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Canes could end up without QB in '11 class

Teddy Bridgewater is taking his talents to Louisville, Ky.

The nation's No. 2 dual threat quarterback and a top recruiting priority for the University of Miami before Randy Shannon was fired decided over the weekend according to his mother he will be following his Miami Northwestern teammate and favroite receiver Eli Rogers to Cardinals Country. Both players were recruited by former UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt.

"Man, more than anything it came down to playing time," Bridgewater told Scout.com "With me enrolling early I can come in and compete for a starting spot. When I visited I had nothing but love from all the coaches but especially coach Hurtt and coach [Charlie] Strong."

Bridgewater was committed to UM until about a week after Shannon was fired. His mother, Rose Murphy, was unhappy with the way Hurricanes fans reacted to her son de-committing from UM. "Every kid has to look out for what is best for them," Murphy said. "Teddy is a great kid, hardworking kid. He doesn't deserve all that hate."

Bridgewater was once considered the centerpiece to UM's 2011 signing class. But the Hurricanes may not end up signing a quarterback in this class at all. Most of the best ones have long been committed to other programs.

> The Hurricanes picked up their first commitment under new coach Al Golden over the weekend when 6-6, 280-pound prep school defensive lineman Olsen Pierre announced he was going to be part of the class.

Pierre, a former Temple commitment at Fork Union (Va.) Military Academy, visited UM over the weekend with three other players: Brockton, Mass. cornerback Albert-Louis Jean, Vero Beach High offensive guard Marcus Jackson and Knoxville (Tenn.) Catholic High punter Spencer Roth.

"I had the best time of my life," Pierre told Canesport.com of his visit. "[Golden] recruited me to Temple, and I'm the only one from Temple that he's taking with him here. He's been recruiting me since my freshman year [at Rahway High School in New Jersey], saw me grow."

Louis-Jean's father said his son will announce his final decision at a press conference at school on Jan. 5. Jackson's recruiting coordinator Pete LeDuke said last week he would make his final decision at the Under Armour All-American Game in St. Petersburg on Jan. 5.


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See Ya Teddy!

Enjoy the cold a## winters!

One other important thing here is, I hope Golden recruits Miami kids every year big because he could be setting himself up for a problem in the long run if he cant recruit home. This year class Im not worried about. Look at all the situation we were in this year and look at what happen on the last game. I was not expecting big recruits at the last minute. Now next year when we have more sch-ships. He has to stay in Miami and get about 3-5 out of state kids. Trust me this will be a story if he don't get the kids out of Miami. I really don't want this to back-fire on him.

Everyone pray for Mike James, just received word his mother and sister were in a car accident and his mom was killed.

His sister and nephew were air lifted and are in critical condition. pray for them!

If ima kid and Im reaidng this stuff, I dont want to go to this cheapo bargain spending small campus, high coach turnover, high pressure expectation school with little to work with school. Not to mention its consistent wavering support of black leaders (Quaterbacks and coaches). Miami used to be the col school to go to. It has lost that. All the inner city kids are avoiding the school like the plague. Gloden is desperate to try and keep up that U brand with old players. Maybe it will work, maybe it wont. But the only thing that the school really had going for itself, which wa sthe allure is gone, and the school is sinking fast. Yes we'll get some Temple recruits.. Is that something really to write home about?

You guys should have brought in my or Gruden. Bridgewater is long gone but I am in the ACC now and plan on making Shalala/Holcutt pay everytime we play

U see: If 'ole Goldy boy is sooo good, then how'd the heck we lose the prize QB in TB? Ha? I'm telling U; This guy Goldy is a clone of RS. Good, but is going to take some time to be great.

I am alarmed. Are U?

we need the kid from St Thomas Aquinas- jacob----???

Teddy Bridgewater- Buh Bye. the U doesnt need wafflers who scurry at the first sight of adversity. Mommas Boy couldn't take the criticism by the fans?

What do you think they'll say to him when UKentucky comes to Louisville and opens up an SEC-sized can of w-oop a-- on your boy, Momma Bridgewater?

We fans here want national Championships and we are going to get another soon. Either come join the cane family or get yused to getting your a--es whipped by miami.

I agree with canefan. Theses kids are northwestern primadonnas that think they are all that/

tell me, what exactly did Bridgewater win at Miami NW? How many State ch did he win? What records did he break? Same with Eli Rogers

teddy and Eli- Two scared athletes who are unwilling to compete because they are unsure of their own abilities.

I am glad teddy isnt coming but everyone should chill out. He did us a favor. I prefer the STA kid plus if he comes along with Dorsett, I think so will Rashard Greene. We need to focus on STA and enough with NW. There is a reason most schools dont want Teddy as a QB. My personal opinion is Golden was a big fan of his. I want more Philip Dorsetts, guys who love the U.

I think Gatard Trash needs a QB although Teddy wouldn't go to that putrid backwater.

I am glad Teddy is gone but I am worried about the retribution Mike Leach will unleash on us when we play Maryland. We are going to lose by 50 and will rue the day that we never hire Mike Leach. With Leach, we probably could have landed Jeff Driskell.

Besides, any kid at 18 who whines b/c he wants to play w/ his friends is a douche and is scared. And then to top is off his mama is out fighting his battles for him. Teddy knows we are playing grown up football not powder puff right? Kid needs to grow up

Posted by: VOS | December 20, 2010 at 01:19 PM

U are incredibly ignorant.

TB DECOMMITING IS A FAILURE ON THE PART OF THE PROGRAM, not a coach. UM is no longer a top tier school and it shows from top to bottom.

Posted by: Boliva

Nice try racist PIG

Merry Christmas......feeling the LOVE on this site.
This sites just cements my revulsion for Trailerville....sorry sons@#$%^&*

It's a good thing the Teddy went else where. I since a headache with him as he wouldn't fit in a pro-style attack. Not getting a qb is better than recruiting on that may not work n the future and will be a hot button issue for a recruiting hotbed in the future. Recruits for the sake of recruits makes you FSU recruits that makes you champions is the way of the U. Long live the Isbis.

Hey ya'll

A few days ago i saw a post that said, Boise State reminds people of the 80s and 90s canes with all of that swag and nastiness-

reports are out that Utah and Boise State players were involved in a "skirmish" during the bowl dinner

I'd love to see canes players coming out with fatigues for the bowl.

my canes fans what could you tell me about the "QB" Jacoby Brissett,living in Ocala,Fla. i don;t get the skup as if i was living in south,all i get is gators,noles.so if someone knows any thing about him i would like to know.thanks Darrel.do u thank he will fit well with the "U". we need a QB,with this class,someone who wants to be a real "CANE" not someone who if you say to him he has to work for the job,run home to mom cring like a little baby,"COWARD. "ALL ABOUT THE "U".

Posted by: darrel

Spoken like a true Cane fan not the racist PIG, Sean Wilson. darrel - what year did you graduate?

What scared "kitty cat" now he can go and be 7-5 or 6-6 every year without any chance of winning anything in college. He reminds me of Robert Marve afraid to compeat so lets run away to some middle of the road school.

Wow you canes fans all sound like a bunch of little b1tche$. Don't cry your washed up program will buy players again someday. GO CARDS!!!

Guys please stop bashing Teddy, let him go. He doesn't fit where we are going. The recruiting planned change when RS was fired and Coach Golden was hired. Did all you Teddy haters think maybe Coach Golden didn't call him, didn't want him. Oh, by the way he is a baby guys he's what 17. all these kids need to have their Moms and Dads looking out for their best interests. That's what good Mom's and Dad's are suppose to do. LOL just not Like Cam Newtons Dad.
Hey, he is going to Louisville. His ultimate punishment will be he will never sniff a NC or probable maybe not even a BCS Bowl.

Please post any news on Mike James and family.

If you come to UM you have to compete in the classroom and the football field. If you want to make it to the NFL you have to compete physically against the best in practice and top opponents. If you can't stand or are affected by criticism I don't believe you will do either. Thank you Teddy for moving on, I wish you the best.

Teddy spurring the U has nothing to do with Golden. It has to do with the season that we had and the signs that Shannon's regime was on its way out either this year or the next. That's why Eli Rodgers decommitted, and that's why Bridgewater fell out of love with Miami too. I'm sure that this happens in any college where the coach's tenure becomes suspect.

As for recruiting one QB only, it's very dangerous and backfired on Coker repeatedly. I hope Golden avoids, unless it is one of those once in a generation talents that is the prospective Canes (aka a Michael Vick, Vince Young, or Cam Newton).

This is what happens when you only recruit one QB!

You cannot promise a kid (like RS did to T. Bridgewater) that he will be the only QB the U would recruit. That's insane, and in fact very poor management!

If a recruit makes that demand off of you, then you just have to tell him that he's not the right fit for the program. I feared this type of scenario when Shanon made the promise to Teddy.

Kids cannot be making demands of a major university's Head Coach! That's why he's called the Head Coach!!

Although I do not agree with the young man's decision, I wish him well. It is obvious that he was not the right fit for the program.

I hope that Golden can land at least one decent 1 QB for this class. Not getting a QB in this recruiting season would be a very dangerous situation for the 2012 season.

Rick. I guess you haven't heard of a guy named MICHAEL VICK. I guess a qb who runs the ball and throws is NOT called a DUAL THREAT qb. Hmmmm! Weird!

Posted by: category5cane | December 20, 2010 at 01:11 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/12/canes-could-end-up-without-qb-in-11-class.html#ixzz18gusl1CD

Really, you pull the one example that is out there and try and make a point with it. Try harder man. You named one, I could name 50 who did not make it.

I'm looking here at guys lamenting that Miami needs to recruit a QB. Well things wouldn't be this bad if RS didn't run 3 of them off at the beginning of 2009. They were all blue chips, and they all left or in my opinion run off, RS wanted QB's in him mold and that was JH. It would have been ok to have lost one hey even two, but we lost three, and don't tell me knew that they weren't any good, they never got a chance, except maybe Marve. As far as Marve was concerned look at how many SEC schools were still interested in him in spite of his issues.

Teddy sorry if you and your mother were offended by what some fans said. But i think you have to get skin a lot thicker and learn that not everyone is going to love you. Having said that i think losing in loservill won't be a lot of fun pardon the pun. hope u will reconsider and win at the U i do think you can lead this team to the promiced land

I will keep reminding everyong. JIMMY WHO?


Does Sean the Pig Wilson's logic about decommits also apply to UFelony? They have lost 3 since hiring Muscrap.

CaneBoss, I have bad news for you, your too stupid to get into the U. Oh and we don't take racists, black, white,red, yellow or green.


Wow! I can't say I'm sorry to see him go, but man, what a mistake on his part. Louisville? Really? He is enough of an athlete he could have developed into an NFL wide receiver at Miami. Playing QB at Louisville he may sniff the Canadian league as a QB in a few years. And note to momma, you got to expect local fans to be upset when a local kid pulls something like this.

He better make some good connections while he's in Kentucky. He'll be a UPS driver in 4 years otherwise. LOL.


Im glad he's not coming to The U reminds me to much of Jacory Harris. Jacory Harris throws the football like he's serving a volleyball.

God bless Mike James Mother!

Our Cane family grieves with you!!

May your sister and nephew recover fully from the accident.

Please, lets start supporting these Miami kids instead of wishing everything but death on them. As disappointed as I am that we're missing out on in-county talent, I wish all these kids the best. Make Miami Dade pround and show them we have the most talent nationally.
To my fellow true cane fans, all we can do is support our program and let time run it's course. Glad Golden isn't starting his tenure with an empty cubbard. We have the talent, the problem is getting the talent to play like it's suppose to and unfortunately Shannon couldn't get it done. If Golden can get these jagaloons to play like they're capable of, I see the sky as the limit for this team.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but lets leave the hating to the noles and gaytors.

Good bye Teddy. We didn't want you, Randy did and he is the past. See you later.... oh wait, no we won't..... louisville isn't on prime time, maybe see you on a Thursday night on ESPN with nothing else to watch! Ha Ha getting that exposure you want.

Scared of competition! Have fun In Kentucky HAHAHAHa

Another "sky is already falling" piece from Manny. While you were hitting send on todays "fish wrap", Golden was on Sid's show talking about wanting two QB recruit's for this class. The guy is on the case, but you're too self absorbed to know what's really going on with UM's program. Are you Kehoe??

Couple this blog with your "Gruden coming to UM for $3.4 million" tweet and U should be fired for yellow journalism.

And one more thing Manny, get on a Fing treadmill for God's sake! That picture of you on Canespace is disgraceful! You're a sports reporter not a food critic, act like it! The coaches at Kansas and Maryland are embarrassed for U!

Go 'canes!

Remember, Teddy Bridgewater was wavering even before Shannon was fired. Actually, he's better off at UL than UM. Academic standards are much lower. Competititon (in the Big East) is much easier. And no doubt, he'll be a starting QB much sooner - for better or worse! Perfect!

I was glad when UM gave Randy Shannon the opportunity to be our head coach. (He deserved it!) Now I'm glad that UM fired him. (He desrved it!) Apart from one good recruiting class - when he attracted J12 and the NW posse - Randy was a lousy recruiter. We lost too many good local recruits to other schools, UF and FSU in particular. Perhaps, the new Boss won't do much better. But he can't do much worse. It was time for a change.

One more point: There are roughly 100 QBs in the NFL. How many of them went to Da U? ZERO. We're not going to be "relevant" again, nationally, unless and until we find a way to upgrade the QB position.

Listen to the old man boys. Miami never on a championship with some punk running the ball. That's not what we do!! We need a pure pocket passer with steel balls. We already have a stable of running backs why run the QB. That always leads to turnovers because they don't protect the ball. Look at Dorsey, not the best but he didn't make stupid mistakes! Even in the NFL he held the lead for the win when needed. Coach Golden knows you need a QB to set his feet before he throws. By the way we have a great line to protect the pocket! Gainesville Cane

U see: I told U. If Golden's so good, how'd he let Teddy get away. That's Grade A Stock gone right in front of out eyes.

I'm not sold on Golden. And how do U get rid of somebody after 4 years. That has never happened in college football Div. 1. What happening is we end up with mediocre team, and then Goldy goes to Penn St., to follow JP.


SO DAMN GLAD Teddy is taking his talents to LOUISVILLE!

Miami dodged a HUGE bullet

Terry, have fun getting a job in Miami! When a player snubs Miami he should be shunned!. Evidently he has no pride for the City of Miami!

guess Bridgewater wants to be seen as "the guy" on Friday nights,as that is when Louisville will play some of their big games. Won't be seeing him on Sat. Hope his mom can find a way to see him play.

See you potatoe chip QB from NW. We want a real QB with a brain and some braun.
Funny how the Gaytor trash could not even get Strong from Louisville to take their sorry job.

A lot of you guys are azzhats! Good luck to the kid where ever he goes. I'm not going to hate on him because he did what he thought was best. Some of you really should get over yourselves.

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