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VIDEO: Canes react to Georgia Tech win

Here are some video interviews after Miami's 35-10 win at Georgia Tech on Saturday compliments of UM's sports information department:


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Good game...I'm reserving my thoughts on the coach for when he announces the return of Jacory Harris.

We ran the ball and threw intelligent passes...and our offense worked. Keep doing that. J12 is the backup QB in 2011 but he'll be back to lose us the Virginia Tech game. The saving grace for RS is that Morris is black, so nobody can pull the Crudup card.

Jacory, in the words of Craig Mack, "UPS is hiring"

good win. keep the momentum and don't let up.

I believe give jacory harris a chance to start as soon he mess up pull him out, beside that goof win miami

Morris seems to bring energy to the team that Jacory doesn't have. Even during today's game Jacory looked uncomfortable celebrating the team's success. Maybe he's still concussed; but I just don't see in him what it takes to lead a team as a QB.

Morris is the best QB option we have, if randy is smart he WILL stick with him.

Hopefully Jacory is learning some things from watching Morris...I guess we'll find out. If Jacory starts vs Va Tech, the pressure is on...if he throws an interception the stadium will be calling for Morris to come off the bench.

Doesn't look like our chances of winning our side of the ACC are very good, but at least with Morris, we have something to look forward to in the future. Go Canes!

Stephen Morris has proved in just two games that he is the superior athelete at QB. Did you see that pass he threw like a laser?...the ball looked like it was shot from a rifle! He can first of all THINK and then quickly REACT. He can run, pass and refuse to get sacked. He will toss the ball out-of-bounds before giving up yards. Jacory on the side-lines looked sick as he knows a freshman has exposed him for what he is...mediocre. If anyone on the coaching staff thinks they are what is making this team really sync-up the past two games they are dillusional...IT IS MR. MORRIS that is turning the entire team around by inspiring them to believe. Stephen is a hero and Shannon should reward him his due. Sorry Jacory, but you are as good as you ever will be. If Jacory plays against V.T. Miami's season is over as he will try to be a HERO and will make outlandish and stupid passes hoping to 'out-shine' Stephen and then all is lost. What a shame.

GOOOOOOOOO UM Medical staff!

If Shannon puts potato chip 12 in next week they need to run him out of town with his homeboy QB. Learn from the last few games Morris has what it takes to win and PC12 is average at best with that noodle arm.

Will Jacory's doctor PLEASE insist that he needs more rest? Can't be too cautious, you know, about these head things....

Great Job Randy Shannon!

You recruited 2 top flight QB's and now with Whipple's new approach to play calling both players will excel.

Mr. Shannon has recruited and put together what will be the best offense line in the country next year and with the strongest running corp in the nation linning up behind those cats the offense is going to be a juggernaut.

Another strong recruiting class of stud defensive/offensive linemen and the turn around that Coach Shannon has worked so hard to achieve will be realized.

Run Jacory out of town? He's here to go to school with football paving the way...not the other way around. I'm disappointed in the season he's had as well, but only because he doesn't seem to have improved over last season. But I do believe the kid has given it everything he has and he should remain at Miami to get the degree he came for! We should be thanking him for committing to Miami and for giving his team and the fans his best.

The mighty gators (tee-hee) got trashed at home tonight…again! Urban and his high school offense with not one, not two, but 3 QB’s were pathetic and spurrier tore apart the vaunted gator defense (again, tee-hee).

Do you think the gator fans have finally realized that timmy tebow was the only person that could make whacky urban’s flag football league offense work? Maybe with another 2 or 3 or 4 of the highest rated recruiting classes in the nation, that the gators always brag about, will do the trick…NAH!!!

the canes I mean whipple has learned to listen to what we have all been clamoring for:

RUN the rock

Run the rock.

USC's lattimore carried the ball 41 times.

Why cant we?

In the NFL all good teams have run before the pass to set up the pass

Run till were blue in the face. He almost got away from it in the 2nd and 3rd q but then he stuck to it.

The OL played awesome

The D was great

How did we lose to Virginia?

How did FSU beat us so badly when they struggled against Clemson?

Answer: Coaching

Hoep the coaches are learning form their mistakes, because they have lost 2 games already this season

i kinda liked shannons interview today. he seemed humbled and relaxed. straight up nice. i think he should be like that more often.

didnt really like how he said hanks one of his favorites, but whatever. good win today fellas. hope we can get lucky and VT loses to UVA.

Let Morris stay in there, we've had our 2 best yardage games with him in the game! He should keep the job, it's his to lose! Jacory is still a pretty good QB. And to the smart ass who said the Craig Mack quote, it was actually Biggie who said UPS is hiring. It's all about the U!

Hey Cane fans, your place or ours to watch the ACC n SEC Championship games ?

Maybe Jacory and Brantley will play on the same Canadian Football team together...

Their nickname ?

How 'bout "Merde n Merdeier" ?

Truce Cane fans ?








Naaaawwwwwww, didn't think so.

Basketball season start yet ?

MOrris is the best man for the job.. Lets run Jskinny and his ddady out of town..People even after shannon saw what Morris can do.. he will still start JSKINNY over morris and loose against VT.. That shows what a bad coach shannon really is.. he plays favorites and does not give the team a chance to win..FIRE SHANNON GET THE F...Out of the way JSKINNY

JKinny big bust...Randy shannon, biG FRAUD.. Morris, Priceless for the U..Keep JNOODLE out.. He sucks.. Morris is smarter faster and more accurate than JSKINNY... and lets not forget HE IS A TRUE FRESHMAN...SHANNON resign.. get the F...out and take ur son with U..

It's not looking good for the ACC title but it would be really nice to beat VT badly and go to the bowl game again at 9-3. With all the turmoil and underachieving this year we'd still end up in the same place as last year but with a young and aggressive offensive line, two top flight QB's and a set of receivers that have learned they have to put in the effort or they'll regress. With all the holes plugged by young kids I guess it was unrealistic to expect greatness. Still, that UVA loss stikcs in the craw because we should really have a shot at the ACC.

Next year our defense will be the key because we'll be replacing Bailey and most likely B. Harris (my fingers are crossed on him coming back though...learn from Hank!). But we have truckloads of 5-star d-lineman on the roster, so it's the emergence of a CB that will be important. We should be loaded again and our d-line will be older and stronger and won't get run over by OSU and FSU again.

Let's run the table, WIN A STINKING BOWL, and set ourselves up for next year. And who knows, maybe the miracle will happen and we'll beat VT and UVA will beat them too.

Go Canes!

Lets begin by saying I am a JH fan. I like the kid's poise and really think his troubles are not all his fault. But after watching the last 2 games I was really impressed by SM's playing ability. The team has looked entirely different the last 2 weeks. SM has earned the chance to start , no doubt about it.

Ain't that right, Curse Piggy?

Morris is clearly better but he is still learning and not completly proven. I think Whipple is to blame for some of JH interveptions. If we would have run the ball more and limit JH long passes just like they did for morris then maybe we have a better record. Arent you supposed to work around strengths and weaknessses? JH throws interceptions on long balls into double coverage, please stop calling those plays Whipple.

whipple didnt tell jacory to lob it up into double coverage. we've been successful with those plays before, jacory just cant read a defense like morris can.

Jacory Harris is a great leader and quarterback. Whipple has finally gotten religion and is calling a game that helps his QB versus putting him in bad situations.

Additionally, since Jacory's injury the offensive line has woken up and realized that they can't put the game on the shoulders of a freshman as they did with Jacory.

The Canes are now blessed with two top-flight Division I QB's and a barn full of thoroughbred receivers...thank you coach Shannon!

Randy Shannon has done a spectacular job of recruiting and coaching these players and we are now seeing the turnaround of the program unfolding before our eyes.

These Canes are going to destroy Virginia Tech.

Canes back in top 25...ranked 24th!

Of course the writers voted 4 or 5 teams ahead of the Canes that we would demolish, but that's life in the world of being a Cane.


Bench Jacory Harris. I'm sure he's a nice kid and all.

BENCH JSKINNY... U SUCK JNOODLE.. Morris is the real deal.. he has not lost a game...and does not throw flying ducks.....

If Stephen Morris continues to grow and stays healthy the 'U' will be in a BCS bowl soon and potentially a National Championship. This kid's up-side potential is unmeasurable!

J-Noodle has peaked---Morris is better as a freshman than J-skinny will ever be. Amazing!

Truce Cane fans ?

Posted by: Curse Piggy, the obsessed Gator Troll with mother issues | November 14, 2010 at 07:27 AM

Oh, sure, ignore offers of a truce all season, making fun of people for daring to suggest a peaceful resolution, and now that your team has four losses and looks horrifying on the field, you SUDDENLY see the light?

Curse Piggy, Arty/Soldy, Sean Wilson, you have earned every BIT of retaliation you get.

It is a shame that Gator Clause has turned into a pit of despair, but the fault lies ENTRIELY with you and your three straight years of racist trolling, threatening to lynch our QB and head coach, and stealing the IDs of Canes fans that dared to disagree with you.

Your attempts at a truce now are too little, too late, and too pathetic.

Get lost, and go wallow in the pit you created for yourself.

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