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As the coaching search moves along...

Thoughts and observations from Wednesday as the search for a football coach at the University of Miami shifts from Jon Gruden to other candidates: 

> Missing out on Gruden really is not a big deal for the Hurricanes. As I wrote in my previous blog, I never really thought a guy who has spent the last 19 years in the NFL (as broadcaster, head coach and assistant) would want to handle or be able to handle all of the intricate details of being a college coach. It's a lot more responsibility than being an NFL coach.

Dan Mullen Wednesday, I spoke to former Bucs QB Shaun King, who played for Gruden, and he told me flatly the Hurricanes were crazy for wanting him. King just didn't think it was a good mix at all. In the end, I think Gruden was not as interested as many of us were first led to believe. But the fact athletic director Kirby Hocutt went after him shows me at least UM is serious about finding a big name, quality coach. 

> Most believe the next name on UM's list is Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen, who was supposed to be in town today to visit a recruit. Mullen didn't end up making the trip because he's battling the flu. But I've heard through a third party who spoke with one of Mullen's assistants that the former Gators offensive coordinator believes he already has a better job. He's coaching in the SEC and the school's facilities are better than UM's. As of Wednesday night, we had not heard that Mullen spoke to anyone from UM involved in the hiring process. But that may happen today as Hocutt and his Chuck Neinas continue to make their rounds. 

> As it stands, I don't think we're going to see a resolution to this job very quickly. Since Gruden didn't surprise us and agree to taking the job today, I think this search will continue well into next week. The Hurricanes have already called off their first recruiting weekend Dec. 10 and 11. I think the target date to really find a coach is before the second recruiting weekend (Dec. 17 and 18) so that a new coach/staff can be in place to court those players. When Larry Coker was fired a day after the end of the 2006 regular season, it took UM a little more than two weeks to hire Shannon as their next coach.

> As for Shannon, he apparently is very interested in becoming the new coach at the University of Minnesota. ESPN’s Bruce Feldman said he spoke with Shannon Tuesday, and wrote Shannon would love to stay in college coaching because “you can make a difference in young people’s lives.” A few weeks ago, before Shannon was obviously fired, there was an a strange internet report that Shannon might be interested in going to Minnesota. You have to wonder if he knew what was coming and was already planning his next move. By the way, Colorado and Vanderbilt are two other schools reportedly interested in Shannon.

Mike Leach > Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who is looking for a job, got a ringing endorsement from Donald Trump Wednesday. Trump sent a written message to UM President Donna Shalala praising Leach on the front page of a Palm Beach Post Sports Section. Leach took to the airwaves Wednesday on ESPN radio and then sent his own message.

"I think it is a great opportunity for anybody," Leach said of the UM job. "They have got a great tradition and all the rest. A great recruiting base and you could do big things at Miami.

"I have had success everywhere else, you know and I think it just has to do with everybody doing their role. See Texas Tech started out in the border conference, which was a really soft conference, then Texas Tech went to the Southwest Conference, which was a pretty good conference, then they went to the Big XII, which was a great conference, but in that ten years that me and my staff were in the Big XII we won more bowl games than all of the years that Tech had the rest of the years combined. You know so we have got a pretty good team and a good plan."

> Leach isn't the only guy who wants the job. I've heard from reliable sources current Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville would be very interested in the job.

> The Sun Bowl might not be as interested as they once were in taking the Hurricanes. We're hearing Boston College could end up taking the spot. It all likely depends on the opponent. The Sun Bowl would love for a UM-Notre Dame showdown. But at this point, it's more likely Notre Dame goes to the Champs Sports Bowl (had the Canes beat USF they would be there). Now if Notre Dame doesn't end up at the Sun Bowl, UM could slip down the pecking order. As it stands, the Sun Bowl could also be short on Pac-10 teams and take a Big East school as a potential replacement. 

> The Hurricanes lost their first recruit since the firing on Wednesday when Brockton, Mass. cornerback Albert Louis-Jean decommitted from the Hurricanes. UM is down to six commitments now.


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Hey, tots, I like your idea. Get Shalala to offer Donald Trump a deal that we will hire Leach, if he builds us a stadium, we will even call it TRUMP HURRICANE STADIUM!!

WOW so Randy will get another job before racist U gets a coach how fitting. So let's see all 7 of the commits will decomit in the coming days and go with Randy I love it. Randy your still my guy, you graduate kids and cleaned up the garbage Coker left you. Go ahead and go to minn. Take TB, Perryman, Louis-Jean, JDavis and the rest of the kids with you, leave them with nothing, that's what they left you with. Lmao they're stuck with Mullen, and Leavitz lol ya rite. DUMMIES

In 2008 which was his best season at TT 11-1. They threw for 5000 yrds and ran for 1500. Sorry, but Ef the run. If we could throw for 5000 yrds!!! We would absolutely kill anyone in the ACC!!!!


Everyone should email Donna Shalala and tell her to hire MIKE LEACH!

The rula.....u can go with them!!!!

I don't know why we are so hung up on Dan Mullen...he hasn't been a head coach long enough and 5-7 and 7-5 are not records that wow me.

Jim Harbaugh has a proven track record. Anyone who can take a team like Stanford and make them relevant is the best candidate. He is recognizable to recruits nationally, has NFL pedigree and has an offensive system that works!

That is the name I want to hear more of. Another guy, who is available, and has success at the NFL level (even if that doesn't translate to success at the college level) is Tony Dungey. Why not?

If we are willing to spend as much as 3.4 million per year on a top notch candidate then we should be able to attract equally big names to Gruden than are currently being mentioned.

It boggles my mind that coaches from connecticut are being thrown around or that Tommy Tuberville appears anywhere in print...come on!!! Guys like Jimmy Johnson will never give up his comfortable lifestyle and if he did for how long...nothing long term.

Let's be real serious about hiring the high profile, high quality, make an instant impact kind of coach this program really needs.

Somebody LEAK this to Kirby: Hire MIKE LEAK and a "in your grill D-Coordinator". I'm seeing a 6th ring.

Anybody, BUT Tommy Tuberville (and Mullen too). Bring your cafeine to the game to stay awake.


Leach beat #1 ranked Texas when the Longhorns were absolutely loaded. He engineered the biggest come from behind victory in Bowl history overcoming a 38-7 deficit. He recruited talent away from traditional powerhouses like Texas and Oklahoma.

The hatchet job that ESPN did on him regarding James is reminiscent of all the unfair shots the media has taken against the U over the years, like Catholics vs Convicts, et al. So Leach already has a Hurricane "Us against the World" mentality. He would be an ideal fit attitudinally.

His offensive scheme is currently dominating college football because it WINS. Those that think it's a detriment to recruiting need to look at Florida. They are still getting top players and producing NFL draft picks every year. So would the U under Leach.

Some of you, like Illuminati and rula, who barely possess a third grade education, are incapable of making a salient argument. For the rest, please explain how Leach isn't currently the best candidate for the position and why your choice would be superior.

shut up with the hire mike leach crap. what dont you people get? do you not realize we have to play defense? something that was non-existent from his TT team? do you not realize we will lose out on every GREAT running back that comes out of the miami area? that we're going to be throwing 90% of the time? that he will not be able to recruit down here? do you not realize he's a whack-a** dirtbag who wishes he was a pirate? that we will be running a scheme that doesnt lead to nfl success? get it through your dumb f***in heads. you people are clueless. do the right thing kirby. do not destroy the identity and future of this program.

Posted by: IIIUMINATI | December 02, 2010 at 12:24 AM

Never underestimate the stupidity of Miami fans. They are complete idiots. Mike Leach is a joke. And what's even funnier is that these idiots don't even realize that he's not even going to get an interview for this position. Thank God none of these morons are in a position to make any decisions for the University of Miami.

Whoever the U publicly pursues and interviews as our next HC better say yes or else the status of the job will start to diminish in the eyes of other candidates and recruits. I hope the AD takes his time and makes his next public pursuit of a HC his final pursuit. If we all believe that this is an elite HC position then lets treat it like one.

WOW so Randy will get another job before racist U gets a coach how fitting. So let's see all 7 of the commits will decomit in the coming days and go with Randy I love it. Randy your still my guy, you graduate kids and cleaned up the garbage Coker left you. Go ahead and go to minn. Take TB, Perryman, Louis-Jean, JDavis and the rest of the kids with you, leave them with nothing, that's what they left you with. Lmao they're stuck with Mullen, and Leavitz lol ya rite. DUMMIES

Posted by: the rula | December 02, 2010 at 08:40 AM

At least they're white.

i want leach. but terry bowden is a great name. and i also like leavitt and edsall.

@Rohan Marley Christmas: Please do not diss my perros. Despite his offensive mentality, Leach should not be hired because of his tendency to mold players that are not ready to dominate in NFL, which is what the U is known for. His offense caters to quarterbacks who have weak arms, whereas (instead)a quarterbacks coach should train his quarterbacks to have pro-style ready arms.

I'm starting to not get a very good feeling about this coaching search.....I think that if we dont land Harbaugh (which is a far strech), UM failed in it's search...

Marc Tresman HEEELLLOOOOOO. He would take the job in a heartbeat checkout his resume.

I'm here to give the facts.

Emilio, ever heard of Crabtree and ummm Wes Welker??? Hmmm 2 marquee receivers in the NFL and who coached these guys and for that matter recruited them????

1.) Harbaugh
2.) Mike Stoops
3.) Mike Shula

Hay Donald!! Lets build the Trump Football Stadium in Coral Gables!! That would be a class act!!

From the brother-in-law of a reliable fourth party source:

Donald Trump has optioned significant sized properties in "the South Miami Coral Gables area near the University of Miami Campus."

I see Leach and a Stadium coming to The U!

OMG Harbaugh is not coming here. Why would he? Who is going to photoshop Edsall in Canes gear because that's whose coming!


What about Tommy Tuberville or Marc Trestman? John14:6

If we give Harbaugh enough money he'll come. I'm sure he loves the kids at Stanford, but he's a professional coach and he knows he won't be able to keep Stanford at 11-1 every year, so now's the time to cash in. At Miami he'd have a great academic school (read his comments about his own alma mater Michigan to see how important that is to him) and a chance to be great every year. I don't believe he's waiting for Michigan to come calling. That's all speculation because it's his alma mater and they're struggling, so everyone assumes he'll be headed there. Look what Urban Meyer did to Notre Dame...same thing. He knew the situation and went to the better program.

He's a fiery guy, he runs a pro set, his teams make their living by being tougher then everyone else, he's turned 2 programs from losers into winners and his brother coaches 3 Canes with the Ravens (not really relevant, just cool). Give him 3 million and he'll come, regardless of what Michigan says, and we'll be great again quickly.

Go Canes!

Peterson and Harbaugh should be next people interviewed.

I'm not crazy about Mullen. Someone said he runs a flag football offense...that's pretty accurate.

At this point, if we dont get Harbaugh (which is a far strech), I consider the search a failure.....

Let the Gruden hype be a lesson to us all.

There was never "that contact after the Virgina loss." Had there been, then an "exploratory" meet would not have been needed.

My thought; Hocutt new it was a long shot. He was setting a ceiling on what would be needed for a super coach. And just in case Gruden's statement to Herbstreet was a real "want."

First Hocutt has to prove himself on this one, but don't blame Hocutt for the ravenous hype created by the media and their so called reliable sources.

Then consider it a failure....Harbaugh isn't coming here.

I agree with Gville and others including the Don....Leach is the guy and his high powered passing offense that a lot of you dont want would have Joe Robbie (Trump) stadium rocking.

Hell no to Dan Mullen...I hate that gimmick offense he runs.


There will always be that moment of doubt in a parents mind ...did Leach really abuse James kid when it comes to sending their son to UM.This stigma will be with Leach for a while whether he is guilty or not. Recruting could be hurt by his hiring.

Hire Brady Hoke.

He won 12 games at Ball State before leaving for San Diego State. He won 8 games this year and a bowl bid ... At San Diego State... Was named Mountain West Coach Of The Year.

He's a defensive coach, played at Ball State and coached with John Harbaugh (Ravens). He runs a pro-style offense and gets the most from his players.

I can't speak on his recruiting, but he's a 'gameday coach' and won't mismanage time and playcalling. He understands players and can 'feel the game'. Something the Hurricanes haven't had since Butch Davis.

Hire Brady Hoke.

I still think we have a good shot at Gruden....Isn't there a rule by the NCAA that you have to interview so many people for the job? I think the deals done!

Coaches I would like to have!
1) Gruden
2) Leach
3) Butch Davis

When Mullen turns us down, this will be 2006 all over again. Not looking good, in my opinion.

Hell no to Dan Mullen...I hate that gimmick offense he runs.


Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | December 02, 2010 at 10:27 AM

I hate that gimmick offense he runs. So what should we do? The logical thing of course. Hire someone that runs another gimmick offense!! Brilliant! Idiot.

Also we shouldn't forget about Jack Del Rio, Jeff Fischer, and Wayne Fontes.

Sarah Palin for head coach...recruiting would go through the roof and I would love to look at her on the sidelines for a few years and she could get any assistants she wanted...I'm just sayin'! Hubba,Hubba!

Mike Stoops would be a good hire too.

How about this Canneries! Let's see MSU vs. Miami in a bowl game this year. You could watch MSU thrash your beloved Canes for about 400 yards rushing and then you could watch as Dan and company head back to Starkville, aka God's Country.

DAN IS STAYING! You should go after Leach.

Interesting and varied input on the coaching search. To add some input:

Winston Moss is a really strong idea. Why not take a look at this up and comer? Ask Sam Shields
(yet another undeveloped player under Shannon). A Cane at heart.

Mullen - not that impressed with spread offense. Lacks dynamic excitement for most UM fans.

Hoke - an option that should be investigated. A motivator and a winner. Inspires every down.

Harbaugh - great passion for the game. An unlikely candidate for UM, with eyes on the NFL. But a real catch if at all possible.

Leach - great offensive mind, scores of UM 50 - whoever else 49. UM has a proud D tradition. His teams would give ACC opponentsa fits, but not enough of a pro-style O or a D. Law degree could be red flag, no?

Edsall - uninspiring "we surrender" choice.

Tuberville - some roots with UM. Good coach, but not spectacular. Up and down teams wherever he has been.

T. Bowden - could be a loud, impactful choice. A good communicator.

Schiano - no way. look at most of his Rutgers teams. his wife prefers NJ to S. Florida???!!!

Anybody Stoops - got the fire and passion. Youngstown, Ohio boys (like the Pellinis), could make a huge impact with the S. Florida talent base. Play to win and motivate players really well.

Let's hope we find the right match soon. Cause checking all these websites everyday is getting stressful!! Ah..the price of being a passionate Canes fan.

Again, great input on this comment board! Thanks

How about this Canneries! Let's see MSU vs. Miami in a bowl game this year. You could watch MSU thrash your beloved Canes for about 400 yards rushing and then you could watch as Dan and company head back to Starkville, aka God's Country.

DAN IS STAYING! You should go after Leach.

Posted by: Dan's the Man @ MSU | December 02, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Mississippi ST? I just realized you had a football team this year.

Oh and God's country? Haven't left your inbred mother's basement much have we?

Mullens afraid to come Miami because he lokes fielding 8-4 teams. MSU will never win the SEC. Mullen feels secured in knowing he has to do little and keep his job. He knows fours years of nothing at Miami will mean hes not a big time college coach, why risk it. Like to see davis come back, suprised UNC hasn't fired him. Iffy on Leach. No to Tuberville. Look at Auburn without him. Would like to see the Auburn OC mentioned.

Hey Manolete,

If Harbaugh is the only guy for the U or they should shut down the program? Then they should have shut the program down when Harbaugh signed with Stanford. Please!

There are a lot of quality leaders out there. And we know (all of a sudden) we have the money and will spend the money. We have too. Read below.

(This is a fact:

Shalala-lalalala has raised 2.5 Billion for all purpose funds. She can and will tap into that for this purpose.

She was shocked at the attendance for the USF game and the "stadium cost" to the school with the poor attendance. And if the school continues to lose money at games next yr and yrs to come it be devastating, financially, to the school. They are only in the second yr of a 30yr deal. She has no choice.)

Don't get me wrong, I would love to have him here. But, like you say it's a long shot. I think most us know if he goes anywhere it will be Michigan (his Alma Mater) or the NFL (where I think he deserves a shot).

For everyone;

As for what's most important . . . The U needs our next "great leader" NOW to take us back to the promised land.

Look the reality . . . is none of us on this forum are expert at finding talented coaches or players, for that matter. Having said that we can look back at our championship years and see the commonalities of those teams:

1) Great Defenses.
2) Offensive oriented head coaches that had the utmost respect for the defensive side of the ball.
Schnells OC at the Fins
Johnson (not sure)
Erickson always a QB coach
Davis OC at UM OL at Dallas
(didn't win but, would have)
Coker OC at OSU OC at UM


Too much baggage. But most importantly NO RESPECT for the defensive side of the ball.


Well balanced teams that have won back to back Canadian Super Bowls.

Please add to this list. Both positive and negative attributes.

Thats All Folks!

The following would be outstanding candidates and easier to attract.

----Josh McDaniel (Bronco's)

----Gary Paterson (TCU)

---- Rob Ryan (Brown's DC, sleeper and awsome fit for UM)

Go Canes!!!

There sure are a lot of fans who are high on bringing in Oswald Cobblepot (Mike Leach). I love the way his teams play, fast and exciting, but don't think he's the right fit for the Canes. We'd be trading one strange coach for another.

This is funny: all these bloggers with "inside information" and advanced knowledge about who the next UM coach should be.

Well, I have it from a good source that the Archangel Gabriel is going to come down, flaming sword and all, and coach the Hurricanes.

I swear this is the truth.

Just please don't hire the ghost of Al Capone, who's secretly a 'Noles fan, or Boy George, who's very openly a 'Gator fan, or coaches Beamer or Foster, who believe "A Modest Proposal" is a serious proposition.

I keep hearing Trestman and don't know why. What has he really done? This is a guy that has bounced all over the league and ultimately ended up in the CFL. I mean if he were that great why wouldn't he be running an offense in the NFL or an OC in the college level for that matter. I really don't like the idea of anyone with ties to the program. Unless JJ is coming out of retirement.

harbaugh, richt, edsall...

let the young guys play!

Go Canes!

Spell check/edit much Manny? I thought you were on the Gruden bandwagon and now you're back peddling.

I wish the U would get some ba**s and hire Leach. Screw the baggage, he is brass and will do anything to win!

Mullen? Coached 2 years and we are going to risk that? 5-7 to 8-4 - how bout more time to see if this guy is legit.

Also - MSU is no UM. ESPN and ABC kill to have UM on national TV when they are good - I havent seen MSU on TV at all this year.

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