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Golden's first task: Chase down UM recruits

Al Golden will meet with reporters Monday night when he will officially be introduced as the University of Miami's next football coach. But he'll begin working for the Canes well before he even says hello to South Florida.

Al Golden Golden's first task: start piecing together UM's next recruiting class. And he doesn't have a whole lot of time to waste.

The Hurricanes lost three commitments in the aftermath of coach Randy Shannon's firing -- including star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater of Miami Northwestern -- and have only four players who have remained committed: Under-Armour All-American DE Anthony Chickillo (Tampa Alonso High); Milford Prep School cornerback Jeremy Davis; St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Phillip Dorsett; and Miami Belen linebacker Nick Menocal.

Golden is expected to reach out to all seven right away and even host his first group of weekend visitors on Friday and Saturday. Currently on that weekend visitor list: Bridgewater, Vero Beach offensive lineman Marcus Jackson and Brockton, Mass. cornerback Albert Louis-Jean. Those would be the three de-commitments. Only Louis-Jean confirmed he was still going to visit UM. Bridgewater and Jackson didn't answer their cell phones Sunday night.

"I don't know if excited would be the right word to describe how we feel," said Albert Louis-Jean Sr. of UM's coaching hire.

"I'm just waiting to see what the rest of the staff looks like. I don't know if Mr. Golden has done anything in his career that you can look at and necessarily get excited about.

"He's a younger guy, that's exciting. Younger coaches usually mesh with players better. We don't know too much about him yet. Everything is going to come out about him now. So far, I hear he is a high-caliber type coach, high on discipline, no nonsense. That's always a positive thing. We're going to go down and meet him, see how Albert feels and if he likes him. We'll go from there with his decision. He loves Miami. He loves the school. The school is a really, really good school. But the people and the coaches have a lot to do with your experience. We'll see at this point how it goes."

Chickillo, who committed earlier this season to UM in the hopes of becoming a third-generation Hurricane, said he received a call from new Florida coach Will Muschamp Sunday night, just an hour after hearing the news about Golden at UM.

"It was the first time I talked to him," Chickillo said of Muschamp. "He seems like a cool guy, said he watched my film and fell in love with me. I had a good relationship with Meyer and McCarney at Florida. Talking with that head coach, I have a better feel for him. He seems like a real powerful speaker.

"I haven't decommitted. But seeing all the other guys decommitted, I pretty much think everybody is decommitted. It makes me kind of sad. I wanted to come in with a great class. Teddy, Marcus, those two guys are early grads. I don't know what's going to happen."

As for Golden, Chickillo said he doesn't know how to feel.

"I've never heard of him before," Chickillo said. "I don't really know what to think at this point.I don't know what kind of staff he'll have or what kind of defense he'll have. I'm hoping to get a call from him tonight or early tomorrow. I'm sure he has a couple other things on his mind.

"I just know when I talked to Mr. Kirby [Hocutt] he told me [the coach] was going to be a big name hire. I don't know what type of personality Golden had. I love the University of Miami, but at the same time I have to find what is best for me and reach all my goals.

"What I've heard so far is the whole staff is going to be gone. Just talking with Coach Hill and Coach Pannunzio, it doesn't sound like they're going to be there. I'm just waiting to talk to them. Then, hopefully, Golden is going to come to my house, meet with my parents sometime this week. We'll see what happens after we talk."

CBS Sports national recruiting analyst Tom Lemming thinks Golden can be a superstar recruiter at Miami. Last year, Lemming named Golden the top recruiter in the country for the work he did at Temple. 

"The pressure was enormous for [Kirby Hocutt] to come up with a good guy," Lemming said. "Now, you have Jimbo Fisher at Florida State and Florida, who replaced Urban Meyer with a great choice in Muschamp. Miami needed a good recruiter and could have really suffered, but they hit a home run.

"With Al Golden, I believe he's as good as Nick Saban, Urban Meyer. Pete Carroll, Mack Brown and Jim Tressell, who I consider the top five recruiters in the country. He's as good as those five, he just never had the platform like he will at Miami.

"I'd be shocked if he doesn't get [Teddy Bridgewater] and others back. I think he'll turn it around pretty quickly and he'll have a good class. And next year they'll have a great class with a full year to do it. I don't have any doubt he'll have a great class next year. He'll be right up there with Florida and Florida State like they always were. This year, he'll have a quality class, just not as good because most kids are already committed. But if anybody can get them back to the glory days of the 1980s and 1990s where talent was oozing out the door, it's Al Golden."


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uncle luke reporting randy shannon is texas new DC.

I definitely KNOW that Albert Louis-Jean Sr has done nothing in his career that you can look at and necessarily get excited about, except living vicariously through his son.

Go watch his team play...

They looked polished, flawless compared to Randy's team


al better bring swagga back to the U.. forget teddy go after a real coach...

The canes fans don't seem excited but the professionals who follow cfb for a living like Lemming are extremely excited.

Don't mistake lack of knowledge about a coach for lack of a good coach. Listen to what the guys who follow this sport have to say not some gator posing as a cane.

The first thing he should do is schedule an appointment with Jimmy Johnson and Jim Kelly, the latter = the best QB ever at U.

I don't see things getting too much better.

THis guy is going to be the real deal that brings us back to the top. We don't need a big name we need a guy that can coach and this guy can. Thank God the 7 year virus has finally ended.

Mr. Louis-Jean - Al Golden is a good man and a damn good coach. You can have faith that he'll make your son the best football player and man he can be. As well as a college graduate.

man that cocky little DB saying, "don't know if he has done anything exciting in his career..."

what the hell have YOU done that's worth mentioning?

Welcome to The U family coach Golden. Most of us are with you but just like every family there are a few negative folks. We all still love them bc they are family. Win a few games and they will forget they will be saying they never had a doubt.

To the folks here complaining about the hiring of one of the most respected young head coaches in college football, can you let the guy introduce himself and play a game before you complain? Geez some of the most respected football minds have nothing but glowing reviews of the guy. I tend to have a “give the guy a chance” approach. We have fought long enough during the Shannon era. Let’s get together as fans and help get The U where it belongs….on top. Tonight begins a new era. Give the guy a chance and welcome him.

He's probably looking money like Cam Newton's Daddy was

Golden's team this year led the nation kr yards/game. with miami's speed that scary. and the his defense is ball-hawking. just hope he doesnt crack under the pressure.

Dude, stop ripping Louis-Jean...jesus do we learn nothing..... a bunch of idiot fans who've know nothing about football ripping a dad cause he wants the best for his kid. Stop defening golden like he's YOUR dad. Relax and stop ripping recruits you bunch of retards.

Liking Golden already.

These sound like really smart kids, so hopefully they'll recomit.

Interesting news about Shannon, I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere. Maybe even as a head coach.

No one is ripping him U jackwagon. Who are U to be calling anyone an idiot to begin with. Nothing wrong with the guy wanting the best for his son, I can dig that. U are probably one of those idgitdicks that wanted Shannon to stay and continue giving us misery for another year anyway.

Agreed. I thought Louis-Jean's dad was very reasonable, well-spoken and constructive.

I hope his son chooses to become a Cane. As an alum, I would welcome the son and father into the family!

A name like "championships is all that matters" says it all you f-ing mongaloid. If you can't realize, out of this process that we have idiot fans, its cause you are ONE OF THEM. Its usually you thats the last to tell, so don't worry....its not your fault you were "blessed" with few IQ points....you just keep trying big guy.

Dude, stop ripping Louis-Jean...jesus do we learn nothing..... a bunch of idiot fans who've know nothing about football ripping a dad cause he wants the best for his kid. Stop defening golden like he's YOUR dad. Relax and stop ripping recruits you bunch of retards.

Posted by: JayEl | December 12, 2010 at 11:13 PM

Pretty much!

I dont understand the negative nancies either. Give a guy a chance. This man won at temple. That may not seem like uch to u but going 9-4 804 at temple is like going 11-0 at miami. Winning at temple is almost non existent in allt he years they have had a team they had a winning season 4 times 2 of those times golden did it. So he matched the total number of winning seasons the owls had had in like 100 years prior to him becoming coach. That says something. I like the hire hes an excellent coach and recruiter.

Go Golden!

Well do tell how were we idiot fans nimrod? Go ahead indulge me. I am curious to hear your points.

Gotta admit, I was a Mullen fan...but the more I read about Golden, I think he'll do.
As alumni, I want to see Randy's clean sheet continue and grad rates continue. As a fanatic, i wanna see us rip it up and win on the field. Jim Harbaugh has proven both can be done.
So....when is spring practice???

Curious to see who he brings with him from his previous staff.

Whats the point in indulging you....i'm betting you wouldn't understand it anyways. You just keep going with the championships is all that matters them "jackwagon". I'll see you at the stadium, if you actually attend games....i'm betting you watch every game on tv, scream and act like you know more than anyone, and then demand "championships" since that's all that matters. Maybe you can rip some recruits and their dads also while you're add it...maybe cause they aren't "true" canes, or cause its a "U thing" and they don't understand. Basically i'm thinking that describes you....yeah, i think i hit it on the dot there nancie.

Just as I thought U have nothing of merit to speak of. I obviously know more than U which did anyone ever doubt. Maybe U should change your name to "I'm ok with 7-5" since that basically describes U, "I tank I hit da dot right dare" U dummy

The key will be how we do against a OSU at home without Pryor. (I believe he's gone?)
With our (supposed) talent level we should have a good chance to knock them off.
Special teams will be better, and hopefully our real weakness on D, WRAPPING UP THE BALL CARRIER will be corrected. Anyone who can't tackle won't be playing on Golden's starting 11, I'm betting.
If he looks at film, our strengths and weaknesses will be apparent.
As i haven't seen any Temple games, I'll be watching them in their bowl game, just to see the offense they play.
I'd assume it's pro style?

The times I saw them this year they ran a pro style but I believe that despite their 8-4 record they are not playing in a bowl game.

I have seen Al Golden at work for on the football field first-hand while I helped provid medical coverage for the team. He'll do just fine at the U.

From insidetheu.com

I think keep Barrow LB Coach/Hill (Recruiting Coords), Petri, and Stoutland.

Who Are Temple's Assistants?
Dec. 13, 2010
By: Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat

So the University of Miami has a new head coach in former Temple head coach Al Golden. Now, the question is who will follow Golden to Miami. Golden took over a winless Temple program that went 1-11 his first season and the past two seasons the Owls won 17 games, including an 8-4 finish this past season that didn’t even earn Temple a bowl game.

However, the proof is there that if Golden can revive a program as inept as Temple was for most of the past two decades, one can only begin to imagine what Golden can do with a program that brings in the kind of talent that Miami does every year.

So who are his assistants at Temple, what are their backgrounds and will they come along with Golden? The third question will be answered in the future, but the first two questions can be answered now.

One thing that can be answered without question is that there has been consistency with the coaches at Temple. A majority of them have been with Golden since he arrived at Temple.

Mark D’Onofrio – Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers

D’Onofrio has been the Defensive Coordinator for Temple for the past five years and has 12 years of experience overall having coached at St. Peters, Georgia, Rutgers, Virginia and finally Temple. His work as a Defensive Coordinator is clear as the numbers speak for themselves. Temple gave up an average of 19.1 points per game this season, good for 18th in the nation. Five of his players earned 1st Team All-MAC in 2009. This season, four of his defensive players earned 1st Team All-MAC honors. So for two season, 9 of the 22 players to earn 1st Team All-MAC were Temple defensive players, nearly 50 percent of the defense.

Prior to becoming the Defendant Coordinator at Temple, he coached linebackers, Special Teams and tight ends for two seasons at Virginia. At Rutgers, he coached linebackers for three seasons under Greg Schiano and was the Recruiting Coordinator for one season.

He played at Penn State for four years and also played for the Green Bay Packers for three seasons.

Matt Rhule – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach

The Temple offense has not been all that great over the past three of seasons, but it didn’t keep the Owls from having four offensive players earn 1st Team All-MAC honors this past season and three in 2009. However, the Owls offensive ranked in the bottom third of the nation this past season, ranking 77th overall in points scored, 25 points per game.

But Rhule’s effect on the team is not simply through the offense. He’s served in numerous positions on the staff in his five years at Temple, including the Recruiting Coordinator in 2006 and 2007 seasons when Temple’s recruiting classes were rated No. 1 in the MAC.

He has also served as the Quarterbacks Coach the past three seasons and the Defensive Line coach in 2006. Prior to his time at Temple, he coached at Western Carolina, UCLA, Buffalo and Albright.

Rhule played four seasons as a linebacker at Penn State, including playing in the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Florida Citrus Bowl and Outback Bowl.

Andrew Dees – Offensive Line Coach

The offensive line may be one of the biggest strengths of the Temple offense. Two offensive linemen earned 1st Team All-MAC this past season. Dees’ offensive lines have been so good that he was a finalist for the 2009 Offensive Line Coach of the Year by FootballScoop. Four of five of his offensive linemen earned All-MAC honors in 2009. He’s coached at Temple for five seasons starting off as a tight ends coach before taking over the offensive line in 2008. He’s also coached at Buffalo, Stony Brook and Wagner.

Dees played at Syracuse for four seasons and also played two seasons in the NFL. Dees may very well be the most successful assistant under Golden wherein lies the issue with Jeff Stoutland possibly being the top assistant coach at Miami under Randy Shannon.

Golden will be faced with a tough decision in hiring an offensive line coach because Dees has shown the ability to do the job.

Sean Desai – Special Teams Coordinator

Desai has two years of college coaching experience and the first one was spent as graduate assistant. He coached the Special Teams in 2010 which shows that Golden thinks very highly of Desai. However, Desai is probably not what Miami is looking for in a Special Teams coach after the unit has struggled so much over the past few seasons.

Ed Foley – Tight Ends/Assistant Offensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator

Foley has been a coach for 22 years starting at SUNY Albany, then to Williams, Penn, Jacksonville, Fordham, Hofstra and finally his current stop, Temple. He’s been the Owls Recruiting Coordinator for the past three seasons. He’s also coached the tight ends and served as an Assistant Offensive Line coach. As a coach, Foley has helped a number of quality offenses. He played on the offensive line for four seasons at Bucknell.

Tyree Foreman – Running Backs Coach

Foreman has coached the running backs at Temple for four seasons after having been the assistant running backs coach at Army for three seasons. Foreman has coached some of Temple’s more successful offensive players including running back Bernard Pierce who earned 1st Team All-MAC honors as a freshman while also earning Freshman of the Year honors in the MAC. He also earned 1st Team All-MAC honors this past season.

Foreman played college football at Virginia while Golden was a Defensive Coordinator. He also played a season for the Chicago Bears and a season in Europe. Foreman would be a prime candidate to join Golden in Miami.

Jethro Franklin – Defensive Line Coach

Franklin is an extremely experienced defensive line coach, having coached for 19 years which includes two stints at USC and seven seasons in the NFL, two seasons coaching the defensive line of the Houston Texans and a season coaching the defensive line of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and four with the Green Bay Packers. He’s also coached at Fresno State and UCLA before coming to Temple for the 2010 season. He coached one of the NFL’s premier defensive linemen in Mario Williams while coaching for the Texans. He’s also coached a number of top defensive linemen in college while coaching at USC.

Although the ‘Canes had a great year along the defensive line with Rick Petri, it would be hard for Golden not to take Franklin along with him to Miami.

Rob Spence – Wide Receivers Coach

Spence is a tremendously experienced coach with 21 years of coaching experience including 15 years as an offensive coordinator at Syracuse, Clemson, Toledo, Louisiana Tech and Hofstra. 2010 was his first season at Temple. He coached some of Clemson’s best quarterbacks ever in Charlie Whitehurst, Will Proctor and Cullen Harper. Spence never actually coached wide receivers until this past season at Temple so he might not be the ideal candidate to coach Miami’s receivers, but with a wealth of experience coaching offenses, Spence could actually end up being a candidate to be Miami’s next offensive coordinator.

Paul Williams – Defensive Backs Coach

Williams has coached Temple’s defensive backs the past five seasons and has 14 years of college coaching experience. Prior to Temple, he coached at Western Michigan where he coached current NFL safety Louis Delmas. Prior to that, Williams coached at Delaware, Penn and Lafayette. Since he joined Golden at Temple, Williams has coached some top level defensive backs including Jaiquawn Jarrett and Dominique Harris.

Tony Decker – Strength and Conditioning Coach

Saving the best for last, the Strength and Conditioning has been a major question at Miami for the past few years. Decker might be the answer. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for 25 years including the past five at Temple.

His resume speaks for itself. He was named the 1998 Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year Awards from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

He has worked as the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Virginia (1998-2002) and Head Strength Coach at the University of Delaware (1988-98). Certified by the NSCA, the United States Weightlifting Federation, National Athletic Trainers Association and the American Red Cross, he has published multiple studies in medical journals and is a noted national speaker on both peak performance training and athletic training. Decker, a level I track and field coach, has worked with numerous professional, collegiate, and elite athletes, including players from the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA and Olympic athletes.

Most recently, Decker served as Sports Performance Director and Director of NFL Combine & Pro Day Training at Velocity Sports Performance in Cherry Hill, N.J. In the position, he trained both professional and collegiate athletes from all sports. In addition to training several Philadelphia Eagles in support of their in-season strength programs, he prepared over 50 college athletes for the NFL combine. Decker arrived at Velocity in June 2003 after serving as a professor in the Department of Movement Studies and Exercise Sciences at East Stroudsburg (Pa.) University.

If he joins Golden, he would certainly be a major upgrade for the University of Miami.

Golden a cracker wit brown eyes n Lion eyes ?

Jo Pa gone in 2012 ? bye bye Golden Cracker

then wat ?

lets give him a chance...all the comments like "i never heard of him,don't know anything about him" blah blah blah, ALL of the former CANES coaches had to start somewhere and were in the same position as Golden, Schnellenberger,Johnson,Erickson, who were they BEFORE they coached the U? To all the parents of recruits, before you make any decisions at least meet with the man and get to know a little about him before deciding..

U puss baits are just dying to wrap ur senseless, we're back arms B.S. around anyone ...

Uz gotz tu years , so does Penn. State til Jo Pa retires ...

buh buh bye Goldie

oye , que pasol , Randy coaches where next year ?

Tejas ? IIIIeeeeeeeeeyyyeeeeeee


2 months ago, axe Urself, who be Golden ?

U non know


u fukkin dopes

Temple Coach now coaches the U

seems about right ... mediocrity 8-4

8-4 at temple equals 11-0 at the u. what are u smoking? i agree with jayel most of u are idiots on this site cane fans or not. i have read the majority of your post and i havent heard anything worth any kind of truth or substance. Why bash a recruit and his family while he is deciding which school he will pledge his allegence to . smart. recruits are the foundation since championships is all that matters.

Yeah Randy Cover hired by The U

Randy Coker hired by The U Kirby Hocutt come on man !!

Wow Gator fans are mad lol

That's typical gaturds. They want to talk about his coaching record at Temple. Lets compare HC records.......oh wait you have a Zooker coming in with no record.

Go Gatahs!!!!

Go watch his team play...

They looked polished, flawless compared to Randy's team


Posted by: U_Swag | December 12, 2010 at 10:36 PM


I liked how crisp, sharp and excited his team is..did you notice they were up by 30 and still they were all out?!!!

Like it!!

I am happy with UM This is a real good hire .Gators hiring Muschamp three years at Texas what was their record this year? Remember he recruited alot of the players that are respondsable for Texas record this year.We will see

this coach is the real deal. for recruits they might be scared for a real coach who will play the best and not his favorites. Those recruits probably dont even know jimmy johnson or erickson. Give the man a chance.

Has Muscrap won a game? Welcome back, Coach Zooker. Gatard Trash Nation missed you.

BWAAHAHAHA. Better load up the OOC with Temple now that Golden left, Gatards. Maybe you can beat them now.

Golden a cracker wit brown eyes n Lion eyes ?

Jo Pa gone in 2012 ? bye bye Golden Cracker

then wat ?

Posted by: Jo Pa's half Nephew | December 13, 2010 at 01:43 AM


Once again, the turds are here. The guy hasn't even got on the plane for Miami yet and the turds say he's leaving. Upset about bucktooth foley's knee jerk reaction to finding a head coach?

Let's see how that works out gatah's

He won't care about the players like Randy Shannon did, and look at his record - nothing to get excited about. Heck, with his record, I would have to say the U of M should have kept Shannon, if that's the best they can get. Oh, I forgot.....Prez Shalala & the AD wanted a white guy to coach the team, not a black one. Thanks U of M, for showing what you're all about.....white people do whatever they want to do at the U of M; black people get rocks thrown at them and shown the door.

I must say, it's very funny...Golden looks a lot like Joe Rose...wait a minute, it is Joe Rose


funny. look at upper right corner 47-51 sec.

With temple he almost went into Penn st and beat them with mediocre talent!! Lost by a Touchdown!! I just think realistically this is a good hire for Miami!! Plus he is a young coach so you got to expect him to have hunger for success! I just think a lot of fans on here are unrealistic, and don't realize 119 teams are all trying to do the same thing!! Win championships!! We got spoiled with championships!! Now you got 5 (6 if you count fiu) schools in Florida recruiting plus other schools poaching players from Florida!! So its a lot tougher and recently we haven't had the season or facilities to make players say damm that U has something going on there I want to go there!! So I think Golden is a great hire and will win consistently, maybe not national championships but at least 10 win seasons maybe the odd 8-4 season but its hard you have to have all the stars line up, as in players, schedule, to make a run for the championship!

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