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VIDEO: Canes' seniors talk before USF game

As usual, your collection of Tuesday interviews before the USF game. For the complete audio soundtrack of coach Randy Shannon's press conference, click on this link.


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Okay, people have you all looked at football from this perspective. Their are two types of sports fans in my book. Either you are a fan or spectator.
SPECTATOR: This is a person who just looks at the game and say things like, "Oh, he just didn't want to catch the ball on that play." Or, "we just lost because JC threw to many interceptions."

FAN: This is someone who knows sports terminology and lingo. They look at the strength and weakness of the opposition. If Miami runs a run play, they can tell what lineman missed a block or if a receiver missed a block. The Fan can also look at the oppositions secondary and tell what type of coverage their in.

Im a fan, I have watched weekend and week out how, in our losses, we were just out coached and not prepared for what the team is going to do to us. We can argue that we should of won games that we lost and vice versa, because it was some games we should of not won as well. Some coaches are just coordinator material and not head coaching material. Butch Davis, with Coker as the recruit and offensive coordinator, transcended college football recruiting forever. First of all, they put a tight blanket around South Florida and made it hard for teams like Florida or Florida State to get the best players their. Secondly, they designed the pipeline network and started recruiting heavenly on the west coast and got the best from California. Coker was a fine offensive coordinator and sucked as being a head coach. We should of had at least 3 championships with Coker from the recruits that Butch Davis left him. The program had problems and it went down hill since Coker took over. Shannon, like Obama and the economy now, inherited a really bad dilema. He had to clean up the program, which he did very well. The problem is that it is not carrying over onto the football field. Look at it like this, Florida has been in the top 3 recruiting class since taking over as the head coach. Are they what they are rated as, NO! They are paper champs, not on the field champs. It makes Florida and Meyer look like they are recruiting God's. Shannon has had 1 top ranked class since he has taking over. Shannon has a tragic background and childhood that needs to be honored. He overcame so much in his life to be in a position where he is today. I applaud the man and wish him well. He was a great defensive coordinator whose defenses were in the top 5 yearly (google it). With him as a defensive coordinator and a good offensive minded head coach, the U could be strong again.

Shannon won't go back to being a D-Coordinator after being demoted. That's just not realistic.

Yes, Shannon has overcome a lot in life but so has many other people. That doesn't have jacksquat to do with winning games and putting us where we belong among the Nations Elite. It has been 4 miserable years under him plus the time that Coker was here. Make a Hallmark movie about his life and give him the proceeds to buy his contract out. I am sick of losing because of his imcompetence and I am sick of hearing about his blah blah blah hard life. WHo cares. He is here to win championships and he is not getting it done. Nick Saban inherited the same bad situation at Alabama and he has already won a National Title there. Plus Shannon has a much better recruiting base here than Saban has in ALabama. So screw the excuses and go ahead and fire him and put us all out of our misery.

OK, if you read what I stated then we are both agree with the direction of the U. Saban is a defensive minded coach. He has relied upon a strong defense and a controll the clock offense. Here, we can have the best of both worlds. Just look at the 2001 championship team here at the U. We can dominate at every position. We need a general who commands and can lead us to the elite program again. I stated that about Shannon's up bringing to illustrate his mind set on the direction of what he wants.

Thats cool and all but do you really think Shannon even knows what direction he wants? Plus thats kinda la la land stuff. Plus Shannon was not that great of a defensive coordinator. Do U remember the Louisville game at the Orange Bowl when Stefan LeFlores threw the ball all night on us. Randy did not know how to stop them. He was just like Coker, he clung to and hung on to the Defense that Schiano had created. Shannon did nothing, but yet people believe because some dummy on ESPN said that he was such a great coordinator. They said the same thing about Coker and U see how great he was.

Cane nation who would you want to lead the U if Shannon is fired? Jon Gruden? Jimmy Johnson, not happening, Mike Leach, Mark Richt, or the coaches at TCU, Boise State, etc. I would prefer Jim Harbaugh. He is winning at an west coast ivy league school. His team isn't feeled with 4 or 5 star recruits but is winning year end and year out. He coaches players. (key word coaches) We do not have that luxury here at the U. We are getting out coached and very undisciplined in all phases of the game. Just look at the idea of him coming here and transforming the U into the U!

I could not agree more. Harbaugh would be the best solution. Then Peterson, Patterson, Richt, Petrino, Art Briles, Brady Hoke, Al Golden, Dan Mullen, Mike Leach, Steve Sarkisian, and thats just a few would be great fits for us and our talent.

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