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Would Canes-Gruden really be a great fit?

University of Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt is expected to deliver his pitch to Jon Gruden in person Wednesday and try to snag the biggest fish in all of football. But if Hocutt can't bait him (I'd say there probably is a better chance Hocutt won't) it doesn't mean the Hurricanes will necessarily be losing out.

Jon Gruden As sexy a hire as Gruden might be for the people powering this push for relevance at UM, the truth is there are probably better fits the Hurricanes can find elsewhere. History tells us the most successful coaches at UM -- Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, Butch Davis and, yes, Larry Coker -- weren't exactly big names or established championship coaches before they became the man at Miami. They made their mark at UM as hungry, up-and-comers looking to establish their own fame and success.

Gruden has already tasted his. He won a Super Bowl when he was 38 years old, the youngest ever at the time. Now, he entertains us on Monday Night Football (kind of reminds me a little of John Madden). The issue here isn't if Gruden would be a good coach at Miami. The man knows football. He was 100-85 and made the playoffs five times in 11 NFL seasons. There's no doubt he would give Hocutt and UM's administration exactly what they're looking for: an instant shot of relevance and excitement for a rabid fan base starving for some.

The issue for UM, in the end, is if Gruden will really be the perfect fit -- especially for around $3.5 million (astronomical rates by Canes standards). Is the grind that is recruiting something Gruden is going to want to do? How about the every day stuff like chasing 18 and 19-year old players to class, making sure they stay away from South Beach, and helping who ever needs counseling get through tough struggles off the field? You know, The U family stuff. UM President Donna Shalala may love winning more than anybody at UM, as Hocutt said Sunday. But she doesn't seem to me like a person who will all of a sudden let the principles she asked Randy Shannon to uphold slip, so UM can win more games and play for championships. 

I'm not saying Gruden couldn't be Superman here and do it all well. But the fact is he hasn't coached in college since 1991. All he's known for the last 19 years is the NFL. His reputation (one I gathered from talking to a sports writer who covered him in Tampa) is that of a football coach who is a competitive junkie, someone who loves the X's and O's with a passion and drives his assistants hard to achieve perfection. He's a guy who wakes up at 3 a.m. and is in the building to work by 4:30 or 5. Nothing wrong if you want to win. But college football is clearly a completely different animal than the NFL.

And that formula of winning at the NFL level doesn't always translate to college. Bill Walsh went from winning three Super Bowls with the 49ers in the 1980s to spending three years at Stanford in 1992. He won 10 games in his first season including the Pac 10 title, then went 7-14-1 over his next two. Bill Callahan led the Raiders to the Super Bowl in 2002 (against Gruden) and in 2004 found himself at Nebraska. He went 27-22 and in four seasons and played for the Big 12 title only once. He's now back in the NFL as an assistant. Al Groh (Virginia) and Chan Gailey (Georgia Tech) are others who won some, but didn't have major success in the ACC. The point is for every Pete Carroll at USC or Nick Saban at LSU and Alabama, there are examples of an NFL coach going back to college and not working.

And Gruden will definitely have to recruit. This isn't a team built to win a championship right. The quarterback play remains questionable. Receivers, linebackers and defensive tackles aren't stacked either. This isn't a matter of a team ready to win a championship and just needing the right leader.

In the end, who really knows what Gruden's intentions are and why he's even meeting with Hocutt at this point. Maybe, he'd like to coach his son Deuce (currently a junior in high school) in college? Maybe coaching at Carrollwood High got him thinking he'd like to go back to coaching young players, teach them the fundamentals of the game. Maybe, he would like to coach with his brother, Jay, potentially his offensive coordinator, and be the next biggest thing on South Beach behind LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Maybe, he'd love to be the next Pete Carroll and win three national championships. Or, maybe, this is all about Gruden trying to get his name out with the NFL season coming to a close soon and big jobs likely to become available. Whatever his intentions, that's Gruden's business. Miami seems to be willing to go to extremes to get him.

All I know is on Sunday, as we listened to Hocutt, I heard three different messages about his search for a choice. The first: "At the U, we expect to compete for championships and nothing less." The next: "Miami must be relevant in college football." And the last: "You can be relevant nationally and not win your conference. But at the end of the day, you must be relevant nationally here at the University of Miami."

Gruden would definitely make the Canes relevant. But I'm not sold on the rest of it. I'd rather have a guy who has done it all already somewhere else and is ready to take his success -- and UM's -- to the next level.

> I just want to give credit to our own Barry Jackson and Susan Miller Degnan for some excellent reporting tonight on this Gruden story. It's easy for anybody -- me included -- to get on Twitter and post stuff we hear from sources. But I can tell you putting it in print is a different deal. Barry and Susan worked hard last night to get a lot of good detail in today's story from sources as close to the situation as possible.

> As the story mentioned, if Gruden doesn't pan out the other potential targets include Mississippi State's Dan Mullen, Stanford's Jim Harbaugh, Connecticut's Randy Edsall, Utah's Kyle Whittingham and Arizona's Mike Stoops, plus at least two others names, sources said.

Of that group, Mullen, Harbaugh and Edsall intrigue me the most. The issue of course is that Mississippi State is trying to act fast as possible to resign Mullen to a bigger contract. Harbaugh, a Michigan grad, has done a great job at USC and would also be a huge get for Miami. But I suspect he'd be Wolverines all the way if he left Stanford. Edsall is probably the most reachable. He just isn't the name that sparkles and gets fans excited. So, essentially, I think this list will expand to include some more top-notch names.

As I was told last night by a source, UM is ultimately looking for a charismatic leader who is an established winning he coach and doesn't come with any baggage. Just thinking out loud, but I think Wisconsin's Bret Bielema (45-16 at Wisconsin) and Baylor's Art Briles are guys who have won in tough conferences that probably deserve consideration. Outside of that, a good NFL coordinator wouldn't be bad -- especially with the labor issues in store for next year.


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Gruden has never built anything and I really question his ability to evaluate talent and keep us off of probation. If he comes, I really hope I'm wrong.

Dg u are wrong...he built an Oakland squad that should've went to the super bowl twice. He has lead men successfully at the highest level. I'm on board with Gruden. I hope u are also.

I bet d bag extroidinaire is pullin the gerbels out his3rd point of contact right now

RS deserved another year but with that being said, I would rather have Kyle Wittingham. Look at his body of work in utah. This guy has a great mind and is hungry to prove that he is a good coach. What he could do for The U and what The U could do for him is limitless! The notion that we need a big name coach to win or fill the seats in the stadium is crazy, start winning and the seats will be full! Gruden will bring instant gratification to the university but for how long before goes back to what he really craves? The NFL

Via Colin Cowherd: The reports are coming in that he's a strong possibility at accepting the job.

"There's a storm coming to Miami, and it's called Hurricane Gruden."

The reason that Chan Gailey and Al Groh struggled was not because they were former pro coaches, but because they went to football losers. The U is no loser, South Florida recruited correctly can win you a NC immediately and if I was a 5 or 4 star recruiit, wouldn't you want to go to a school whose coach not only knows The Show (NFL) but is still tight with many of the teams. If he left in 3 years, I can guarantee you he will have stockpiled this place with talent and the next coach will keep the train running.

Time for us Canes fans to wake up. A once great program has been mediocre for years. It has been painful to watch. If UM can land Jon Gruden, great! It would be a passionate coach for us, a nice change from Shannon. Who needs a paranoid climate where assistant coaches and players can't talk to media? Where the enemy is everyone but your next opponent? It is a toxic approach that only breeds confusion and doubt in young players.
Good riddance.

As to the racism charge, wake up and get off your chronic victim game. In real life, you either deliver or you don't. There isn't a true Canes fan who wasn't pulling for a true Cane (RS) to be a huge winner. He failed to deliver and did not have HC abilities, and he was not a "great recruiter". Plus he alienated too many high school coaches (see Tampa Plant), ran off players, did not inspire, etc. Let's be thankful for all the good things Coach Shannon did, but he could not take the UM back to national relevance.Period. Move on.

So, applaud the UM for going after a big time hire. If we don't get Gruden, many of the others could be strong as well. Be positive. Help IS finally on the way, whoever the next coach, for true Canes fans!

And by the way, we can do better than Coach Edsall.

Gruden has never built anything and I really question his ability to evaluate talent and keep us off of probation. If he comes, I really hope I'm wrong.

Posted by: dg | December 01, 2010 at 10:29 AM

Do you watch football at all? I mean, seriously?

1) If the Canes get Jim Harbaugh they would win the ACC next year and the BCS the following year. What he's done at Stanford is amazing and I suspect that he may be in the running for a serious NFL gig.
2) No way Brett Beilma leave UW for Miami, he a god in Madison and if youve ever been there u know that it's not as glamorous as South Beach but they don all right in Madison.
3) I agree with anyone who is against Dan Mullen just because I don't trust anybody who brought us Alex Smith and Tim Teabag the whole thing stinks of fraud.

4) Could we please stop talking about race I'm a black dude from the southside of Chicago and I promise u that it was Randy Shannons time to leave the team regressed they have at least 5 NFl stars on each side of the ball and he wasn't getting the productions. When he looks back on it i'm sure he will realize he should have put J-12 on the bench a lot sooner for the good of the team, the player and the coach.


I see Harbaugh at Michigan too. Is there anyone who fits the mold more than he does? Rich Rod was a desperation choice that in the end brought them no closer to the minimum of being able to compete with Ohio State.
I have been a huge fan of Bielema since watching the Badgers man handle the Canes last year. That guy is on par with Tressel and I think he would be every bit as good as Gruden. Wisconsin is a extremely well coached team but I just can't see him making what is not even a lateral move at this point. If in fact Harbaugh did go to Michigan it gives the big 10 one more step towards competing with the SEC.

Unfortunately the ACC is a long way off and we can only hope our Cane nation piece comes together. Go Canes! Go Kirby!

GRUDEN would be great, I would love it! Shalaya is the problem, but Gruden will not be Donna's Lap Dog like Randy was. If you want a dgree go to Harvard if you want to play in the NFL and win National Championships, that is the TRUE CANE MOTTO!

The formidable challenge facing any new coach will be the lifeless Sun Life Stadium.

Wow, I see that the troll has posted under my ID more than I have.

I must have touched a nerve on that motherless little freak.

Hey Sean, I hear you got fired from Shands, what a shame. Your facebook buddies are even abandoning you. How sad, you sicko racist.


How about Winston Moss (current Asst. Head Coach/Linebackers coach for the Packers) former linebacker knows the area and has done a great job with the linebackers for the Packers this year.

He a winner on the NFL level and can bring though along with his expierence playing for the U as the head coach.


Posted by: MICHAEL PALMER | December 01, 2010 at 11:29 AM


How they treated Randy? Stop being such a dramatic, overexaggerating idiot. The guy was freaking fired for doing a poor job. The same thing that happens every single day, to countless people around the world when they don't get their job done.

Leach or Chudzinski if Gruden bails...Wouldn't U want to hire a good coach that WANTS to coach your school & not just make it a stepping stone?

Manny_Navarro Manny Navarro
#UM just sent out an email saying there will be no press conference today. "Any reports to this extent are inaccurate."

He ain't coming.

Knock knock
Whose there?
Mediocrity again
Come on in!

Manny_Navarro Manny Navarro
#UM players, coaches meeting scheduled Wednesday at 3 p.m. could very well be just for Jeff Stoutland to discuss plan

Stoutland for coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Wilson aka gator d-bag troll extraordinaire, shouldn't you be listening to your Justin Beiber CD? Go back to biting your pillow you douche. Or try making another visit to Canespace.

Tim Reynolds:

Canes call 3pm team meeting tomorrow to discuss compliance issues --not a coach, unless agenda wildly changes.

"Baby Baby Baby,,,ooh baby baby,,,I thought gruden would be mine"

U Cane Clucks still in dreamland about Gruden ?

Shalala keeps serving U a big plate of bullsheet and U just sit there with Ur Jethro spoon axing for more.

2-3-4-5-6 more coaches will turn U down before U settle for some no name hack ... It's a 21st. Century U Thang. And U know this.

Manny_Navarro Manny Navarro
Just to get this over with. Yes, I made mistake tweeting Sunday Gruden deal was done. But lot of sources were saying it

Manny_Navarro Manny Navarro
Reality I've learned, very select few know what is really happening in #UM hiring process. So I'm being very cautious

no gators or their disciples!!!!

Did one of the above posters really say Gruden's resume was "a superbowl, then what?" Resume's stop after the word superbowl. Who cares about then what?

Oh yeah, and we has a winning NFL record while coaching the Raiders and then the Buchaneers! Anyone recall what the Bucks were like before he showed up? Then they were superbowl champs. Anyone recall what the Raiders have been like since he left?

Those are not teams known for winning.

And Gruden will definitely jump to the NFL, but he won't pull a Butch Davis and take the first available job looking to prove himself. He's won it all, and he'll do what Pete Carroll did and live a king's life until a high quality position comes along. Those don't pop up every year.

We need swagger. Warren Sapp on Defense. Michael Irvin on Defense. Carlos Huerta Special Teams.

Sonny Crockett - PA Announcer
Gloria Estefan - National Anthem
FloRIDa - Halftime show

I don't think it's about race. I think it's about gender.

Donna Shalala is a GIRL. She doesn't care about football. She just wants the money it brings in. She'd put the 'Canes in the SEC if she could. They'd get their butts kicked every week, but SEC fans would fill the stadium--more money for UM--and the SEC usually has multiple BCS contenders, so the conference gets a bigger BCS payoff: again, more money for UM. But the team would be a laughingstock.

The University of Miami needs a president who cares about football first and the money it brings in second. If the school builds a good football team, the money will come.

the rula, are you that retarded? do not realize where those programs were before those coaches?

stoops. arizona. one of the worst teams in the pac 10... now in the top 25.

edsall. uconn. one of the worst teams in the big east... now in contention to win the conference.

mullen. miss st. one of the worst teams in the sec... now a top 25 team.

dude you are freakin clueless. if mike tomlin wasnt an impossible hire they'd try to hire him in a heartbeat, so calm down with all your racist BS.

Who quits again first? Urban or Billy D?

OK, Gruden is a NFL man first. If he takes the job, which I feel he want, he will vault to the NFL at the first whiff of success from here at the U. Yes, he will sell tickets and change things here, but for how long. Pete Carroll built a great program at USC and put it back on top of the football world for 5 yrs. He was waiting for the NFL team to give him complete power and it happened. So what did he do, he left after the program was placed on probation.
Jim Harbaugh would be a great hire here, but if Michigan fires Rodriguez, he will be there first choice and he may go. He is at the ivey league school of the west and is winning with less talent than us. He can make a player into a player by coaching them, not cuddling the player like RS was.
Leach, for never playing the sport, has a great offensive mind. He has baggage though. Im not sure on him.
Leavitt, would be a better defensive coordinator in my opinion. Imagine Chucky's killer offense and the strangle the offense defense a deadly combination.
Mullens, not enough experience. Yes, his team has one more win than us, but he didn't beat a single top SEC school.
Stoops and UConns coach not a chance.

Miami Hurricanes say there will not be a coaching announcement today


Not so fast.

The University of Miami is not announcing a new coach today — Jon Gruden or otherwise


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … Next


It took two chick know nothing sports writers to come up with this bombshell scoop ?

Get ready for the same news over n over n over again U Clucks as 2-3-4-5-6 more Coaches tell U NO THANKS ...

Hey LakeWorthCane, you ever go to college. A college president care about money, the football program, donations, educational standard, publishing of professors, the physical plant of the university, enrollment, cultural events, budgets, basketball program, baseball program, swim program, tennis program, graduation rates. So DDS has a little bit more than football to worry about. And if you learn one thing from this post is that a college prez doesn't lose her job because of the football program losing, although she may get the boot for scandels in the program.

gruden, even if the team sucks next year, is the best choice for RIGHT NOW for the U to get attention AND retain its upcoming seniors

do you want spence, b harris to leave?

didn't think so

Hey R, when that day comes I want you to say the same thing when you lose your job, or do you even have one?

Stating the obvious...Gruden would be an ENORMOUS catch.

Manny felt the need to highlight the reasons that Gruden wouldn't be a good fit...even with Bill Belichick's pedigree and record one could make an argument why he wouldn't fit as the next UM coach. That arguement would hold as much weight as the arguement that Gruden might not be a fit.

The hiring of John Gruden would be by far the talk of college football during the current recruiting period and going into next season.

The other night Mark May claimed that Miami is no longer a top tier program. John Gruden would make that statement appear even more stupid than when May stupidly uttered it on national TV.

Just think of the fund raising that Gruden would generate. Almost immediately we would be in a position to build state of the art football facilities that would rival any program in the country. Imagine the calls Gruden would make to former, very wealthy UM players asking why they haven't contributed...in a big way!

Recruiting would be off the charts knowing that a Super Bowl winning coach was inviting a kid to play for him. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist of a kid to figure out that Gruden would be the best mentor to help him fulfill his NFL dream.

There is no bigger game changer for UM's football future than John Gruden...it's not even close!

Wake up people.
Even if you get Gruden, he won't stay.
Then we're back in the same boat.

leach! leach! leach!
thats the correct choice!

Keep it 100. Miami's success has always started with coaches who look at Miami as a pit stop. Nothing permanent but temporary so they can put all their sweat and tears to make this thing work. They usually don't stay for longer than four years, and that is okay. We don't rebuild, we reload and that goes for coaches and players. It's is the formula so don't mess with the formula.

Miami is the difference between marriage and shacking up with someone hot for two or three years. Miami is all about passion for winning and then moving to the next great thing (the NFL and that goes both for players and coaches). And just like the people who co-habitate (live together without a serious committment) when they try to get married and never lasts long.

If we are going to offer Gruden the job then let him know that he can leave after his third year of the contract with no penalty. Gruden is NFL bound and that's what makes him a sexy pick for the openning. Because he wants back in the NFL would make him hungry to prove himself as relevant again to both football worlds. I would sign him to no more than a 3 year contract and no less than a 2 year contract so he could fulfill his career path and we would be looking at a National Title (Hopefully) by year 2 or 3. It has to be a give and take deal. We give him what he wants as long as he is willing to give us what we want... A players mentor and a national title.

My bet is on Urban quitting......unless they change his dosage again.

Posted by: EK

If Gruden wants back in the NFL then why would "pit stop" at the U? There will be at least 4 coaching jobs available in the NFL this year.

Go and get the defensive coordinator from UCF

Hey R where's ur mom I'll f her. They gave Randy the job because no else wanted that garbage Coker left behind. Leach wanted to much money they didn't want to pay him. R don't test my man hood homie meet me at the Rat I'll show u a thing or to.

Gruden is going to offer Randy the job as defensive coordinator...this will make Miami a recruiting juggernaut and satisfy those who think they ran over a former Cane.

One thing I'll say about Leach - he would start bringing in the O-line meat from Texas that the U has been so sorely missing.

sgorten Steve Gorten
FOXSports.com is reporting a person close to Jon Gruden says there's “zero percent” chance he'll be next #UM #Canes coach
A high-level #UM source tells me AD Kirby Hocutt hasnt met with all the candidates he wants to yet and won't make a hire until he does so #UM source “We have some good names on [the list]...it’s not just two or three names, but it’s not a long list.”

Posted by: Fast Canes

Gruden is also go to a Santa Maria shop in Hialeah and bring back Jerome Brown to be coach the offensive line.

Let's go after Phulmer




Speaking of muller shavers. The guy who shaves the Stars in Jacory's melon guarantees Gruden signs tomorrow or he will tattoo a nole and a Gator on his body. Info Schefter, King, Navaroo, Gorten could not bring U.

On Wednesday 1st December 2010, @CanesBARBER said:

ALRIGHT now its 4SURE tomoro John Gruden will become a #CANE I'm so Positive if I'm LYING ill Tattoo a FSU and GATOR Logo on My body I'm DONE....

Gruden would be a horrible hire. He only won with Dungy's players, and beat his former team. As in, he knew the raiders inside and out. At least thats good for 2011.. but even Charile Weiss did that.

What did Gruden do in the following years? NOTHING. he is a quarterback killer... and how is that going to work with oUr weak-minded, INT-loving QBs???? he is all hype. not a good fit. We should go after Art Briles

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