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Canes meet, wait, watch as search goes on

The Miami Hurricanes met as a football team for the first time since Sunday, the day they were informed as a team by athletic director Kirby Hocutt that Randy Shannon had been fired as coach. Although internet reports surfaced saying the team meeting Thursday might be for players to meet their new coach, it wasn't.

Finals "We just had a meeting to go over academics, make sure the guys get their stuff done academically," sophomore cornerback Brandon McGee said. "Emotionally it's been tough. When you take a guy like coach Shannon away from the program, away from kind of what he built, it's not easy. It's been emotional but I feel like our coaches prepared us for moments like this and we're able to prepare for what's next."

Next for the Canes? Final exams and a whole lot of studying. The team won't practice again at Greentree until Dec. 11. In the meantime, McGee said, players have been working out and trying to refocus after a 7-5 season. Oh yeah, and they've been hearing plenty of rumors about who their next coach might be, too.

"We don't really pay attention to it too much. I think the fans feed into it much more than we do," McGee said. "Everyday we hear a different name.

"The only name I kept hearing was Jon Gruden. I was like 12 years old when he won the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. I'm pretty much open to anything. Whatever coach they bring in, I'm sure they'll bring in the best guy to win."

Gruden all but ended any speculation he'll become UM's next coach on Thursday when he said he was willing to help the Hurricanes find a new coach during a teleconference on ESPN.

The news shocked at least one Hurricane -- defensive end Adewale Ojomo. "Wow," Ojomo said. "I was thinking coach Gruden might come in. Nobody told us that in here. But those were the rumors."

For the most part, players said they really don't care who among the current candidates gets hired. They just want a good coach.

"A coach that cares about his players," defensive end Olivier Vernon said of what he would like.

"Just a good coach who is going to come in and know the great tradition of Miami," Ojomo said. "Experience is the best teacher."

"It doesn't matter to me as long as its a coach who gets the job done," freshman tackle Seantrel Henderson said. "I love being a Cane, the family feeling as far as the team."

> Henderson walked out of Thursday's meeting with a black boot on his left foot. He's had it for over week. The 6-8, 350-pound right tackle has a sprained achilles, but said he won't miss UM's bowl game.

Teddy Bridgewater > Miami Northwestern High quarterback Teddy Bridgewater -- one of six remaining Hurricanes commitments -- hasn't wanted to talk about recruiting lately. But I spoke to his mother, Rose Murphy by phone Thursday, who told me Bridgewater is still continuing to mull over what do since Shannon's firing.

"It's been crazy," Murphy said. "But we're taking it one day at a time. And like he says, when the time comes he'll let everybody know.

"Everytime I think it's one school or when I think he's made a decision on UM, LSU or whatever, I really don't know. When I talked to him today he said, 'Mama, I haven't decided.' So, I really don't know. I try to stay out of it and tell him whatever decision he makes I support him. I know where I would want him. But he has to make his own decision. I just want what's best for him. If he goes away, I'm fine with it. But if he stays home and plays in Miami I'm fine with it. I just want him to do what he wants to do -- and get a free education."

Murphy said UM and LSU remain at the top of her son's list, but Florida and other schools remain in hot pursuit. "It's been a lot for him to deal with," Murphy said. "They come to the house, talk to him, call him. I can't really say Manny what he's feeling."

The Hurricanes lost one commitment since Shannon's firing -- four-star cornerback Albert Louis-Jean of Brockton, Mass. UM already canceled its first recruiting weekend Dec. 10-11 and is hoping to have a coach in place so it can host recruits Dec. 17-18. When Larry Coker was fired, it took UM a little more than two weeks to find a replacement.  

> In case you missed, CBS Sports Columnist Gregg Doyel took some serious shots at Canes athletic director Kirby Hocutt. He thinks Hocutt is already fumbling the coaching search process. I don't think Hocutt has and I think UM will still end up with a very good head coach.


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Please, NOT Randy Edsel.
First off, NOT another Randy. Too confusing...
2nd, The EDSEL was the biggest flop in Ford history. 'Nuff said. LOL

I loved the interview with Mike leach posted by Kaazam on Cote's thread.
At a relatively BARGAIN price, we have a guy who can get it done.
He'll have to do it with 8 assistants, not the 12 he's used to.

Y'all need to listen to that interview. (Sid Rosenberg archives)

A guy that can get what done exactly, moron?

Chris Peterson is a good coach, but does he know how to recruit Florida? I mean just because a coach wins in one region does not make it automatic in another region. Afterall, Dan Hawkins parlayed the Boise gig into a job at Colorado and failed miserably. What do y'all think about bringing in Rob Chudzinski? He played for the Hurricanes has plenty of experience as an O coordinator has successfully recruited Florida.

I know everybody is looking for a big splash, but I think Chud would actually be a better fit than Peterson.

i would love too see the boise state coach in orange and green. if he can win like he has year after year with kids no one wanted. imagine what he could with kids taht are in the top 100 in recruits. he is a all balls out type offensive mind spreads defenses all over the field. i hate to say this but after we lost to usf of all teams. boise state could beat us. pathetic!


You opened yourself up to this.

You know, smart people don't ask questions they don't already know the answer to.

He's put 3 NC rings on his fingers over his 24 years of coaching.

Yet this point is not relevant since there are no coaches available for this job with rings! Period.

Not counting the numerous great defensive players he helped into the NFL from the U between '86 thru '93 he has over 40 playing on Sundays from Auburn.
Just to name a few he recruited and coached
at Auburn.

Karlos Dansby
Cadillac Williams(1st rd pick)
Ronnie brown(1st rd pick)
Jason Campbell(1st rd pick)

There's a list of over 50 current NFL
players from Auburn a few posts up.

And frankly, since most people say Coker won with Butch's recruits well, Chizik just won the SEC Title game with Tuberville's recruits. And will have them for 2 more years.

Any the point is you can not propose an "active available coach" that has a better record over the last 15 yrs.

Just so you understand 14 of Tuberville's 15 coaching yrs have been in the SEC and his over all record during that period only Saban and Miles are slightly better as won/loss percentage.

Yes, they both have a NC. But, only Saban and Tuberville have undefeated seasons in that period. Division titles, Tuberville has 5.

The point is I'm not pushing Tuberville, but from;

"a let's find the guy that's proven himself over the years in the best conference in college football, and is available".

It's Tuberville.

You can't find a better coach with a better record in a conference that's as high quality as the SEC. Hell, you can't an available that can match his record over the last 25 years, period!

Here's what I want in a coach:

1)Proven winning record against quality teams.

2)Proven record of recruiting future NFL talent.

3)Proven record of an ability to coach future NFL talent.

4)Proven record of coaching in NC games.

Show me one available coach that meets the above criteria.

ESPN, Mark May, and Craig james have always been perennial UM haters. james and May hate Miami because when they played UM used to whoop everyone's a__es. Beano Cook and the hypcorite Chris Fowler (the one with the fake indignation during the FIU brawl- yet Lou Holts, who was coach during the USC-Clemson brawl of 2003, which was 1000X worse- cops got hit by players! is now revered at ESPNN) hate Miami and will bash the canes at every chance. But the irony is ESPN and the almighty dollar loves the U. 2 yrs ago, the UM-Cal Emerald bowl had higher ratings than several BCS bowls!

Please Hocutt- getyour act straight. Higher someone big. Someone with energy, enthusiasm and ideas.

U Conn is beating USF. If U Conn wins--WILL there be any more doubt that Shannon s-ked? yes, he belongs at a losing program like Minnesota. And for you recruits who are so upset that he got fired... Look at his reco

J12 ran a loser out of town, I agree with U 100%.

SuperCane U are a complete moron when it comes to College Football and THe U. CHizek is winning because they have Cameron Newton and Gus Malzahn. Tuberville is just an average coach who doesn't know what offense he wants to run and now doesn't even know the defense he wants. He won in 2004 because every body else in the SEC sucked that year. Florida was coached by the white Randy Shannon in ZOok, ALabama was coached by baby SHula who sucked, Saban had a rebuilding team from losing players to the NFL from their National Title team the previous year. SO if U look at what he beat that year and what he has won as a coach he hasn't done jack crap. His offenses have always sucked and been boring but I do agree his teams do play good defense. Tuberville is a great defensive coordinator but Head Coach not so much.

Just to prove that you are all a bunch of morons and @ssholes.

Chip Kelly was never a head coach at the college level and Gene Chizik went 3-9 in 07 and 2-10 in 08 with Iowa State. If either of these 2 guys were hired by Miami, all of you idiots would have gone crazy and ripped the Administration to shreds.

The point is that none of you morons know anything, so just shut up and hope that Kirby Hocutt and the rest of the people making this decision, have the ability to spot out a good head coach and make the correct hire, regardless of "name".

We sure don't was Edsel, do we?

U CONN will lose by at leasr 30 points in the BCS bowl game against a quality opponent.

What a joke!

U conn people. U Conn beat USf at USF. THAT, folks who suppoerted Shannon, is the reason Shannon was fired.

Whoever hires Shannon as HC ever again is a stupid idiot, resigned and destined to repeat history

Shannon, I am sorry to say is THE worse UM coach ever

Hocutt has his act staright...

He went to Florida and said he would do anything within reason to renew the series. When Florida cowardly refused to play us for the first time in over 30 years our Athletic Director called them out and went public saying in so many words that the gators are afraid to play us--Bravo Kirby!

He scheduled a game in the new Yankee Stadium that is fantastic for exposure in the world's largest market.

He renewed the Notre Dame series that with Kelly taking over that program they will become a national power over the next several years and that will make the Canes game a huge event that will draw huge, positive exposure for the Canes.

He convinced a booster to make a large donation to help upgrade the football facilities.

Last year when FSU, Florida, Georgia, etc were telling recruits that Randy Shannon's contract would not be renewed so they should not sign with us Kirby took the gamble and extended Randy to give our Canes the best chance to win. When this year didn't show improvement Kirby fired Randy knowing he would be attacked by some of the people on this site and others for the extension, yet, he still pulled the trigger believing a new head coach would give us the best chance to be relevant again.

He convinced a Super Bowl winning head coach to take a meeting with him to discuss the possibility of becoming our new head coach. He went to the administration and boosters before the meeting to get assurances that if he could pull off the impossible the money would be there. This was as ballsey as it gets and he almost pulled it off. And the worst thing that came out of the meeting was Gruden pledging to help the Canes in any way possible (recruiting,etc), because of the respect he has for Hocutt.

Kirby has been looking for the best possible head coach to lead the Canes (I think it is Randy Edsall) and he will succeed!!! He will also work with this new coach to give him every tool he needs to restore the program to greatness.

Finally, the University of Miami football program has NEVER been in better hands and Kirby Hocutt. The man is a winner that wants to win MANY national championships...and will do so!

Go Canes!

The above should read...refused to 'renew' the series in over 30 years.

UConn just beat USF with a helluva lot less talent than we have. Keep wishing for all those other pipe dreams but Randy Edsall will be the next coach of UM...if we're lucky.

Can't argue with Edsall. He built a program from nothing in 7 years and has proven he can win with very little talent.

Hire Mike Leach. Kirby, get it in gear. Mike Leach is the man; no Gator re-treads--especially not for a guy with record no better than the man you just fired. HIRE MIKE LEACH!!!!

Teddy B will stay, and you might get some of our lost recruits back. Plus, all of the top receivers would love to play in that offense at the "U". UM already screwed up several times in the past few years, leaving the OB---do something right----HIRE MIKE LEACH!!!!

Kirby, your hunt for a football coach in this bandwagon town of Miami should be simple this time. Mike is ready willing and the only one able to bring a title to this school. To hear reports of baggage? I know that you are not worried about baggage, if not UM would have never met with John (Chucky) Gruden. Gruden is the best coach available, though with several openings coming up next year in the NFL he will not be willing to coach UM. Lets research and go back and not forget Grudens issues. I would take Gruden with his past issues. So why not Mike? What is baggage? A beer with lunch before a meeting? A kid in a closet. I would have been worried if he would have been in the closet with the kid? It takes a special person to motivate and earn the respect of these young men.

Now back to Mike, Leach is a highly intelligent individual that has no need to coach. It is his passion. Make it our passion. The right coach at the right price at the right time. Sit with him and give him the chance to let you know how he feels about coaching. Do not lose your chance. Mike Leach UM's head coach. Come on Jimmy Johnson was our coach and he is selling Extendze for God's sake.

Thank you for your time,

Winston Moss, would be the best man for the HC job,them let him hire a QB and a OC. Those jobs should be none by two people,not one

I agree!

Here's what I want in a coach:

1)Proven winning record against quality teams.

2)Proven record of recruiting future NFL talent.

3)Proven record of an ability to coach future NFL talent.

4)Proven record of coaching in NC games.

The only coach available to THE U that meets this criteria is:

Tommy Tuberville

And according to the Herald, Tuberville is the only coach that they are interviewing!

It's Tommy. Sorry to all you GrayTurds. But your attempts to put him down has only opened the eyes of those that really have the U in their best interest, period!

The last word.

Go Tommy - Go Canes!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/12/canes-meet-wait-watch-as-search-goes-on/comments/page/6/#comments#ixzz17G2KmOmB

A HEALTHY DOSE OF TRUTH...for all the Miami fans who think that they matter.

Contrary to popular belief The Miami Football program was NOT built by Howard or Jimmy or Butch definitely NOT DENNIS or COKER. It was built by the one thing that has remained the SAME since Miami began winning; except for the ERAs of DENNIS and COKER...and that is a healthy flow off FLA. INNER CITY YOUTH.

A flow of negelected, denied, brutalized and victimized by discrimination FLA. INNER CITY YOUTH/ATHELETES (FICYA).

Take this ingredient and the mixture is simple: 1 pkc. FICYA, A few heeping spoon fulls of RACISM add to a "HALF FULL" cup of CHANCE and OPPORTUNITY ( to get some pay back, and show out for the "peeps" in the hood) and "VOILA" one of the most prolific SPORTS DYNASTIES in the last 25 yrs.. It doesn't matter if it comes in a HOWARD OR JIMMY CUP( 5 head coaches and 4 of the 5 win NC [Butch was victimized by the BCS]. nuff said.); this ingredient is made from "pure organic ghetto materials" DENIAL made them "HUNGRY", BRUTALLITY made them "HARD", DISCRIMINATION "PISSED THEM OFF" and NEGLECT made them "NOT GIVE A DAMN"!!! RACISM made them "FOCUSED" be it "hidden or blatant" "they knew it when they saw it." It was the BOND of thier brotherhood.

Don't get me wrong, their are a few "white boyz" in this brotherhood, But, they are "unique" in that they Transcend race with WARRIOR'S HONOR and they became consumed by the mentality "US AGAINST THE WORLD". Even when that "world" was full of a spoiled racsist individuals who called themselves "CANES FANS" (Matt.13:57).



brotherhood" went too. Team never played the same since, they were always "in a fog". They played better "AWAY" than they did @ "HOME". Away the enemy wore the opposite color; @ home they wore GREEN & ORANGE.

There is not one coach in "The World" including Jimmy that could have taken Miami from where Randy took them to a NC in 3 years. the peices just weren't there. What he did do no other coach could "return pride to the culture, add discipline and academics and turn them into men. Something that the AD has made clear that the school is not interested in.



Which brings me to my final note: What U did to Randy Shannon is still reverberating through out FICYA's and they don't like it. They understand it...but still they don't like it. It carries a "racial stink" on it. Know this: While many programs around the nation can win a NC without FICYAs...Miami cannot. In fact w/ UF, FSU, LSU and NC making in roads into FICYAs Miami may have seen it's last days already.

So "U" the FANS toppled the U. U destroyed them by sending a message loud and clear: WHEN IT COMES TO HOW WE FEEL ABOUT U "RACE MATTERS" WHEN IT COMES TO EDUCATION...U DON'T and the one pillar Randy had yet to fortify...when it comes to CANES FANS it's US AGAINST THE WORLD...AND WHAT THEY THINK DOESN'T MATTER.


I hope U get what U deserve...but since I would like to see them win again.... I HOPE U DON'T.


Which brings me to Miami's present situation. Randy Shannon. From the tone of the blogs most of you seem relieved now that he's gone. I don't see why. What did he really do wrong? He took over a team that when faced with bowl eligibility, Last Game ever in the Orange Bowl and the stands were filled with recruits. Were "UNFAZED" when they got beat 48-0 by Virginia( yet another program that Miami will build on it's losses.[the first being VA Tech., ECU, Louisville and NC]) Randy's first year were players he didn't recruit so you can't lay that one on him. But YOU the "CANE FANS" did anyway.

So Randy goes 5-7,7-5,9-3 then OHIO STATE. This one game has changed this school forever. Randy's biggest fault was that he tried to play down the importance of the game. beyond that he was on target. Jacory played it "Too friendly". He was the leader he was supposed to set the tone and maintain the beat. beyond that on target. Whipple and the Miami receiving Corp. had the worst game of their hurricane life. Jacory's passes were on the Money the Receivers were off. They lost the game, THE FANS lost the season:

The vast majority of wht people in america will never know the "true sting" of RACISM. The Pain and Confusion of the question WHY? The Depths of Anger and Hatred you have to fight down so not to be consumed by it and keep your sanity. It's like someone pushes you from behind into the darkest black hole? Jacory knows. The CANES FANS made sure he did. But when you pushed him in the "brotherhood" went too. Team never played the same since, they were always "in a fog". They played better "AWAY" than they did @ "HOME". Away the enemy wore the opposite color; @ home they wore GREEN & ORANGE.

I agree with those who say Miami should bring Butch Davis back. He's not only a great coach, but a great recruiter. The problem is I don't think he wants return to Miami again, so here's my second option: Rob Chudzinski.

Bring in BDavis he built the greatest team ever so what he left for more money most of us would.

To both Kanes, Dwinstitles and anyone else who wants Davis back as a coach.

Yes, Butch is a great recruiter. There is no doubt about that fact. The 2001 team is arguably, actually it's not an argument, the 2001 team was the greatest college football team EVER assembled. At anytime.

Here are a few other facts before you consider Butch as a head coach.

1)He hasn't been able to coach the talent he recruits. Except for an 11-1 team in 2000 against a Big East schedule, he hasn't won more than 9 games.

2)He and Shannon started their new coaching jobs at the same time and after 4 yrs. Shannon
has a better record.

So, my only question is, can he coach? He has proven an inability to coach, arguably, the best future NFL talent in college football. Over the last 4 yrs., 10 to 12 1st and 2nd rounders.

3)Can the U get over his lies?

I don't think he's on the interview list. Maybe he should be.

Does anyone want to make a bet on how many INT's Jacory will throw in the bowl game? Or how many passes UM receivers will drop? We need to change the name from "The U" to "The X" because we have more excuses for when we loose than anybody! GO CANES! (yea right!!)

Leach=instant offense=talented recruits=people in the seats=fun!

HIRE LEACH and let's have some fun again down here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hire Josh McDaniels, ofensive minder coach


Go canes

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