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VIDEO: Canes talk after USF loss

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The regular season ended with a thud Saturday as the Canes lost to USF 23-20 in overtime. Here is some video:


Opening statement... "Today's game was one of those games you come out, fight, play hard each time. Had an opportunities in the red zone, couldn't convert all year long. That's been our stigma with this football team, getting in the red zone, couldn't convert, turning the football over in the red zone. Your sad to the seniors go out on not a good note. Guys on defense played hard, they kept us in the game the entire time. But like anything we had an opportunity on one of the drives to make a play, canceled out some points in that situation. Just down right now. That's how I feel right now. The players down. Seniors are down. Tough one. That's about all. I've kept saying it all year long, the same things been happening to us as a football team. You can't win games like that when those things continue to happen."

What were you telling officials on the last play... "That was between me and the official."

On why he started Stephen Morris... "Jacory just wasn't playing very well in practice this week. He wasn't in rhythm like he was, like we were used to. We knew were going to play him at some time during the course of the game. We didn't know when. We decided to go with him in the second half, see where he was at."

On what happened on Jacory Harris' interception at the end of regulation... "I don't know. I have to see it also on film, evaluate it."

On why he did not start Jacory Harris... "I said if he was ready as far as reps. I said that now. I said if he is practicing well, Jacory will start. I said he's the starter, but if he practices well, he will start. Now, other people might have misread what I said. But I said what I said."

On when Morris was told he would start... "Me and coach Whipple decided when we decided on playing him."

On why he called a timeout with 14 seconds left and UM on the Bulls' 31... "We knew we were going to get one more shot at it. It was a 50, 52 yard field goal. We were trying to get maybe five or six yards, something like that and make it a 40-something yard field goal."

On why he didn't run the ball to setup the field goal with two timeouts... "Why not run the ball? Our run game was not very good today -- besides Storm Johnson's long run. You take Storm Johnson's long run away from that game and we didn't do much in the run game. They were stuffing our run game pretty well today. So you have to take your chances with dinking and dunking to the receiver coming across the middle. Hankerson an out. LaRon doing those type of things today because they were really stuffing our run game.We got ourselves down by throwing the football with crossing routes and things like that. This last interception -- things happen."

On if the early offensive struggles were part of the kids coming out flat... "No, I don't think that. Defense kept us in the game, like I said. Offense couldn't run the football. We couldn't get nothing offensively. They did a great job stuffing our running game. We couldn't run it. The defense had to step up and keep us in the game like they did."

On UM's rushing struggles... "I have to watch film. Once I watch film and evaluate, I can tell you guys what it was."

On switching from Morris to Jacory... "We said we were going to give Jacory a shot. You guys are trying to make more than what it is. OK, you all continue to do it. Somebody, tells you it happened Sunday. That was on ESPN or whatever. Then it was always going to be from this point or whatever, I keep telling you guys two or three weeks ago, Jacory is the running starting quarterback for the University of Miami. I'm not going to put anybody in a situation where they aren't practicing very good, the way he should be practicing. If I'm wrong for doing that, tell me I'm wrong. But I'm going to look out for what's best for him and this football team. You guys want something different.

"Stephen wasn't doing nothing in the game. Jacory wasn't practicing well, we weren't going to start him. Now, you guys are going to ask me again and I'll have another question on it. This is my second time saying it."

How disappointing is the season... "It's always disappointing. You never want as a coach to be satisfied -- no matter what. No coach across the nation would be satisfied. I'm not satisfied, no. You only get satisfied until you win it all. That's when you get satisfication. If you're 10-2, you're happy, but you're not satisfied. You get never satisfied until you win it all."

On if he worries about his future... "That's you guys in here. You'll be discussing that all the time like you've been doing for the last six weeks. So..."

On if 7-5 is a step back... "Yeah, record wise we're not where we need to be. The only thing is that we improved some areas on defense. We finished second in the Coastal Division instead of fourth. But we didn't improve our overall record."

On what the mistakes have been all season... "Red zone, turnovers."

What will the team do now... "Go back, watch film, have a team meeting at 2:30, lay out what we have to finish school with and get ready for the bowl we have to attend."

On if all he was trying to do was finding a quarterback to win game... "That's all. You're just trying to find the best one and whoever is hot at that time is who you go with. We feel like we have two quarterbacks, they're making plays, doing certain things, but they're also making mistakes. You always get discouraged by that. But you want to keep grinding them so they can be the best that they can be and give us the best opportunity."

Does it matter who starts... "Everybody in here thinks it does. Not drilling you guys. But it's the truth. You guys always care about who starts. Kendall Thompkins started against Georgia Tech. Nobody really cared about it. They didn't realize Hankerson didn't touch the field the first 10 plays of the game at Georgia Tech. So, it's a big thing about who starts and doesn't start and I don't know the reason why."


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It's on the AP report as well. It's done. Time to focus on who would be the best fit.

I know Shannon will land on his feet and be coaching again.

it would've been a dream if the shannon era worked but he is a great coordinator who was just wasn't head coach material and a decent recruiter who did a good but not great job restocking the talent pool at the U...many outstanding prospects have slipped out of south florida the last few years. He like Coker did a very poor job of developing the talent and it will now cost him his job. As for what's next the incoming coach is going to step into an outstanding situation as he will have a ready to compete team with decent depth...a good coach will parlay this job into a big time NFL job....however the school does not have the money for a big name coach and it is critical they find the "right" coach who is on the rise and has what it takes to push this program to the next level otherwise 4 years from now we will be going thru this garbage all over again and the situation will be far worse. Miami is not an attractive job opening like it was say 10 years ago but it is much more attractive than the mess Coker left.

Looks like coach is gone to bad. RAndy is a class guy i think will end up at a nice program like colorado. They could use his recruiting. He just isnt the man for miami losing to usf and going 7-5 was unacceptable. This team made to many mistakes on the feild. There discipline off the feild never seemed to carry to on the feild. I wish him the best. That said this team only has like 14 scollys to offer to any new coach wont have many new recruits anyways. This teams talent is jrs. redshirt sophmores and sophmore and freshman. We may lose a couple jrs like brandon harris to the nfl with this fireing but losing to usf had to be the final straw. If u are miami u cant lose to usf u just cant. I was a supporter of coach thought he deserved 1 more yr but losing to usf is inexcusable.

Hey Eudicimous or what ever your name is, I thought U said Shannon would be here next year so we were just going to have to accept that.

Blah ha ha ha. I told U he could lose enough games, fan support and money to make that short toad change her mind.
Oh Shalalaber will never fire a minority. Well guess what it just happened.

Hey Bull, Don't say I didn't tell U what the truth was about Shannon. U can imitate and pretend to me all U want now. ITs celebration time.

Cristobal makes perfect sense...Chud would be going backwards better shot at an NFL job with as many as 12 openings this offseason...Halgorsen from Oklahoma St. Or Sumlin at Houston can land better jobs. Who are some other candidates that come to mind?

No prayer any of thes guy's would even take a call: Gruden, Harbaugh, Petrino, Skip Holtz, Boise State's coach, Richt, Norm Chow, Gus Malzahn.

Possible, but not likely: Cristobol, Chudzinski.

Apparently past history does not enter the thinking of some. Replacing Randy with a name coach with a winning track record will be a huge, if not impossible challenge...wait and see!

Don't bet on it SOnny. Just ask your boy bull about betting against me.

No real Cane fan should be celebrating the firing of Randy Shannon. Randy is one of the finest human beings you will ever meet and he gave his heart and soul to the program from his playing days on through.

A change was necessary, but for ANYONE to find pleasure in this development is certainly not a true Canes fan and at best is a small minded hater.

Don't bet on it SOnny. Just ask your boy bull about betting against me.

Posted by: championships is all that matter


I've been TRYING to read your posts and find nothing of substance in anything you print. Calling people names day and night on a blog and taking great joy in watching a man like Randy Shannon lose a job he worked his whole life speaks more about who you are versus Randy Shannon.

I am sure all of the members of this blog would be interested in reading a list of your accomplishments...the floor is yours.

Sonny I could care less what U find of substance. I could care less what U think of Shannon. All I care about is Winning Championships. SInce U don't, follow Randy to wherever he Goes since U are content with losing.

How 'bout Jim Leavitt? He would be great fit for our program...good recruiter and passionate!


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