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Jacory, Berry, Miller return to practice

Perfect Wednesday evening here at Greentree Field at the University of Miami.

Practice is over, and there were some welcome additions to this session -- Jacory Harris, Damien Berry and Lamar Miller

Quarterback Harris, recuperating from his concussion, came out of hibernation to face the sunshine. J12 was wearing his white jersey with black shorts and no pads. He did not wear a helmet. He threw passes during individual drills.

Harris will not play Saturday.

‘‘Just a little bit, that's all he did,'' UM coach Randy Shannon said. "He moved around a little and just threw some balls to receivers and that was all.

"He's been happy every day. Last week he was happy and he was happy at the game. He has a lot of enthusiasm. He's always going to be up."

How is Harris helping current starter Stephen Morris? 

"He talks to him, communicates with him all the time,'' Shannon said. "All the quarterbacks communicate and talk amongst each other. He talked to him in the game a lot, which was good. Anytime you have a guy like Jacory who has been in the fire, it's always good to talk to somebody
like that."

What's the next step in Harris' recovery?

"The medical staff will let us know," Shannon said.

Also returning were running backs Berry and Miller. Berry has been rehabbing a leg injury, and also caught the flu, which apparently has been going around the team.

"I wasn't feeling too good. I had a little stomach virus," Miller said regarding his absence from Tuesday's practice. "It's been traveling around the locker room."

Miller said Berry's addition was important. "It felt good to see Damien Berry back on the field. He's been rehabbing a lot -- like three times a day and we're glad to have him back. To me it looks like he's 100 percent. It looks like he's ready to go this week."

Left tackle Orlando Franklin did end up coming to practice, but he took no reps. He is expected to play at Georgia Tech.

> Tight end Asante Cleveland was there today, but he was on the sideline in shorts and his jersey and didn't practice.

> Also there fully dressed, but not practicing when we were out there at the beginning: defensive tackle Josh Holmes, who has sat out four of the last five games.

> Wide receiver Allen Hurns was not at practice.



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Well said Ooster.
Loser-Shannon = Loser-Phillips. At least Jerry doesn't wait 4 years of losing to can somebody. UM take note

360 - it's never been a legit earner, before the BCS you just had split national championships and more controversy (if that's even possible).

Posted by: Eudocimus | November 11, 2010 at 11:00 AM

I think it was legit then, for what we had. If you didn't have a loss then won your bowl, you were crowned. If you did have a loss, but the other undefeated teams lost their bowl, you were crowned. And I have no problem with sharing it. That's legit to me when there isn't a playoff or the fact that the teams with the same record didn't play each other. So why not share it?

Voting only two teams in with 3 or more teams with the same record is not legit. Voting in a two loss LSU team over those other teams is not legit.

I don't care who they play as if we punish teams based on where they are simply located. I'm sure BSU has tried to schedule a home and home with top teams, but no one wants to travel and play the "my conference schedule is already tough enough" card. We give them no respect even though these BSUs and Utahs have beaten the OUs and Bamas, in BCS bowls, on national TV, in front of millions...I'm just sayin'.

What else we gots to prove? The playing field is level guys. It's time for a playoff. You never know which team gets hot even though their regular season was sub-par. Look at other sports with playoffs:

2007 NY Giants
They started the season 0-2 and ended it 10-6. Went on to beat the undefeated NE Patriots. Do you think anyone cares they were 10-6 or that they are Supper Bowl Champs? Because of a playoff.

2008 Fresno State
They ended the season 47-31. BUT they won the College World Series. Because of a playoff.

Even our own Canes with a 6-3 record could get hot going into a playoff, and win the whole enchilada. You simply never know, and that's what's great about sports.

I guess when Shannon wins out, people will shut up for a little while...hopefully.


Shannon might not be going anywhere, but it doesn't mean we can't critize him. Yeah it might annoy some of you, but losing doesn't?

We're the only major college football program in South Florida....and we can't win!?!?!

Posted by: Canesjunkie | November 11, 2010 at 01:19 PM

Saying FIRE SHANNON, and that's all you come with is not criticism.

I have to agree with Brandon Harris. This season is on the players. Shannon IS getting it done.


jim leavitt.... I think he fits the mold

and he deserves a second chance and could turn the program around...

recruiting might be an issue with his past off the fld. actions... it makes sense...
Gruden if we give him a Titantic boatload of money... That would be AMAZING! Our style of coach! And a winner!

I just dont see Shannon as our future...
And to say to NOT go to the games till he is fired... please... if that is the case... become a Gators fan. We don't need you!

And yeah, ... there is prob. no way Donna would hire Jim... no comment needed.

Randy is a good guy.. I have met him, ...
but I think a change is due esp. in this siti we are in.

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