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Canes meet, wait, watch as search goes on

The Miami Hurricanes met as a football team for the first time since Sunday, the day they were informed as a team by athletic director Kirby Hocutt that Randy Shannon had been fired as coach. Although internet reports surfaced saying the team meeting Thursday might be for players to meet their new coach, it wasn't.

Finals "We just had a meeting to go over academics, make sure the guys get their stuff done academically," sophomore cornerback Brandon McGee said. "Emotionally it's been tough. When you take a guy like coach Shannon away from the program, away from kind of what he built, it's not easy. It's been emotional but I feel like our coaches prepared us for moments like this and we're able to prepare for what's next."

Next for the Canes? Final exams and a whole lot of studying. The team won't practice again at Greentree until Dec. 11. In the meantime, McGee said, players have been working out and trying to refocus after a 7-5 season. Oh yeah, and they've been hearing plenty of rumors about who their next coach might be, too.

"We don't really pay attention to it too much. I think the fans feed into it much more than we do," McGee said. "Everyday we hear a different name.

"The only name I kept hearing was Jon Gruden. I was like 12 years old when he won the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. I'm pretty much open to anything. Whatever coach they bring in, I'm sure they'll bring in the best guy to win."

Gruden all but ended any speculation he'll become UM's next coach on Thursday when he said he was willing to help the Hurricanes find a new coach during a teleconference on ESPN.

The news shocked at least one Hurricane -- defensive end Adewale Ojomo. "Wow," Ojomo said. "I was thinking coach Gruden might come in. Nobody told us that in here. But those were the rumors."

For the most part, players said they really don't care who among the current candidates gets hired. They just want a good coach.

"A coach that cares about his players," defensive end Olivier Vernon said of what he would like.

"Just a good coach who is going to come in and know the great tradition of Miami," Ojomo said. "Experience is the best teacher."

"It doesn't matter to me as long as its a coach who gets the job done," freshman tackle Seantrel Henderson said. "I love being a Cane, the family feeling as far as the team."

> Henderson walked out of Thursday's meeting with a black boot on his left foot. He's had it for over week. The 6-8, 350-pound right tackle has a sprained achilles, but said he won't miss UM's bowl game.

Teddy Bridgewater > Miami Northwestern High quarterback Teddy Bridgewater -- one of six remaining Hurricanes commitments -- hasn't wanted to talk about recruiting lately. But I spoke to his mother, Rose Murphy by phone Thursday, who told me Bridgewater is still continuing to mull over what do since Shannon's firing.

"It's been crazy," Murphy said. "But we're taking it one day at a time. And like he says, when the time comes he'll let everybody know.

"Everytime I think it's one school or when I think he's made a decision on UM, LSU or whatever, I really don't know. When I talked to him today he said, 'Mama, I haven't decided.' So, I really don't know. I try to stay out of it and tell him whatever decision he makes I support him. I know where I would want him. But he has to make his own decision. I just want what's best for him. If he goes away, I'm fine with it. But if he stays home and plays in Miami I'm fine with it. I just want him to do what he wants to do -- and get a free education."

Murphy said UM and LSU remain at the top of her son's list, but Florida and other schools remain in hot pursuit. "It's been a lot for him to deal with," Murphy said. "They come to the house, talk to him, call him. I can't really say Manny what he's feeling."

The Hurricanes lost one commitment since Shannon's firing -- four-star cornerback Albert Louis-Jean of Brockton, Mass. UM already canceled its first recruiting weekend Dec. 10-11 and is hoping to have a coach in place so it can host recruits Dec. 17-18. When Larry Coker was fired, it took UM a little more than two weeks to find a replacement.  

> In case you missed, CBS Sports Columnist Gregg Doyel took some serious shots at Canes athletic director Kirby Hocutt. He thinks Hocutt is already fumbling the coaching search process. I don't think Hocutt has and I think UM will still end up with a very good head coach.


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TOMMY TUBERVILLE ! Stop fooling around & hire him ASAP!

Gregg Doyel is a real piece of dirt. Thanks for bringing that BS article to our attention Manny.

I hope these guys can get together and play well in this bowl game. It would be nice to have a new coach on the sideline by then so that these guys have some pressure on them to impress their new coach heading into Spring ball.

Go Canes!

Leach!He has proven he can win with less talent and keep the grad. rate up. And please don't start up with that TTech crap.

GARY PATTERSEN! He'll come for a godfather deal!!

Leach is not the answer and neither is Patterson. I say bring in Denny Green, or some other Bill Walsh protege. U can't miss there.

RS will do OK. I say keep him in BIG picture as DC.

No to gimmicky BS system's. No to Leach, Mullet or any other spread/option guru's.

Butch Davis
Terry Bowden
Tommy Tuberville

In that order. Nuff said!

Say by to Randy. You can't bring Randy back right now. Too soon and would cause too many problems. Classy Guy though. Wish him the best.

If bridgwater is anything like our last northwestern qb pass on him...no pun intended

coach32, since you havent seen him play dont bother making a comment about whether TB should play for Miami next year or not
Youre just a typical mouth off fan that has no clue but what you read on the net
Go watch a game for once in your life before judging a player

The article was right-on; Hocutt is a joke, and will bury this program. If you are going to fire your coach, after giving him a raise, then you'd better damn sure have a plan. We are the laughing stock--not just of college football, but of all sports--right now. THanks Kirby......now make a bad hire like Mullen. Leach is our diamond in the rough, or Tuberville. If we waster time, we are totally hosed. We might as well deactivate the football program altogether and remember the Godd Ole' Days than watch our beloved Canes die a slow, painful death.

Kirby, like I said before, hire Leach or Tuberville or us Alumni will be searching for your head!!!

Leach might be get the job by default lol. Nobody else seems to want it, and that would be the best thing for this program. Kirby is so stupid and has no clue the best candidate is right under his nose and WANTS to come here! Pull the trigger donna and Kirby quit being so scared. Miami is always going to have a bad rep with the media, get over it and embrace it. Bring the Air Raid Offense to the U!

coach32, since you havent seen him play dont bother making a comment about whether TB should play for Miami next year or not
Youre just a typical mouth off fan that has no clue but what you read on the net
Go watch a game for once in your life before judging a player

Posted by: Nothing To See Here | December 02, 2010 at 07:39 PM

Ive watched him play many times, he is a system QB who is never under the center. Look at the games he missed, that backup looked better than him. Its a system like TX Tech, do you see any of their players in the NFL? We don't need another 160 pound QB who has never taken a snap under center!

Please stop with BUTCH Davis. He quit on this team lied to this team and did not win with his own guys . Larry Coker came in and won with B. Davis team go figure. Get us Auburns offensive coach who wants the job and do it based on who he has for defense, W.R's, and other assistants. He just might pull some SEC coaches and players for recruiting. Hey its just a thought but have had a SEC COACH? We can dislike the SEC but you cant argue with the championships of late coming from that conference. Why not change it up and pull from a top 5 ranked team?

TB is fast. He should come in and play WR

Im sorry Southridge I didnt realize you wanted Teddy to go right from being a MNW to being set and ready to be able to compete in the NFL
If you honestly think TB is the same type of QB that JH is then you havent sat and watched his games with an open mind

SOUTHRIDGE, lots of TT players in the NFL--Zach Thomas, Wes Welker, Michael Crabtree just to name a few. And Leach never had the best talent--imagine him here with So. Fla players. Furthermore, some people are worried about him not running the ball; I don't think it will be an issue. We have multiple homerun hitters at RB; spread out some of these defenses to respect that Air Raid Offense and Miller, James, Johnson and Clements will take it to the house. This is really a no-brainer--Kirby, save your job and your face---Hire Leach, get a good DC (you already burned our bridge with one of the best in the business--RS) and we can be great again. Anything less than that and you will be showing your A**

Please miamimike that team was on cruisecontrol and would've won with shalala coaching. We should've played for the NC in 2000 anyway. Comer could'nt coach up the guys he brought in. Butch does it at NC and did it for us when we had to deal with the mess Dennis left. He should still be considered.

Coker *

if u really care that he bolted for the nfl youre just dumb. c'mon miami swallow your pride and hire back butch.

otherwise go for jim harbaugh. throw the money at him.

Butch is a good coach but he screwed canes. He is dead to me. Let him rot at unc.

Let's get leach as hc and leavitt as dc and reclaim our status as outlaws.

TB is far from being fast. Hes smooth as a runner from the QB position and he will need alot of coaching to learn the WR position in college

We damn sure don't want Tuberville or Denny Green. Both suck. Brady HOke is the Diamond in the ruff. AL Golden would also be a great under the radar hire as well. I'd rather have a guy that can win like Leach even with his spread offense than failed cases like Tuberville or Green. Holcutt would be smart to just interview all the candidates and then make a decision and not turn this into a 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice crap.

wow butch left for another league. what a piece of trash... oh wait, didnt jimmy and schnells leave too!? grow up people. kirby, hire back butch. you do that, The U is back.

All Butch did was make a business decision when he left for the NFL. He did not quit on anyone. I wouldn't mind a bit having him being announced as our new (old) coach. If you think about it he's the last real coach we have had, the last 2 sucked and were failures.

Butch built the team that Coker won the NC with. Bring back Butch,he knows the way.

gregg doyl is a dip s*it

One thing about Kirby. With as much misinformation as there has been, his office keeps better secrets than our govt. Only they know their rankings. I wonder if we could get the wikileaks Guy Assange to work on this?

Just throwing this out there - How about

Dennis Green
Mike Tice
Jack Del Rio

I think they are tough can relate to players and will bring that NFL appeal

What do you guys think?

Why is Miami in a bad spot now? Butch Davis. He quit right before signing day and left us with coker. I appreciate butch stocking the roster but the way hebleft was classless and he will never be back.

I'll tell you the person I would be on the phone with if I was the AD..... Tony Dungy. He would be shannon with the mentoring and classroom but better with x's and o's and running an organization.

Relatively unknown, hungry coach from outside of the program + South Florida talent/attitude = THE U WINNING NAT'L CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Why is that so hard to see?

Why is everyone so high on tubberville? He lost his job at auburn for who? A guy who went 5-15 or something like that at Iowa State? Really? That's who ya'll want at head coach? And I'm sorry but unless Harbaugh is an idiot he is not gonna leave Stanford. Top 5 recruiting class in his fourth year. The only job he would leave for is the Michigan job or an NFL job. I don't think Davis would come back to Miami anyway. And everyone knows where Dan Mullen wants to coach at. Florida. Plain and simple. Not Mississippi State not Miami nowhere but Florida. Leach is probably the only sure thing as to a person who would accept their coaching offer. Rumor has it Donald Trump would give Miami a new stadium. Dont kill me if its not true but I read that a couple of days ago.

I read that Donald Trump has nice lettuce
Since CANES730 isnt high on Tubberville then everyone else should just write him off because CANES730 is an expert on evaluating coaching

bring in mike leach and end this. u think loosing one or 2 top recruits worth it over a good coach? they need to get some good assistant coah also. their in game adjustments really poor. lets get the right guy and get this thing turn around

Gregg Doyals piece was complete garbage. COMPLETE GARBAGE. So much so, you shouldn't even have linked to it.

It wasn't even worth a mention.

Mario Cristobal is a great candidate. look at jim tressel. he was at youngstown st won at a sub division 1 school and look what he is doing at ohio st. give him a chance

aside from being a slightly boring hire, i dont see anything wrong with hiring tuberville. he has ties to UM and he was successful at auburn even under ncaa sanctions. with the coaching turnover in the sec, its easy to become irrelevant as a program and i think that was the downfall of him, fulmer, and soon to be richt. its not so much that those guys are bad coaches IMO but rather that people like urban, saban, miles, spurrior, and now chizik and mullen became the hot coaches to play for in the eyes of recruits. they brought new energy and the other coaches/programs fell by the wayside.

Please miamimike that team was on cruisecontrol and would've won with shalala coaching. We should've played for the NC in 2000 anyway. Comer could'nt coach up the guys he brought in. Butch does it at NC and did it for us when we had to deal with the mess Dennis left. He should still be considered.

Posted by: Sean Wilson aka gator troll douchebag extraordinaire | December 02, 2010 at 08:00 PM

I have nothing against Butch. And I agree that it was time for RS to leave. But facts are facts:

RS (THE U) and Butch (NC) were hired at the same time and BD had much more "NFL talent" than RS.

And yet RS has a better overall WON/LOSS record than BD.

So, where Butch gets his reputation for being able "to coach talent". I don't know. He hasn't proven yet!

Now the important stuff:

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list to have coached a team to an undefeated season and did it in the SEC.

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list that has
finished 1st. Yes, first in his SEC division FIVE TIMES.

Let's see - has Urbee done this yet. . . NO.

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list that has three, yes, THREE National Championship rings.

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list that has won an Academy Award.

And when you look at his overall career record it so much better than any of the other coaches mentioned over the last 5 days on this and other forums or blogs is;

His name is Tommy Tuberville.

Now you can scream and moan all you want. But, the fact are the facts. And you can't change them. His body of work far exceeds any, I repeat any available coach. On or not on this or any other list.

And Tuberville has a record to prove it, period.

Again, he has a body of proven factual - not potential or potentially - but factual recorded work history of success. And most of it in the SEC.

BORING, you say. Not exciting enough, you say. His nick name, given to him in the SEC, is the "Riverboat Gambler" because of the excitement he brings to his "proven game day coaching ability."

Oh yea, his present offense is ranked 4th nationally, in passing. Doesn't sound like 3 yards and a cloud of dust to me.

So, you all should do your homework before you start spouting off names of coaches you nothing about. Or putting down coaches that your probably to young to even know or remember.

Educate yourselves by starting here:


Please. Tuberville never coached at Iowa State.

Educate yourselves:


Have to agree with Canes730. Leach is about the only one left and he would have a BIG chip on his shoulder and a big incentive to prove everyone in college football wrong. However, I wouldn't write off Tubberville either.

Tuberville gives us basically the same thing we had in SHannon, which is 9 wins a year. He is abit more than slightly boring and doesn't have a clue as to what offense he wants to have and now doesn't know what defense he wants to run (switched to a 3/4 look at tech) We need some new blood not another old fart like Tuberville. Brady Hoke, of coarse Chris Peterson, Mike Stoopes, Al Golden, or Petrino would bring a lot more wins to us than Tuberville ever would. Cristobal, unfortunately has not done enough for me to say he is ready to take us to the next step. Don't get me wrong he has done a great job at FIU, but how long has it took him to actually win there, and he has the same recruiting base we have and he plays in the SUn Belt. If all else fails and it comes down to Tubs or Leach I would rather have Leach cause the guy knows how to win.

Your nuts. Nobody on your lame list has anything close to Tubs.

The cure for ignorance is called education.

Posted by: ThirdPartySource | December 02, 2010 at 10:16 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/12/canes-meet-wait-watch-as-search-goes-on.html#ixzz1712wq8kl

WHat is Techs record this year with Tuberville as head coach? Those rings were as an assistant, not a head coach. If you go by rings we should have kept Shannon. Tuberville is right above Leavitt, as the worst name I have heard of the names given. I have seen Tuberville since he was an assistant here and he brings no excitement with him. He looks like he would be on a riverboat gambling and thats about it.

Don't show your ignorance.

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list to have coached a team to an undefeated season and did it in the SEC.

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list that has
finished 1st. Yes, first in his SEC division FIVE TIMES.

Let's see - has Urbee done this yet. . . NO.

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list that has three, yes, THREE National Championship rings.

THE ONLY COACH on this mythical list that has won an Academy Award.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/12/canes-meet-wait-watch-as-search-goes-on.html#ixzz1713lGQVl

Except for the rings everything as a Head Coach.

I'm going to assume U are speaking to me, when U are calling someone nuts. Obviously U need a college football education. Just what program has Tuberville ever built or made better? that would be a zero. He was almost fired from Ole Miss and jumped to Auburn only to get fired there. Then he has gone to Texas Tech and has not maintained what Leach did. Brady Hoke built Ball State then turned around San Diego State. Chris Peterson need I say more. Al Golden has built Temple from a basketball school into a Mac top contender every year. Stoopes is a much better coach than Tuberville he built Arizona up from scraps and Petrino took Louisville to new heights as well as Arkansas. And U think Tuberville has something on these guys. Well you are right he has been fired before and thats it. Hit the books

Like I said what is his record at Tech this year?

Let's see defenses win championships and he has three.

Look you saw nothing. You are blind or you weren't born yet. Those were the U's most prolific defenses.

So, don't try and fool those us that were actually there. Look simply match what Tubs has done with the lame records of the coaches you've proposed.

Oh really who was on the Defensive staff with him while he was at Miami. I'll give U a hint he went on to be Headcoach at Colorado State. Oh and I see everything when it comes to my Canes. IF you would take Tubs then that tells us one of 2 things.
1. You are just another jerkoff that wants to see the Canes suffer for getting rid of Shannon
2. You are as stupid about football as U sound.

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