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Defensive Coordinator John Lovett talks about leaving UM

At the press conference this morning, this is one of the things I asked coach John Lovett, UM's defensive coordinator who was fired by Al Golden and will end his career at UM Friday in the Sun Bowl. Also leaving on the defensive staff are defensive line coach Rick Petri and defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff.

UM, by the way, finished 16th overall in the nation in defense, and second in the nation in pass defense. I believe they are 81st in run defense, however. As Coach Lovett pointed out, it doesn't matter what you're ranked in any category if you don't win enough.

Here are my questions about this subject and his answers. He makes some powerful points.

Can you talk about the commitment that you’ve made to continue follow through with all of this and how you are all together and how frustrating it is that you’ve done a good job and know you won’t be coming back?

It’s part of the business. When you’re in this business, it’s a people business and it’s driven by a lot of different people. It’s not necessarily the guys in the room, the guys on the field. There are a lot of things that go on: T.V. revenue, fans, whoever. People make decisions on how things are going to be and they go on with it. When you make a change, for whatever reasons you make a change. Bottom line was that we didn’t win enough games to keep people happy around here. The statistical part of it really doesn’t make much difference. We could be 116th in the country or we could be 1 in the country -- if we don’t win enough games to keep the right people happy, then change is made for whatever reason.

 Has it been emotional for you and the team?

 I think for the players. You make bonds with kids and that part is always tough. You get friendly with coaches and you’re used to being around them and that’s always difficult. You understand coming in. I remember reading a book by George Allen, “Merry Christmas, you’re fired” was one of his famous lines in there and you understand that when you get into this business. It’s a rough business, it’s a people business. You all out there, when you write, you sit there and say we’ve got to do this, this and this. Well, we do need to do this, this and this in order to keep our jobs.

If I did this, this and this I may be walking in there and saying “I’ll see ya.” I may be going somewhere else because somebody wants to do something else for me that the University of Miami may not want to do. That’s all part of the business and we’ve all been there. Head coaches come and go. A head coach will get hired and when they do, they bring their staffs or people they are comfortable with in. That’s kinda what’s happened here. I know Al Golden very well and I have no animosity toward him at all and I have no ill feelings toward the University at all. I knew when I came here, I knew what this place was and what the expectations were and didn’t think anything short of this would happen with what happened this year at the end of the year. I’m just going to leave it at that because I don’t want to get into anything else. It’s a tough business and it’s toughest on the families. We just move forward as we go.




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class act. He's right. 2nd in pass defense means nothing when you gave that drive to USF by a walk on freshman, the 60 yd pass 2 by Terrell Pryor 2 plays after Um went up 10-3, and the drive that was allowed by Virginia that stopped UM from making a comeback. Furthermore, they couldnt stop anyone from running, and he had McCarthy out of position always!

Not good enough at a [program that prides itself in dominating defenses yr in yr out!

When your defenses don't even know how to tackle properly, there's a problem.

UM's pass defense is so highly ranked because teams ran the ball so effectively against them. And factoring college stats subtract sacks from the run game as opposed to passing stats as is done in the NFL, the run statistics would be even worse without the negative yardage.

Also, teams rarely pass when ahead or in tight games. So, the pass D rankings also reflect how rarely UM was ahead to force passing.

People read my lips..AL Golden isn't a very good coach..he is less accomplished than Mario Cristabol..he will fill the UM roster with kids from PA,VA and NJ..he wil fail and it will take UM 10 yrs to recover and sew up lost ties in south Florida..remember this post

Those stats mean zero when you can't tackle and constantly get gashed for sixty yard runs.

Lovett was nothing more than a warm body. People were so busy pointing out what an idiot Shannon and Whipplewere that they didn't even notice how bad this guy was. He was such a nobody that no one even said "great hire." he was a special teams assistant for Butch. Really?

UM continues to bring in nobodies to fill out the coaching staff. Ten years from now people will look back on Shannon/Whipple/Lovett and just shake their head in disbelief.

I knew the day Hocutt took over that his ego would dictate that Shannon had to go. Shannon was already there and was not part of Hocutt's " legacy." Sure he said all the right things in front of the media. Meanwhile he could not wait to get rid of dunce Shannon. He has his guy now. Win or lose Golden is HIS man.

Golden will get his feet held to the fire immediately. This recruiting class is presently a flaming disaster. If he doesn't salvage it tight away he will get slaughtered down the road. You simply don't win without athletes. You might beat Duke and USF(cough) beat you don't win conferences and NC's( feel silly even mentioning NC's) without supreme talent. The state of Florida was stacked last year and the dunce shifted at every turn. That will hurt down the road. Same thing with this class unless Golden Showers pulls a rabbit out of his tri-state butt.

Pass defense is so good because the Acc Qb's we faced are average at best. Our Run defense was pretty good, except for all the runs they gave up over 50 yards and of course our inability to tackle played a hand in that. Bottom line, aside from OSU,& FSU, we played a bunch of stiffs and wound up 81ST in the nation against the run, that says it all right there.

God help us if he keeps fishing in the northeast--there's maybe one guy per year up there who can even step on a south florida field.

Are U retards serious? U think Golden is a bad Coach. He's already better than Coker and Shannon and he hasn't even coached a game for us yet. Neither Coker or Shannon could develop talent or win. Raw talent is no good if ther is no one there to coach it up and develop it. Golden proved he could make sugar out of crap at Temple and Coker and SHannon proved they could turn sugar into crap with all of the talent those two losers wasted. I'll take my chances with Golden and Co. before I'd bet on Dumb and Dumber (Shannon and Coker)

When u run a lob and bob offense and and either throw ints and get a bunch of three and outs the defense will eventually get gashed. The did have a lot of problems tackling but I can't understand why whipple has not been canned. He should have been the first coach out. The defense had ten tackles for loss against ostate. While the offense ran trick plays to the otackles. The only way golden will be successful is if they make a stronger commitment to the run.

People read my lips..AL Golden isn't a very good coach..he is less accomplished than Mario Cristabol..he will fill the UM roster with kids from PA,VA and NJ..he wil fail and it will take UM 10 yrs to recover and sew up lost ties in south Florida..remember this post

Posted by: kcsmith | December 29, 2010 at 06:54 PM


Yea those kids from South FL have worked out so well..especially those NW bulls....give me the Ed Reeds, Ray Lewis, Warren Saps, etc...just get the speed guys that dont have to think from the 305.....Al golden has done more in 30 days than RS did in 4 years...we need to recruit nationally to compete....period.


Exactly, UM should be recruiting the superior talent from north Florida and stop bothering with these washed up guys down here in Miami.

Hey KC, how much do you charge for a palm reading? Why don't you use that future telling gift at Vegas? You could make a fortune.


Why do you know so much about UM football? Are you really that big of a loser that you follow both the Gators and UM just so you can try to talk to people on this blog?


I go to.walk.my dogs and the children are caught on a hatefest blamefest... wow!

Al has the blueprint for Golden success. Hope is eternal.

Nah, we just have a chicken choker, that is wanting to gain notority by impersonating originals such as Eudocimus and myself. Well guess what dummy it ain't a working. What are U upset about your little drawed up coach retiring and being stuck with someone second rate to our new coach AL Golden? Well tough titty said the kitty cause our AD hired a better coach than yours. OR are U upset that we canned Shannon and U think it was an injustice. Well news flash jackass, Losing to Virginia and South FLorida, as well as getting blown out by FSU is what that gets U. Either way our school will emerge on top and guess what, all U can do is wish U were one of us. Oh I forgot thats what U are trying to do now. Later Slapnuts

Just curious "..he will fill the UM roster with kids from PA,VA and NJ." You mean kids that go to Tech, Penn St.and Rutgers?... Teams that are better than ours by the way, good stop with all the overated Florida kids who are cold in 50 degree weather- this aint 1986 anymore , i love good Florida kids but we dont get those they take the cash and go to UF, or love the facilities at FSU, you can have the Harris's, Bridgewaters,AJ'S of the world give me tough football players- if that means Northeast sometimes so be it- there is good football outside of Florida

This blog is a watering hole for dehydrated morons.

One imbecile claims that Golden recruiting players out of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states will set the program back 10 years and then asks readers to: “remember this post”.

After wading through this crap I feel like my brain has shrunk from simply reading this monumental stupidity.

There is a silver lining, at least you confederacy of dunces are showing up in one place and not polluting other blogs with your idiocy.

A lot of u on this site don't know much about the U. If u did u would just support the new regime without dogging Randy. He's done more for this school than any of u combined. He has left this program in far better condition than he found it. I wonder how long will they give golden because this team is loaded. What are they waiting on with whipple he's garbage. Should have been fired.

The answer to recruiting is never this or that, but both. We need to continue to wall of the State of Miami, but we can't be naive enough to think that everything we need is down here. All our great QB's came from the northeast. Lineman generally come from the midwest. Skill positions and D-line from Florida. That's a generalization, of course, but you need to recruit nationally because you can't let your success be dictated by what may or may not be available in S. Fla. in a given year.

I still believe in my heart that a 3-star kid from Miami is better than a 5-star kid from Kansas. BUT, if you want a 6-3 pro-style passer, I'm not seeing many of them in Miami. Even Schnellenberger, for all his State-of-Miami talk, brought in key pieces from the northeast, namely all of his QB's. That's all Golden is talking about. Fill out the class with NE kids...plug in the holes with them.

Go Canes!

Whats wrong with recruiting the NE? He isn't just recruiting the NE, so far in his assembly of staff he has hired guys with ties to every part of the country. He's retained South Florida coaches, He added Carrol, who recruited the kind of talent at USC that rivaled Miami's earlier in the decade, if he can get an O-Coordiantor with Texas ties he will have pretty much the whole country covered.

I swear some of these people watch their copy of "The U" and then start babbling on here as if they know 'Cane football! This isn't the 80's. Some, if not most, of the great Hurricanes the past 20 years have been from outside of south Florida. Sapp is from Orlando, Ray Lewis is from Lakeland, Ed Reed is from Louisiana. All of our best tight ends from earlier in the decade were from out of state. Hell, name me one QB that has done anything at the U who wasnt from out of state.

Recruiting these days is a global thing! You cant expect to just recruit south florida kids and win anymore, this isn't the 80's. With the amount of camps and clinics out there these days there is just as much exposure in the rest of the country as there is in South Florida!

We need to continue to wall off the State of Miami.
Posted by: ChicagoCane | December 30, 2010 at 07:08 AM

Continue? What are you smoking dude. UM got trounced in south fl last year. It's a completely different environment now. It no longer favors UM. Get a clue.

Templed finished 2010 ranked 92 on offense and behind UM on defense.
Please remind me of why we should be excited about this golden era?

92 Temple 4009 334.1 2354 196.2 1803 150.3 300 25.0
93 California 4008 334.0 2271 189.3 1907 158.9 271 22.6
94 Eastern Michigan 4001 333.4 2074 172.8 2080 173.3 228 19.0
95 Washington State 3962 330.2 3147 262.3 1092 91.0 235 19.6
96 Oregon State 3918 326.5 2718 226.5 1435 119.6 293 24.4
97 Connecticut 3900 325.0 1805 150.4 2159 179.9 321 26.8
98 Western Kentucky 3828 319.0 1888 157.3 2106 175.5 272 22.7
99 Iowa State 3809 317.4 2282 190.2 1718 143.2 266 22.2
100 UCLA 3800 316.7 1881 156.8 2107 175.6 241 20.1

Bro, if you're going to try to steal people's names you should probably turn off whatever it is that makes your name a blue hyperlink.

@ pnutgallery

Given Golden, Edsall, and Trestman were the only legit options for the AD and trustees ... The excitement seems to be based on the belief that we hired the best candidate of the three.

Looking at the list you posted, Temple's O ranks higher than Uconn's. Add to that they finished with the same regular season record of 8-4, both better than the 7-5 UM ended with, And Temple beat Uconn head to head. Plus, Golden is considered a better recruiter.

We'll see how it ends up ... But of the three known options UM was willing to hire, he does appear to be the best.

There's plenty of talent in South Florida, but a lot of it is overrated.

I don't see an issue with getting some kids from different states. Some of our best players have been from outside of South Florida.

Nothing wrong with getting diversity in our mix. Going to NW or Carol City shouldn't guarantee you a spot on the roster.

Boy oh boy. It used to be let's build a wall around South Florida - now the talent around here is overrated when the shun U. If you could win a NC for excUses - duh U would have a dynasty! I just remembered last year of how Wisconsin was too slow to keep up with the South Florida speed but alas it was too cold.

Yea those kids from South FL have worked out so well..especially those NW bulls....give me the Ed Reeds, Ray Lewis, Warren Saps, etc...just get the speed guys that dont have to think from the 305.....Al golden has done more in 30 days than RS did in 4 years...we need to recruit nationally to compete....period
posted by: nealtrom

All due respect to the , but how can you make such a statement. Golden has not signed a top recruit and has not won a game. Let time tell who was the better coach. One thing that both Golden and Coker had when they started this job that Shannon did not and that is a good stable of players. Let's just support the team and see what Golden does. I just hope that we don't water our players down with a bunch of players from the NE. Look at the rosters of the teams who have won the NC for the past ten years and none of those rosters is dominated by players from the NE (Alabama, Gayturds, USC, LSU).

Posted by: Storm Debris

Nice try, PIG. I can see you a mile away.

Thanks to Coach Lovett for his commitment to the U. Things just did not work out. The offense put the D in a lot of bad situations: turnovers, short drives, bad field position. However, the D did improve since he arrived. Our run defense has been lacking due our inability to get that dominate defensive lineman to sign with our program(ala: Brown, Maryland,Sapp, Kennedy, Wilfork). Note for the record that Maryland was the only one of this group from outside FL. If you lined those guys up and put a helmet on they all would look similar and they played similar. We need to recruit this type of player again. Our run defense must improve with dominate line play. Without that our small fast linebackers are not as effective. Note also that Ray Lewis was close to the size of Spence when he played at the U with a dominate line in front.

kc smith-----No one knew who the heck Jimmy Johnson was , from a losing program at Okla State. We had florida recruiting, carrols son for california, and him and his staff know the NE. Those are heck of areas to recruit you jack ares. Donofrio of new DEf Coord was a bad dude at LB and an NFL Player. Barrow was a bad dude at UM and an NFL Player, when these guys come in your living room, they know what it takes to get it done. GET OVER UR 5 loss season at UF. AND OR BY THE WAY, YOUR FSU TEAM LOST 4 games this yr. People say fsu is back but 4 losses is 4 losses, possibly 5 after the bowl------------------UM WILL B BACK

eudocimus---------this class is not a disaster. WE ONLY HAVE 15 schollies to give out. Means we have a loaded roster already. on rivals, we have 6 commits. 2 4 stars and 4 3 stars. just because we only have 6 doesnt make it bad. shannon did 1 thing good and loaded the team up 3 deep. he had 30 plus every yr because coker had stripped the team. DUMB ARSE, GET UR FACTS STRAIGht..........WE have good kids comin in

@Cane Spirit

Please look at who Temple played compared to Uconn. Big East vs MAC..Temple lost their last two games and even with an 8-4 record their schedule was so weak they didnt get a bowl bid.

Michigan Lost 30-10 ---
Texas Southern Won 62-3 ---
Temple Lost 30-16 ---
Buffalo Won 45-21 ---
Vanderbilt Won 40-21 ---
Rutgers Lost 27-24 ---
Louisville Lost 26-0 ---
West Virginia Won 16-13
Pittsburgh Won 30-28 ---
Syracuse Won 23-6 ---
Cincinnati Won 38-17 ---
USF Won 19-16
Penn State L 13-22
Army W 42-35
Northern Illinois L 17-31
*Buffalo W 42-0
*AKRON W 30-0
Kent State W 28-10
*OHIO L 23-31
Miami (Ohio)L 3-23

@ pnutgallery

The only score that really matters was Temple 30, Uconn 16. They played each other, and Temple won.

But that Ohio loss is a concern ... And that probably cost them a post season game. 9-3 would have gotten them a bowl bid.

Other than Brandon Washington, all the NW players are soft. Forston being the worst offender.

Missed tackles,'McCarthy always out of position. The Coker/Shannon stench remains.

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