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Fun in El Paso (then hard work)

Good morning.

I've been to many bowl games, but the greeting the Canes (and Irish) got Sunday afternoon was the nicest I've seen (them, too).

There were mariachi musicians and festively-dressed dancers and even the Sun Bowl queen and her court of princesses showed up to honor the players.

The Sun Bowl officials -- Bernie Olivas and John Folmer among them -- are some of the nicest bowl people we've ever dealt with. They made it a point to publicly welcome the Hurricanes "to the second oldest bowl game in the country'' with warmth and sincerity.

The players went to a team barbecue Sunday night at Sunland Park Race Track & Casino. There's a photo in the local paper here of Jacory Harris ladling barbecue sauce over his food. The Canes (including Lamar Miler and Jacory) posed for pictures with children and adults who flashed the "U.''

Today, selected players will visit the pediatric unit of a hospital. Then, the whole gang will go on a Lucchese Boots shopping trip. El Paso is famous for its cowboy boots.

Practice is at 10:15 a.m. at a local high school. Remember, it's two hours earlier here than in Florida.

Anyway, it is very nice to see the players truly enjoying themselves and feeling appreciated. It's been a really tough season for them. Putting it together on the field would go a long way in closing the door on the negativity of this season and opening a new one.




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The Sun Bowl has a reputation as a very welcoming experience for teams. I too hope this will be a turnaround game for UM, with a victory over Notre Dame. Looking for the team to play really hard, with something to prove.

Good things ahead at the U. Coach Golden has wisely kept selected members of the staff and brought in new blood as well. The offensive positions of OC and running backs coach will be critical. UM has faltered on offense for too many years.

Let's hope the right choices are made.

In the meantime, GO CANE! BEAT NOTRE DAME!

its two hours later not earlier

Ruffnek you are wrong. The sun rises in the east and as you go west it is still earlier.

"its two hours later not earlier"...uhhh your an idiot. Would be a nice win for the Canes, but then again, who cares?

its two hours later not earlier"...uhhh your an idiot. Would be a nice win for the Canes, but then again, who cares?
Posted by: Tom | December 27, 2010 at 02:08 PM

Tom, Who are you to call someone an "idiot"? Are you a box of chocolates? I suspect a batch of salami that has aged too long! Please make a New Year's reservation to ask whoever your pray to deliver you a better personality, which might, in turn, get you some friends.....

If you are an adult and you don't know that as you go west, standard times get earlier rather than later, you should have your voting rights, your computer (and right to blog) and your driver's license taken away. Period.

Go canes. Don't eat to many quesadillas or tamales--- lest you'll have to run off the field to the jiffy john.

Jacory Harris needs a couple big plates of BBQ. Honestly, the guy looks like Sally Struthers should be collecting .50 cents a day to feed him. C'mon kid, got to protect that sternum.

Jacory "50 cents a day" Harris.


I hear that the next excursion for the Canes will be tomorrow to Mexico, where they will witness a Mexican Donkey show and drink Tequila with the locals - after drinking some tequila they will witness the Mexican Drug Wars first hand in Juarez where they are assured to witness at least 5 killings; then they will have to return to El Paso by crossing the US border illegally along the Rio Grande and led by a Mexican Coyote...I hope they took their passports!!!

This is my favorite blog. I feel like I am with the team. Nice job!

Its 2 hours earlier in El Paso from Miami....Go Canes.

It's like they say, "You can lead a horse to the bar, but you can't make him buy you a drink."

Canes ........ Desert ??????


We don't need no stinking BBQ .....

Time to filet and fry a LEPRECHAUN for supper

We need some Canes to start something with the Notre Dame players. You know call their hotel at 3 a.m. and rag them out. I want mid field chaos and a little taunting. Then kick thier *(&*&%. Hankerson will score at least two touchdowns and the running game will rip them apart. Go Canes!!

Allright CANES FANS - This is it, our last chance to see some CANE football this year! Be supportive, beat the IRISH up and down the field! Be proud to wear that U on your helmet, chest, wherever it is be proud! LAST CHANCE...60 MINUTES, NO QUIT, SHOW US A REASON TO LOOK FORWARD TO 2011! GOD BLESS!

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