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Brighter future? May, Holtz say Irish over Canes

EL PASO -- If the Hurricanes needed some bulletin board material heading into Friday's Sun Bowl showdown with Notre Dame they can thank ESPN College GameDay Final analysts Mark May and former Irish coach Lou Holtz for providing it.

Lou Holtz Both analysts are not only picking Notre Dame to win Friday they also believe the Irish will rise back to prominence faster than the Canes.

"I think if you look at both teams right now, Miami has better overall talent," May said on a conference call Thursday. "Randy Shannon did a great job recruiting Miami, getting some great pieces in place. I just don't know if Al Golden is the guy to take them to the next level.

"If you look at Notre Dame in my opinion, I think Brian Kelly struggled early, then they got their quarterback hurt and were able to come in with Tommy Rees, put some good efforts together at the end of the season, strung together some nice impressive victories. I think they're going in the right direction.

"This is a football team in which every one has bought into the program under Brian Kelly. I look forward to them getting better in their future. They're 7-5 right now, coming in on a three-game win streak. I think Notre Dame will be better down the road. And what impressed me late in the season is Notre Dame played better on defense. The last couple years they were atrocious on defense. But the last couple games they've been a lot better defensively."

Mark May Holtz thinks the biggest advantage Notre Dame has over UM at the moment is at quarterback.

"I do believe it will be Notre Dame for several reasons -- No. 1, they have an established quarterback -- two of them. [Dayne] Crist has been injured. But the young freshman [Tommy Rees] has done an excellent job," Holtz said. "Kelly will going to be in the second year of this program. Recruiting is going good.

"As far as Miami they don't even know who their quarterback is going to be. Is it going to be the freshman? Is it going to be [Jacory] Harris? I think the big thing is they both have the potential to get back. I don't think there is anything that keeps them from being an outstanding football program like they were in the 1980s and 1990s. Its nice to see them get back, nice to see them playing again. They both should get back. It just depends on the leadership of the head coaching position."


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I feel good about the Canes long term if these two idiots think the Irish will rise back to prominence faster than the U.

What a f*cking hypocrite.

"they have an established quarterback, in fact two of them"

"as far as Miami, they don't even know who their quarterback is going to be"

I think that last stroke really got to mushmouth's brain.

Lou Holtz and Mark May are 2 of the biggest A-holes on ESPN(or tv for that matter)!!!

God I get so sick of those two, they make me wanna puke!!

The fact is, it's all true. U is a "weigh station" for Golden. But ND won't be back any time soon, not until they start re-recruiting some ghetto guys.

I say this is a make or break game for J12. Everybody has to be talking with each other. The OC, the HC, DC. Everybody. That's what's lacking.

U need a ling-term coach. And that is not Golden. He'll carry U a step higher than RS.

i love it how everybody knows about golden now n what he can n cant do (I just don't know if Al Golden is the guy to take them to the next level.)
... this is hilarious. and btw mark may n the original irish lou holtz will neeeeeeeeever pick us for anything!

Long term like Schnellenberger, Johnson, Erickson, Davis, or Coker?

None of them lasted more than 5 years. Coaches don't win championships for UM, players do. We'll take a couple years of competent coaching from Golden, get that next national title, and send him on to a more lucrative job.

Coaches don't make UM, UM makes coaches.

Those two are the biggest idiots on sports television. They talk garbage without any facts. May made a comment a couple of weeks ago about how Miami is not the place to be anymore because we can't compete with the "palaces" of other programs. Reece even called him out asking him how Miami was able to recruit so well under Shannon. These two have never said anything positive about Miami. I just cannot stand them. I hope Miami blows ND out and then see what these idiots have to say.

Let's take a look at Um players starring in the NFL right now. Enough said...

i know were not the old thig U that we used to be. but doesnt the whole idea of none of the big wigs being on our side show what tbe U is all about? Kind if makes you think of the big bad 80's days. Give em hell and make the irish and the analysts cry themselves to new years day.

Go Canes!

Lets face one fact when it comes to nd holtz is always gonna go that way. So thats not a big thing holtz also picks south carolina all the time as well. He is a very loyal guy to the last 2 places he coached. may is just the biggest blowhard i have ever heard. He doesnt have a clue what he's talking about. The only guy on espn worse is craig james. I dont buy anything they say concerning miami or nd. May because hes gonna ptu down miami for firing a black head coach no matter what and holtz will always pick nd first. That said may tends to forget that until 2009 golden never had a full compliment of scholorships. I wonder how alot of his top coaches would of done going to a school like temple where no one wanted to go. U* only have 54 scholarships until 2009 and yet u pull off a winning record in 09 and 10 despite this? Thats a great job recruiting and coaching i have no doubt kelly is gonna get nd back to top hes that kind of coach. I also have no doubt golden will get miami there. Go canes i just think miami has more talent right now and as such hits bcs level first.

May hates Miami because Pitt could never beat the Canes when they were both in the Big-East. Holtz hates the Canes because the only time he ever beat Miami was because of a bs fumble by Cleveland Gary at the goal line and Jimmy being stubborn and going for 2 and the win instead the extra point and the tie. If you can't beat them...criticize them.

Just shut them up on the field. Blow out ND and everyone will keep their saliva in their mouth.

C'mon Man! []_[] will rise again!

Just for a second think about the two NIMRODS we are talking about in Holtz and May. One is a scenial old man, who sounds like a babbling drunk who always picks his old teams. The other is a moron who tries to look smart by wearing those little small framed glasses and not to mention he went to Pitt, so that in itself tells us all we need to know about May. Not to mention the fact that he was pissed because we canned Shannon. The only reason he was upset about that is because Shannon was black. Any other guy and he would have said the firing was justified. So I would not put too much energy into worrying about what those two numbnuts had to say.

Jacory now is your chance to be the leader we need and lead us to a victory. If we play like we did against UNC or Georgia Tech, this will be a blowout by us. Now Jacory go do your thing kid and slap egg all over these two jackwagons face.

Hey, Manny and Susan:

What's harder to do?

Taking a sound bite by Mark May serious....Or....Trying to understand a sound bite from Lou Holtz?

I remember Lee Corso saying the Canes would never be great again after The U was put on probation, but that didn't stop Butch Davis from righting the ship and bringing the Canes back to national prominence.

The Canes are loaded with talent, speed, and athleticism across the board. If Al Golden can figure out how to coach them all to become one cohesive unit, especially whoever the quarterback will be, then the Canes will be a force to be reckoned with.

I do not like either of the two May or Holtz however listen what they say not just hear---the whole ? is the QB and they are dead on. We do not have a solid individual in that position at this time. As for May comments about not having the right coach for our program we will just wait and see-I believe we do. Recruiting is the key and not just at Northwestern but out in the "muck" pahoke, belle glades etc. Good luck Canes.

I think Holtz is a BLOWHARD and the other Scmuck is Racist . Go with Your heart Its CANES ALL THE WAY!!!!

i totally agree with you guys this guys are a bunch of fools i just to like them but Dr. Lu needs to retired already and may i don't even know what to say about him he is all over the place one week this and next week something else. ND is in the same boat as us at QB so is crazy for them to say that both teams had the same bad luck with there QB i am done talking is crazy some you guys agree with this two fools on this article.

Why does that pic of Mark May look like what Urkel would look like if the show was still airing?

didnt may pick pitt to beat miami also? that turned out well for him. just sayin'

When were these guys right about anything that had to do with ND?

Hey J.T.

I remember that comment Corso made. It was during the 1999 season. Miami was in the midst of a mini resurgence winning some good games with young talent. Santana Moss was still behind Daryl Jones on the depth chart and our best-known linebacker was Nate Webster. True freshman Dorsey was the starter late in the season and Corso was saying that while we where improving there was NO WAY that it was possible for Miami to ever get back to "where we were in the 1980s." 2 years later we surpassed those teams of the 1980s.

Not saying it will happen again (the 2001-2 teams were the best of all time IMO) but there is definitely hope we could be an elite program very soon.

First of all Lou Holtz is an old fart that doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. He just can't get over the ass whoopins he got back in the 80's by Miami. May is another idiot that doesn't know anything about the canes. Lou a true freshman? we got one too and he's been pretty excellent. I cant stand these two guys.

Espn needs to get Lou Holtz old ass off the Tv.

Wow, I'm surprised that Mumbles Holtz and Mark the Mental Midget May picked Notre Dame... Holtz still has not gotten over the asswhoopings he took from Miami and May is just an idiot!

Calm down. May said he likes Notre Dames QB situation better. He explained that he wasn't sure that Golden was the guy. Lou Holtz likes the ND Qb situation better. Thats all. No insults from either coach. Just relax.

I agree with Canesjunkie. No need talk let our play do the talking.. But Lou Holtz he is real "hypocrite" He was the one standing on the top of the mountain when Miami got in a brawl with FIU, saying how we are bad for fottball..Yet he is the same guy who coached South Carolina when they had the huge brawl with Clemson two years prior.. This guys is joke! Don't get me started on Craig James he went to school to the dirtiest program ever "SMU"! They got the dealth penalty they were so bad.. Should be fun game..If Jacory gets hot earlier..Our running game wil seal the deal for us in the later quarters!

Thanks for the laughs guys...It's always enjoyable to read the posts of Miami fans and chuckle over you inability to comprehend the English language (or even spell properly). In the old days Miami used to at least recruit athletic idiots and win games. Now, judging by your recent win totals, it appears that you've given up on the "athletic" portion and only recruit idiots.

Oh, and during the upcoming series you should keep in mind that the only "Golden" that matters is that which is on the Golden Dome at Notre Dame...

Good luck today, you guys are going to need it, and sorry if I confused you by throwing a few "big" words in there...

NDfan75 "It's always enjoyable to read the posts of Miami fans and chuckle over "you inability" to comprehend the English language (or even spell properly)."

And dis is goot inglesh?

Also, the "at least" in your first paragraph is run on and totally unnecessary. Furthermore, staying with your first paragraph,the "Now' before judging is superfluous, so you could cut your last sentence to read: Judging by your recent win totals, it appears that you've given up on athleticism and only recruit idiots. The word "portion" didn't make any sense and athletic did not require quotes.

Hope that helps. Go Canes, beat the Irish.

Someone check to see if the sky is falling!!! Mark May has NEVER said anything positive about ND. NEVER!! I understand Holtz, he'd pick ND over the Patriots, but May? Wow.

Question for May. When ND fired Ty Willingham it was because they were racists. Hey Mark, is Miami racist for firing Shannon? Just curious.

The question gentlemen was, Who has a brighter future? Dr. Lou's comment was right on, next year ND will have (at least)two quality QBs. Miami's QB stats not as good. May was talking about the future too. Too early to say what Golden will bring. Just as it was too early, a year ago to say if Kelly could do the job. Now we know. Lets hope as Dr. Lou said that both teams get back into the hunt for the next series of ND-Canes games.

Go Irish!

As you can all see, May and Holtz were spot on, ND is on another level than Miami.

Holtz will always pick ND but Im okay with that. I was suprised May chose the Irish, but whatever. Canes will not blow out ND. They are both right, ND will score big at the beginning and keep a steady defense. GO IRISH beat those studpid Canes.

James is right. Mark May NEVER EVER says anything positive about ND. May picks whoever ND plays against without even thinking about the matchup.

Holtz and May were RIGHT ON! Hurricanes truly suck! ND has now won 3 of last 4 meetings -- not to mention 16 of the last 24 - and are on the rise.

Catholics once again destroy the convicts!

F-U you Miami losers!!!


The "U" took it up the dark hole on this one. What a horrible looking team. It took an early prevent Irish defense to make this one look closer than it really was. The Irish was supposed to face a tough pass defense...but no such thing from the Convicts.

GO IRISH...thank you for that Cane whooping on New Year's Eve!

Amazing how many people can't even spell or use good grammer when typing. I mean all lower case or poor spelling. They must be Miami graduates. After watchng ESPN 30 for 30 on the U, I feel great. Most Miami "graduates" can't even spell Miami. The players were so proud of running up the score and beating ND, that sportamanship or education never factored into anything. After all Randall Hll working as a TSA agent is a grea accomplishment.

Final Score 33-17. Anybody want to retract their comments.

do you remember the show where they were talking about ND vs Miami? all the ND graduates were judges, investment bankers, businessmen - all the Miami graduates were unemployed trailer park dudes, and homeland security guys (no offense to law enforcement but that's the hottest major in Miami, criminal or law enforcement) = i think it's pretty hilarious and i went to stanford b/c i couldnt' get into ND, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. oh, and 33-17 and should not have been that close. goto ND and have a life. goto the M or the U or whatever letter they're using now and some of you will be graduates... not so bad compared to the general population...

no disrespect really intended here, sorry if i sounded crass. not everyone is destined for harvard, notre dame or stanford.

the world needs ditch diggers too son...
- Caddyshack.

First, I think both Notre Dame and Miami will be elite again shortly due to both having great coaches and recruiting. Also, I do take issue with Miami fans talking about calls going against them causing them to lose. Let me remind everyone that while the Gary fumble was questionable with 3 minutes to go before halftime and Notre Dame leading Miami 21 to 14 Miami's tight end caught a pass on his own 40 yard line took 3 steps and fumbled. Notre Dame recovered and the refs called the pass incomplete. The replays and the announcers all showed and said it was clearly a fumble and should have been Notre Dame's ball. Miami scored on that drive. So, it evens out.

If any number of these postings are former U graduates, it may explain why they think so little of Holtz and May. With the number of misspellings (e.g. "scenial") posted by "championships are all that matters" is correctly spelled "senile", grammatical mistakes, and punctuation errors, it is likely they can't actually speak an entire sentence without saying "you know" every other word! As for the individuals who feel that Holtz doesn't know what he's talking about, the guy isn't in the College Football Hall of Fame for nothing! Lastly, for all those "go Canes and shut Holtz and May up" types...you may not be eating your words, but they were right...by 16 points!

Congrats Irish! A good day to be an Irish fan right down the street from UM!

I guess May and Holtz knew what they were talking about. See what happens when you think before you speak? Hurricanes blow.

They were right for all the obvious reasons. Yes Miami has more talent and will send more players to the NFL but their coaching is Sub-par and has been for a while.

Better teams play with a intensity, passion and fire Miami coaches seem to frown upon under Shannon. Looking at a bundled up Miami and sleeveless ND said a lot about who was mentally tougher before the game even started.

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