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As the coaching search moves along...

Thoughts and observations from Wednesday as the search for a football coach at the University of Miami shifts from Jon Gruden to other candidates: 

> Missing out on Gruden really is not a big deal for the Hurricanes. As I wrote in my previous blog, I never really thought a guy who has spent the last 19 years in the NFL (as broadcaster, head coach and assistant) would want to handle or be able to handle all of the intricate details of being a college coach. It's a lot more responsibility than being an NFL coach.

Dan Mullen Wednesday, I spoke to former Bucs QB Shaun King, who played for Gruden, and he told me flatly the Hurricanes were crazy for wanting him. King just didn't think it was a good mix at all. In the end, I think Gruden was not as interested as many of us were first led to believe. But the fact athletic director Kirby Hocutt went after him shows me at least UM is serious about finding a big name, quality coach. 

> Most believe the next name on UM's list is Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen, who was supposed to be in town today to visit a recruit. Mullen didn't end up making the trip because he's battling the flu. But I've heard through a third party who spoke with one of Mullen's assistants that the former Gators offensive coordinator believes he already has a better job. He's coaching in the SEC and the school's facilities are better than UM's. As of Wednesday night, we had not heard that Mullen spoke to anyone from UM involved in the hiring process. But that may happen today as Hocutt and his Chuck Neinas continue to make their rounds. 

> As it stands, I don't think we're going to see a resolution to this job very quickly. Since Gruden didn't surprise us and agree to taking the job today, I think this search will continue well into next week. The Hurricanes have already called off their first recruiting weekend Dec. 10 and 11. I think the target date to really find a coach is before the second recruiting weekend (Dec. 17 and 18) so that a new coach/staff can be in place to court those players. When Larry Coker was fired a day after the end of the 2006 regular season, it took UM a little more than two weeks to hire Shannon as their next coach.

> As for Shannon, he apparently is very interested in becoming the new coach at the University of Minnesota. ESPN’s Bruce Feldman said he spoke with Shannon Tuesday, and wrote Shannon would love to stay in college coaching because “you can make a difference in young people’s lives.” A few weeks ago, before Shannon was obviously fired, there was an a strange internet report that Shannon might be interested in going to Minnesota. You have to wonder if he knew what was coming and was already planning his next move. By the way, Colorado and Vanderbilt are two other schools reportedly interested in Shannon.

Mike Leach > Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who is looking for a job, got a ringing endorsement from Donald Trump Wednesday. Trump sent a written message to UM President Donna Shalala praising Leach on the front page of a Palm Beach Post Sports Section. Leach took to the airwaves Wednesday on ESPN radio and then sent his own message.

"I think it is a great opportunity for anybody," Leach said of the UM job. "They have got a great tradition and all the rest. A great recruiting base and you could do big things at Miami.

"I have had success everywhere else, you know and I think it just has to do with everybody doing their role. See Texas Tech started out in the border conference, which was a really soft conference, then Texas Tech went to the Southwest Conference, which was a pretty good conference, then they went to the Big XII, which was a great conference, but in that ten years that me and my staff were in the Big XII we won more bowl games than all of the years that Tech had the rest of the years combined. You know so we have got a pretty good team and a good plan."

> Leach isn't the only guy who wants the job. I've heard from reliable sources current Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville would be very interested in the job.

> The Sun Bowl might not be as interested as they once were in taking the Hurricanes. We're hearing Boston College could end up taking the spot. It all likely depends on the opponent. The Sun Bowl would love for a UM-Notre Dame showdown. But at this point, it's more likely Notre Dame goes to the Champs Sports Bowl (had the Canes beat USF they would be there). Now if Notre Dame doesn't end up at the Sun Bowl, UM could slip down the pecking order. As it stands, the Sun Bowl could also be short on Pac-10 teams and take a Big East school as a potential replacement. 

> The Hurricanes lost their first recruit since the firing on Wednesday when Brockton, Mass. cornerback Albert Louis-Jean decommitted from the Hurricanes. UM is down to six commitments now.


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no charlie strong, no dan mullen, no mike leach

butch davis
tommy tuberville
terry bowden

Posted by: FSU/Texas fan

this is exactly why its a cane thing. you wouldnt understand. 2 notable pros in 10 years? no thanks.

Please please please

Tony D'Amato - he coached the Sharks to the playoffs with multiple QBs during the season and his defensive captain on the brink of being paralyzed.

charlie strong would probably be interviewed had this move happened 2-3 years from now. but its still too early to tell how good he is as a HC after only 1 season. once urban is fired/retired he'll probably return to UF as the head man. but the timing isnt right for him to be a candidate for the miami job right now.

The guy who posted about Trump building a stadium if we hire Leach. . . do you really believe that? Is Leach his lover or something? He may like the guy and think he should be employed, but I don't see him throwing that kind of money at any school just to get his pal a job.

Brian Billick - SB winning NFL head coach, pro offense, monster defense.

I would love Leach but as BertDawg said he is a running back killer!!! most recentely we have become RUNNING BACK U (E. James, Portis, McGahee, Gore) and Cooper and Berry are going to also be solid NFL backs. Look at the talent we have in the back field for years to come with Mike James, Lamar Miller, and Storm Johnson. Do u really want all that talent wasted? WE NEED A PROSTYLE GUY. Perhaps Winston Moss is the guy we need..

JC Happ, do you know something about Winston Moss that I don't? Granted, he is a fairly young assistant coach in the NFL. He played for UM, has South Florida connections, etc. Let us know your thoughts.
Do agree with your comments on Mike Leach. He would be a difference maker. He woukld have to be seen as a guy making a new start who can be an inclusive leader, and one who brings players, fans, media and administration together, hopefully without rancor or alienation.

If Leach is hired, say goodbye to Storm Johnson and Eduardo Clemments at the very least.

you guys need to get off the whole um connections crap. They need a young hungry coach who can motivate. Just because they have um connections does not mean they can get the job done (see randy).



Any advice? Who knows? Any interesting connections?

Josh McDaniel
Rob Ryan
Gary Patterson

We also need to bring back Art Kehoe.

Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care about UM connections either. Look at all the successful (NC) head coaches we've had.

No UM connections. The 2 worst we've had in yrs
came right out of the fold!

Give me a successful exciting and emotional Head Coach and I'll show a guy that understands and respects Great Defense and most like is an Offensive oriented coach.

What about the DC from VaTech?
He is a fiery guy.

Hell, I'll look at a young D-2 head coach (or what ever they call it these days).

If he has shown success over the last few years and the qualities I stressed above.

Heck, knowing football and knowing how to coach football at that level is far removed from the Gerry Faust move of ND in yrs past.

Let's see, Chip Kelly, and his replacement at Cinn. just to name a few.

if leach is hired, you can also say goodbye to mike james, lamar miller and brandon harris as well.

Yea, I got the Kelly's mixed up but u know what I mean.

Wow a lot of the coaches suggested by you folks are pretty laughable.

Please cross the following candidates off your list:

*Assistant coaches - we need someone with head coaching experience.

*Coaches currently at highly successful programs, like Stanford, Boise or TCU. There is no incentive for these guys to leave their current gigs just because we're "The U". Some of you are severely deluded if you think the Canes are relevant anymore. No major bowls in almost a decade. Can't draw. Suspect management, Shalala, etc.

*Former Canes Players - none of these guys is qualified to take over this program.

*Geezers - Jimmy Geritol Johnson is in the Keys on a deep sea fishing expedition with a box of Cialis and two coked up strippers. He's not coming back. Billick? Flores?! We need someone young that can crunk it up with today's thugs.

While Leach is no spring chicken, his obsession with pirates proves an immaturity level that rivals some 6 year olds. Perfect for dealing with the modern athlete.

*CFL coaches. Uh....seriously? I mean, no, wait...SERIOUSLY???

So let's see based on the above we can rule out 95% of the lame coaches suggested by the U faithful and... allow me to tabulate the results... yes the correct answer is Mike Leach.


I agree. Leach would be a bad hire. The best part is HE'S NOT ON THE LIST. He's a NUT.

So don't worry.

Some of us are more ignorant than others. There are plenty of very successful D 1 and D 2 coaches
Mike Leach is not one of them, period.

PRO STYLE OFFENSE! for the love of ... scratch everyone off the list that does not run a prostyle offense.

Wow, what an obsessed crybaby, who then gets my comments removed from Gator Clause, while whining about freedom of speech on here.

Sean Wilson, your mother would be proud, if only she would stop running away from you.....

Sean Wilson, you are a coward.

You steal IDs, you post racist threats, and then don't show up when you say you are gonna "meet up" with one of us.

Funny how your Dad did teach you one thing, how to change your name and run away.

I am looking forward to the day when your trailer gets a gas leak, you sick freak. The only thing I wonder about is if it is better for you to go slow by gas or quick by explosion. Either way, the woulrd will be better without this blog's Osama Bin Laden on here.

Posted by: michelle502

UM didn't do anything to Shannon but give him an opportunity.

No Butch, he left, let's get over it and move forward.

Leach would be an awesome hire for a lot of schools but it would be the end of UM being Running Back U and Tight End University. I'd hate to end a tradition that has been so long and deep for UM.

My #1 choice is still Edsall. There's more stock to be put in his .500 record that the surface. He was one of like 3 coaches to offer Chris Johnson (Orlando) a scholarship and when his player was brutally murdered (from Miami no less) he brought that team together like we couldn't do in 06 and UConn went on to win games and later take down SC in a big bowl upset.

He has coaching ties in FL ( Jacksonville) and worked under very respectable coaches Tom Coughlin and G. O'Leary.

Plus, his teams always run the ball effectively and they are currently one win away from a BCS game...This school was Div. 1 AA just a decade ago!

To all you people who think Donna Shalala made some wrong move by moving Canes to Sun Life: how many other stadiums do you see in South Florida? Tell me what the better option was? Note, the Orange Bowl is gone!

For all u dummies who think Leach is crazy and whatever other garbage u have read on the internet or heard through the grapevine. I have a question for you, how have the last two hires this admin has made worked out for us? Not too good and how spot on were all those Gruden is a done deal rumors? Don't believe the hype people. Just knowing that he is not on the list shows me these people are clueless and he is the right choice.

Just imagine LM6 running through huge holes breaking out for long gains three, four times a game and he would in this O. but u dummies have no clue about football and what works. We had a coach here who had no clue how to gameplan, or get his players ready to compete. Not many people out schemed TT when Leach was there.

Even weak arm qb''s have excelled in this O. i mean damn they were throwing for like 5000 yards a season with average college qb's and a bunch of slow white guy receivers. Imagine what he could do here with the athletes he would be able to recruit.

Not to mention he graduated players, developed them and kept them out of trouble. This guy is the right choice and we blew it once already, lets not screw it up again.

Lamar Miller wouldn't touch the ball in Leach's scheme. He doesn't run the ball!

It's 4-5 wide spread passing attack.

I'm all for it sometimes, but not all of the time. Do you really want to see us pass the ball all of the time?

Ok Steve, no one has said he can't produce offensively. Anybody can do that when you use all scholly's for Qb's, OL and WR's and your RB's and total defense is nothing but walk-on's.

First off, the man is in a pissing contest with his last school. He's an attorney. He should know better than to get himself in that situation.

I don't care at all for Craig James, in fact I would almost take Leach just to piss James off. Hell, he hates the U. Everyone knows that.

I see your point about our ability to run through the holes his scheme would open up. But his scholarships would eventually be going to QB's, OL and WR's. Everyone else would be a walk-on.

Can you complete @ssholes stop mentioning Mike Leach already. Read this sentence: MIKE LEACH WILL NOT BE INTERVIEWED. Let that sink in, you morons. Then, when you start getting the idea of Mike Leach in your head, come back to this post and read that sentence again. Then, bash your head in with hammer.

Keep doing this as many times as needed, until you get this through you thick skulls or until you kill yourselves. Perferably the latter.




Same goes for Butch Davis, it's not going to happen.

Mullen might happpen, unfortunatly.

Peterson and Harbaugh...those are my choices.

How about Les Miles? If you could teach how to read a clock, he would be great.

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2. Albany St (5)
3. SC St ate (15)
5. Texas Southern
6. Grambling (23)
7. FVSU (22)
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No to Mississippi Mullen. NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Meyers mold

No to scumbags like him

WE don't want Mullen if he is stupid enough to think Mississippi State is a good job.
Brady Hoke would be an ideal fit, Prostyle offense and has already turned 2 terrible programs around.

Mark Trestman, outstanding resume, asst. to coach snell, multiple nfl asst. positions, presently hc montreal, mulitple grey cup winner including this year,um ties, knows the offense that brought the first nc to the U, former nflers players and coaches speak highly, knows the miami recruiting area, helped coach snell develope the state of miami, can develope qbs & wide recivers (ask bernie,vinny,jerry rice just to name 3)loves the U and will make it happen. the next coach snell!

im like u im no fan of trump but the man knows what he is talking about mike leach will sell tickets plus score a ton of points. we no we can build a defence with the coach we have. mike leach lives here we no the man can coach.give the man a chance r go get buch davis defense win games like at all his defenses over the years when the peases was in place great.someone said mark stoops when champingship has he won 0. pac ten. o. unconn. coach o. timing is short,mississippi st. coach says the sec. is better than stay.leach/davis the time is now. LETS GO

it will be someone we never heard of....just like jimmie johnson , dennis ericson , butch davis etc.....the talent will always be there and the the "U" tradition will always attract great recruits......illumnati.....your an idiot

let me make it clear if the AD at the UM hire mark stoops to finish running our school football program in the ground.which is his friend and miami aliumi stand by and let him do it then i DARREL IS DONE i am in my 40dees my heart can;t take it to set and watch our school with all them horses loose games we should win by 30 -40 points the football front knows we have the best talent in the state in the back yard.he is not the one in the mean time FSU,fla.south fla. are stealing them while the AD meaning ALL DUM.is doing nothing he knew JON GURDEN was not going to take the job mike leach is all readed at his door get your but up and open it.now the 5 star QB is talking about LSU. we got to move we all no in south fla. mark rick/jon gruden/don mullen,is out. mike leach-buch davis pick 1 lets GO.

Marc Trestman as HC. Bring in McGee from Arkansas as OC.

let me make it clear if the AD at the UM hire mark stoops to finish running our school football program in the ground.which is his friend and miami aliumi stand by and let him do it then i DARREL IS DONE i am in my 40dees my heart can;t take it to set and watch our school with all them horses loose games we should win by 30 -40 points the football front knows we have the best talent in the state in the back yard.he is not the one in the mean time FSU,fla.south fla. are stealing them while the AD meaning ALL DUM.is doing nothing he knew JON GURDEN was not going to take the job mike leach is all readed at his door get your but up and open it.now the 5 star QB is talking about LSU. we got to move we all no in south fla. mark rick/jon gruden/don mullen,is out. mike leach-buch davis pick 1 lets GO.

Posted by: darrel | December 02, 2010 at 10:29 PM

Do you speak English?

The thing that most people in miami fail to realize is most MAINSTREAM football coaches think living in miami is NOT a good quailty of life position. Families must move to Dade county and the thought of that causes most wives to crindge, also miami is very expensive and diverse. Most assistants cannot afford to live close to campus. The univ need to look at Stanford univ, they give living assistance to coaches, miami need to do this in order to attract solid candidates. Before most head coaches take new jobs they vote as a staff and this will always be an issue a miami.

what's interesting to me is that no one has mentioned Greg Schianos' name??? we (miami) was hot after him a few years back when he was winning with rutgers...rutgers may not be as hot and as attractive to him as it once was

All these writers need to stop with their BS "credible sources." Manny Navarro said all along that Gruden wasn't coming???? NO, he was tweeting that it was a done deal. None of these guys has any credibility left. Stop with the speculation and the trying to be the first one with a story, and wait until there is an announcement...jerks

Everybody deserves a second chance...even Mike Leach. Hire this guy...He knows how to win. Miami would win the ACC in two yrs. Would contend in a CBCS bowl game in three yrs tops. Donald Freaking Trump endorsed the man. He is THEE best possibility and fit out there. He wants the gig, Get it done and Sun Life Stadium will rock...Go Canes.

Shannon is gone. Now, if the Miami Trustees really want to bring back Miami they muast get rid of the cancer to the program which we all know is SHALAYA. She must be fired and bring in a President that is football friendly. Leach is the MAN.


Holcutt better consider Leach, and in my opinion should absolutely hire him if Mullen does not accept. Enough with these no risk hires. We went that route (Shannon, Coker) and it didn't work. We need to take a risk. If we end up with Edsall, Stoops or even Tubbs, I'll be sick. These guys are lower risk and much lower reward. They are slightly above average at best. I truly believe that Mike Leach would DESTROY teams with our athletes. HOLCUTT BETTER BE LISTENING. THIS IS WHAT THE FANS WANT. WE NEED A BIG HIRE!!!

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