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Barrow, Hill, Stoutland officially join Golden's new staff


Canes fans, It's official: Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, linebackers coach Micheal Barrow and receivers coach Aubrey Hill will be part of new UM head coach Al Golden's new Hurricanes coaching staff.

Below is the news release just put out by the university:

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – University of Miami head football coach Al Golden has announced that assistant coaches Micheal Barrow, Aubrey Hill and Jeff Stoutland have joined his first Hurricanes’ staff.

Barrow will coach linebackers, Hill will serve as the wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator while Stoutland will coach the offensive line.

The announcement of Barrow, Hill and Stoutland being added Golden’s staff does not necessarily rule out the possibility of other current Miami assistants joining his staff at a later date.

On Dec. 16, Golden announced his first three assistant hires in Mark D’Onofrio (defensive coordinator), Jethro Franklin (defensive line) and Paul Williams (defensive backs).

Barrow has served as a defensive coach at Miami since 2007, serving as linebackers coach in 2007, 2008 and 2010 and as a defensive assistant in 2009. Barrow, who also works with Miami’s special teams, has played an important role in the development of Sean Spence and Colin McCarthy, both of whom have already reached the 100-tackle mark this season. He has also been instrumental in the development of several linebackers that are currently playing in the NFL – Tavares Gooden of the Ravens, Darryl Sharpton of the Texans and Spencer Adkins of the Falcons. As a player, Barrow earned All-America honors at Miami in 1992, winning BIG EAST Defensive Player of the Year while finishing seventh in Heisman Trophy voting and second in the Butkus Award voting. From 1989-92, Barrow tallied 423 tackles – the fourth-most in school history. He went on to play 13 seasons in the NFL, recording 1,133 tackles and 43 sacks in 173 career games with five different teams.

Hill has coached Miami’s receivers the last three seasons and served as the program’s recruiting coordinator for the last year. Since 2008, Hill has guided one of the top receiving corps in the nation at Miami. Headlined by All-America senior Leonard Hankerson, Hill’s top three receivers combined for 2,178 yards and 16 touchdowns in 2010. Hankerson recorded arguably the most productive season for a wide receiver in school history in 2010, catching a school-record 12 touchdowns while becoming the first player in school history to record 2,000 receiving yards in a career and 1,000 yards in a single season. Hill has also overseen the development of Travis Benjamin, who recorded 293 yards as a freshman, 501 as a sophomore and 699 so far this year as a junior. Before arriving in Coral Gables, he spent three years on the University of Pittsburgh coaching staff, where he tutored first-team All-Big East performers Greg Lee in 2005 and the tandem of Derek Kinder and freshman All-American Oderick Turner in 2006.

Stoutland has served as Miami’s interim head coach since Nov. 28, 2010 and has coached the Hurricanes’ offensive line the last four years. As one of the nation's most respected line coaches, his lines at Miami, Michigan State and Syracuse are well known for their outstanding run-blocking. In 2010, his offensive linemen earned All-ACC weekly honors five times, while the 'Canes have rushed for more than 200 yards in five of Miami's last seven games. Stoutland has overseen the development of numerous All-ACC players in his tenure in Coral Gables, including current Detroit Lion Jason Fox, as well as Brandon Washington and Seantrel Henderson, among others. Prior to joining the Miami staff, Stoutland spent seven seasons as the offensive line coach at Michigan State, following three years as an assistant coach at Syracuse and four years at Cornell.

Miami will take on Notre Dame in the Hyundai Sun Bowl on Dec. 31 at Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas. Stoutland will continue to serve as the team’s interim head coach up to and during the game.


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Good decision. Big coaching question remains of who will be the OC. That will play a big role in recruiting and wins. With time running out, we need to see some key recruiting commitments soon - primarily at QB, LB and DL positions.


I agree I just pray that he goes after another QB to compliment his re-recruiting of Bridgewater. I dont want to end up in this class without a QB commit. As far as the OC i wouldnt mind Whipple staying but now we have a coach who has been a HC before and he will KEEP WHIPPLE IN CHECK...I was a Randy supporter by the way. LoL!

Smart move on Goldens part.

Barrow?! Seriously?! Poor Coach - players don't develop and special teams didn't get any better when he went over!

Stoutland's a good coach but he can't stick with player like Figueroa who can't move - AT ALL!

Hill - good choice!

Hire Soldinger as RB's coach !!!
What are we waiting for ??????

The 3 areas where Miami was most deficient, i.e., receivers dropping balls and running wrong patterns...rehire the WR coach! O-line with the large number of false starts and holding calls killing drives and costing games...hire OL coach! and Linebacker and special teams, the two areas that showed the least improvements... hire the LB/special teams coach!

I don't get it?????? What am I missing? They should have carpet bombed the entire staff and started from scratch.... this is a bad move by Golden and he will live to regret it real soon.

Kehoe and Soldinger are proven winners, Please bring them both back Pronto.

Hill and Barrow are rooted in south fl.
They WILL help with recruiting south fl!
The OL coach is good! UM's oline should be very good next year.

Who will be the OC??

I am getting excited about this new Hire"Golden" I am going to renew my season tickets for the 5th year straight. I drive 3 hours to each home game.

Get a life u bewildered beast!!!

Those 3 coaches play a big part in recruiting. That's what you're missing.

Great decision by Golden. i like the guy already

Great decisions by Golden! The resumes about them by Manny are self explanatory. Also:

1. Three Cane offensive lineman were named by Rivals as Freshmen All Americans and Brandon
Washington could have been named. Lamar Miller was named a Freshman All American running back.
Stoutland was a key factor in their success.

2. Many potenial recruits have stated that they wanted Stoutland, Barrow, and Hill to remain. So did the team.

That should explain any questions you have. These are very good coaches and Hill and Barrow are excellent recruiters!


biwildered - When bringing in heretofore basically unknown "foreign" coaches there is a need for some local continuity for the team and for the purpose of recruiting in So. Fl.

VASoulCane - I too would like to see two QB's recruited. Unfortunately we have a limited class of 15 this year, so probably won't happen. Other than QB, LB and DL, another priority is CB if B. Harris goes pro (hope not!). We might need to recruit another CB to add to the two now committed. Of course I could be wrong, but I think it would be too much to ask for Chambers or Highsmith to be ready to add much value at that position next season.

I hope golden fire whipple, his offensive calling is terrible. We have top notch rbs and descent wrs. run ball first. play action short slants passes and let their speed do the rest. Calling plays aint hard w/talent like this.

Sorry I was looking at the 2012 class regarding two CB commitments. J. Davis is listed as DB for '11. Don't know if he is a commitment or not.

Regardless of the OC we hire, we need a JC or Transfer pro style QB with a rifle arm and who has played in that offensive scheme. The Rutgers kid Savage is looking to transfer as RU is again headed for the toilet, he is an Elway clone (6'5"/235) smart, who was coming here until the OC change and went to RU...was Frosh All American at RU until they lost their OC this year to the pros...he was benched for being uncomfortable out of the pro set offense that he ran last year and in HS..was top five in the US coming out of PA....he could sit one year and be another Testaverde with the right coaching...and when do we sign Ken Dorsey as QB coach, regardless of the OC chosen?

richard you are right speed kills,look i hate to use or bring this team up because it burns in my gut,the gators use there running backs to perfection with short slants and then let speed take the rest,all we were doing was the same old dumm run up the middle are drip back and pass it.pay me to call that,fire him or make him rewrite his play calling. don`t know man.

I am not sure about Barrow. No UM LB looks really good. Nobody that play middle LB was actually dominating.

I get that these guys are good recruiters but Hill Sucks as a WR coach so bad players are going to Mark Duper to get coached up. Our linebackers have not produced jack squat under Barrow which has been surprising since he played here and the NFL. Stoutland is probably the best of the three but our line looks slow and while they run block pretty good they stuggle in pass protection. Maybe Golden can work their kinks out. In any event we do have three good recruiters. I'm most interested to see who we get as offensive coordinator and QB coach. It would be great if Garry Stevens would come back or someone who knows the position and work on our guys technique and mechanics.

Rivals anyone?

Who is the commit?

Olsen Pierre, 6'-4" DE, Ft Union Military Academy.

right now all that matters is beating ND. then the offseason stuff. i hope the team is prepared. a win would look good. go canes

To the guy who said bring Kehoe back. I got one question: R U serious? Barrow is good, but we need some "true" linebackers. That is weak spot on D.

I still can't understand how U get rid of RS after 4 years. I ask U: Where else has the happened?

The Kirby watch starts here...

bewildered cane, you bring up valid points. golden kept the coaches here because he feels these coaches can bring in the talent to their respective units. recruiting purposes solely. relax and see what happens.

Ok "cool cat". Im gonna go ahead and answer your question, with a question. Where else does a HORRIBLE coach like RS get even 4 years, let alone more then that to coach a top program like Miami? News Flash! Heres your answer, No where! He was a good man but a terrible football coach and should have been fired a year ago. He had his chance and he failed! Thats life in the big city. Time to Move on and btw Kirby made an excellent hire in Al Golden. So idk what kinda Kirby watch your talking about "cool cat".

They just signed a 3 star defensive end from VA 6'6 240. It was announced on Cane sport!! I also saw they got a surprise visit I am not a member of the Canesport site but it looks as if they surprise visit was from a QB.

I m ok in keeping Barrow,Stoutland,Hill,so-so on Whipple.I used to think - 1 year ago that Whipple was the man.Now - not so sure.Who s better?Bill Cowher sure believes in him though.Jacory really mystified us all as he had limited competition and thought perhaps he was so good he did not have to listen to anyone to get better.Whip did not make Jacory better this year.For whatever - unknown reason.JUST A FACT.Did Jacory sizzle or Whip blow it??It is the unknown factor as no one was behind the scenes to tell us any different.The team knows I am sure.Anyway - i like Golden alot.He has that IT factor.Can he recruit??????????????????????

With a new head coach and new assistants on the defense is there any chance Twan Anderson will come back? Does anyone know his status or is he simply focusing on track?

This Olsen Pierre out of F.U.M.A. looks the part physically, but is he there as a football player? Did anyone else notice the other schools that were actually offering him before he chose Temple? I'm all for fanning out the recruiting efforts after we've given out absolute best shot at what south Fl has to offer.

I know Golden is supposed to be this "huge" step up from Randy, but just because a kid is from the northeast and he was good enough to play for Temple doesn't mean he is a Miami fit. I just hope Golden doesn't get into the Larry Coker style of recruiting where he recruits a certain area just because he knows it well, regardless if that player is good enough to compete with athletes at a school like the U.

Bottom line is if we are going to take a middle of the road player, let it be from south Florida. This guy has size so i'm not going to bash him until what I can hear about him in the spring because word is he will be enrolling in Jan.

Good move coach Golden. Now hire Stanford asst/coach David Shaw as OC. Also, promote coach Barrow to asst/HC. Go Canes!

Ok at 1st I couldn't believe Hill was retained. His receivers inability to catch the damn ball was perhaps the major reason for this didapppinting season. But then I remembered the huge role he plays in our recruiting & it became obvious why it was important to keep him on staff. Hill & Barrow are both excellent recruiters & have the contacts & knowledge of Florida football that Golden & his new staff don't yet have. Trust me, after this train wreck of a season I'd love nothing better than to totally clean house but this move shows me that Golden is not impulsive, he thought this thru rationally & realized that despite their coaching flaws these guys bring other skills to the table that he really needs. I think keeping Hill & Barrow was the smart move. Stoutlsnd, btw, is a stud - he did well with a very very young line. That fact that he's coaching the team against ND instead of Whipple tells me everything I need to know about these two guys.

How do we know Golden is such a good recruiter? B/C of opinion?
I give him no respect for recruiting NE football players. NE is basketball country. NE college football SUCKS!!!! Syracuse, BC, Penn State, Delaware, Rutgers, (LMAO as I type this btw) UConn they all suck. We all realistically know those areas in which these programs reside suck collectively in football.

Can Golden go in the HOOD and recruit:
F.Gore, A.Johnson, Blades Bros, Joseph Bros, W.Mcgahee, S.Moss, D.Smith,N.Webster, V.Carey, R.Parrish and the many others who made the U da U. Until then Golden is unproven

I hope Golden doesnt turn da U into a modern day dolphins franchise with over achieving white mid west and NE players which will lead to no wins or NFLers for years.
Just a concern. I will eat my words if the proof is shown. I dont think he can relate to our kind of youth. This aint NJ!!

Like most of the comments here, I am very pleased with the 2-sided continuity Coach Golden is creating with his Temple team and his retained UM team of coaches. It will just speed the transition and if they "play nice" with each other, set us up for a GREAT 2011 both in recruiting and coaching (of our existing players). The top thing that I, as a Lifelong Cane Fan, am looking for under this new regime is PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. Coach Shannon has filled our cupboard with some wonderful talent...unfortunately it never seemed to progress under his leadership, at least on the field...I do however admire what he has done for many of these young men personally relative to their focus in the classroom.

Doesn't matter where you recruit or who if you can't develop the talent once they get here, that was Shannon's problem. I think Golden is a coach who has proven he can do more with less talent. As far as recruiting goes, what do all kids want to play for? The chance to be Conference and National Champions. Doesn't matter if your from the "hood" or burbs, south florida, NE, or if you're black, white, or purple, every kid wants to play for a coach that can get them to national recognition. So far, that is the language that Golden is using when talking to the kids. I think every coach uses that same bait, but few can deliver. I am wishing the best for Golden.

Hey OL Cane, why don't you look at who he recruited at Temple. There were plenty of guys that weren't "over achieving white mid west and NE players." Golden can go into the "hood" and recruit, don't you worry!

Who wants those Northeast kids like Bryant McKinnie, Greg Olsen, Testeverde, Greg Mark, Kosar, Kelly and so on.

Shannon recruited the hood and he got soft players. There are talented kids everywhere.

Exactly who was the last Pro-style QB to come out of SF?

The man exactly has a plan as opposed to last clown who just recruited one HS.

That SWAGG M.Irvin and M.Bratton had does not come from a NE kid sorry. If you listen to the M. Irvin show on 560 he says the same things.

The players I mention who I know as a U fans you love is what the program was built off of.
Face it people poor black kids from the so called state of miami built the U.

If we need NE, mid west, West Coast QB fine. IDC. Just keep the party going.

Not to mention that overachieving is a testament to the coach!

I think that means the coach got more out of a player than he/she should have.

In the cases of Barrow and Hill, this has more to do with ties to South Florida than coaching ability.

Our LB's don't get better and the receiving core is mostly Hankerson.

I think the key is to get the best south florida kids. There's talent here, but we have to concentrate on identifying and landing the best of it.

As far as recruiting in other places, we have to be able to recruit in certain areas. The NE produces a lot of great players. Canes75 just named a few.

Posted by: cane4life37

I agree. Latwan should be the first recruit...he's already here and he doesn't count as a football scholarship.

Why in gods name would Golden promote Barrow to assistent head coach? He's lucky to remain employed. Would like to see Latwan get back into football as well.

Cool Cat = sean wilson

ok, few comments,..
the QB recruit that has reported interest as well as visited this past weekend is said to be last name "Nova". secondly, i may be wrong, but i heard Latwan Anderson is no longer enrolled at UM, so i dont see him rejoining the team.

thirdly, i'm glad to see most of you have your heads on straight about Golden retaining Stoutland,Hill, and Burrow.

Stoutland and Golden go way back, and Stoutland does an amazing job with the O-line. (I can't believe any of you could try and argue otherwise) bla bla bla, false starts. when you start 2 freshman and switch the positions from week to week of the rest of the unit its bound to happen.

Hill and Burrow, sure you can make a claim that there is someone out there better for the job, but then you can also say that Hill can't catch the ball thats right on their numbers for them. and Burrow has quite a nice track record of producing LB's regardless of how you feel they performed this year or last.

and ty for stating how important it is to have some coaches on staff that can walk into any HS in FL and get ushered in.

glad to hear the optimism, i've been a Golden skeptic but i have become excited based on his actions so far.

i do wish Petri was retained however.

uh... really? this move needs some serious explaining.

recievers who couldnt catch the football, and recruiting that didnt lock down south florida. and yet we retain our recruiting coordinator/WR coach?

linebackers who were constantly out of position and special teams that were less than special. and yet we retain our LB coach/ST coach?

offensive linemen who made boneheaded mistakes and couldnt block. and yet we retain our OL coach?

i like the coaches he brought over from temple but im sorry this move makes absolutely no sense. this is a mistake. too much dead weight being kept on board. i thought for sure these guys would be sure-fire "let goes" except for barrow who i thought was 50/50.

hey TRUTH SPEAKER, its cause randy played favorites. thats why no one else saw the field. he held back the players and coaches alot. whether theyd like to admit it or not...

Major mistake bringing anyone back. Look what happened the last time we didn't clean house.

Barrow has shown no development skill.

WRs have been horrible except for Hank who has been working with Mark Duper.

Can you remember a the last time we had a solid, disciplined offensive line?


Golden needs to be careul in combing the NE for recruits. Sure, there are gems now and then who can play at a high level, but day-in day-out, players from outside of South Florida are simply junior varsity. A 3 star from up there is most likely a 1-2 star here.

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