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Canes meet, wait, watch as search goes on

The Miami Hurricanes met as a football team for the first time since Sunday, the day they were informed as a team by athletic director Kirby Hocutt that Randy Shannon had been fired as coach. Although internet reports surfaced saying the team meeting Thursday might be for players to meet their new coach, it wasn't.

Finals "We just had a meeting to go over academics, make sure the guys get their stuff done academically," sophomore cornerback Brandon McGee said. "Emotionally it's been tough. When you take a guy like coach Shannon away from the program, away from kind of what he built, it's not easy. It's been emotional but I feel like our coaches prepared us for moments like this and we're able to prepare for what's next."

Next for the Canes? Final exams and a whole lot of studying. The team won't practice again at Greentree until Dec. 11. In the meantime, McGee said, players have been working out and trying to refocus after a 7-5 season. Oh yeah, and they've been hearing plenty of rumors about who their next coach might be, too.

"We don't really pay attention to it too much. I think the fans feed into it much more than we do," McGee said. "Everyday we hear a different name.

"The only name I kept hearing was Jon Gruden. I was like 12 years old when he won the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. I'm pretty much open to anything. Whatever coach they bring in, I'm sure they'll bring in the best guy to win."

Gruden all but ended any speculation he'll become UM's next coach on Thursday when he said he was willing to help the Hurricanes find a new coach during a teleconference on ESPN.

The news shocked at least one Hurricane -- defensive end Adewale Ojomo. "Wow," Ojomo said. "I was thinking coach Gruden might come in. Nobody told us that in here. But those were the rumors."

For the most part, players said they really don't care who among the current candidates gets hired. They just want a good coach.

"A coach that cares about his players," defensive end Olivier Vernon said of what he would like.

"Just a good coach who is going to come in and know the great tradition of Miami," Ojomo said. "Experience is the best teacher."

"It doesn't matter to me as long as its a coach who gets the job done," freshman tackle Seantrel Henderson said. "I love being a Cane, the family feeling as far as the team."

> Henderson walked out of Thursday's meeting with a black boot on his left foot. He's had it for over week. The 6-8, 350-pound right tackle has a sprained achilles, but said he won't miss UM's bowl game.

Teddy Bridgewater > Miami Northwestern High quarterback Teddy Bridgewater -- one of six remaining Hurricanes commitments -- hasn't wanted to talk about recruiting lately. But I spoke to his mother, Rose Murphy by phone Thursday, who told me Bridgewater is still continuing to mull over what do since Shannon's firing.

"It's been crazy," Murphy said. "But we're taking it one day at a time. And like he says, when the time comes he'll let everybody know.

"Everytime I think it's one school or when I think he's made a decision on UM, LSU or whatever, I really don't know. When I talked to him today he said, 'Mama, I haven't decided.' So, I really don't know. I try to stay out of it and tell him whatever decision he makes I support him. I know where I would want him. But he has to make his own decision. I just want what's best for him. If he goes away, I'm fine with it. But if he stays home and plays in Miami I'm fine with it. I just want him to do what he wants to do -- and get a free education."

Murphy said UM and LSU remain at the top of her son's list, but Florida and other schools remain in hot pursuit. "It's been a lot for him to deal with," Murphy said. "They come to the house, talk to him, call him. I can't really say Manny what he's feeling."

The Hurricanes lost one commitment since Shannon's firing -- four-star cornerback Albert Louis-Jean of Brockton, Mass. UM already canceled its first recruiting weekend Dec. 10-11 and is hoping to have a coach in place so it can host recruits Dec. 17-18. When Larry Coker was fired, it took UM a little more than two weeks to find a replacement.  

> In case you missed, CBS Sports Columnist Gregg Doyel took some serious shots at Canes athletic director Kirby Hocutt. He thinks Hocutt is already fumbling the coaching search process. I don't think Hocutt has and I think UM will still end up with a very good head coach.


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I think the best choice is Kyle Whittingham . 9 bowl wins great recruiter. Welcome poly kid 1 in every 3 to NFL was under Myers

Championships is all that matters, please stop waisting your time on people who are so one-sided. Tub? What has he accomplished. Oh, he had that underfeated Auburn team that got snubbed out of the NC by USC and Texas. Champs, who would you like to see as the next head coach?

Kyle whittingham

Whittingham is a nice suggestion. He did beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and has pretty good success at Utah except for last year and this year against TCU.

Well to be honest with U there are a quite a few guys that I thin would do an outstanding job and take us where we belong as National Champions. Harbaugh, Peterson, Petrino, Butch Davis and Patterson would be the top 5, then followed by Brady Hoke, Al Golden, Steve Sarksion, Paul Rhodes and Stoopes. Every one of these guys have either built programs from very little or have taken their respective teams to new heights. But I would definitly take Leach over Leavitt or Tuberville. Of course Gruden would bring the wow factor here and I am sure he would be successful but I understand and know from past years experience that what glitters ain't always Gold.

i think this team has more talent than butch's unc team.


1st rounders: miller, storm, henderson, linder, forston(u wait, hes gonna explode this or next year).

2nd rounders: harris, spence, ray ray, bailey.

3rd rounders: hank, byrd, washington, james.

4th rounders: berry, franklin, benjamin, ojomo, futch.

5th rounders: coop, cmac, r hill, cleveland, vernon.

6th rounders: robinson, ramon, morris, tmaq, jermaine.

7th rounders: aldarius, eduardo, smith.

there may be other talented players as well who we never got to see because shannon played favorites. notably: streeter, dye, thompkins, cain, latwan, etc.

I will put Tuberville's record up against Lubick any day. The bowls Lubick went to don't even exist anymore. That's how lame you are. Grow up.

By the way. Tuberville's first year record at TT is better than Saban's first year record 7 and 6 at Bama.

So to follow your, ehem, logic, and we were in the market for a coach in 2008 we never would have picked Saban.

Tuberville's last six years of coaching are right up there with both Saban and Miles.

So you finally found it out, good for you. No one said anything about putting Tub's record up against Lubick's, U dweeb. Like I asked earlier what is Tub's record at Tech this year? The Bowl sponsers change genious. I think U are just a bit miffed because I know more facts about this team and I am a real Cane, while U are just a wish I was and live in La La Land. Tell the skipper I said hello, Gilligan.

Like I said before you hire Leach and Running Backs will tranfer. Petrino is a quitter. It's good to see a few of you agree with me about Terry Bowden. I like Kyle Whittingham. I don't like Leavitt. Like I said before, he had his chance to coach here plus he is an altercation with a player waiting to happen just like Leach. Venables would be good too.

you cant expect tuberville to be successful in his 1st year playing with leach's spread offense recruits. especially when TT football usually sucks. i dont think anyone would even know about leach if it wasnt for that one great season and the following lawsuit anyway. his teams have been a consistent 4-5 loss team aside from that 1 year. offensive genious or not, its not the right fit for the coaching job at miami.

Lets look at your five.
1. Harbaugh: He is my favorite choice. The only downfall is he is a Michigan Man. If they fire Rich, he would sure to go back to there.

2. Peterson: (Dan Hawkins) enough said.

3. Petrino: Wise choice. Offensive minded guro

4. Davis: That bridge is burnt. Spurrier has a better shot at returning to the Gators before Butch will come back to us.

5. Patterson: He makes 2.5 mil. already and there moving to the big east.

Are U on Crack or Meth? U are going to compare Tuberville to Nick Saban, surely U jest? I didn't know mental wards allowed access to the internet. And U think we would not have rather had a National Championship Coach in Saban as compared to an above average defensive Coordinator with NO head coaching experience. C'Mon Man, U are surely not that stupid are U? Well I guess U are.

Yeah but with Peterson the thing that is different than with Hawkins ( and believe me I had the same concern) is over the years he conforms his offense to their talents, there line blocks well and their defense is very strong and there players are all well coached which makes up for their lack of raw talent.
Butch is a slight possibility, and Patterson was a good shot before TCU made the conference jump. Harbaugh has shown me the most though and the thing to keep in mind after this year or next possibly Luck will graduate and QBs like him do not drop in like Christmas every year. But I too feel that if he was to go elsewhere this year it would be Michigan but then again everyone thought the same thing about Meyer and Notre Dame and he went to FLorida, so who knows.

Who mentioned Terry Bowden. He hasnt coached since Noah built the Arc. There is no other coach to compare to Nick Saban. I wish we could steal him from Alabama. To make that happen we would have to pay him at least 7 mil. a year. There are two types of sportsters in my book. Either you are a fan(someone who has vast football knowledge) or a spectator(someone who sees sports through the crack of their A@@!

ease up champ. but yea u cant compare those 2 coaches records in their first years. bama was on the downslope, while TT had been on the upslope.

and quit posting a capital U all the time. i remember a certain troller who did that all the time. its misleading.

Illumini, he runs the same offense there as Leach did he just runs the ball more out of the spread than Leach did because Leach knows the passing game. Agreed on the loss record but before Leach got there they hardly ever won anything and he started with pure crap as a program. I'm not saying he is the perfect fit by no means but I will say he is a better fit than Tuberville, or Leavitt. If it come down to him we would at least have a guy with attitude, that is smart, and will take pleasure in blowing people out.

Just an FYI!

Me and the family went to Alabama Jacks in the keys for dinner, while eating I happened to see Leach sitting in a booth off the water. About an 15 minutes later I see Hocutt and Jimmy Johnson walk in. Not sure what it means?

Randy Edsall is the way to go. No, he's not a sexy pick or high profile name but what he will do is bring toughness and passion. He'll bring a pro-style offense and he'll win. Edsall would automatically come in and be the second best coach in the ACC behind Beamer. Do the smart thing Hocutt hire Edsall.

Well sources state that Rich will be out at Michigan. Peterson as a leader of the U. Since you put that in more of a great perspective, I will have to jump on the bandwagon as well. Champ you are a fan in my book.

Terry Bowden is currently coaching at Northern Alabama.

Hey bro its just my thing.

Just an FYI!

Me and the family went to Alabama Jacks in the keys for dinner, while eating I happened to see Leach sitting in a booth off the water. About an 15 minutes later I see Hocutt and Jimmy Johnson walk in. Not sure what it means?

Posted by: miamiu grad | December 02, 2010 at 11:52 PM


miami needs to get back to the point where recruits committed because it was THE U and not just because of the COACH.

there are alot of good candidates out there though. some better than others. but the one thing miami can NOT do is misfire on this hire by taking someone who will ruin the identity and tradition of the program.

randys downfall was just that. as it would be under several of the other coaches that are being thrown out there as possiblities.

I figured Rich Rod was on his way out too. Thanks bro.

Yeah but kids today are all about themselves and who can take them to championships.

just what we need... another random source pulling s*** out of his a**...

Since Trump is an advocate for Leach, if we hired Leach, would Trump build us a stadium in return?

yea we all know ur a fan but sometimes its hard for others to know lol

Looks like my little wanna be Championships is back trying to impersonate the original. The phrase moron is if U can't beat them join them. Not pretend to be them dummy. Still living in La La Land I see.

trump would never build us a stadium just for hiring his guy. get real. yall are dreamin.

Thanks Illuminati.

Illuminashit! Ever since I started blogging on here all you do say s!!!! I wonder are you the type of person who no one listens to all and on here to fill that sense of want void in your life.

steve walsh smartest qb team has had.Bring him in and ask his apinion of where we should go.Im shure he has an idea.Outside of BoiseSt.Coach is lame lot of coachs.If Walsh wants to coach Im all for it.He loves the U and might be able to get Shannon back for defense.you go s.e.c.style you turn into liars and cheaters,is that whatyou want so lets get back to CANES football and leave them all in 2nd place....

Thanks Gatorhater?GaCane.

wtf are you taking about? i mean at times someone will say something so stupid ill erupt on em but other than that... what are you gettin on my case for?

Illuminati, take it easy man it's probably that dummy that is always copying ID's. I have already had one do it earlier. We are all three on the same side, so I wouldn't read too much into it. I'm out guys.

And to think Randy Shannon got fired because Shalalla and Holcutt thought Gruden being polite to them meant he wanted to work for them.

Actually, Illuminati is one of a handful of people that posts here that actually has a brain.

The stupidity here is unbelievable. With all the Mike Leach talk and Marc Trestman talk. I even read something about June Jones. God, you people are stupid.

I own u boy!!!!!

And to think Randy Shannon got fired because Shalalla and Holcutt thought Gruden being polite to them meant he wanted to work for them.

Posted by: OldCanesFan | December 03, 2010 at 12:31 AM

Randy got fired because he sucked, moron.

If we had any guts we would go get Bobby Bowden, who by the way would love to prove that he's still got "it." Of course we would be too proud to go after this GIANT of a hire...or would we?

If we had any guts we would go get Bobby Bowden, who by the way would love to prove that he's still got "it." Of course we would be too proud to go after this GIANT of a hire...or would we?

Posted by: Canedad | December 03, 2010 at 12:45 AM

See? Just talking about the absolute stupidity of people and this complete moron posts this gem, right on cue. Wow, sir, may I ask how you have survived this long on this planet being so unbelievably stupid?

R, that's just another d-bag gaytor troll

Miami is in a tough situation. The program needs a spark, attendance wise especially. They need not only a good coach but also someone who will promote the program. Leach is the guy. Leach would be known as the Canes pirate, a Key West resident teaching the Canes how not to pee in the wind, and that is what Miami did in the goal line situations against South Florida.

Howard was a great promoter of Miami football. Jimmy continued that tradition and was even better at it. You watch a Jimmy Johnson weekly show and you wanted to show up for Temple, Rice or whoever. Erickson, to a less extent, called the fans out for big games. After that, not so much. Davis didn't hype games, Coker not much, and Shannon not at all. Leach will hype every game.

I read the rumor about JJ, Hocutt and Leach meeting in the Keys at a dive restaurant. I hope that is true. Hocutt terribly mishandled the Gruden thing. You don't hype things before someone has a chance to talk to their current employer. Even though Leach is not employed, the point is hiring someone should be a subtle thing, not a publicity circus, and it puts the candidate in a bad spot. Who ever the Canes interview from here has to be done in a like manner. I fear the Canes have already spooked the quality coaches away by the approach they took with Gruden.

I like Edsall a lot - a quality coach who would bring toughness back to this program. The U has become soft over the years...

Better than Gruden:

Jimmy Johnson as HC
Leach as O Coordinator
Shannon as D Coordinator
Dorsey vs Walsh as QB coach

Talk about BANG FOR THE MO'FO' BUCK biiaatches!!!!

(stop trashing Shannon already people, he failed as HC, but has a long record of success as D-coord under JJ, and he won an NC as a player and as assitant coach. He still has all the right to our respect-- stop treating him like an enemy of the U)

For all those carping about a big name HC let us remember that you could resurrect BEAR BRYANT but if he doesn't have the assistants around him to coach-up the talent he won't win squat... Let's hope we get a young hungry no name but proven coach for ok money so he could use what's left to hire a top-notch staff...

what is so special about Teddy Bridgewater?

To me, he looks like a J12 clone- skinny legs, skinny arms, oh, he can run, oh ok.

At least J12 won the mythical NC and a state ch. what has Bridgewater done?
Is Um after him because he's allthat's left who even looked at Um, or is he for real?

as far as all of the other waffling, unpricipled "commits" who have de-committed- I say this, Young men, if you are not a cane, then , you are not a cane. get used to getting you faces pounded by Miami soon enough.

And I tell you all, its not about going to"winning" programs. Why else then,. would Sammy Watkins go to that loser program at Clemson? These colleges are swooning recruits like crazy. Something Miami doesnt do (and I know that for a fact). They bring in recruiits, wine and dine them, and bad mouth UM. Again, that is FACT.

Every hour, every day that passes without a heads coach is another day that passes without recruits. The UM recruiting this year has been pathetic. Shannon and his crew had 7-8 verbals before he was canned, showing how disorganized (or arrogant) he was. In comparison to the 15, 20 commits some other programs have this is really really bad. And it will get worse unless we bring a big name in.

At this point, yes, we need a good coach, but we need a big name coach as well. UMis a lot about image, and thst why many kids like to play for UM. We bring in a bland, vanilla name thatnobody knows about from POPcorn state somewhere, and it will be a disaster.

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