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Bridgewater latest to 'de-commit' since firing

Miami Northwestern quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, one of the stars in the University of Miami's 2011 recruiting class before Randy Shannon was fired hours after the team's loss to South Florida on Nov. 27, said Monday he's no longer committed to the Hurricanes.

Teddy Bridgewater "I'm just going to keep my options open, see who the next coach is," said Bridgewater, a U.S. Army All-American who is considered the second-best dual-threat quarterback in the country by Rivals.com.

"I can't tell you what he's going to do," Bridgewater's mother, Rose Murphy, told The Miami Herald Monday night. "because I don't think he knows what he's going to do."

Murphy told The Miami Herald her son got a visit from UM assistants Wesley McGriff and Tim Harris Sr. last week. Murphy said she believes that's when her son told UM he was planning to take official trips to other schools and was going to re-open his recruitment.

Bridgewater, who threw for 2,606 yards and 22 touchdowns in 12 games this season, has become the third UM player since Shannon's firing to de-commit from the program. Albert Louis-Jean, a standout in Brockton, Mass. considered the 12th-best corner in the country by Rivals, and Vero Beach High offensive guard Marcus Jackson, considered 13th best at his position nationally by the same publication, were the first two players to de-commit after Shannon was fired.

The Hurricanes have four remaining commitments: Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Phillip Dorsett; Tampa Alonso High defensive end Anthony Chickillo; Miami Belen linebacker Nick Menocal and Milford Prep School (N.Y.) defensive back Jeremy Davis.

UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt said the day after Shannon was fired he would honor the seven commitments. UM is only expected to have between 15 and 16 scholarships available in its next signing class.

The Hurricanes canceled their first recruiting weekend scheduled for Dec. 10-11, but still have not canceled the following weekend. Several top-tier players including Rivals' No. 1-rated receiver George Farmer (Gardena, Calif.) and No. 2-rated offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio were supposed to visit UM this weekend. Those trips to Miami have yet to be rescheduled for later dates.

The day after Shannon was fired, Chickillo, an Under-Armour Army All-American, said he had 50 phone calls and text messages from other programs trying to scoop him up. He said he remains committed to UM, but wants to see who the Hurricanes hire as coach.

"I'm still committed," Dorsett said last Friday. "It's tough. But Miami has always been my dream school. They've always been loyal to me and I'll always be loyal to them. I'm a Hurricane at heart."


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Get Mike Shula, he has integrity and should have been given more of a chance in Alabama.

If Urban Meyer is one of the "greatest coaches of all time", then what is Jimmy Johnson, a Fing God or something?

Your "greatest coach of all time" lost to Fing Ole Miss at home during the greatest run in your school's contrived history! Hell Shannon and Kiffin both gave him fits as first year head coaches! 10-3 deep into the 4th at home in the Swamp with UF's "greatest" team of all time does not say much about Meyers "greatest" status, when you consider that the UM team that he beat was arguably one of Miami's worst ever. Congrat's???

Meyer may not even be the 5th best coach of all time in the state of Florida, let alone the whole nation. But you can bet the UF media juugernaught has a movie of the week planned where he cures sick kids at Shand's with the touch of a "magical" football!

Did Meyer beat Holtz, Switzer, Bowden, and 4 SEC teams while they were ALL hitting on all cylinders, and most ranked in the top ten, if not #1?? Jimmy did, and he won two Fing Superbowls when he was done doing that! THAT my friends is what the word "GREATEST" was meant to represent when describing coaches and programs!

Ole Miss '08 and Meyer does not = greatness, not even a little!

1. Jimmy Johnson
2. Bobby Bowden
3. Steve Spurrier
4. Dennis Ericson
Tied for 5th. Urban Meyer, Larry Coker, and Butch Davis

Thanks for the memories...you Fing nut case...

Go back to your FIU blog. Nobody asked you. Baby Shula is a good assistant coach. Maybe a good candidate for furture FIU Head Coach when Mario moves on to greener pastures.

Big recruiting weekends during the next two weeks. The next national power will be Louisville. Charlie Strong comes off very strong with the players and parents in South Florida. Watch him end up with all of the top recruits this year from South Florida. None of the candidates mentioned will be able to recruit against him in the short term. I am preparing myself for another mediocre 10 years. I was just think about Hocutt's statements when he fired Shannon that we expect to win the ACC and National Championships. Well, reality says that you can't expect to have something that you never had. We have never been a winner in the ACC. Last NC 10 years ago. Hocutt is driving us over a cliff. Thanks a lot!

Urban just resigned, Kirby if you screw this up, you will NEVER get any fan or alumni support again! If you think 27,000 at Joe Robbie(it will ALWAYS be Joe Robbie)is bad, you bring in some scrub coach and you'll be lucky to get that on a good weekend. We need a coach with fire and passion for Miami football, if he happens to have some baggage, so be it as long as he wins and graduates our players. As a proud Miamian an UM alumni, my checkbook and I await your decision!

He's talking about the University of Miami and their expectations, U dumbass. The dummies that hired Coker and SHannon drove us over a cliff not Holcutt. At least he is trying to win which is more than anybody else has done for our team.

Agree with Championships, Hocutt is being through and trying to land the right person. He made the first good move by removing Shannon.

WTF was I thinking???

1. Jimmy Johnson
2. Bobby Bowden
3. Steve Spurrier
4. Howard Schnellenberger
5. Dennis Ericson
Tied for 6th. Urban Meyer, Larry Coker, and Butch Davis

Agree with the comments made regarding Hocutt apparently aiming for a major winner. And, it does appear that Shalala is on board. That is good new for Canes fans.

This is an uphill climb for the U, and it will take an exceptional winner to pass over the UF job, come to UM and take us to the next level. Barring a major surprise (Bob Stoops, Jim Harbaugh, etc.), we will probably get an aggressive assistant coach with prominent FBS or NFL experience. With all due respect, we should not select a current, so-so HC just to hire a head coach (Mullen, Edsall, Tuberville, etc.)

Now, who wants to put up the dough to build an on-campus stadium?

Storm Debris aka Sean Wilson aka little piggy d-bag gator troll, turn the space heater on in your trailer because it's gonna be another cold night. Shouldn't you be on gator clause making up wild predictions about Iowa's head coach coming to trailerville to coach the turds?

Suck it up gaturdnation and beg the Zooker to come back!

Who's startn at Q.B. in El Paso for the Canes ?

12 or 17 ?

How bout a new blog topic?

Posted by: jt | December 08, 2010 at 08:33 PM

Guess who's not coming to the U ?

KH is now on the hot seat. If he screws up now, we're doomed. At least in RS we know we had a good DC. Go get Denny Green or Ty Willingham.

'Cool 'Cat = Another d-bag gaturd troll


Is it an on campus stadium or bust?

Or would a stadium near (1 to 5 miles) the campus work?


Are you sure you have the right "sources" now? Carl Pelini is the one other papers are saying is linked to the Miami job. Also, Tom Osborne just said he didn't give anybody permission to talk to Miami? Just wondering as your reporting here lately has been a lil' sketchy?


Word came out today that Gruden WOULD have taken the Canes job is UM would have made his Brother Coach in Waiting!

Bo Says:
December 8th, 2010 at 3:42 pm

As a Florida outsider, I believe that Coach Meyer is sicker than you think. When statements such as family are concerned don’t look past the fact his wife may have said my way or the highway. Just some more fodder to think about. But I truly believe he has health concerns beyond what he’s saying.

Don’t post much, but I wanted to let you all know, haters and supporters alike, one of the major reasons as to why Urban Meyer has finally decided to shelve his coaching career for a bit. Meyer had a cyst on his brain between his skull and left frontal lobe that was discovered last year at this time. When he went through serious tests to find out why he was having such bad migraine headaches, when the cyst would become inflamed, (he’s had them since he was a kid) it was finally discovered. Doctors highly recommended that he address it and have it removed immediately. It is a fairly routine and highly successful procedure, but as with any surgery involving drilling into the skull and cutting tissue away from the brain, it’s a Major and potentially serious procedure. After consulting with family (Shelly was not happy) and Doctors he decided (didn’t want to abandon his assistant coaches and recruiting class) not to resign because it was treatable with medication and the surgery could be done at a later date. The ABSOLUTE recovery time is 4-6 months of TOTAL rest and he wasn’t ready to do it, even at the risk of his own health and mortality. Meyer tried to dial it back and continue but it’s obvious that he’s not a half or three quarter in type of guy. It’s all or nothing with Urban Meyer. Now, I can’t say for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he has scheduled a time (and it would never be made public) to finally get this done to assure his longterm health is paramount. I know the Canes, Seminoles and Gators come here to jab back n forth all in good fun, but whether this was Coach Shannon, Coach Bowden, Coach Jimbo or Coach Spurrier, I think we could all agree that we all hope Coach Meyer has healthy and long life, and for the overall betterment of College Football, that he gets back into the Coaching Profession as soon as he’s ready. There have been a dozen or so coaches that have dropped dead in the last 10 years or so, and many more that have suffered heart attacks and serious physical breakdowns. It’s no joke. So next time a rival teams player or coach is injured or ill, remember, they ALL have families, and I truly believe Family is the reason why Urban Meyer is no longer the Head Coach of The University of Florida Football Team … He’s not scared of competition, just the welfare of his Family.

Goodluck, Canes, ‘Noles, Gators and all State of Florida Teams…

He’s not scared of competition, just the welfare of his Family.

Posted by: Get Healthy Coach | December 09, 2010 at 01:50 PM

Are you really spamming all the Canes sites with this pro-Meyer tripe?


Come on Manny. Are you telling me you can't find something to talk about on the coaching situation since December 6th? What about talking about the snub to Mike Leach? Look into that a little further, why he is being blackballed, as well as the good things he did at TT. Is it perfect? No, but Miami is not a coveted place anymore as compared to a Nebraska, Florida or most other D1 schools that have outstanding facilities. Our facilities, weight room are sub par, and a stadium that is haul from campus. What about talking about why we are not getting the marquee coaching candidates? We are going to be in the same situation as we have been.

Manny, please talk about the Mike Leach situation, look into why he is not getting a fair shot. Baggage? They are trumped up charges by a 4h string player whose daddy used his microphone to blow this out of proportion. Talk about the depositions that have been taken that seem to show that Mike Leach has a legitimate case for wrongful termination. Talk about the $300,000 bonus that was due to Mike Leach two days after his firing. When looking at a candidate, you can't just say "baggage" and not look at the circumstances.


Let's talk about Bo Pelini.

How would Jacory and his Dad handle this?


Get Healthy Coach:

Thank you for putting things into perspective.

Happy Holidays to you and yours

Dunno, Feral Douche, probably fake a heart attack, quit, come back, lie to recruits, profess respect of women as gospel but only if it does not involve a criminal athlete.

Something like that.

Wow, UFelony is on the list because 25% of the population is enrolled at UFelony. What a stretch. Tells you nothing. The place is pig slop.

BTW, what exactly is Portfolio.com? Is this a Facebook offshoot? Do they run their headquarters out of Sean Wilson's mommy's house?

Have to dig real deep to find something to validate yourself, don't you, Pig? Unfortunately, Portfolio.com is has slightly less clout than the Enquirer.

You lose again, Pig. Sean Wilson, as insecure a Pig as ever lived.

Did this poll from Portfolio.com take into account Steve Addazio's eloquent use of the word or a kind-of-word "interiorally?"

Did it also take into account that many UFelony grads take "Starcraft" as a course?

I guess a blanket statement that Turdville has a lot of college graduates or students doesn't really tell the whole story.

I wonder if Portfolio.com interviewed Rainey?

Almost forgot, did they interview Corinne Brown? Ms. Go Gatah? Butcher of English? Scarecrow of Gatard garb?

Yikes. Bet Portfolio.com didn't take ol' Corinne into consideration.

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That is you, Gatard trash. All you.

Maybe we should sent the full text of this to Portfolio.com. What a dumb pile of human trash this dope is:



"We finna build a recruiting wall around Souf Flo RiDa and build depths"

No wonder that dope got canned. You couldn't understand what he was saying. That is the main reason we couldn't make halftime adjustments.

I know. The only thing more stupid is Addazio or the look on Urban's face all season.

I RS could possibly lose half his brain cells, he could take over Corinne Brown's spot in the House.

What does Sean The Pig Wilson think? Please put your Facebook page back up, Pig. This could be so much fun.

Sean Wilson....making his parents proud one stupid post at a time.


Guess Corinne was too busy studying for her Starcraft exam to study for something as silly as english language and composition.

Do they offer that at UFelony?

fake Sean Wilson: Trailer trash walking, please go back to gaturd clause. You must be having wet dreams over the little wink-wink that buck tooth foley gave to Dan "the Mullet" Mullen after Urban Meyers left.

Go Gatah!!!!

Did Billy Gonzalez respect Urban? Is a post-it resignation a sign of respect?

Is failing to mention your alma mater in the most important speech of your life a similar lack of respect?

Just wonderin'...

A stadium within walking distance of the campus would work. It needs to have the feel of being part of the broader UM environment, a sense of being "Our Stadium."

What do you think?

One important piece to this Miami puzzle is there now exist no one, NO ONE that was a part of this teams success from earlier years. No one that has any clue how to take a private low budget school/team, with high academics and make it into a champion. The U has always had 1 or 2 carry overs from prior staff that understood the formula for success under such difficult restraints. What made the u The U was high school players feeling like they wanted to be a part of this brotherhood regardless if they played in front of far less fans, regardless if the facilities sucked, they wanted to be affiliated and associated with the proud to become the next great U player, to be talked about, respected and feared. But now all of this is gone. UM is out of style, and there is nothing fancy, sexy, or appealing to any of the current players or high school kids that will come out and wear that U proudly and play like they have some super human ability, just because they believe I am playing for The U. That magic, that spirit, desire is no more. Everything ends. It is gone but not forgotten.

Folks, Bo Pelini would be a huge hire for UM! The guy is passionate and a winner. He might bring brother Carl as his DC, another score for UM.

The fact that several sources are reporting he has met with Hocutt is very encouraging.

We hire Bo, the UF story becomes a parallel topic, and not the dominant one.

I think this will work out, either with Pelini or another prominent coach. Hey, a Northeast Ohio guy for Miami! Perfect! Go Canes! After all, those of us who grew up there know that there is an invisible trail that leads from Ohio and the Northeast to Miami! Bo, time to leave them cornfields!

Late Wednesday afternoon, just down the road in Hollywood, a coach the Hurricanes would covet -- a man who has made academic excellence and winning compatible -- stood at a podium opposite another highly respected coach to address a kickoff gathering for the Jan. 3 Discover Orange Bowl between BCS No. 4 Stanford and No. 13 Virginia Tech.

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh would likely be snatched in a hurry if he showed interest in the UM vacancy. But Harbaugh, a former Michigan quarterback expected to be offered the Michigan job should Rich Rodriguez be dismissed, has maintained his tunnel vision toward winning the Orange Bowl and focusing on his current job.

``Above everything else, I've always said in a college football program, academics is above everything else -- that's our mantra,'' Harbaugh said. ``That's what's in the best interest in the youngsters who are participating, and I don't think it's any different at Virginia Tech than it is at Stanford. We want our youngsters to achieve as much as they can in the classroom and on the athletic field, and we want youngsters who want that.''


Harbaugh inherited a Stanford team that was 1-11 in 2006, the year before he took over. He went 4-8 in 2007, 5-7 in '08, 8-5 in '09 and 11-1 this season.

Harbaugh makes $1.25 million in salary, about what Randy Shannon made. But Bob Bowlsby, Harbaugh's athletic director, said Sunday in an Associated Press report that Stanford already has a new contract proposal ready for Harbaugh and that ``he's indicated he plans to accept it.''

As for what he thinks of his name being linked to the Miami job, Harbaugh said, ``I don't ever talk about any other job than the one I have. I just coach my team. I won't talk about it now or in the future.


Wow, crybaby coward Sean Wilson whined to the folks at Gator Clause, after threatening us to a fight at Filene's Basement (he apparently lives in the dumpster there), and when he got roasted and destroyed by Canes fans in retaliation, he cried to Mike and got the whole conversation deleted.

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And by the way, everyone who says we should re-hire Randy - I like the idea but we should give George Smith from St Thomas Aquinas a shot first.
We would have one of the top high school coaches coach our team - what do you say to that you racist Pig? Don't think the tickle torture isn't coming you coward!

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As I read it, neither President Shalala nor Holcutt had a rational game plan in place prior to firing Coach Shannon. Our leadership took an ill-fated statement by Jon Gruden and turned it into a flawed assumption that Gruden wanted to coach the “U”. Simple because Jon Gruden stated he was interested in coaching the “U” or at the college level should not have been taken literally. To now settle for Randy Edsall, Bo Pelini, or Mullen (a long shot – do not wish to see him at the “U” anyway) is absurd for sure. If there was no plan in place to hire Jon Gruden or any other “up-grade”, Coach Shannon never should have been fired this year. In particular, even though Edsall made some end roads with Ucon, it was made in the Big East – the worst automatic BCS conference in the league. A well coached high school team could put together enough wins to win the Big East. Winning at Ucon does not translate into winning at the “U”. What about his ability to recruit long term, sustain a credible academic platform, and ultimately win National Championships? Coach Shannon has already achieved two of the three objectives; we know that for sure. The time given to bringing in a new coach (possibly down-grade) just for the sake of bringing in a new guy fails the sanity test. At this point, I believe that we were better off keeping Coach Shannon for another year. This administration’s debacle of our football program leaves too much to be desired. What a mess…

Posted by: bluenotes

Nice try you racist Pig! blue notes is a code for orange and blue - Gaytor colors. Don't you ever give up Sean Wilson?


Do you have any lizards for sale?

Vandy just offered Gene Malzahn $3M a year - what is going on there?!! Vandy?

blue notes - you are mistaken, Shannon was fired before any interest in Gruden developed.


Only talking ones.

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