JUST DO IT FOR ONCE!! GOD BLESS

What does it change to have the details of an injury? The guy is not going to play. Move On.

winning a championship as a player has absolutely no bearing on your ability to win one as a head coach.

Don't worry it's a part of game so forget it and go for your challenge..

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