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Carroll joins staff; Canes looking for QBs

The Miami Hurricanes have themselves a new assistant coach with a famous last name.

Brennan Carroll Brennan Carroll, the 31-year old son of former USC coach Pete Carroll, has joined Al Golden's new staff where he will be tight ends coach and national recruiting coordinator.

Carroll was on the USC staff from 2002 to 2009 and is a former tight end at Pittsburgh.

In 2007, he coached Fred Davis, who won the John Mackey Award, honoring the nation's top tight end. This past season, Carroll worked in private business in Los Angeles.

"Great hire for UM," WQAM and Miami Herald recruiting analyst Larry Blustein said. "He and Jethro Franklin will get a lot of West Coast kids. Brennan is very good, works hard, just like his dad."

Tom Lemming, national recruiting analyst for MaxPreps and CBSSports, said he's liked what Golden has done in building UM's staff early on.

"Everyone on that staff is a good recruiter," Lemming said. "I'm glad he kept [Micheal] Barrow, that will really help with the guys locally, act as a bridge."

CANES WORKING HARD TO FIND QBS: Now that Teddy Bridgewater has moved on to Louisville, the Hurricanes have picked up the intensity in finding a quarterback for their 2011 class.

Gary Nova The most appealing and perhaps most realistic shot the Hurricanes have of finding a quarterback is at national perrenial power Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) with 6-2, 210-pound signal caller Gary Nova, who recently de-committed from Pittsburgh.

"I’m looking for a chance to play at a stable place; that’s what I had at Pittsburgh and that’s why I’m disappointed that it didn’t work out," Nova told NorthJersey.com. "I want to be at a place that is close so my parents can see me. That all factors into my decision."

Most believe that close place could be Rutgers, who recently hired a former Pitt assistant. But Nova, who went 24-0 in two years as the starter for Don Bosco, could end up giving the Hurricanes a serious look.

"Growing up I wanted to play for Miami," Nova told Canesport.com. "I committed early to Pitt, never got a chance to look there. As soon as I heard [Dave] Wannstedt got fired, Miami was the first school I wanted to look at."

Nova threw 23 touchdowns and 3 INTs this season at Bosco. Lemming believes Nova would be a great fit at UM.

"I've liked him from the get-go," Lemming said. "He's the No. 1 QB in New Jersey. He's a real good guy if they can land him. He has tremendous potential, decent height. He's not there yet. But those coaches at Miami can make them a real good one."

> Golden told WQAM on Monday he would like to recruit two quarterbacks in his next class. Who the other QB could potentially end up being isn't clear right now.

The Hurricanes have been in hot pursuit of St. Thomas Aquinas quarterback Jake Rudock, a long-time commitment to Iowa, since Shannon was fired. But a couple of sources have told me it appears Rudock will probably stick to his guns and stay with the Hawkeyes. It also just isn't in Aquinas coach George Smith's nature to allow his players to switch schools once they've made a commitment.

Lemming said Miami is looking at quarterbacks in California and a couple others in the Southeast currently committed to other programs.

> Two defensive backs the Hurricanes have stepped up their local recruiting efforts for recently, Southridge's Gerrod Holliman and Andrew Johnson, de-committed from Ole Miss on Tuesday night.

Holliman, an Under Armour All-American safety who along with Johnson grew up a huge Canes fan, said the Hurricanes' recent pursuit played a factor but not as big as UM fans might hope.

"As of now, I just wanted to open up my options again and see how everything plays out from there," Holliman said Wednesday afternoon. "I know Ole Miss already recruited four safeties and three coming back. I just wanted to open my options to other schools with less players on depth chart.

"In a way, UM has played a role. But they took so long to start recruiting us. Now they have to play catchup with all the other schools, ones we've already narrowed it down to."

Holliman said he's scheduled to visit Ole Miss, Cincinnati and Louisville in January. Will the Hurricanes receive a visit?"I don't know," Holliman said. "Until recently, the only thing they've ever talked to me about was stopping by practice on my own time. But I haven't spoken to coach Golden yet. Maybe things will change."


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Carroll looks like a stoner, I hope this works out.

It seems to me that Shannon was "shunning" every school besides NW and now Golden has to repair these relationship...

I think he's up for it, but it might be too late for this recruiting class.

I supported Randy, but just listening to Golden talk reminded me of what a real head coach should sound like. Hopefully, Golden can back it up!

This is an excellent hire!

Golden, so far, is doing a great job.

I hope he continues, and we land 2 QBs in this class.

Since Carroll is National Recruiting Coordinator (in addition to TEs Coach), how does A. Hill's position as Recruiting Coordinator fit in?

RS was at NW for a reason. The school falt-out produces Div. 1 talent. if golden really knows what he's doing, he should go recruit in The Muck, in Belle Glade, Pahokee, etc. The guys down there chases rabbits...and frickin' catch them. That's what Jimmy Johnson used to do, recruit from the Muck.

If I'm an OC or DC I "live" in the Muck.

But how, really, do U explain showing RS the door after four short years? I mean, come on...

I don't care who my coach is in High School, he isn't going to tell me I can't change my mind, and change my commitment. I'd tell the kid from Aquanis, go where your heart is.
Sounds like Shannon only had a few schools around Miami, that he was interested in recruiting from. How could he not be trying to recruit an Under Armour AA, practically in his back yard?

shannon was an idiot and is being exposed for the fraud he was as a recruiter also. He had one good class in 08 and results on the field from that class have been less then stellar.

Idiot posters strike again!! Under Armour doesnt make you a cant miss recruit. Shannon IS MIAMI, and know's these schools, coaches and players, inside out. Thus the reason no players he has recruited has tranferred, flunked out, or been a distraction or got in any trouble. Its idiotic to think Shannnon only recruited NW. The thought of a coach sitting in his meetings telling his assistant coaches, we are gonna focus on one school for recruiting his absurd! And there are people who can only relate to a person like Golden,and there are people who can understand both men, Diversity allows you to do both. A real coach sounds like? Golden hasnt touched the surface of Shannon's accomplishments, recruiting classes, titles, victories and success. Let Golden be Golden and lets wait and see how much success he has. He has 2 things going for him that Shannon didnt have when he was hired. A talent rich team and much more money and support from the University to succeed and hire competant assistants.

I think Carroll is a great hire if he can coach well and lure some west coast talent to the U. With Golden using his influence to recruit the NE and Florida, and Hill and Barrow the local guys, we are increasing our recruiting chances in other areas of the country. Let's face it...once you start playing for and winning conference championships, recruiting becomes a whole lot easier. That's one reason FSU is getting a lot of talented local recruits b/c of the direction the program took this year under Fisher beating up on both Miami and the Gators. We need to be the #1 team in the Sunshine State, the conference, win some BCS bowls and the rest will take care of itself.

Caneboss and cool cat- sorry but you are wrong on Shannon. Stop drinking the shannon coolaid because its ovah. I would have stuck with him... had he beaten Virginia and USF, win or lose vs Va Tech. That would have made UM 9-3 at this very moment with a chance to go 10-3. but he was absolutely HORRIBLE as a game day coach. What part of allowing j12 to throw that last interception do you not understand?
Have you seen UM's most recent recruiting rankings? How many 2011 commits and its already end of December? Other top programs have 15, 20 commits and UM had 6 before Shannon was fired? Sorry but he had to go. I dont care if you and Eli and Teddy were stuck on a black coach at UM. Ok the experiment didnt work. Next!

Jake Rudock.
He's the guy we have to continue pursuing.

Who the --- cares what george Smith says. he's not his daddy. George Smith can go to --- for all I care if he thinks he can decide this kids' future. Let the kid listen to Al Golden and what we have to say.

why go to those cornfields of Iowa? have you any idea of how cold, drab, dreary it is over there? Nice campus, but for 6 months you will not see any nice tan, sweet looking south florida girls in tanks and short shorts walking around. Instaead you'll be seeing the pasty white, covered Iowa farmgirls, overipe for the winter!

Who are the Offensive Coordinator candidates? Are any from the BYU LaVelle Edwards school of offensive football. His offenses kept defenses guessing and uncertain of their reads. Great balance of run and pass

First and foremost, The U is about winning, and if you aren't then you time at this institution will be limited. That said,...

Caneboss, you hit the nail on the head. Shannon didnt have all the support Golden is getting. They pretty much told Randy to go "Bring us back, but we arent going to pay you anything, boosters aren't going to put up the money to improve the facilities, and you have to come in and turn the on the field play around as well as the classroom progress."

For those who honestly think Randy was given the royal treatment as Golden is currently receiving, you are DEAD wrong. He kept the Titanic from sinking, and made a lot of "under the hood" repairs leaving golden to make only the cosmetic ones(ie..X's/O's, and gameday management)

For those fickle U fans, even if you don't/didnt want Randy around you CANNOT deny what he has done to keep this program from nose diving without the proper backing be it in a fiscal means, people going to the games regardless of who the coach is, or people just plain and simply supporting those student athletes who wear orange and green.

The only thing I think Golden is saying he'll bring to the table that Randy didnt was accountability. If you drop a "wide-open, not one person around you for miles pass" you should be demoted. Same thing with unforced INT's or RB fumbles and as much as it pains me, blown 26yd FG's from a potential 3yr Groza finalist.

But as long as the right things get changed I support Golden...and oh YEAH He better not do a LARRY COKER with the recruiting and skip on So. FLA just because he's been somewhere else. The NE has some good athletes but trying to compare the two regions is like comparing grapes(So. Fla) to prunes(NE)

I still say no school or state in the frickin' country can compete with those up and comers in The Muck. They chase rabbits and frickin' catch them.

When Golden goes to the Muck, U are instantly back.

"What part of allowing j12 to throw that last interception do you not understand?"

That quote sums it up better than anything else I've read concerning RS's firing. WHO MAKES THAT CALL??

We're trailblazing South Florida recruits once again, have greatmroots in the Northeast beause of where Golden just came from and now we've added the West Coast recruiting element. This really looks great for our future recruiting!!!

Randy put all his eggs in the Teddy Basket since Teddy is afraid of competition. UL over Um and LSU?! Come on. RS didnt just go to one school to recruit but I did notice he didn't do well at others. I remember some comments last year from a HS coach. Hopefully Nova comes, Miami has always done well with QBS from the West and NE. Can anyone name a QB from FL that did well at miami? I can't. Rudock should come if he wants. Crazy comment about coach not liking layers to change their mind. How is it any of his business. And why would a FL coach want one of his players to go to Iowa. Iowa!? New TE coach could help with getting O'Leary.

Thank you Caneboss. You recruit the folks that fit your system, not their status...

Randy put all his eggs in the Teddy Basket since Teddy is afraid of competition. UL over Um and LSU?! Come on. RS didnt just go to one school to recruit but I did notice he didn't do well at others. I remember some comments last year from a HS coach. Hopefully Nova comes, Miami has always done well with QBS from the West and NE. Can anyone name a QB from FL that did well at miami? I can't. Rudock should come if he wants. Crazy comment about coach not liking layers to change their mind. How is it any of his business. And why would a FL coach want one of his players to go to Iowa. Iowa!? New TE coach could help with getting O'Leary.

Do you have an issue w/the Ole Miss guys thinking about coming to The U now? What is the difference?

Brick BACK---------The canes only have 15 to give out this year, thats why there is only 5 now. THe one thing he did do good was load up the roster. we are deep, Maybe not 5 star talent deep, but most kids and 3 and 4 stars. He took over a team that couldnt dress enuff players and now golden is getting a team with alot of talent. HE WAS A LOUSY COACH ON GAME DAYS_lets be honest fellas. 2. He was introverted and had no personality. Even Chickillo said when he spoke to golden on phone, it was much easier as shannon didnt talk much. You guys see him on the sidelines and how he is reserved and a shy guy. LOOK, he cleaned us up, loaded up the roster with GOOD TALENT- We have Espns #1 class in 08, #7 in 09, #13 last yr, and his 1st class in 07 also made the top 15 I believe. 4 of our 5 losses we could have won. 1. Winning at Oh State and had 6 to's, 2 the virginia game and harris hurt, tied with va tech in 4th qtr, and lost in OT to USF. so maybe a good coach gets the team over the top. WE R THAT CLOSE TO BEIN 11-1. SO, I LOVE THE HIRE, COACH CAN RECRUIT, AND HE LOOKS LIKE JIMMY ALL OVER AGAIN--- Jimmy did crap at OK ST because no one would go there, WELL, golden got temple to win. THIS IS IT FELLAS

great hire in Carrol. This staff and recruiting class is all coming together. Thank God we have a real coach for the first time in almost a decade. Last time a checked that kid wasn't Smiths child so how is he going to control whether he comes to Miami or not. That guy that is the offensive coordinator for Boise would be a great catch.

Herbieibis, I agree with you that a coach should not have a say in whether a kid can change his mind one way or the other....it kinda implies the coach has a big say in the decision and there is fishy stuff there. I guess the real concern for UM would be whether going after the QB from St. Thomas would damage the relationship with the coach and our chances of getting players there in the future....if so, we shouldn't even pursue it.

Marquise Williams UNC Committ

Get him Golden hes begging to be at Miami. Tyrod Taylor clone.

Oh and we have no chance at Oleary so stop dreaming.

For the record and the facts are:
Shannon's recruiting classes were ranked #1, top 10, top 10. Learn it and love it. Why lie about one of Randy's great accomplishments. If Golden just was able to get 3 top 10 classes in hid 1st 3 classes, everyone would consider that an accomplishment. So for Randy why is it not? You tell me..........

I like Dom's comments.

Go get Williams from North Carolina - the kid is a stud and seems to want to come here - he says he grew up a diehard Canes' fan and his family are all Canes' fans... come on Al, go talk to this kid - he is a stud QB!~

not a great hire..troubled coaches kid who hasn't done squat to earn his keep..see bryce erickson...stop buying into the hype...Golden era is all smoke and mirrors so far...the U will become Temple South...

Because with those great classes he did not do anything with them but get blown out by FSU and lose to teams like South FLorida, and Virginia. Oh yeah he is undefeated against Duke and division 1AA teams like Florida A&M.
So there is his accomplishments noted.

Koplan go blow it out ur aszzzzzzzzzz.


I agree RS was a great recruiter. Both Golden and D'Nofrio are better recruiters than RS and are better coaches than RS.

With Golden, D'Nofrio, Carroll and Hill THE U now has a much broader reach than RS ever thought of and again they have all proven they can coach!

The Skill and Speed of the State of Miami, Cali and the west coast and plus the Meanness, Toughness and Size of the mid-west and north east . . . folks this is what was here from the late 70' thru the 80's, (Ray Lewis of Baltimore), etc. 90's and early 2000's. Wake Up! This Golden guy is putting all the pieces BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.


Read my message to NC_CANE.

And look at what Golden has done compared to your GayTurds.

We are moving forward in a very positive way. Putting all the pieces together.

Mushcamp, he's just losing coaches. he hasn't added anyone. He might get fired before he he gets started.

Hey GayTurd, have fun next season!

Go Canes!

Last great QBs from Florida at the U:

* Craig Erickson

* George Mira

Great hire for Golden. He's establishing a coaching staff that could recruit and recruit HARD! As for the QB situation, I personally know Gary Nova and I know he's seriously interested in The U. If he does sign, he'll be great for the team and their 'need'. He brings attitude, passion for the game, and knowledge of what he needs to do. The fans may be all in on Bridgewater, but Nova is the real deal that nobody knows about.

This just in from ESPN:

Terrell Pryor, and four other players from OSU, must sit out the first five games of next season. Miami has no excuse no to win that game at home.


I agree RS was a great recruiter. Both Golden and D'Nofrio are better recruiters than RS and are better coaches than RS.

With Golden, D'Nofrio, Carroll and Hill THE U now has a much broader reach than RS ever thought of and again they have all proven they can coach!

The Skill and Speed of the State of Miami, Cali and the west coast and plus the Meanness, Toughness and Size of the mid-west and north east . . . folks this is what was here from the late 70' thru the 80's, (Ray Lewis of Baltimore), etc. 90's and early 2000's. Wake Up! This Golden guy is putting all the pieces BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.

Posted by: CanesAgainstTheWorld | December 23, 2010 at 10:31 AM

I certainly hope so because they are now coaching my squad, but to say they are both better when neither has coach this team is crazy.

Can't wait for you Guys to see how bad of a coach Golden was at Temple. He had more money to spend than any other MAC school(twice as much) and open admission for any players that he wanted. All the players that didn't have grades for Pitt,Penn St., UVA, Maryland he was able to get in. With all of this in 5 yrs couldnr win the MAC..Will UM open the admission for him and out spend the rest of the ACC?..no..he will fail and set u guys back. 12 interviews before Miami..all said no thanksto Al, but the great CANES bring him in...lmao..what a joke

-As a cane homer & fanatic, hope is eternal and I long for the days when UM would upset top 10 teams or die trying to the last sixty seconds. Looking closely at AG Temple, one finds glaring similarities to RS: They both loose to teams with winning records, and almost always the "signature" games & have the most NFL talent in their respective conference while never winning the conference. Can the Golden-hire defenders give me hope that AGolden wiill not another Charlie Weiss or Randy Shannon? wil lt be the of.

The kid, Williams from NC, is the same kind of QB that Bridgewater is, spread. We need pro-style. The coach from Aquanis, doesn't seem to like the "U" anyway, I mean we got Dorsett but I believe he's in cahoots with FSU.
You zero's that keep singing the praise of Shannon, must of been sleep-walking this year. You don't lose to flipping Virginia & S. Fla and get blown out at home against FSU and say Duke is a tough place to play, IN YEAR 4 OF YOUR REBUILDING THIS TEAM, WITH MIGHT I ADD, TOP TEN TALENT,AND EXPECT TO KEEP YOUR JOB. Progress was not being made.

We need to make it a priority to go get Dwyer’s Nick O’Lear y and his QB Jacoby Brisset (6’5’ 230 lbs). Also, I agree with Cool Cat, we must extend the State of Miami to the Muck (Belle Glade, Pahokee, etc). Jimmy Johnson and Butch made a killing recruiting kids from there, even after thoughts like Edgering James and Ray Lewis, etc when they were last minute signees. I love all the moves this guys is doing. It’s so eerie the comparison to Jimmy Johnson. GO CANES !!!

I agree......golden needs to make a push for Dwyer QB Jacoby Brisset, he is a pro style QB who can make all the throws and that will help us land Olery as well. Make it happen AL GOLDEN. FSU IS ALL OVER BOTH OF THEM. lets fight n protect our territory. FSU is taking to many player out of our own backyard.

Randy should never have been fired. Agree with other post, he came close enough on losses to get the benefit of the doubt( in some peoples minds).Golden may be a lateral move, at best.

The problem was play calling by Whipple. How many times do you need to have interceptions and under throws to receivers going long down the sidelines to change the plan. Randy needed to correct this and go to full field strategy.

Can not agree with those who say Golden is off to a good start. What is so good about firing the coach of a secondary which achieved top national rankings.

By the way, just who wanted Golden? Did the AD and others ask any of the recruits, current or former players, former coaches(Dennis, for example),Susan, Manny or Blue,for their opinion? If not, why not?
Same goes for the firing of Randy. AND, the same for hiring assistants.
In re the STA head coach imposing HIS opinion on verbal commitments on the players,it is not surprising he is at a Catholic school If you do not get what I mean, look up the word pedantic.

Kirby Holcutt is a fraud..BIG SPLASH?..come on you can't fool me with Al Golden andall his talk. I dnt understand how and where all this new money is coming from for this coaching staff..if we had it why didnt you use it with RS so he didnt have to go into his tenure with below average or first time coordinators?..now here come Golden and his Temple crew who get celebrated for losing 4-5 games a year.who has never won his division on the conference. This is the biggest smoke and mirrors job I have ever seen. Now we are recruiting from NJ Pen and Va?..UM always dominated South Florida..and got great players from TX,La Cali..Gino,Kellen Winslow..Jessie Armstead, Kevin Williams,Tramiane Mack..Damian Lewis,Reggie Wayne, Ed Reed,...but Golden didnt mention Cal,TX or La..,,he mention Penn,VA,NJ..this is gonna be a train wreck..and he will jump ship...Holcutt says the talentis here so Golden should win it next year no excuses, but some of you will find excuses for Kirby and Al..it's in your nature..

cane 68

how the hell u blame whipple for jacory's ability to spot double teams and throw to em?

so if we all know after x many games that jacory is a pick machine...why didnt RS yank him? Why? He couldnt. So a player holds a team hostage. thats awesome.

By the way...why is RS even a div 1 coach. all he did was run a 4-3 defense that never blitzed or game planned and finished top 20. i think just about any def cordinator with this talent could pull that off.

fabulous hire with B.Carroll; his SC connections should bring a ton of talent to Miami, hopefully including QB,s

randy shannon is an idiot ...im tired of fans taking up for a loser that didnt coach or motivate his player...he sucked! get over it! BLACK PEOPLE are the only ones on these boards that thinks hr deserved more time ..y? becuz he's black? .yes deep down thats y..and its gonna kill them when golden comes in and is a success

I was a big RS fan, b/c I saw him as a good coach and a solid classroom guy. Problem being he is just a Mike Martz clone of the NFL. He is only good as a coordinator. He is not a head coach. I was sad to see him go, but after seeing what Golden has done and is doing is great. He has hired members of his staff who have roots all across the nation. RS stayed local and rarely moved outside the state. Golden has said it all and I know it will all show on the field. He brings in his DC and his DL coach, plus members of his recruiting staff. He kept previous coaches and he has done a great job in modeling this program. Sure RS built up the program from the Coker days, but he did not produce. Bad play calling and smoke and mirrors recruits. Look out college world..here comes the Canes'!!!

I'm a UM alum who grew up in Minnesota. Any Florida high school recruit who goes to a place like Iowa is nuts. Stick yourself in a freezer for six months and that's what you're facing. Say goodbye to green leaves on the trees from early October until the end of April. You've signed up for a trip to another planet.


@tpark65: shut ta hell up , ur stupid

and i am mexican

well shut the hell up mexican because Shannon sucked just like tpark65 said. If he was such a great coach then why hasn't any other school hired him to be their head coach? And if he is such a great defensive coordinator then why hasn't anyone hired him to be their defensive coordinator? Its because everyone in the real world knows he sucks and they aren't going to waste the time or the money to hire that idiot.


jj Our receiver was triple teamed some time, not just double teamed. I say receiver because the other guys out there were rarely thrown to and the other teams knew this.
May be JH put some mojo on Randy; nevertheless, he still put up some impressive positive numbers, especially because he was throwing into very stiff coverage.
I think he was over controlled by Whipple and may be part of some plan to boost Hankerson stats.

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