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UM injury report for Virginia Tech

Here it is:

WR Allen Hurns (upper extremity)

TE Asante Cleveland (concussion)
LB Tyrone Cornelius (illness)
QB Jacory Harris (consussion)
QB A.J. Highsmith (wrist)

DE Andrew Smith (lower extremity)

DB Lee Chambers (lower extremity)
DL Curtis Porter (lower extremity)


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The UM one is horrible.

VT should adopt these though. They would be an improvement over their hideous uniforms.

I agree i hate the helmet it loses the U

OMG...has Nike really gone nuts....the Miami uniform is south of ugly, starting with the helmet. Can anyone see the []_[]?

I dunno, looks like a cross between Clemson and Oregon. VT's are tight though, they should of hooked us up with a variation those. MAKE US A BLACK UNI ALREADY NIKE!

i hate the Uniz bUt i actUally like the helmet - the rest is horrible. jUst hope oUr game sat aint as bad as the new Uniz!!!!! GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it!

What in the world is up with that uniform?

What color is that, danger mouse fuschia?

And you can't even see the U properly as Michael Friedman.

How pathetic for Nike to not really get it with Miami but darn well get it for UF and Oregon. Interesting.

What did we do, draw the shortest straw or something? That is the ugliest uniform I have ever seen in my life. They are uglier than Syracuse. Whats up with the helmet changing. Please tell me that we are not ever going to wear those uniforms. And please tell me that our money that was donated did not pay for that crap. We are going to look like a bunch of pumpkins or carrots out there in that garbage. Who was the poor dummy that had to wear that mess? Who's bright idea was it to change the helmet to green and change the shoes from white to green? Those Uniforms are so ugly the guys on Monday night football will have us on C'mon Man.

That uniform if Fuh-ugly. Are you kidding?
Was this one of Sha-neh neh's bright ideas?
I get it, they are "green" and eco-friendly right? Bio-degradable? edible? Do they have a lower carbon foot print?

I like it for the most part, I wish they would have kept the helmet white, which is really part of our brand recognition.

The uni is FINE....for one game....


I want the gold helmets with hurricane flags on the side with green jersey and gold pants...NOT!!!

Those uniforms get uglier everytime I see them. Doesn't anyone that makes the decisions about Uniforms have any taste. I could see changing the Helmet to black with the U in green and Orange if we were going in all black but to change the Helmets and shoes from white to Green makes the jersey and pants look worse than they already are.

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