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VIDEO: Canes react to Virginia Tech loss

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Here is what they said after the game. Feast. 


Opening statement: "Toss loss against tonight Virginia Tech, a team that came out, played hard, played well tonight. Thought the basically key to the game was that we turned the ball over in the red zone and they didn't turn the football over tonight. And when you have those type of things happen in the game, bad things are going to happen. We couldn't capitalize on big plays. They capitalized on big plays. Nobody how you call it, it's not individuals. It's not a person or that person. Basically, when we had chances in the red zone we had two fumbles. When we had opportunities, deep balls thrown, we had opportunities. They capitalized on the long run coming out of the third quarter. We had opportunities. We couldn't capitalize on it. That's the nut of it and the way the game went. I thought the guys played hard, they stayed into it. Like anything, you can't turn the ball over against Virginia Tech. I thought special teams we were equal. That stayed the same. Offensively and defensively we had chances to win the game tonight.

On Travis Benjamin's big drop: "We had drops, big key situations in the game. We didn't capitalize on it. Not just him, we had some other plays in the game where we had some drops that could have been the difference in the game. They made the plays and we didn't. You watch it, it's heartache because the guys played hard. We couldn't come up with the right plays at the right time and they did."

On how Stephen Morris performed: "Turnovers. He did adequate, he didn't do great. He threw some interceptions in the game. I thought the first half, he managed the football game well. But like I said, the two turnovers in the first half really got us behind. Those two turnovers might have put six points or 14 points ahead of where we needed to be going to halftime. But when those things happen, now it sets you back. We came back fourth quarter, he pressed, threw some interceptions and things like that. Those things are going to happen when you start pressing a little bit."

On Lamar Miller cramping up: "He came back in the game, cramped up again. That's all I can tell you."

On Virginia Tech's big runs: "They had a big run in the [fourth] quarter they went ahead on. They capitalized on some big plays and we didn't. Hard what happened tonight. I can't tell you any other different way to explain it. They made the plays and we didn't."

On physical nature of the game: "It was a very hard hitting game. The players played very hard, physical. It was one of those games like when we play Virginia Tech all the time. The hits and those type of things are going to happen. Luckily everybody got up off the field and there were no serious injuries. I thought it was a physical game on both sides of the football all night."

On his decision to go for it on 4th and 1 up 7-0 in the first quarter: "We had momentum going and came up with a fumble. First down, we're OK. He fumbled the football and now it's a bad situation. We don't fumble the football, it's first and 10 ready to go and try to capitalize. Our offensive line was doing a good job running the football. We were getting 3, 5, 8 yards a crack. In those situations, because you have the momentum, you expect to get the two yards. Didn't expect the turnover, it's just part of football."

On being eliminated from ACC contention: "It's disappointing being eliminated from a chance at winning this side of this division. But we got a lot of little things we can look forward to. We have another game against South Florida next week and that will be senior night. We got some seniors on this team that did a lot on this team to get back to where we're at right now. They know we have a long way to go. But it's a start for them and a start for this University to really recognize those seniors because that senior class came in and played as true freshmen. Those guys are playing now and helped with the recruiting class. Without those guys on this football team, we wouldn't be where we're at now with this football team."


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Canes need to leave ACC and go to a conference where officials will give them a fair game. The plays after the flea flicker where ridiculous. Holding call on Franklin was very questionable. Cooper's head is noticably dragged down on the run by a facemask, NO CALL. Hankerson gets dragged down at 11. I have watched the replay 5 times, no way was he brought down before the 11. Actually, was closer to 10. Replay spots at 12??? Total BS. Phantom pass interference call on their 48 yard drive, 30 of which were penalties including the phantom PI.

ALL YEAR the ACC referees have done everything in their power to cheat us out of wins. It is time to seriously explore going to a conference where we can get a fair game called. It ain't happening in the ACC.

Been saying it all along. T. Benjamin's stupid drops are gonna kill us. Like Jacory, how can he accept his horrible playing and just keep doing the same thing every week?

I like how Shannon is quick to throw Morris under the bus and blame him for the turnovers. When Jacory throws picks he always blames the receivers.

Same stuff, different week.

I agree about the ref calls. Instead of moan here, GO to the ACC website and lodge a proper complaint. Keep it straight and professional though.

OK - here's the link:


Raise a proper ruckus about the refs. Keep it straight though.

We have complained to the ACC all year. What good has that done for us? We get cheated home and away. Enough. If the ACC wants to blatantly cheat us then we should just leave. I'd rather play in the SEC or Big East and get a fair game called then playing against the other team's 11 players and the 6 referees EVERY game.

Where do we go from here? I don't even know where to begin to pick up the pieces.

Oh please. Now its the refs. How about stopping a backup QB on 3 and 16. How about stopping a running play? Shannon should have kicked the field goal there. He let the whole monetum swing right there.

I was a big supporter of Coach Randy Shanon, but I can no longer support him. Plain and simple, Coach Shanon has to go. He has to go!!!!

I am sick and tired of being a mediocre team. At UM 8-4, 9-3, 9-4, ...etc, records just don't cut it. This year the minimum expectations were an ACC Championships. Anything less is and was a bust!!!!

In my opinion, Shanon has to go.

Also, Dona Shalalalala has to go. UM is not MIT, Harvard, Caltech, ...etc. Who would sign a 25 year contract with the folks from Sunlight Stadium (or as I like to call it JR Stadium). Ask ask you, who in their right mind would do that? That's just stupid, plain and simple. Shalalala has TO GO!! We have no chance of ever winning a National Championships with her at the helm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I attended and graduated from UM, and the U is a football school. We, the alumni and UM's fans, deserve and demand a top notch program worthy of NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, and not excuses.

It's great to be in the top 50 academic schools in the U.S. (as reported by US News & World Report), BUT we demand National Championships. I wish that Randy would have brought us to the promise land (after all he's a UM graduate and I'm sure loves the school), but that's never going to occur under his leadership (NEVER!!!). He just does not have it in him!! He's a good recruiter, not a great one, BUT more importantly he's a bad (bordering on terrible) game time coach and an even worst motivator.

The U needs a change at the end of this season. We are clamoring for it and we DEMAND it!!

Why doesn't the Miami Herald conduct a survey to find out how the fans feel?? I'm pretty certain that over 60% want Randy's exit from the U at the end of this season.

This season has a been a TOTAL WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Canes will be back.....Just you wait and see !!!!!

Same thing different year huh Cane fan ?

I would not exactly call the Gators year a break out/banner year. Anyone who does is just plain silly, if not bordering on stupid!!

Heh, There U Go Again, the Gators are in the same boat as the U. Just one bad, disappointing, and forgettable year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh please now the refs cheated us. Get a freakin life, Shannon and Shalala have cheated us. They are the ones to blame. The only conference Shannon could win in is the sunbelt and he probably would not be able to beat Troy then. Face the facts morons SHannon is a loser and we are in no better shape now than we were when Coker was fired. This staff and administration is as comical and pathetic as those fugly uniforms we wore today.

I'm pretty certain that over 60% want Randy's exit from the U at the end of this season.


Who cares? You're just a fan. Fact of the matter is, whether you like it or not, academics come first, then comes football.

Anyway, as to the game, I just want to say that I hate these garbage ACC refs. I'm sick and tired of them blatantly screwing Miami. It's gotten to the point it'd be funny if it weren't so sad. Phantom pass interference calls. Overturned called without even a shred of evidence to back them up. Missed holding calls on the opposition, even though said refs have no problems dreaming up non-existent holding calls on our players. Missed chop blocks. Blatant facemasks. And so on and so forth. If this is how the ACC wants to officiate, then Miami needs to give a big middle finger to the ACC and go somewhere else.

Ok UM fan, SPECIFICALLY, what did Randy do wrong in this game??? Name ONE thing. No bad timeouts. Had his team come out well, and they would have been up 10 and probably 14 if the not for the replay reversal. And check it out for yourself. ESPN3.com. You look at that play 100 times and tell he how you justify a reversal like that.

How many of you negative fans attended the game? Did you UM? The team NEEDED a home field advantage today. If you are a fan, even a disillusioned fan, you pack the house with an ACC title potentially on the line. If your agenda is to get Randy fired then your ego is bigger than being a fan, and you should just stop following the Canes because you let your team down today. Can you imagine this game today with the GT atmosphere of last year?

Everyone is an expert nowadays. 90% of you never played a down of college, and none of you have ever coached a down. But yeah, you know it all. BS. The refs kept VT in the game until they finally showed up in the second half.

Oh yeah, it was a total waste to find out that Lamar Miller is a damn good running back, Morris is the real deal, the freshman on the O Line as better than any of us thought, and Leonard Hankerson, statistically, is better than Michael Irvin. Hardly a waste. And if you thought this was a national championship year with our schedule, I have Everglades swamp land to sell you cheap.

Now, I am ready to declare Benjamin a bust, and safeties that allow 80 yard runs a bust. Three plays on one drive with the game on the line Benjamin single handedly decided that he would not even try to make a play. He didn't jump on the first long ball, made no attempt to block on a wide reciever screen and dropped the game tying touchdown pass. Shannon needs to sit his sorry butt for the rest of the year.

Either Shannon sucks as a coach or the players he recruited sucks either way Randy SUCKS and needs to take his sorry ASS somewere else and take the rest of the sorry ass coaches and some of these below average players with him,Benjiman being the first.I said before last year Shannon would never win 10 games as the head coach. 2009-9wins ass kicked in bowl game 2010-8wins if he is lucky ass kicked in bowl game again if I were a betting man 2011-9wins,I dout it RANDY SHANNON SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Ok championships, watch that replay 100 times and come back with the justification. Cause if not for that, it is Miami up 7 and first and goal on the 11. We were rolling to that point. VT goes down 14, with Taylor getting rocked, and they just figure on beating Virginia next week.

Shannon is the one that needs to be sat down and put us out of our misery. If Shannon was head coaching material this team would have won today, won at Virginia and not got blown out by FSU. Why do we keep screwing around with this loser. Name one good team he has beaten.

Look man bad calls happen in sports, ok. Every team has them, not just ours. Do you remember the 90 cotton Bowl, those refs flagged us for just showing up and we still beat the crap out of Texas. Losers blame the refs. Winners overcome them and win.

Hey SJMPARMAN, so according to you we had a good year, our record is sound, and we should all be fat an happy with what's going on.

I guarantee you that over 60% of the fans at JRS today (including myself) are extremely unhappy, upset, and want Randy Shanon out.


Whether you like it or not, this year has been a BUST! Many people have said so, including former UM All American Dan Morgan!!

And with RS we will not get any better. We are presently regressing.

Losing to OSU was reasonable, but losing to FSU, UV, and VT is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

This season has a been a TOTAL WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are REGRESSING!!!!!

How can you get angry at the refs? The Fiesta Bowl should have already desensitized everyone to questionable officiating. What you should be mad about is a team that is so undisciplined that they lead the nation in penalties, that they cannot man-up enough in the fourth quarter at home to overcome a very beatable VT team, that the coach is inarticulate and ineffective. With this team, a real coach would be undefeated--we would be sitting around rooting for Ohio State and FSU to win to help our NC cause. Keep Shannon around as a feared motivator to keep the players out of jail and in the classroom, but, really, if you are serious about college football, hire a real coach: one who fits the mold of relatively unknown and hungry to win. Randy's "I bleed orange and green" credo has expired.

Look man bad calls happen to everybody not just us. Do U remember how those refs in the Cotton Bowl flagged us for just showing up and we still went out and beat the crap out of Texas. They fact is if we had a real head coach who knew what he was doing we would have won going away. Losers blame the refs, winners overcome and win.

Shannon picked the players and coaches. That is what he did wrong. He is the coach so he takes the blame. He recruited 8 lb's in 08 yet the same 3 lb's play and miss tackles each week. He recruited 8 recievers, yet Hankerson is the only one who can catch. He is a supposed Defensive guru but in the 3 biggest games this year Miami gave up over 120 points. He recruited the DT's who get pushed all over the field.

Keep telling yourself that Ray Ray is the next Sean Taylor, VT the next Ed Reed and so on.

Wow the Sun Bowl this year. Randy is running out of crappy bowls to go to.

The officials reviewing and then reversing the Hankerson spot and then taking away the first down greatly changed the momentum of the game in favor of Virginia Tech. This was huge! ESPN showed this play from every angle in slow motion and in every replay it showed Hankerson clearly falling forward for a first down. Yet, the official in the booth overruled the call on the field.

Tonight, in the Maryland/ FSU game the official on the field awarded FSU defensive back Greg Reed an interception as the game was winding down. On the replay it unmistakably showed that Reed dropped the ball. The announcers in the booth also said it was obvious he dropped the ball and made it clear that the replay they and the audience were looking at is the same replay the referee in the booth is looking at. Yet, after the review the ball was still awarded to FSU who went on to kick a field goal giving them a 7 point lead.

So, one of two things occurred…either those ACC officials calling the FSU/Maryland game are the worst to ever call a game other than Terry Porter or they have a more sinister agenda.

For over 30 years now I have been a witness to our Canes in the biggest games not only having to defeat quality opponents, but also overcome blatantly biased officiating calls. We are the only team in college football history to have a national championship stolen away on an officiating call that was inarguably corrupt.

The University of Miami administration must stop this…see no evil…hear no evil…speak no evil posture and put together a historical statistical and visual presentation for the media and daylight this garbage that the NCAA has transparently turned a blind eye to.

i agree with sjmparman, half of you complainimg but dont even show up the to the games, but sit at yout little computers and bit#h week in and week out , you say we goimg to lose recruits ha!!!! if they havent left already from the venum you spew, real canes are there through thick and thin not abandon ship when needed the most

Like Jimmy Johnson said U can't put the game in the refs hands, so go and dominate so they can't cost U the game. In the Fiesta Bowl we did that instead of blowing OSU out and in 88 we suffered the same fate to Notre Dame. The point is quit making excuses for a poorly coached but talented teams loss. We should have won by 2 touchdowns in this game had our team been coached by a real head coach not a moron.

A.C.C. is a corrupt conferences !! I watched the officiating over the last seven years and they
always favored the Carolina/ Virginia teams!!

Time to leave the A.C.C. !!

They would leave or not commit to Miami because they are smart enough to know that our head coach is stupid and can't win or make them better. It has nothing to do with the fans. So U would rather follow and support a moron and drown rather than get into a life boat and live? Go right ahead and drown. I am all for supporting a coach that shows progress from one year to the next but we are just as bad off now as we were under Coker. At least with Butch every year we were walking Florida State and Virgina Tech down until we beat them. We are no closer to an ACC title today than we were Shannon's first year.

He is a failure and U know it.

I am serious on this. We all need to write Kirby Hocutt and ask him to explore a different conference affiliation. You can say UM is the most penalized team in the country but is that because the team commits penalties or because we play in a conference that, week in and week out, tries to cheat us out of wins? I say the latter. Remember the phantom Sean Spence face mask that negated our sack/touchdown three games ago? Anyone here want to justify that flag?

Oh here's one, last week, McCarthy recovers a clear fumble, the GT players knee is NOT down, and we get the reversal? What about the clemson game where they almost single handedly checked every Miami offensive play looking for a reason to screw us? I would agree if we were getting blown out, that Randy needs to go. But when I see such OBVIOUS referee cheating against him then think it is up to the AD to take a stand and say to the league, if this is how you are, we WILL go where we can get a fair game called.

Yes, many refs hate UM and have been making biased calls for years (See phantom call against Buckeyes a few years back). It hurts us, but is not the story. UM lacks big-time coaching leadership,plus an astute administration, and our team seems to just be missing some crucial ingredient in big games. Is it motivation, focus, confidence, or what? The kids played hard today, and we have some strong talent,but there is an element missing. A big part is leadership from the coaching staff. And maybe it is time to stop comparing current teams with the National Championship ones. We'd settle for an ACC division title and a top 10 ranking, while winning big games and beating less talented opponents. There is a leaderrsahip peroblem with the Canes, and it is tough to witness. But, hey, beat South Florida and then win the Obscurity Bowl or wherever the team is going to play.Don't be embarassed any more. Go Canes!

championships is all that matters:

Sadly, as much as it hurts me, I have to agree with you!!

Randy Shanon has to go! We need to go back to the top 5 ranking status, and a National Championship or 2 along the way.

Now it's the refs? That's hilarious.

Paul Dee, who was the WORST AD in Miami history, created this schedule, and last years. Dee: I got an idea for success, lets play four really good teams in a row each season, and then go into conference play. So we play OSU, Pitt, Clemson and FSU in a row. Not much of a chance of going undefeated.

Sam Jank, I'll stop there, cause I can't spell his last name, at least gave his teams a schedule that was manageable. Randy has not been given a good schedule since day one. I think that should be considered in anyone's analysis of the job he has done.

Jimmy Johnson knows the bias by officials better than anyone when the officials called Cleveland Gary's touchdown against Notre Dame in South Bend a fumble...which it was not!

That call caused us not to play for the national championship that year.

Wow now there is a conspiracy against Randy. The ACC wants him fired too. I have never seen someone make more excuses for a man.

Maybe Kirby should contact the SEC. We can become Vanderbilt.

Shannon is a joke. Everyone can see it. I mean the man kills Morris yet never says a bad word about Jacory. On the pregame, he even went out of his way to suggest that Morris' success had to do with Jacory coaching him up.

Hear Hear championships is all that matters.

Randy Shannon shouldn't even have a press conference.

Stephen Morris is a freshman QB, it's natural for him to turn the ball over. You should expect to give up points on turnovers, you have to live with it. I thought he was much better than adequate. Way to throw him under the bus.

What I don't understand is how we pin them inside the 20 in the 3rd quarter and proceed to give up a run straight up the middle for 80+ yards. Weren't you some type of defensive coordinator?!?

I haven't seen even ONE of you say that reversal was correct. So according to EVERYONE of you haters, it was a bad call, it is ok to cheat against the U and that play had no effect on the game??? But yet, Randy Shannon, should have to deal with this bull every game???

i will continue to root for shannon and our hurricanes , if he ie fired then
so be it , but until then i never not cheer thek on , am i pissed we lost sure i am buy givjng up on them is dumb in my opinion , canesfan 4 life

First of all, back in the 80's we played Penn State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, Michigan and Michigan State. Like the old man who used to call games with Greise said of Miami "This is the team that plays anybody anywhere anytime and usually beats them." He hated Miami more than any announcer I have ever seen but he knew how good we were. We have always played good teams every year. Pitt wasn't that good, Clemson wasn't that good either. THe only good team we have played has been Ohio State and if it wasn't for the return game we would have gotten blown out in that game too. U can schedule creampuffs like Kansas State did and when we play a really good team we would get squashed, or play good teams and beat them and then we start getting our respect back.

The haters are happier than ever...the Canes lost!

The moron haters that post on this blog, using various aliases all have one thing in common...you could fit on the head of a needle what they know about football and the history of the Canes program.

It does my heart good to know these twits who never attend games are so frustrated, because Randy will be coaching her no matter how many whiney entries they make on this blog.

Go Canes! Go Randy!

espn3.com. Go there. Tell me that Orlando Franklin committed the hold, called by the side judge (whose job is only to look for holding but a tight end not by tackles or guards) when the Miami runner was past the line of scrimmage, not the umpire whose job is to watch for holding, tell me you don't see Cooper's head being pulled down on the run, and that Hankerson is ever down before the 11. If this was over a game, I would say sour grapes. But this was on the most important drive of the game.

Can ANYONE justify the PI penalty??? Of course not.

And what did Jimmy tell them guys before the game U can't go to Notre Dame and put the game in the refs hands or you are going to lose. Thats why you handle your business on the field and the refs can't say anything.

Enjoy the losing while U can cause time is running out on that loser just like the excuses for him.

It was Keith Jackson who was not a bad announcer. Even Keith would have been concerned because he did believe in the sanctity of college football. Pitt will be Big East champs, for whatever that is worth, and OSU may end up Big 10 Champs. Only loss that truly was unaccpetable was to VA. And we lost Jacory, and who woulda thunk Whipple was that bad? Even still, Morris almost won that game.

So fans wanna start all over, new coach, new offensive and defensive coordinators, lose all current recruits, because we go 8-4? It doesn't make any sense.

SJMPARMAN & dre 07:

You cats are what the Canes are all about. When times are tough you are there for the team instead of quitting like these weak kneed little girls do everytime we experience a setback.

Randy has built an incredible offensive line with a stable of bad arse running backs and up and coming receivers that will play their hearts out for two great QB's.

Our defense needs to improve and will!

I am going to enjoy the USF game and then our bowl game.

To the cowardly haters: It's a Canes thing little girls and you wouldn't understand!

Jimmy told the team that in 1988, when he had his players in place for 4 years, and remember, he started with taking over a national championship team. And his players did not win the national championship that year. By the fifth year of Jimmy players, he was gone.

Now I don't see JJ players on this team. The WR's as a whole are not "play makers" other than Hankerson. The RBs are. The OL is. The DL is. The LBs other than Spence are not. Ray Ray needs to red shirt next year. But I think this team is vastly improve over any Coker team since 2007. I am just not ready to declare the experiment over at this point.

Yeah Whipple is pretty bad I must agree. Yep we want to start over with a real Head Coach. 8-4 would be acceptable here in Shannon's 1st or 2nd year but C-mon man this is year 4 and we should be in the top 10 at least and won at least a conference title. This is Miami not Vanderbilt or UNC or someother school who has never won national titles in football. Do you honestly think UNC or Kentucky would accept mediocrity in basketball? Heck Kentucky hired Gillispe one year and fired him after he lost and his team did not live up to there expectations.

So yes we want a new head coach and just what recruits would we be losing. Last time I checked we had maybe 15 scholarships available and it isn't like we are killing it on the recruiting trail. Plus what good is recruiting a player if we don't have a head coach and staff that can develop the players and make them better.

And what did Jimmy tell them guys before the game U can't go to Notre Dame and put the game in the refs hands or you are going to lose. Thats why you handle your business on the field and the refs can't say anything.

Posted by: championships is all that matters


Please tell me you can't be this morbidly stupid...PLEASE!!!

The Canes played brilliantly against a GREAT Notre Dame team in their house who went on to win the national championship...you imbicile!

The referees stole that game away and had you been around at that time you would have been screaming for Jimmy Johnson to be fired.

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