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As the coaching search moves along...

Thoughts and observations from Wednesday as the search for a football coach at the University of Miami shifts from Jon Gruden to other candidates: 

> Missing out on Gruden really is not a big deal for the Hurricanes. As I wrote in my previous blog, I never really thought a guy who has spent the last 19 years in the NFL (as broadcaster, head coach and assistant) would want to handle or be able to handle all of the intricate details of being a college coach. It's a lot more responsibility than being an NFL coach.

Dan Mullen Wednesday, I spoke to former Bucs QB Shaun King, who played for Gruden, and he told me flatly the Hurricanes were crazy for wanting him. King just didn't think it was a good mix at all. In the end, I think Gruden was not as interested as many of us were first led to believe. But the fact athletic director Kirby Hocutt went after him shows me at least UM is serious about finding a big name, quality coach. 

> Most believe the next name on UM's list is Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen, who was supposed to be in town today to visit a recruit. Mullen didn't end up making the trip because he's battling the flu. But I've heard through a third party who spoke with one of Mullen's assistants that the former Gators offensive coordinator believes he already has a better job. He's coaching in the SEC and the school's facilities are better than UM's. As of Wednesday night, we had not heard that Mullen spoke to anyone from UM involved in the hiring process. But that may happen today as Hocutt and his Chuck Neinas continue to make their rounds. 

> As it stands, I don't think we're going to see a resolution to this job very quickly. Since Gruden didn't surprise us and agree to taking the job today, I think this search will continue well into next week. The Hurricanes have already called off their first recruiting weekend Dec. 10 and 11. I think the target date to really find a coach is before the second recruiting weekend (Dec. 17 and 18) so that a new coach/staff can be in place to court those players. When Larry Coker was fired a day after the end of the 2006 regular season, it took UM a little more than two weeks to hire Shannon as their next coach.

> As for Shannon, he apparently is very interested in becoming the new coach at the University of Minnesota. ESPN’s Bruce Feldman said he spoke with Shannon Tuesday, and wrote Shannon would love to stay in college coaching because “you can make a difference in young people’s lives.” A few weeks ago, before Shannon was obviously fired, there was an a strange internet report that Shannon might be interested in going to Minnesota. You have to wonder if he knew what was coming and was already planning his next move. By the way, Colorado and Vanderbilt are two other schools reportedly interested in Shannon.

Mike Leach > Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who is looking for a job, got a ringing endorsement from Donald Trump Wednesday. Trump sent a written message to UM President Donna Shalala praising Leach on the front page of a Palm Beach Post Sports Section. Leach took to the airwaves Wednesday on ESPN radio and then sent his own message.

"I think it is a great opportunity for anybody," Leach said of the UM job. "They have got a great tradition and all the rest. A great recruiting base and you could do big things at Miami.

"I have had success everywhere else, you know and I think it just has to do with everybody doing their role. See Texas Tech started out in the border conference, which was a really soft conference, then Texas Tech went to the Southwest Conference, which was a pretty good conference, then they went to the Big XII, which was a great conference, but in that ten years that me and my staff were in the Big XII we won more bowl games than all of the years that Tech had the rest of the years combined. You know so we have got a pretty good team and a good plan."

> Leach isn't the only guy who wants the job. I've heard from reliable sources current Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville would be very interested in the job.

> The Sun Bowl might not be as interested as they once were in taking the Hurricanes. We're hearing Boston College could end up taking the spot. It all likely depends on the opponent. The Sun Bowl would love for a UM-Notre Dame showdown. But at this point, it's more likely Notre Dame goes to the Champs Sports Bowl (had the Canes beat USF they would be there). Now if Notre Dame doesn't end up at the Sun Bowl, UM could slip down the pecking order. As it stands, the Sun Bowl could also be short on Pac-10 teams and take a Big East school as a potential replacement. 

> The Hurricanes lost their first recruit since the firing on Wednesday when Brockton, Mass. cornerback Albert Louis-Jean decommitted from the Hurricanes. UM is down to six commitments now.


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Miami is a much better job than Mississippi State. Miami has played in more bowl games the last 10 years than bowl games State has won in the programs history. True Miami only averaged 48,000 fans a game this season, but State only averaged 43,000 the year before Mullen arrived. Sun-Life Stadium just got a 250 million dollar makeover, you can recruit your ass off and the road to the BCS Title game is infinitely easier at Miami than at State. It's not even close! He's coming to THE U!

We want Leach!!!!

Big deal that the facilities are better in the SEC.

UM has twice the quality football players as Mississippi State.

If he really thinks that the H.C. job at Miss State is better than the H.C. job of the Miami Hurricanes, he is certifiably insane.

Don't care if we slip out of the Sun Bowl. It is a nothing bowl, and any other game we slip too will also be a nothing bowl as well.

Hey guys,

Just got a call from Kirby. He is flying in to interview me tomorrow. When I see him I am going to ask just one question:

"Where do I sign???"

Go Canes!

Yours Truly,

Dan Mullen

Mike Leach would be the perfect hire for the U. He is aggressive, pugnacious, irreverent and unapologetic. The essence of swagger. He is also a gifted motivator and tactician. What he did with Texas Tech is akin to what Peterson and Patterson are currently doing with Boise and TCU, i.e. transform a down and out program into a powerhouse. UM is a down and out program and Leach is the right guy to take over. Those that disagree haven't studied Leach's resume. He is a lot more like Jimmy Johnson than John Gruden ever was. Hire Leach.

Any hope of Miami's return to dominance in college football ended in a smoke filled room when Donna Shallala cut an unspecified deal to move to Sun Life Mortuary.

Tommy Tuberville would be acceptable as the HC also. Mike Leach would be ok, he just has too much baggage for what we need right now.


___ dan mullen(former gator, gimmick offense)
___ chris Peterson(dan hawkins anyone?)
___ gary patterson(spread offense)
___ jim Leavitt(crazy, lawsuit)
___ mike leach(dirtbag, lawsuit)
___ brent venables(assistant, crazy)
___ kyle wittingham(irrelevant hire)
___ brady hoke(irrelevant hire)
___ al golden(irrelevant hire)
___ gus malzahn(gimmick offense)


___ Houston nutt(energy, HC experience)
___ greg shiano(UM ties, HC experience)
___ randy edsall(energy, HC experience)
___ bobby petrino(prolific offense, HC experience, nfl connections)
___ jimmy Johnson(energy, UM ties, HC experience- yet up there in age, nfl connections, prolific offense)


___ jon gruden(energy, HC experience, nfl connections, prolific offense)
___ jim harbaugh(energy, prolific offense, HC experience, nfl connections)
___ butch davis(UM ties, HC experience, nfl connections, energy)
___ mark richt(UM ties, HC experience, energy, prolific offense)
___ tommy tuberville(UM ties, HC experience)

A source very close to the situation has told me if UM hires Leach, than The Donald will build us a new on-campus stadium. He has an in with Coral Gables. This is happening people!!!

Please God DO NOT let them hire Tuberville. IF thats the best they can do they might as well have kept Shannon. I would take LEach anyday over Tuberville and U are right he is the most like Jimmy Johnson.
go after these guys dummies
Jim Harbaugh
Bobby Petrino
Chris Peterson
Brady Hoke
Art Briles
Mark Stoopes
Steve Sarkision
Charlie Strong
Brent Venerables
Bronco Mendenhall
Gary Patterson
Kyle Whittingham

I dont think Dan is going to Miami. Although I agree it is much easier to go undefeated in the ACC than the SEC. I hear they are giving him a substantial raise, and the fans there are not going to expect him to win the NC every year. I think he beleives he may become a Gator again when his buddy Urban hangs it up again.

shut up with the hire mike leach crap. what dont you people get? do you not realize we have to play defense? something that was non-existent from his TT team? do you not realize we will lose out on every GREAT running back that comes out of the miami area? that we're going to be throwing 90% of the time? that he will not be able to recruit down here? do you not realize he's a whack-a** dirtbag who wishes he was a pirate? that we will be running a scheme that doesnt lead to nfl success? get it through your dumb f***in heads. you people are clueless. do the right thing kirby. do not destroy the identity and future of this program.

Nobody wants to coach the university of Coral Gables' football team.

Your glory days are over.

ANd U think we should hire Tuberville. Are U a freakin moron? Look how he screwed up Texas Tech and he never did jack at Auburn but one year. I'll take Leach anyday over that jerkoff. At least he knows how to win which is more than I can say about the last two bozo's we hired and fishin buddy Tuberville.

btw name change from ooster

The Canes have the players and with the right coach, Miami could win next year and at a minimum be in a BCS bowl game for 2011.

Miami SHOULD NOT go after a SPREAD OFFENSIVE COACH, because they don't have the players for it.

They need a guy that will tweak the Offense and bring toughness to the Defense.

There is no need or patience for an overall.

btw name change from ooster

Lois-Jaen hurts, he was said to have been able to contribute quickly.

also, put tubs in the contact section, not throw everything at section.

UM does not want a spread offense. we send great players to the nfl. our legacy is great nfl success. kiss all that goodbye with leach. so long great alumni.

we are NFLU. the 33rd pro team. a tradition of great NFL players. why would you want to destroy that identity by hiring leach? or any other spread offense for that matter?

you dont need to run the spread to be successful in the college game, contrary to popular belief. under-center offenses arent outdated like some morons think. what offense did alabama win an NC with last year?

I agree with U on that. I am not a big supporter of the LEach idea either, but if it comes down to him and Tubs, dude I got to go with the guy that has proven he can win. I like U don't want us to evolve into another spread team and I agree a Prostyle offense is the best way to go because u have the threat of the run and the pass at all times.
Oh nice name change by the way, Oost. What prompted that?
Oh what do U think of Brady Hoke? He built Ball State and then San Diego State up and runs a prostyle offense.

As a Bucs and 'Cane fan... Shaun King was great for an hour... and then Gruden saw little potential in him... So, of course he doesn't like Gruden. It seems like none of these candidates are an exact fit for the 'Canes. I think our future coach is yet unnamed on these lists.

agreed Bucs/UM, King is not exactly the most credible source.

Who ever comes to the U he must be able to surround himself with Good or even Great assistant coaches which is what Shannon didn't do and proved to be his undoing. So with that in mind it might be better in the long run if The U hire's a hungry but less known coach for decent but not huge bucks that way there'll be enough money on the table for him to go out and hire a top-notch staff..

i think mannys way off base with his evaluation of gruden on this one. he's an excellent fit for this program. gruden brings a fiery and brassy attitude thats been missing from the program. a coaching style thats better suited for the college game. the time spent out of the college game isnt an issue for me. he's great with the X's and O's. unlike this previous staff who knew nothing of the sort(with the exception of whip- whos downfall was playcalling, not scheme). but with jon at the helm, he'll have the authority to teach, which randy seemed to restrict. he could develop this group of players to the next level, like he did following dungys years in tampa. its the same type of situation. we have first round, top 10 talent on this football team. they just need some fire and game understanding. plus he would be able to recruit like nobodys business. superbowl ring, everyone knows who he is because of MNF, he's personable, he has nfl ties, etc. barring gruden hiring the right assistants, the swagger of this program would return very quickly. (still need an on-campus stadium though)

seems mannys trying to push the idea of a gimmick offensive scheme instead. c'mon manny...

also, the smug bastards at espn are loving the fact that gruden "allegedly" has a ZERO percent chance of coming here. its starting to agitate me... especially when i dont think the gruden story is over with just yet. this could possibly be (and should be) a long process. we shouldnt even worry about recruiting considering we only have 6 commits and 14 schollies to offer anyway. its not like were really losing anything if we take our time with this process.

and championships, i just got sick of it lol


yea king was lousy anyway. he mustve been loyal to dungy or have a personal dislike of gruden. because after really taking the time to think about it, no one in their right mind would think this would be a bad hire.

after gruden though the order should be:

jim harbaugh
butch davis
mark richt

get back to me after we've contacted them to guage their interest level. if we hire anyone else before those four are looked at, kirby didnt do his job.

Yeah I heard that goofy steve levy making a joke earlier too. I wouldn't sweat that cause that idiot knows less than we do and he works at the same place as Gruden. I still say that Gruden wants the spotlight on him, and he is just letting Shalaber and Holcutt know they ain't messing another stooge like the two guys that came before him at Miami. And he is going to do things his way not there's. I would not be a bit surprised that after the bowl game he is not announced as head coach. I mean next year the NFL is going to have a work stopage more than likely, his boy plays ball here in Florida and he possibly may get to coach his son. So when they say Zero chance I have learned that means a good chance he will be here. And when U think about it when has Miami ever did anything that there was not a boat load of drama surrounding it?



GO CANES!!!!!!

you gotta give kirby credit, he's made us relevant again just buy issuing a coaching search lol

think about it though from grudens standpoint: he wants to see what nfl jobs are likely to be there by years end... before taking on a college job. i really do believe he's intrigued by the idea of coaching the college game and young kids. he could hire his brother, still live in his home state, recruit his son here(assuming he's a good player of course). hed be the big man on campus, strong alumni support, super talented team full of seniors, etc. he would be our pete carroll and i fully believe he'd be successful here. plus there may be an nfl work stoppage next year, so what are the chances he makes good on his MNF gig next year? or an nfl HC gig? thats the "ZERO" they speak of.

usually if espn says it aint happenin, it happens so im optimistic as well.



^^^here's my letter of recommendation for mark richt. screw you trump.


^^^letter of recommendation for jim harbaugh.

I dont believe the Craig James story on Mike Leach. I have a Friend whos daughter goes to TT and said his son is a buthole(like his father) and a spoiled brat.I dont think he was ever given a fair shake in that whole episode,and since he wants the job we could get him at a good price (not cheap but fair). How many chances did Bobby Knight get and he did bad things in front of millions of viewers. I'll tske Leach in a heartbeat/

um ur crazy if u think jim harbaugh would leave stanford for the U. He can compete for national titles for a while at stanford and anyways hes a michigan boy i believe hes waitin for rich rod to get fired..ANYWAYS i agree we have to keep the tradition at the U..THE OBVIOUS HIRE IS BUTCH DAVIS!!! but i do agree wit u Illumanti that Richt would be a good hire also. Face it people Gruden aint comin who cares. he would leave after a year or two anyways

would love to see what Leach could do in Coral Gables.

Butch Davis is never coming back. He showed little class when he left and captained the biggest scandal in recent college sports. I doubt he is even being looked at.

Harbaugh is not coming!!!! He would be crazy to do so. Mark Richt would be great, but he will stay at UGA as long as they are willing to keep him. He realizes they have been more patient with his tema's temporary mediocrity than we would ever be---when you combine a tempermental fanbase with an embarrassing stadium and subpar facilities, who would want this job?
Gruden would stay 2-3 years max anyhow, and jump ship. Bobby Petrino, I don't want his backstabbing sorry a**. If one thing doesn't go right, he won't be here the next morning. We don't need that. Besides, things are good where he is at, so he won't leave now.
Tuberville could be a good hire, if he is interested, it would be worth pursuing.
Forget about Mullen, no way should we hire a spread guy who is a Gator re-tread.
Even though he doesn't run a prostyle offense, I think Leach may be the way to go. HE and RAndy Edsall are the best actual coaches on this list in my mind. It is worth a shot to give him a chance.

Winston Moss asst/hc Green Bay Packers an a true cane. We need an NFL guy. Coach Moss has had several interviews with NFL teams seeking a head coach in 2009. He will bring passion and emotion back to the U. The players will play better under coach Moss. Sam Shields will be his example to any player who inspires to play at the next level(NFL). Enough said.....

I'd like to see Mike Leach get the job now that Gruden isn't interested

I dont believe the Craig James story on Mike Leach. I have a Friend whos daughter goes to TT and said his son is a buthole(like his father) and a spoiled brat.I dont think he was ever given a fair shake in that whole episode,and since he wants the job we could get him at a good price (not cheap but fair). How many chances did Bobby Knight get and he did bad things in front of millions of viewers. I'll tske Leach in a heartbeat/

Posted by: brian | December 02, 2010 at 04:00 AM

absolutleywhythefuknot ?

The U should consider Mike Leach.

He is an offensive genius. With the talent available in South Florida he will do things in college football that will set records.

What was Urban Meyer known for at Utah before going to UF? Nobody thought he could duplicate what he did at Utah in the SEC. They called his teams at Utah gimmicky. Since I last checked, he has won 2 Championships since we won our last. He may be down this year, but we all know as long as he is in Florida we have them to contend with. How sweet would it be to see Mad Leach drive Meyer crazy?

As far as being an NFL ready team, do we prefer to have a roster of Devin Hesters in the NFL, or crystal ball national championship trophies?
Besides, the NFL has always developed as a league. The game being played in the NFL today, is not what it was in 1972. Who knows, what type of offense will be played in the league in 2020. As the college game develops, so will the NFL.

Readers his baggage is a lot of spin. Go online and read the depositions taken in his case against Texas Tech. Things did not happen like we heard on ESPN. Even the James kid stated as such. A lawsuit? Why not, look at what this has done to his career. A few legal experts believe he will win this case.

He has head coaching experience, can recruit and most importantly down here - develop players, won in a tough conference, he wants to be a Cane, lives in South Florida, is young, intelligent, charismatic crazy (was Gruden on 60 minutes talking about pirates, no that was Leach), will probably retire here, kept players out of trouble, and graduated players at the highest rate of any public university while he was at Tech.

We all want the second coming of JJ. I do, you do. Think back to how many of us critized the U for hiring him, and how the media (even some of us) ridiculed his hair and quirky ways. We have an opportunity to hire a 2010 version of JJ. Today, his credentials are stronger than what JJs were when we hired him.

Please, this is a rare opportunity to get the right guy for a long, long time. Let's not let Kirby Hocutt simply hire someone because he played with him, knows him from a past association, or something like that. Offer Leach the job.

Trump, like him or hate him, did not get to where he is today by not knowing talent. Like him, or hate him, how many of us have accomplished what Trump has. Who knows, with a backer like that, an onsite stadium may not be a pipe dream after all. In today's society, I hate to say it, but money cures a lot of evil.

I agree why are we not seriously considering this guy? Cause he supposedly locked this James kid up in a closet. Cmon really....This guy is in our backyard for the taking. I was checking his bio 84-43 in 9 season's and this is at Texas Tech. Could you imagine the passing attack we would have in this joke of a conference right now. Hope they change their minds and add him to the list, but hell with what transpired of the last 72 hrs who really knows what and who is really in serious contention.

Yeah I say Go Mike Leach route! Nobody is interested unfortunately!

I'm no fan of the Donald but I agree with the post by fv. All I remember of Leach at Texas Tech was that the stands were packed with screaming fans, the defense, while not deep in quality players, played every down with intensity, and the offense was aggressive, agressive, agressive. What's not to like? Learning that the graduation rate was high is icing on the cake.

Calicane, you brought up a good suggestion, Winston Moss. Winston was a quite player who made BIG hits on the field for the U. Great suggestion, maybe Kirby will take a long,hard look at him. Winston played on UM championship teams, had a long NFL career, and as you said, he is the asst. Head coach for the Packers.

JUNE JONES! If you like a lot of Offense and high-flying acrobatics. He led Hawaii to their first BCS and SMU is turning around as we speak!

JUNE JONES...Please!


Let me throw out another name to the list--Mike Shula. He fits the ideal coach Miami is looking for.

1). A good recruiter--Nick Saban won the National Championship last year with Shula's players as its foundation. Besides that, Shula has local ties to the area and has a connection with both Columbus (as an alum) and Aquinas.

2). HC experience at Alabama and NFL experience as an Offensive Coordinator and as a qb coach with Jags. Have you notice that the Jags overachieve with their talent?

3). He can bring the pro-style offense to the U. The problem with Leach or Mullen is that the spread offense will not teach a kid to play qb. How many spread offense qb are NFL starters? You need to play under center. If I recruiting a high school qb, I would hit on that point every single time against any spread offense team. (Look at Alex Smith's struggle at the NFL level). and;

4). On a lighter note, wouldn't it be awesome to see Coach Don Shula roaming the sidelines with his son. Especially chewing out ACC refs for bad football calls.

All of you who have Bobby Petrino on your list are nuts. He quit on the falcons so who is to say he wont quit on us ? I keep telling you Mike leach is a Running Back killer has anybody seen a RB flourish in his system ? Forget Greg Schiano his wife does not like South Florida and that is why he didn't take the job the 1st time. Mark Stoops should get an interview. He is from the U family and would make an impact and I still say Terry Bowden should at least get an interview.

Dennis Erickson ran a wide-open spread offense with 1 back! We have all these WR's & RB's on the squad already why not consider leach. We need to score points and score them in bunches. Let Mr. Trump endorse and support The U anyway he can!

The bad thing about this situation is that we are loosing recruits. To miss a recruiting weekend is a big blow to our program. The early signing period for player's enrolling in January is to close not to have a coach.

I think Schiano would be the best canidate right now because he knows Miami and the state of Florida recruiting sceen. I Mean the last time I was home i saw a damn billboard for Rutgers with players with gold teeth and dreads. They guy knows how to recruit.

The AD & President needs to be hitting the road trying to hold on to the recruits we already have. Forget about all these out of state guys load up on local talent and dont look back.

I think Gruden should take the job just to improve his NFL stock! He is only a 500 NFL coach anyways why would'nt he commit to the U. Everytime i see him on TV he is coaching young NFL players and high school players.

Whatever happens from here on out will determine the fate of our program. If we do not make a move soon we will have no recruiting class.

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