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VIDEO: Canes talk before Virginia Tech game

I'll be back shortly with some notes. But here are the video interviews from Tuesday's press conference and practice as the Canes prepare to take on Virginia Tech Saturday.


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Is it possible we play good 2 weeks in a row? This is the one team we always seem to find a way to crumble like an adobe brick against. If Morris passes this test, I'd say the only way Jaboney sees the field again, is in mop up duty or if Morris gets hurt, either way it's turned out to be a good problem to have.

Morris will start.

See ya'll there , 6 rows up at the 30...It's gonna be a good one. And to those of you boycotting the game ... if you already have tics ,they already have your money so they dont care if you boycott. Flood thier E-mails with your concerns. SHOW UP FOR TH#E TEAM! CANE "TIL I DIE!!!

50 minutes of video.

Folks, that is why we are here, NOT to fight with each other, but to enjoy the best access to the players short of driving there and getting a job as a janitor.

Thanks Manny and Susan!

they actually had 370 yards of total offense and we only had 2 turnovers.

VT is gonna be a tough game. Don't expect BIG things against them.

We MUST run the ball; play action. DL has to perform. there are a lot of players who still act like they don't want to play.

Whatz up with that?

Let's forget the damned talk and actually kick some a--. All year, it's the same old blah blah blah but you lost to Virginia. Are you guys ever pissed off about anything? Do you ever play angry? Does it bother you the refs do everything they can to find a way to make a call against you? They hate you so hate them back and freakin hurt somebody. The 'Canes of the '80s would destroy you. Why did you come here. Do something and shut up!!!!

It's the comments above that got me on my soapbox. "It's gonna be a tough game" UGH! It's about attitude and this whole "we'll be lucky to win" attitude got started with Coker. Forget that crap and make it life or death. Beat this team up and stop playing like you "hope" you will win.

MORRIS is the real deal.. Bench JNOODLE... boycott the game by not showing up....if they loose money, you will get their attention...FIRE SHANNON NOW AND SAVE THE CANES>>>>

future recruits dont come to the U until SHANNON gets fired...WE are working hard to get him out of town.. if u come here he will bench u until u beging to kiss his A...**

Manny: What are the redshirt rules. Can Jacory still get a medical redshirt since he played in 6.25 games?

This would make him a 4yr-Jr, Morris-So, and Teddy Bridgewater - True freshman (possible redshirt);this sure would allow for some intense competition and quality quarterbacking for the next 3-5 years. (Also this used to QB-U recruit a quaterback every year, no matter who is in the camp already!!!)

ALL you so CALLED FANS....start supporting this team or SHUT THE F UP and go hang out in the FSU or UF blog...

Bunch of losers....


LETS RUN SHANNON out of town.. thats my support... shannon is a bad coach and plays favorites... you will see he will start JNOODLE and not allow morris to start next year

Jesus a lot of you guys need a life!! You don't run the program or the school, Just be a fan and support them through thick and thin.

Jay Smooth,
I don't think anyone is going to run Randy out of town just yet. Maybe one or two of his assitants needs to hit the trail but if he chokes next year, especially against some chump team like Virginia, it's adios with a bang.
Jaboney, as we all see now, is in trouble as far as over taking Morris. If however, he to has a couple of bad games, the birds will start chirping and wanting Jaboney back as a starter. You know how us fans are.

Vir. Tech. is going to really test Stephen Morris. They are just as aware of his abilities as anyone and he will be their primary target. Vir. Tech. is going to try and hurt Stephen as they know that all we got left is Whipple and he can't even 'hand' the ball off with confidence. The O-LINE must protect Stephen and keep opening-up those running lanes. I would love to see the 'D' have 10 crushing sacks and V.T. have to play their 3rd string QB! This game will be all about INTENSITY and who's got the most of it.

I hope the University of Miami kicks Virginia Tech's as_ all the way back to JerkBurg! Let's put a cleated foot up their as_ so deep they'll look like they have a new pair of extra teeth! When our 'D' makes a hit I want all the Hokie Momma's to 'feel it' when their baby boy gets jacked-up! What do you call 'relations' between Va. Tech. students?...how 'bout the 'Hokie Pokie'!
I'm crackin' myself up!

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