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VIDEO: Canes talk after Maryland game

Here are some interviews with UM coach Randy Shannon and players after Saturday's thrilling 26-20 win over Maryland.


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It could be worse...we could have scheduled only 4 away games and played teams like Miami of Ohio, Vanderbilt and Appalachin State. We could have 35 felony arrests and play a felon who just threatened to murder a yong girl and our coach could be transported too and from games wearing a straight jacket in a portable rubber room and Emiit Smith could have beatch slapped our school during his NFL Hall of Fame induction speech and openly tell people he wished he had played for our competitor (Miami)and we could have our whole freshmen class trying to mutiny and our commitments all backing away because of the NCAA investigation we are currently embroiled in and we could have lost to a team at home that doesn't have the forward pass in their offense and we could be playing in a stadium that is a septic tank.

So, yes, it could be worse!

And, oh by the way, I get the banana remark aimed at Randy, but will cut you some slack knowing your ilk thinks a gourmet meal is cooking up 5 day old road kill on the hibachi bolted to the rear bumper of your 50 year old pick-up truck that you and your toothless illegal alien common law wife have to hide down the block from your trailer so it won't be repossesed by Billy Bob's Bail Bonds, Tattoo Parlor and Toe Nail Fungus Center. Go Gators!

Posted by: Ben Hill Septic Tank


Spot on!

hey dumba**, why do you keep agreeing with your own posts?

ive come to realize we are exactly like the cowboys. talented players, horrible HC, overrated OC, and an incompetent administration that should not be involved in football decisions.

UM athletes=dallas athletes

difference is we dont make an effort to build a new stadium.

And yet again… you don’t understand football, are completely out of touch with reality/society, and have no evaluative perspective what-so-ever. not to mention the fact that you create other screen names and AGREE WITH YOURSELF in order to “make believe” that someone actually agrees with your immeasurably long list of idiocies. the worst part is, is that you have no self-awareness. so even you cant see what a pathetic loser you are.

Can someone in cane country volunteer to translate the Michael Irvin show for me? This is all I hear:

mmmmppphhh, mumble, mumble, DA U, mmmmppphhh, mumble, mumble, COWBOYS, mmmmppphhh, mumble, mumble, CANES, mmmmppphhh, mumble, mumble,SWAGGER, mmmmppphhh, mumble, mumble, CHAMPEEENSHIPS, mmmmppphhh, mumble, mumble.

Michael Irvin is torture for the ears.

Great win against an average Maryland team. I do agree we need to mix in some different types of offensive formations. The pro-style offense, in college, is rapidly becoming like the wishbone obsolete. A majority of the QB's coming out of high school are running the spread or shot-gun offense. It's becoming hard to find a true pro-style QB and to me that is one explanation for all these dam INT'S we keep throwing. These stupid penalties have to cease. Is Morris the answer, in the long run yes, against Va. Tech,I'd rather see Harris, at least until, if or win he blows up. Morris has better foot work and a much stronger arm but he to is a little color blind.
I mean how many int's have we thrown in the last 21 games, isn't 35. I'm surprised have we even have a winning record. We need UNC to beat Va. Tech and we have to win out to get to the ACC ship. I'm even more sick after seeing Puke put up half a hundred on Virginia and all we could muster was 19. That's coaching for ya!

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