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Golden makes impression; CB Harris weighing NFL

New Hurricanes coach Al Golden made quite an impression when he had his 50 minute conversation with players Monday night before his press conference.

Jordan Futch, Marcus Forston, Adewale Ojomo, Jacory Harris and Lamar Miller said they were all impressed with the strong message Golden delivered about winning national championships and taking this program to the next level.

Brandon Harris One player who also enjoyed his meeting with Golden was cornerback Brandon Harris, who unlike the rest of UM's underclassmen is the most likely to bolt early for the NFL. So did Golden's first impression leave Harris feeling better about possibly coming back to UM?

"I can't lie, it definitely did," said Harris, who according to at least one mock NFL draft could go as early as the 15th overall pick next April.

"Leaving the room and after talking to a couple of the upcoming seniors and having a good time with those guys and talking about it and planning things out and where we can get better at, how we can make this team better, I really felt at home. I felt good about it."

So when will he make a real decision on coming back or going pro?

"After the bowl game that's when its really going to set in. Right now it's still kind of all talk. To me, I still can't believe its an opportunity," Harris said. "After the bowl game, the decision will really have to be made. I haven't given much thought to it, fantasizing about it of course because you want to play in the NFL. But serious thought? I never really thought about it. I never thought I would be in this position as a junior to leave early. It's definitely exciting. I know after the bowl game a lot of things are going to pick up, a lot of phone calls will be made. We'll just go from there."

Will he talk to other juniors on the team about it and will their decisions affect him? "We kind of talk about it every now and then," Harris said. "We understand at this level everybody has to make the best decision for themselves. Everybody comes from different situations and different backgrounds. Everybody has different morals on the decisions they're making. Each guy is different. But we do talk about it and do voice our opinions. They'll definitely have a say-so in my opinion and hopefully my opinion matters to them."

Either way, Harris said he will be sending a request into the NFL to see where he could end up going. What will he weigh?

"Ultimately, its going to be about if I feel the opportunity presents itself to be a top NFL pick or coming back, maturing my game a little bit, playing with my teammates for another year. It obviously wouldn't hurt. It would help me," Harris said. "If It's something you can't turn away from, then obviously it's a different situation. Everything is up in the air and in the wind. I definitely want to be here, I want to continue playing here and I don't have a problem with it.

"If your not going to be a guaranteed first round pick, I don't think I would consider leaving at all. I would love to come back and play for another year. If it's not a guarantee, sure thing I wouldn't even think about it. Even if it isn't guaranteed, it's still something I'm going to weigh my options on coming back and maturing myself a little more as a player and as a person. Either way it goes, I'm still going to look into it, weigh the pros and cons of it and talk to a couple guys who have been in the situation and made the decision and see what they say."

Will the future of his father, Tim Harris, who is currently on the staff, affect his decision?

"Not at all. It's a business. We both understand that," Harris said. "By him being here obviously its great having him here. It would be different with him not here. But he's still not my coach at this level. He's not my position coach. Having him around the building is fine. He brings a little relaxation to the whole room and to the team and all that. But that definitely won't have no impact on my decision at all."


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come back Brandon, be a mentor to the rest of the young CB's..OAN, what other junior would even be considering to leave???

besides B Harris and Spence....

If he wants to go - let him go. He didnt bring us a championship and doesn't bleed orange and green. Good riddance - overrated anyway

Who does bleed orange and green? Does winning a championship mean you bleed orange and green? Does that mean prior to a championship, you don't win orange and green, but following the victory your blood changes color? People are so moronic and simple-minded when it comes to sports.

Anyways, why would he go pro when most experts think a lock-out is looming? Wouldn't he be better served to play a year in college then risk having to sit around for a season? Why is no one talking about this crucial element of the decision?

lol he didn't bring us a championship, this is Brandon Harris a cornerback not a Jacory Harris the QB...

1....how can a cornerback bring a championship?

2. teams never threw to his side!

Manny, Does B. Harris understand that there might not be an NFL season next year?

If his stock is high in the draft, then he should probally go. Because, it's going to take another yr or so in order for this miami team to go where they want to be. I appriceate the job Randy did for the U but at the same time you got to know how to better manange games. You can't go into games acting like you were prepared for them and you weren't judging how bad you got beat. Jacory probally should stay just to improve his decision making because it will hurt his stock in the draft. The rest of the others should probally stay as well, just to improve their skills. I hope this new coach can get the job done and win some bowl games as well as winning the ACC title. Then maybe we can start talking about National Championship. As long as we get more than the gators and the seminoles that is all that matters to me. Randy is hell of a recuiter but just because you can recurit does not mean that can be a head coach. He's not bad of a defense cord. either but for him to be the final decision maker as head coach is asking a lot. Some people are only good at one thing and sometime 2 things. When came time to doing various multi-tasking jobs, he was not good at all. This where they had to make a change, I kinda new they had to after the seminole game and he said he didn't have his team prepared to play them. It was right there I knew he was not the guy that could lead this team to any kind of bowl game victory. There are just some things that you just don't do as a coach and that was one of them. You say anything else but that. Truth of the matter is that you should have your team prepared to play this team all week right up to kickoff. To say you were not prepared is like a child telling a teacher I know I was suppose to study for exam that you told us last wk. about but I didn't study for it because I was unprepared. Even though I was given enough info throughout the week on how to be successfull at passing the exam. I look forward to the new coach hopefully getting the job done! Go Canes!!!

Turn pro and get the big NFL payday. That is what you have been working for anyway.

If you blow out your knee next season, good bye big bucks.

Look up Stephen McGuire; he would have been a first rounder out of UM in the early 1990's. Suffered a severe knee injury, never played pro ball and is now a NYC fireman.

Or just talk to Coop. How much has his worth gone down since his knee injury last year?

UM will win maybe 10 games at best next year. You won't be missing anything.

Go pro and take the cash!


brandon come back for your senior year. Look hankerson,bailey both came back and had great years. they will leave a legecy behind them. You have the chance to do the same. all the rumors in the nfl is there were be a lock out next year so you will not ge paid might as well fine tune your skills. if we can get you to help guide the rest of the corners we will be in great shape next year. especially with the talent coming back on both sides. Plus dont you want to have a year to go out on top.

Brandon go to the NFL and make the cash. You said you wanted to start a non profit to help youth. This is your stepping stone do fulfill that dream. I agree above, a NC is not in the cards next year.

With that being sad, Brandon. You should go - you are the 5th rated DB on ESPN and will make some money. And with that money, maybe you can buy some of mom's homemade fruit rum meatloaf. It is quite good and gets your drunk and full at the same time!

Go 'canes!

I think Stephan Morris should go to the NFL anyway too. This would open up the door for Teddy Bridgewater!

Someone should tell Harris how many good corners are going pro this year, (Peterson, Prince, etc) if not for that, he's a 1st rounder. Next year, he's possibly the first CB taken.

normally I am in favor of kids leaving that could be drafted first round and get their payday, but there is going to be a lock-out next year (plus im not sure he would go first round anyway). He is better off staying, where he can get a degree and fine tune his skills rather than sitting around and not getting paid anyway.

Dummies, Brandon Harris is already a gauranteed first rounder! Look at all the draft boards! We will be ok. We have some up and coming dbs. They have to get thrown in the fire just like you were thrown in the fire! Continue that UM tradition in the NFL!

Posted by: ohiocane

There will absolutely not be a lockout in the NFL. Maybe Sun Life Stadium due to the canes putrid play not the NFL.

Retired Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula said he believes an NFL lockout is unlikely Tuesday during a media event at his Shula Steakhouse in Orlando. The last time the NFL missed games due to a lockout was in 1987.

"I just don't believe that there is going to be a lockout. I think when the two sides realize how important the game is to the fans and everybody that supports the game, they're going to somehow get together," said Shula, 80. "The threat of a lockout always helps the bargaining because both sides then become serious about the negotiation process. Sometimes it takes the threat of a lockout to get people to come together to finalize the negotiation. "

If the NFL Lockout 2011 happens, it could have a devastating result on local economies of NFL cities. An economist told Sports Illustrated an estimated 3,000 jobs and $160 million would be lost in each NFL city would be lost.

go get your payday my friend... it's been nice watching you play for the Canes... sorry you had one of the worst coaches in Canes history... we'll be fine without you... go get paid! ...kids go to college to get an education so that they can be more productive and wealthier citizens... doesn't get more productive and wealthy for a kid than getting in the NFL... we'll still be rooting for you there!

Somebody said Baily had a great year, what team were you watching. Maybe he 3 good games.

People other than the FSU pummeling, 4 of our losses could have been wins. WE R THAT CLOSE TO BEIN 11-1. We were winning at Oh St in 3rd qtr correct? 6 to's and still had a chance. 2. UVA game , jacory got hurt and a true fresh almost pulled it out, 3rd 17-17 in 4th qtr with VA TECH, and 4th, USF IN OT. My point is , YES OR NO?, that we could have easily won those games. its not like yrs past where we were outplayed. THATS COACHING---------WE ARE LITERALLY THAT CLOSE TO BEIN 11-1. WHY DO U THINK SHANNON WAS GONE EVEN IF WE BEAT USF?? TALENT IS THERE. HE is not a game day coach, no emotion, adn players took on the life of their coach. NEXT YR WE HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN!!!!!!!

I will give randy credit as the team is stacked. HELLO, we only have 15 schollies this yr for a reason, that means 75 r still on the team. we go 3 to 4 deep now at all positions but qb. WR DEPTH, ONLINE DEPTH, DLINE DEPTH, DEPTH, DBs, I mean we have talent now accross the board/ If golden can get 3 and 4 star guys(not even 5) to fill out the last 10 slots, we r in great shape. 4 of our 7 committs(b4 they decommitted) were espn 150 players. If Coach gets jackson, teddy and the other decommitt back, thats a stacked class coming in. WATCH OUT!

I hope that all of the Canes, Brandon Harris and whomever, stay in the program for their senior season. This team has the potential to make some noise, given the positive changes in leadership.

In fact, though others will understandably disagree, and I would wish the kids well,
I wish NO player at ANY school would go to the NFL before finishing their eligibility.

AND, I get sick of commentators at college games talking about "the next level," "playing on Sunday","coming out early" and all that other crap, while they make money broadcasting college football.

The college game is far superior than the NFL!
More spirit, spectacle, energy, etc. Ok, I know, it is only one man's opinion.

I hope that Michael Barrow and other deserving coaches stay on at the U.

And I truly hope we beat Notre Dame and play with the kind of intensity and passion that an Al Golden team will undoubtedly show in the seasons to come at the U! GO CANES!

If you ask me ... I think they should have a clause in every scholarship that requires the players to graduate or they have to pay the scholarship back with interest. That would stop wasting money that people donate to the schools for someone to leave early and not get a diploma. Academics first ....right!

Brandon, PLEASE ignore the "SEAN WILSON'S" around here. UM needs you, and think just a minute here...stay, and YOU would be among the future NFL ex Canes folks can say brought the Canes program back to prominence!
Your place in UM history would be assured, regardless of whatever should happen for you at the next level (I believe you'll have a wonderful career, God willing) Randy Shannon's legacy is that he fine tuned you and your teammates core values beautifully.
You'll ALWAYS be a Cane, regardless of your decision, and you're good with me either way, but I won't lie...UM will be a WHOLE LOT BETTER with YOU on the filed next year.
Either way, may God bless you and your family, and GIVE ND a dose of Cane power!

Muschamp conveyed more about the game of football in 40 minutes than Shannon did in 4 years...

And 'Champ did it in English too.

Brandon come back.. get your degree and show some class.. help with the recruits and have a great year with the new coach... win the ACC and put that on your resume... be an example to young kids and teach them that education is more important than money......GO HARRIS

Note to B Harris

Another DBack once stayed at The U for his senior season during a coaching change .....

I dont think I need to remind you how that turned out for him ....

Ed Reed put his heart into it ... and became a LEGEND.

Dear Mr. Harris,
I have personally enjoyed watching your progression into a great corner and leader on the UM defense. As a fan of the "U", of course I want you to come back and help the team achieve more next year. Whatever you decide in this decision, I personally wish you the best as I look forward to following your career and reminding all of those around me personally..." Thats a cane dominating, my school, my PRIDE". Cane for life. Derwin Jones R.I.P

Cane Pride,

Craig Vann

Take the money, go to the NFL. We will miss you, but it's business.

B Harris needs to go on a vision quest!!
It worked for Thad on BMS.

so if brandon leaves, does that mean all of randy shannons players ain't graduating?? or would this go against al golden?

It'd be nice if Harris came back, but should he risk a career-ending injury for it? I mean, five months from now he can be a millionaire. But if he comes back for one more year and gets some bad injury . . . what then?

Harris, of course I want you to come back and play, but in the same breath I'll also advise you to go pro, sign the contract, get the bonus and thereby take care of yourself and those you love for the rest all y'all's lives.

When you're 35 and retired, get a degree in computer science or IT.

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