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Golden, Canes pounding recruiting trail

Al Golden didn't officially become cleared to begin recruiting until around 5 or 6 p.m. Tuesday. But since he's been given the green light, UM's new football coach and recruiting coordinator Aubrey Hill have been pounding the recruiting trail.

> Goal No. 1: Pursue the players who plan to enroll in January and have been strongly considering the Canes -- whether they're uncommitted or have de-comitted.
> Goal No. 2: Phone as many coaches in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties as possible and let them know the Canes are eager to build friendships and get some players.

Marcus Jackson Golden started the day by visiting with Vero Beach offensive linemen Marcus Jackson at his high school, then followed him home to meet with his mother after school. How did it go?

"He said it went well -- and that's pretty much all he said," said Pete LeDuke, assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator at Vero Beach. "I didn't get to talk to Marcus too long because the coach from Georgia Tech was coming in to talk to him tonight. But Coach Golden and Marcus talked, the and mom talked to Coach Golden and pretty much that was it."

Jackson, who is trying to complete an online course while studying for finals, is declining all interview requests. But what Golden set out to do, he achieved. LeDuke said Jackson told him he is planning to go through with visiting UM this weekend. Jackson (6-2, 315) is considered the 13th best guard in the country by Rivals.com. He was committed to UM until two weeks ago when former coach Randy Shannon was fired.

LeDuke said Jackson will make his announcement Jan. 5 at the Under Armour All-American Game in Tampa -- the same place where Monsignor Pace defensive back Jabari Gorman, considered the 10th-best safety in the country by Rivals, plans to announce his decision as well (We'll get to him later).

"Marcus hasn't said where he's leaning to and all that," said LeDuke, who said Jackson visited Michigan State, Georgia Tech and Tennessee twice (once unofficially).

"The visit to Miami will be huge. But I think coach Golden did a great job. I was very impressed with him. I thought Miami did a great job hiring him. He's very personable, very easy to talk to. We talked about families. Obviously, he's a family man. So am I. I like what he was talking about. He talked about how we want football players. I liked how he talked. He was very easy to talk to like I've known him forever. He's a former linemen. We had a bond there. I think he had the same bond with Marcus."

Golden's next scheduled stop Wednesday night was Boston where he was set to meet with another Canes de-commitment, cornerback Albert Louis-Jean, rated 12th best at his position by Rivals. No word yet on how that meeting has gone, but Louis-Jean's father told me Monday night his son was coming down this weekend to visit UM.

The big question that remains is if Miami Northwestern quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be joining Jackson and Louis-Jean as the only other guests at UM this coming weekend.

According to a source, Bridgewater, who visited the University of South Florida officially on Tuesday, told UM coaches last night he would be making the trip. But UM is still waiting for a final confirmation.

Bridgewater (6-3, 185) has and continues to be the No. 1 recruiting target for the Hurricanes according to the source and was set to receive an in-home visit from Golden on Tuesday night until it was learned he was in Tampa. The hope now is UM coaches will be able to visit Bridgewater on Thursday night and try to convince the No. 2-ranked dual threat quarterback in the country according to Rivals to jump back on board at UM.

It will definitely take some convincing. His mother, Rose Murphy, wasn't happy with the way UM fans reacted when her son de-committed last week, telling me, "nobody reacted this way when those other boys de-committed. They should be happy he's looking for a great education, be respectful."

OTHERS WAITING FOR A CALL: While some recruits and coaches have received phone calls from Golden and Miami assistants, others are still waiting patiently.

Miami Belen defensive end Nick Menocal (one of four commitments along with Tampa Alonso defensive end Anthony Chickillo, St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Phillip Dorsett and Milford Prep cornerback Jeremy Davis) said Wednesday afternoon he had still not heard from Golden. But Menocal said was he told by defensive line coach Rick Petri on Monday to expect a call from UM's new coach soon. Menocal said he's hoping to be invited to come see the Hurricanes practice for their bowl game.

"I am still committed," Menocal said. "I look forward to seeing what Coach Golden has to tell me and who is going to bring in and hopefully I can go to UM and do big things."

Menocal (6-3, 235) is ranked as the 58th best outside linebacker by Rivals. He said he plans on visiting UM in January, somewhere between visits to Georgia Tech, Virginia and possibly North Carolina, which still hasn't offered Menocal but has been after him harder of late.

Denzel Perryman.56 > Coral Gables High linebacker Denzel Perryman, a longtime target of the Hurricanes rated, met with UM coach Aubrey Hill on Wednesday and spoke to Golden by phone in the morning.

"I talked with him to touch base," Perryman said. "It was a regular conversation. He's going to touch base with all the recruits. I'm looking forward to talking to him in person. Everything is still up in the air. But I still feel good about UM."

Perryman (5-11, 217) rated the 23rd best middle linebacker in the country by Rivals said he has plans to visit Florida State, Florida, USC and LSU in January, but wants to squeeze in an official to UM as he gets to know the new Canes coaches better. He said he planned to be out at practice on Friday.

What could end up being huge for Perryman is if linebackers coach Micheal Barrow sticks around. "I hope he does, I really do," Perryman said. "It's a big factor. We've had a little bond since my freshman year. I don't want to lose that."

> Monsignor Pace defensive back Jabari Gorman (5-11, 170) cut his list down to Ohio State, Miami and Florida earlier this month before Randy Shannon was fired and Urban Meyer stepped down in Gainesville. He said Wednesday night while Ohio State still leads, the Hurricanes and Gators remain in the hunt. Gorman said he plans to announce his choice at the Under Armour All-American Game on Jan. 5.

"I'm sure I'm going to talk to him soon, talk to him this week and have a meeting so I can get a feel for him," Gorman said of Golden. "I'm hearing great news about him. I like the fact of how he turned Temple's program around. That means the coach knows what he's doing. You want to be around a coach like that."

Gorman said even if he picks a school at the UA game, he will still visit UM in mid-January and could end up changing his mind by National Signing Day.

"Nothing is final until signing day," Gorman said. "I've been feeling OSU. But I've been having doubts about it too. You know how Miami is, they come at you hard. Coach Hill has been on me.

"Stephen Morris is recruiting me as hard as the coaches the do. Me and Stephen have always been real close since my ninth grade year. We always talk. Me and him always used to be together as far as doing the right things on the field. I know what he tells me at Miami is no lies. I can trust him."

> While Golden was in the Northeast Wednesday night, Hill was visiting with Oakland Park Northeast defensive end BJ Dubose at his home. Dubose is one of several local players UM plans to make hard efforts to get in the coming weeks.

Others include Perryman, Gorman, Palm Beach Dwyer tight end Nick O'Leary and Miami Southridge defensive back Gerrod Holliman. Golden is expected to also make a push for Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Ishaq Williams (6-6, 220), considered the second best defensive end in the country.


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Nice to see him using his experiences in the Northeast. I like that he's tapping into other areas for recruiting. I'm glad he's going after O'leary. That should be a personal visit for him. Maybe make a bigger impact since he used to play tight end too. I know he was leaning toward FSU but a good recruiter can change that. I would still like to see him go after the St. Thomas QB though.

Great update. Does the fact that Aubrey Hill is out on th trail mean he's likely to be retained on the staff? The WRs weren't the best last year. But he's a great recruiter, so Golden may want him in some capacity.

Man great report!! This is all so exciting and i hope everything turns back to the U like it should. I know it's early but this is very exciting and i look forward to the updates daily. keep up the good work!! Bring em home AL!!!!

I love this guy...What he does on the field will be the determining factor of course, but news was scarce with Randy at the helm. Golden is doing good things and wants people to know that.

Will Muschamp defenses among national statistical leaders

Newly hired Florida coach Will Muschamp has been one of the top defensive coordinators in the country for years. (AP photo)
Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley targeted just one coach in his search for Urban Meyer’s replacement. In hiring Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp on Saturday, he got one of the best defensive coaches in the country the past few seasons.

Muschamp’s defenses have been dominant since he was first named a defensive coordinator at LSU in 2002. He helped lead the Tigers to a national title in 2003 with the top-ranked defense in the country.

In eight seasons as a defensive coordinator, his teams have been ranked in the top 10 nationally in total defense six times. The two years they weren’t? His first seasons at Auburn and Texas.

Even this year, a disappointing 5-7 campaign with the Longhorns didn’t slow Muschamp’s unit. Texas ranks seventh nationally in total defense in a year the Longhorns are not bowl eligible.

So what does it all add up to? A pretty convincing case for Foley that Muschamp is the right guy.

Comprende ?

Muschamp conveyed more about the game of football in 40 minutes than Shannon did in 4 years...

And 'Champ did it in English too.

I was a big Randy supporter but came to realize that a change was needed, I think Kirby hit a home run with mr. Golden..

I like what i see all ready.. keep working hard coach Golden... get all those florida boys back to the U were they can win a NC... this is good sign for cane fans...the coach is doing his job.. now fans we need to do ours and go buy the tickets... lets pack the stadium and make it rock... like the old days....

i am getting that good feeling all ready about the U... i am ready for spring practice and i cant wait for OHIO STATE to arrive .... we need to pack the stadium and MAKE SOME NOISE... we need to make the teams scared again when they come to our house...

Aubrey Hill,Mike Barows are key players in maimi in recuriting and coaching you need them because of the ties to the miami high schools in the south ,they are needed at the "U"

CANNON SMITH GOT ARRESTED... ha ha ha...in memphis... im glad he did not stayed at the U

Dear Future Canes -

I believe things will be good here for awhile and you can enter the U knowing your head coach will probably remain the same for your entire time in college. Better to be on the front edge of something good than the back edge of something fading. Your time is NOW!

I hate to tell you this Ms Bridgewater, or Teddy's mom, but your son is clearly not looking for the "best, great education" if he is taking visits to South Florida. Miami fans are not upset at the fact that he wants a great education, they just don't want another self important, entitled, skinny QB feeling like he 'deserves' a starting spot.

Manny, eres un pin-gu-o. Way to get us the info on the recruiting front. It is appreciated. Good to see that Golden is hard at work already building the relationships. The important thing is to lock up the guys we had before and get 4-5 more good ones that looked like they may come here (Perryman, Gorman, Holliman). If we are lucky he can hit on a couple more that were iffy (Oleary, Benjamin, etc). We picked a good year recruiting wise for this transition since we only have about 15 scholarships, but hopefully we can see the magic people talk about with Golden and recruiting in next year's class.

Good to see also from what i've read on espn that the 2012 guys have all said they are sticking to their commitments.

Dear Future Canes -

I believe things will be good here for awhile and you can enter the U knowing your head coach will probably remain the same for your entire time in college.

U "believe" things will be good for "awhile" ... and Goldie "probably" remains ?

Not quite U KNOW ... and ABSOLUTELY ... And NO DOUBT ...

Got to hand it to U. Atleast, even if unknowingly, U speak the truth...

Not overly reassuring huh ?

Penn. State calls and Ur Golden Boy Bolts and U know it. He wouldn't even adress it while on wirh Joe Rose yesterday only saying, "That's Coach Paterno's job and I have no further comment," And NO Follow up question... Ummm hummm...

U better hope Joe Pa doesn't seize up anytime soon, or it's right back to where U were 5 days ago ... Trestman, Ur ONLY Option.

Listened to Coach Golden on WQAM with Joe Rose. Thought his answer to the Paterno question was a bit elusive and left the door open in the future. It wasn't the same answer that he gave during his press conference when he said he and his family will be Canes for "many,many years". I just hope the next time that question comes up, he'll give a more definitive answer that eliminates any chance of him taking the Penn. State job at anytime while he's under his original contract. Since Miami is private, I don't believe they are required to release the terms of Golden's contract. Just wonder if there is a PSU buyout clause or non-compeate PSU clause in it. I do think that this will be an issue that will come up down the road repeatitively. I just hope it way down the road.

We're glad that your a part of the Cane family coach Golden, we just hope to hear the feeling is mutual per your 5 year contract.

This goes out to any potential recruit to The U who could be possibly reading this. Don't take what you read on here to be ALWAYS TRUTH!!! Who's to say FSU, the Gators, or any other team fans, aren't pretending to be Miami fans and saying negative things about you decomitting, wanting to take other trips, etc? Go with ya heart, pray about it, and "hopefully" decide The U! is where u want to be great!

To hey yo: how can u forget Andre Johnson!!??!?

Great positivity on the blog, with a few exceptions. Hey, life ain't perfect.

I believe Coach Golden will accomplish
great things at UM. I hope that kids stay
for their senior year, and that fans come out to support the Canes. I hope all of the recruits, Teddy, Tony, Phillip and all others, come in, and that we add some notable new ones.

As for UF, they got a good coach, young and energetic as well. Should be an interesting recruiting war.

Feeling real good about our new coach! The guy is really energetic and determined!


@Manny - Is there any way that you could ask the coaching staff about LATWAN ANDERSON?

It's awesome that Golden is hitting the recruiting trail hard, but it would be great if Latwan was part of that trail, especially since he's right there at The U (I think).


GO CANES!!!!!!

I really think a lot fans are getting over excited about coach Golden. He has not done anything on the football field yet. Lets just wait and let the process play itself out until next season.

It's unfortunate that the UM fans that represent the team on these blogs are clowns that wouldn't be allowed to set foot on campus, much less be UM students or alum. Those are the classless people that make these stupid comments and turn people off to the U. Mama Bridgewater is right, these dirtbags have no respect. They try to live vicariously through these kids and trash them the moment something goes wrong. Please have respect for the young men of our community and let them make the best decisions for them. They have an opportunity to get away from where they'e been all their lives, some just for the experience, some to put bad situations behind them. At the same time, for tsome the right thing is to stay at the U and rep it to the fullest. As much as I despise the Gayturds, their fans have a lot more class in these situations. If you're going to represent the U, for civic pride or whatever, act like you belong. Please.

Yeah Manny!! Find out about Latwan we will need him next year!! I get the feeeling he was chase out by Shannon. Any chance, with all the drug problems at Iowa, Jake Rudock reconsiders?

Go Canes!!

Great comment Mr B. What a lot of these folks forget is these are still kids, young men, whose future is still ahead of them. Most want to be part of a great team and a great program, like UM, but sometimes there are other considerations that they need to factor in, like family. Most parents want their kids to go to college close to home so they can see them play, and so they can come home more frequently. They also want their kids to get a good education, because football does end at some point and theta will need the degree to earn a living. So, with that said, to those who say negative things regarding the recruits and about the U, keep those thoughts to yourself, because when you put them in print you are just showing your stupidity, and once they are in print, you cannot deny you said them. Go Canes, Go Coach Golden.

Dear Mrs. Bridgewater... never you mind the stupid things you hear from stupid people. They are not part of your business. We appreciate your son's concerns. He did the right thing by him. As does any recruit and as they should! We would love to see Teddy here. Yes, he is NOT guaranteed a starting spot. He will need to compete for it. I don't know that you can get a better education than at UM. We look forward to rooting for him in life and in football, no matter what he chooses!

Manny, any news on LATWAN ANDERSON? That dude is a playmaker. We need some attitude on this team and he's got it.

Good Job! Keep up the daily updates on recruiting.

I too would like to know if Latwan Anderson is still a possibility. An athlete like that is hard to come by, & he was already at the school.

I think Randy's poor communication skills & his my way or the highway attitude probably alienated this kid who probably also had an entitlement attitude.

However, the right coach (communicator) can get this kid right.

STOP RECRUITTING BRIDGEWATER !! HE ISN'T RIGHT FOR MIAMI !! Leave the running quarterbacks to Vi Tech. Running QB's dont win championships. Sure on a fluke when you have a Newton, MAYBE. Micheal Vick is and was run happy and he didn't win a championship. And he is the ONLY successful running QB in the NFL and he STILL won't win a championship unless he stops running and gets accuracy. Plus all we need is another undersized QB that has no accuracy and is going to get hurt when he gets tackled. Find a real QB please. If you're a run oriented coach, left the real runningbacks run the ball. Not a make believe QB.

OklahomaHurricane PREACH BROTHER!

The Lawton Anderson questions are great!

Morons, Coach Golden is a gamble, If Joe Pa decided to leave this year or next why do you think they would be willing to take as big a gamble and take him from us. Penn State will have many more options open to them than Coach Golden. So calm down and stop thinking so much and assume he fulfills is contract and go from there.

Stewart Mandel
This is what happens when the "brand" teams (Florida, Texas, Michigan, etc.) are down


As to Coach Golden's comments about the PSU job when he was on with Joe Rose, you have to consider at that point he was probably already tired of being asked about it. When he was asked about it at the press conference he gave a more definitive answer and proclaimed that Miami is NOT a job that you bolt from as it is a DESTINATION job. By the time he was on the radio w/Joe he'd had enough of being asked about it so he gave a short answer. He must be thinking "Geez I just got here and am excited about this opportunity and these media clowns are already asking me if I'm going to leave, WTF?" I mean it was the first question that Susan asked him right after she introduced herself and this was after he adressed the question in the press conference!!! How many times does he need to refute it?? Not to mention that he hasnt been our coach for even a week and more importantly hasnt coached a game for us. The PSU job is going to come open in the next two years. He wont leave Miami at that time and there will be plenty of coaches for them to choose from. After 5 years when he's built Miami back up then I'll start to worry about him bolting but less than a week after he got here is not the time to fret my little pets. This thing is about to get going full steam ahead and the future is bright.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

And to the recruits, dont believe all of the negative crap posted on this and other forums from "supposed" 'Canes fans. For jealousy breeds trolls full of contempt... just watch the link...

Good Job! Keep up the daily updates on recruiting.

I too would like to know if Latwan Anderson is still a possibility. An athlete like that is hard to come by, & he was already at the school.

I think Randy's poor communication skills & his my way or the highway attitude probably alienated this kid who probably also had an entitlement attitude.

However, the right coach (communicator) can get this kid right.

Posted by: Sharkdaddy | December 16, 2010 at 09:18 AM

So why did he sign on in the first place? Care to provide some proof? Come on, I know you have some.. Thanks in advance! Clown

This new coach could be a possible motivator in the right direction.....however, I'm still 'stuck' at the way the U did former Coach Shannon.

Manny, it's about time you gave some info on recruits, especially since you don't answer any questions on Tuesday anymore.
As far as Bridgewater goes, if he were a true Cane he would of waited to decommit until after he met Golden and the same goes for Jackson & Louis Jean. Personally I don't think we need another shot-gun QB, to try and run a pro-style offense. We've tried that experiment the last three years and all it's gotten us is about 55 int's.
There's one thing good about hiring Goleden, is this son of a gun will leave no stone unturned in trying to get us back to where we need to be. We will have passion when we play,now if that translates to more victories, who knows. The potential is there.
As far as coaches who need to stay or go, I'm not really sold on Huff, he's sort of a tweener. The WR's have not performed up to par but that could be a combination of being overated and bad QB play. Barrow's LB's have been average at best but that could be that we are so undersized at that position. That being said I know Panzy & Swazey need to go and it also looks like Lovett will be gone too!

who posted running qbs dont do anything? Check out the BCS TITLE GAME. Oregon vs auburn. listen, Teddy is the #2 qb in the country. Jacory was not rated as high. We need Teddy Bridgewater. If he redshirts, he would still have 2-3 yrs even if he cant beat out morris. We are loaded with talent. we are real close people. ENUFF FSU AND UF TALK ALSO--what r these fans clamming about anyway?? UF lost 5 games and FSU lost 4 games this yr. ITs crazy. GO TO THE FSU SITES AND UF SITES AND GET UR TEAM RIGHT

we cane fans comprende one thing only GATOR fan in that is that U been runing for a long time so please defense or not... U are on your way down.....cya....comprende now...

Food for thought: If Golden does leave for the Penn State job in 3 or 4 years...Penn State will only pursue him if he's established himself as a.....wait for it....wait for it....yeah that's right.....a winner.

Geez you Florida Gecko fans are dumb...very very dumb (Antoine Dodson voice)

Muscrap = Zooker 2.0.

You just went from Jon Gruden to Temple's head coach???


No in between?????

My condolences to you Canes' fans....looks like another rough 3 years....

compared to UF's proven HC.....????????

Enjoy the muskrat love in trailernation while trying to implement your proset offense. LMAO!!!

Most of you wanted a change.
I, myself, finally thought it was time.

Well, we got it. A new start.

Let's stay enthusiastic and get to that stadium...go on road trips.



NJ is 5th on the list of states with the most pro's.

Golden's roots here will help suplement all that great south Florida talent.

Gatard trash went from a Liar to a 'Chump.

I would offer condolences but you are human garbage so I will just laugh at your trailer.

Posted by: Ted

Hilarious! And very true.

Last year the joke was that RS solved the parking problem at the stadium where the Canes play. I think Golden might continue that trend. I'm not sold on the guy, I mean, how tough will U offense and defense be?

I still cannot fathom how u get rid of a guy in four frickin' seasons.

I'm guessing you can't fathom it cause you're an idiot. Anyone who saw our team play last year knows it was heading the wrong way....and the coach was going to do the final act of a desperate man and start firing coordinators. Last time we tried that with coker it turend to crap.

I hope Coach Golden goes out and gets a jco or transfer pro style big smart qb to sit a year, run a killer level scout team to go against the D ( something sorely missing ). the Rutgers kid Savage was a frosh phenom with a prostyle offense, they lost their OC to the Cardinals this year and Savage got benched for attitude with the HS level hurry up spread OC RU hired...he was fired, Savage wants a transfer and was down to the U and RU for his choices...6'5"/238, rifle, smart, top five nationwide at QB two years ago...he loves the U and is a perfect fit...\get the word to the Coaching Staff!
Go Canes
\Go Canes

i'm hearing latwan anderson is no longer enrolled at the U.

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