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Golden's first task: Chase down UM recruits

Al Golden will meet with reporters Monday night when he will officially be introduced as the University of Miami's next football coach. But he'll begin working for the Canes well before he even says hello to South Florida.

Al Golden Golden's first task: start piecing together UM's next recruiting class. And he doesn't have a whole lot of time to waste.

The Hurricanes lost three commitments in the aftermath of coach Randy Shannon's firing -- including star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater of Miami Northwestern -- and have only four players who have remained committed: Under-Armour All-American DE Anthony Chickillo (Tampa Alonso High); Milford Prep School cornerback Jeremy Davis; St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Phillip Dorsett; and Miami Belen linebacker Nick Menocal.

Golden is expected to reach out to all seven right away and even host his first group of weekend visitors on Friday and Saturday. Currently on that weekend visitor list: Bridgewater, Vero Beach offensive lineman Marcus Jackson and Brockton, Mass. cornerback Albert Louis-Jean. Those would be the three de-commitments. Only Louis-Jean confirmed he was still going to visit UM. Bridgewater and Jackson didn't answer their cell phones Sunday night.

"I don't know if excited would be the right word to describe how we feel," said Albert Louis-Jean Sr. of UM's coaching hire.

"I'm just waiting to see what the rest of the staff looks like. I don't know if Mr. Golden has done anything in his career that you can look at and necessarily get excited about.

"He's a younger guy, that's exciting. Younger coaches usually mesh with players better. We don't know too much about him yet. Everything is going to come out about him now. So far, I hear he is a high-caliber type coach, high on discipline, no nonsense. That's always a positive thing. We're going to go down and meet him, see how Albert feels and if he likes him. We'll go from there with his decision. He loves Miami. He loves the school. The school is a really, really good school. But the people and the coaches have a lot to do with your experience. We'll see at this point how it goes."

Chickillo, who committed earlier this season to UM in the hopes of becoming a third-generation Hurricane, said he received a call from new Florida coach Will Muschamp Sunday night, just an hour after hearing the news about Golden at UM.

"It was the first time I talked to him," Chickillo said of Muschamp. "He seems like a cool guy, said he watched my film and fell in love with me. I had a good relationship with Meyer and McCarney at Florida. Talking with that head coach, I have a better feel for him. He seems like a real powerful speaker.

"I haven't decommitted. But seeing all the other guys decommitted, I pretty much think everybody is decommitted. It makes me kind of sad. I wanted to come in with a great class. Teddy, Marcus, those two guys are early grads. I don't know what's going to happen."

As for Golden, Chickillo said he doesn't know how to feel.

"I've never heard of him before," Chickillo said. "I don't really know what to think at this point.I don't know what kind of staff he'll have or what kind of defense he'll have. I'm hoping to get a call from him tonight or early tomorrow. I'm sure he has a couple other things on his mind.

"I just know when I talked to Mr. Kirby [Hocutt] he told me [the coach] was going to be a big name hire. I don't know what type of personality Golden had. I love the University of Miami, but at the same time I have to find what is best for me and reach all my goals.

"What I've heard so far is the whole staff is going to be gone. Just talking with Coach Hill and Coach Pannunzio, it doesn't sound like they're going to be there. I'm just waiting to talk to them. Then, hopefully, Golden is going to come to my house, meet with my parents sometime this week. We'll see what happens after we talk."

CBS Sports national recruiting analyst Tom Lemming thinks Golden can be a superstar recruiter at Miami. Last year, Lemming named Golden the top recruiter in the country for the work he did at Temple. 

"The pressure was enormous for [Kirby Hocutt] to come up with a good guy," Lemming said. "Now, you have Jimbo Fisher at Florida State and Florida, who replaced Urban Meyer with a great choice in Muschamp. Miami needed a good recruiter and could have really suffered, but they hit a home run.

"With Al Golden, I believe he's as good as Nick Saban, Urban Meyer. Pete Carroll, Mack Brown and Jim Tressell, who I consider the top five recruiters in the country. He's as good as those five, he just never had the platform like he will at Miami.

"I'd be shocked if he doesn't get [Teddy Bridgewater] and others back. I think he'll turn it around pretty quickly and he'll have a good class. And next year they'll have a great class with a full year to do it. I don't have any doubt he'll have a great class next year. He'll be right up there with Florida and Florida State like they always were. This year, he'll have a quality class, just not as good because most kids are already committed. But if anybody can get them back to the glory days of the 1980s and 1990s where talent was oozing out the door, it's Al Golden."


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This is the best possible hire. Take some time to read the man's bio. Winning at Temple is no small feat. There will be only one way to convince some of you. That is okay... winning is what it is all about. I had NEVER heard of Golden either after Shannon was fired. I couldn't have dreamed up a better replacement and that includes Gruden! I'm not ready to annoint this guy the second coming of Jimmy Johnson just yet but he is about as close to looking the part as I can imagine. I couldn't be more excited.

Kirby said he needed to hit a home run with this hire. Well he laid down a bunt. Miami being cheap, and going the bargin basement way again. This guy is a WHO coach, with a bunch of WHo assistants. We should have just kept Randy.

I think it is a great Hire. The man clearly knows how to manage a football game. Maybe now we can save our time out for the 4th quarter instead of using them all in the 3rd. By the way the Texas fans could not be happier that to send Will M. on his way. The Texas defense looked horrible this year and they were getting really tired of is excuses

A Penn Stater coaching the 'Canes...Will Golden improve the reputation of the Miami team? Do Miami backers want that, or do they revel in being the bad guys? It's going to be interesting....

Posted by: coach 1128 | December 13, 2010 at 09:02 AM

Mr. Positive


Taste of what MR. Golden does!!

I'm not going to hold my breath. Right now, The University will say just about anything about anybody to keep their fans loyal. But obviously we've been burned once recently (Gruden rumor) so our eyes are skeptical right now. We'll see what happens.

Garbage hire

I live in Philly, I've followed Coach Golden since his start at Temple. He is a GREAT coach. He took a program that was literally last in the country and turned them into a winning, bowl eligible program. For someone who actually knows Temple Football, it is really amazing to see how he changed that program. He is a Penn State guy and he was the top candidate to replace JoPa. We really got a great coach and everyone should be excited about it.

Welcome to THE U Golden. Frankley, I'm getting a little tired of Chikillo's smarta$$ comments. You either bleed orange and green, or go play patty cake with the Gayturds. Jimmy Johnson once said to recruits, "you either play for Miami, or get beat by Miami".

Some of you need to take a Golden shower and relax.

The guy seems like a good hire. Give him a chance to prove himself.

We now live in Tennesse. Not Vols fans, but everything here is about the Vols.

Kiffin came in as the savior, heard his press conference, he swore that this was home for him, his wife, and children. His dream job came up, one year after being hired at UT, and he bolted for USC.

Destroyed the fans, team, and they are in rebuilding mode part two. I read that something like this takes years to recover from.

Now, we have hired Golden. Paterno is how old? If he bolts to go to Penn State, after seeing what this does to a program, heck it happened right here with Saban, what do we do?

If Hocutt did not consider this, and have something in the contract to prevent this, I say we should be looking for a new AD as well as a HC.

If Golden is only getting $2M they need to take some of our newfound money and spend it on assistants who can teach and recruit.

If he doesn't win a Championship in three years he will be fired. Well, I take that back, Kirby might give him a little longer then Shannon because of the obvious. I'm sorry but this is a ridiculous hire! We hire a coach that has no ties to Florida and probably can't relate to our recruits. I hate to say it but the Noles are going to have their way in Dade County recruiting.

Golden is a great pick!

According to Tom Lemming; "Miami hit a home-run."

He calls him "one of the top 5 or 6 recruiters in the country. And he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt he can coach."

Funny he refused to say anything about Mush ... I mean Muscamp. I guess he was brought up properly, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Muscamp will fall flat on his face, guaranteed.

Michelle, Take your racist Black Panther Shannon sh_t and GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God that disease is gone!

S_ck it!

I have followed the U since 1982 when Schnelly was coaching. Usually the folks on these blogs just come on to put either coaches or recruits down. Last time I checked, Jim Tressell at OSU was from a small school and look at what he has done. Now, that being said, OSU, FSU, UF, etc do not have ANYWHERE NEAR the academic standards that the U has. We can't get the great athletes unless they have that equal balance in the classroom, they just won't qualify. Shalala won't let that happen like the other Florida schools will. It is going to take some time, BE PATIENT!!!


Couldn't agree more.

Most of the gayturds, like Djmorgan, on this forum would be putting anybody THE U chose as HC. But, the real U fans will do the research, and come to the same conclusion the experts that really know came to:

Tom Lemming, Herbstreit and others all call this a home run. They all put him up there as one of the best recruiters in the country.

So, it's great to hear your thoughts, all from personal experience.

Actually, one of my business associates that lives in Philly, agrees with you. Shoot, just look at the jobs he turn down.

Not the big splash the "U" faithful were looking for. Seems Florida got the big name in Muschmap. The "U" just didn't want to hire another assistant coach for a third time in a row. That is why I believe Muschamp wasn't even considered for the "U" job. The "U" just didn't want to waite and see if an assistant coach is ready to be a head coach again. One thing to think about is when J. Johnson was hired Oklahoma State wasn't exactly a top notch program at the time. Neither was Washington State when the "U" hired D. Erickson after J. Johnson. B. Davis was not the "U"'s first choice and was hired after other candidates turned down the job. I believe he was the D. coordinator for Dallas at the time. So as Cane fans we must waite and see if Golden, is well, golden.

Congrats Kirby on landing Golden. Pitt wanted him bad and I'm sure offered him similar money to be their coach. Golden was a hot commodity and the fact that he choose the canes is a great sign. UCLA and Tennessee really like him last year but decided to go with more experience and bigger names. I'm not worried abouting "relating" to florida recruits. The guy was able to get kids to go to Temple. That is impressive considering how low the Temple program was when he took it over. I can't wait to see the new attitude that this team desperately needs.

Bring in Ken Dorsey to coach QBs and Mark Duper to coach wide receivers. Then I'll be very happy :-)

Wow guys, take it easy, there seems to be 1 or 2 gator fans (they do act like total retards, giving us all a bad name) who posts these remarks. You guys act like all 300,000 or so alumni are bombing your blog. Anyway, just wanted to say, this will be a good hire for UM. This coach is young and hungry, like Muschamp-who by the way more resembles, say Bob Stoops (who was associate Head Coach/DC for FL before he went to OK) than Ron Zook. Actually, he might be a blend of the both, as Zook was high energy. Zook was demoted as DC, I don't think that happened to Muschamp. I know last year wasn't the best for him, but TX did have a lot of new players on both sides of the ball.I think it's kind of funny, both fan bases initially had the same reaction, it's like they hired WHO!!!??, but the more research you do, the better the hires looks. I actually think within the next couple years, all the big 3 FL schools will be constant members of the top 10, like old times.

Listening too qam,

Al Golden is a "program guy he will be a long time hire at UM. And I'm really pissed we missed him." Per Torretta's NFL roommate who played at Penn State with Golden.

Stop going after Bridgewater, we don't need a running QB. Find an actually quarterback.

Posted by: Not all us Gators are idiots........ | December 13, 2010 at 10:43 AM

You are correct and we are smart enough to know not all UF fans are idiots. There are a handfull, especially the tard named sean wilson that has bombarded this blog and a few other, stealing ID's and posting as others in order to troll. "f" him and the other douchebag gator trolls that come on here.

take a look at what shannon did. Yes he recruited talent but never coached up the talent. If Golden can coach temple players who probably are a little less talented look out miami. I would love to have blue collar players who work their ass off rather all world players who quit on their coach and their teammates. If chikillo goes to become a gatard then so be it. really be a disappointment from his family not wearing the orange and green. I am not totally sold on muscamp as head coach. Texas def couldnt stop anyone the past two years and got lucky with the offense with colt running the show.
Stop throwing the race card in here. Randy is a cane for life and didnt get fired for being black. he got fired for not being able to coach up the talent.

We need to make sure 5-star Latwan Anderson comes back to put the pads on(You can find him on the track team)!!! Mr. Golden, there were 7 on the board(recruits) but he needs to be reeled in as well!

Good Luck!

" I don't what ype of personaty he has"
" I've never heard of him"
" I don't know if he has done anything to get excited about"



PERSONALITY? What can be worse than Shannon, Mr. NO personality?
WHAT HAS GOLDEN DONE? Do your research, divas.
WANT TO GET EXCITED? Do something first. Then we'll see if you are worth getting excited.


" You either want to play for Miami,or get beat by Miami"


Of the 2 hires in Florida, THE U and UF - the experts on both Radio and Television say THE U hit a home run. But it's strange they don't seem to be saying anything about Muschamp. I don't know what that means, but they are surprisingly quiet.

After my research and hearing what "those in the know" are saying - I am very satisfied with Golden. I am confident he will return this team back to relevance.

Actually, if they weren't relevant they would never have received the attention they received.

What most of these "they're not relevant anymore" Barkers don't seem the realize that there were 3 other D-1A coaches fired during the last 3 weeks and they (the Barkers) couldn't name one of them. Folks, that is being irrelevant.

If anything it may have opened up a job for Shannon.

Also, I would like to see in the next few years The U, HalfA$$U and the GayTurds back in the top 10. And yes, in that order.

I for one think this is a great hire for UM. I respected Randy Shannon for the man he is but I think he went as far as he could as a head coach with the OC he had. I hope Golden hires a great staff and continues to build Miami into a competitive top tier program.

I'm sold on Golden right know based on everything I've heard.

Especially the Penn Staters.

They were really interested in this guy.

Those that played against his teams ie. Edsall and JoPa say he is a great "game day" coach.

Won't that be nice for a change.

Those that recruited against him ie. Edsall, JoPa, WannStash, Miles, Saban, Meyers and others say he is the most intense recruiter they've ever run into.

That will help to continue our recruiting efforts in the State of Miami.

Let's see, UF with all their money and influence hire a DC that is running from a 4 and 8 team.

Where is Leach, Stoops, Miles etc?

What's so sexy about Mushcamp?

I'll take Golden, all day, over the UF hire.

Go Canes!

Actually, if U look at Mushcamps DC career and compare it to Shannon's DC career.

Shannon far out shines Mushcamp, hands down!

Fantasma, just so you are clear, Golden was offered the HC position, and did not accept, at UCLA,Tennessee and Pittsburgh. In addition is considered the successor for JoePa in Penn State. That is different from your statement that he did not land any big time gig.

Posted by: BoriCane76 | December 13, 2010 at 06:59 AM

U make this sheet up to make Urself feel better about this kerplUnk 10th. choice 27-34 with only TWO WINS VERSES TEAMS WITH A WINNING RECORD, TEMPLE hire ? Golden has NO Rings ! As a Player,Asst. or Head Coach and NONE are Coming U delusional fools.

From Gruden to Golden and Ur pumped huh ? Kirby and Donna have U fans like U idiots right in the palms of their hands. They continue to play U and then U axe fo mo.


psssssst ... word is Paterno is having chest pains up in Happy Valley ... uh ohhhh ... Buh Bye Corch Goldie. Dude will take his 5, 3, 1 yr. old kids and Wife and BOLT in a Second. And when he does, and HE WILL, U same tards that are are pumped up ( why, i've no idea) will rip him a new one and bellow, "He wudaint no Cane no how" F- HIM !!!

Can he hold this recruiting class together?

Does it matter if he can or can't?

Bridgewater can go eat shat. I want a true pocket passer with a cannon arm...not a skinny, midget, with an attitude and a lisp. If Golden can bring us a Pennsylvannia QB, like Jim Kelly...that will be great.

Remember in the 80's when everyone was saying "Jimmy who?!?!"

Agree with the positives regarding Coach Golden. He will do a superb job for UM. He is a find and Kirby should be congratulated for landing him.

Thanks to all the writers (TPS et al) who have provided background on the new coach. It all looks good and is impressive. For him to be compared to the Pete Carrols, Tressels and other great recruiters is amazing, especially when you consider where he was recruiting to. Imagine what he can do at the U!

Let's give the new support that a fired up Canes nation is capable of offering.

Our first ACC title and beyond is gonna be good! Welcome Coach Golden!

And let's start wearing those bright orange jerseys again at home games, and get rid of that nondescript green. It's the sunshine state, man, not the pacific northwest!

Ur Fools Gold Cane Tard,

A true GayTurd.

Folks, the Gayaturds like - Ur Fools Gold Cane Tardare - are so pissed off that they just hired their version of Shannon, that they can't think straight.

Just so you know what kind of education you or your kids will get at UF - just read below the illiterate rant from "Ur Fools Gold Cane Tard"

U make this sheet up to make Urself feel better about this kerplUnk 10th. choice 27-34 with only TWO WINS VERSES TEAMS WITH A WINNING RECORD, TEMPLE hire ? Golden has NO Rings ! As a Player,Asst. or Head Coach and NONE are Coming U delusional fools.

From Gruden to Golden and Ur pumped huh ? Kirby and Donna have U fans like U idiots right in the palms of their hands. They continue to play U and then U axe fo mo.


psssssst ... word is Paterno is having chest pains up in Happy Valley ... uh ohhhh ... Buh Bye Corch Goldie. Dude will take his 5, 3, 1 yr. old kids and Wife and BOLT in a Second. And when he does, and HE WILL, U same tards that are are pumped up ( why, i've no idea) will rip him a new one and bellow, "He wudaint no Cane no how" F- HIM !!!

Posted by: Ur Fools Gold Cane Tard | December 13, 2010 at 12:04 PM

Sorry to see the race whining on this blog. If you see racism everywhere, and want to understand all its causes, start by looking in the mirror.

In the real adult world, you either succeed or you do not. While Coach Shannon did many good things and did care about his players, they did not consistently play hard for him. His teams did not win as many expected.

So, let's move on already and leave behind the racial issue, which I truly believe had nothing to do with our coaching situation. To suggest that UM president Shalala is racist is absurd, especially if you understand her political background and ideology.

So wish Coach Shannon, a good man and a true Cane, well, welcome the new coach and realize that it everyone's own efforts that will produce success in life. It is a great opportunity and a gift for each of us.

last time I checked hurricane colors are orange and green not black and white. Shannon probably gave this team timeouts instead of a kick in the ass like they should have gotten. when you have a team that doesnt care when losing it is the head coach's responsiblity. This year's team just excepted losing. all said this team better beat ND...Hate them bastards

I don't believe anybody has mentioned that Golden might just have some pretty good recruits in mind that he couldn't quite bring to Temple but he may be able to bring to the " U "

Actually, if U look at Mushcamps DC career and compare it to Shannon's DC career.

Shannon far out shines Mushcamp, hands down!

Posted by: SuperCane | December 13, 2010 at 12:03 PM

Apples to oranges, me thinks, not to take anything away from Shannon, as he was a great DC,and he did shut down many good teams back in the day- but Muschamp was a DC in the Big 12, they are a little more offesively prolific than the Big East/ACC. Truth is, Muschamp has no HC exp, but I think he has more in common with Bob Stoops than RS or Zook, only time will tell-Sometimes these "non sexy" hires work for the best, coach comes with something to prove. TX is no small potato program, and they were going to make him the HC.Plus for all the Cane fans who do not like Golden, name the last "sexy hire" UM had-they always have succeeded with no name guys-Howard S., Jimmy J,Butch Davis were not exactly household names when hired-this Golden guy will be great for U, one of those tireless types who loves to recruit-kinda like Muschamp but with actual HC exp. and a track record of turning a program around-I know it's Temple, but I thimk MIA has a little more natural pull with recruits- Good luck to U

Chickillo please stop talking - we are all sick of it. Your Grandfather and father played at The U, so should you. Al Golden is well known to people around the country who read. He was mentioned for many jobs that opened and was rumored to maybe replace JoePa, is that good enough for you. This is the 9th coach since I have been going to games in the mid 70's, team has 5 rings and played for lots of championships in the 80's, 90's and 00's. Granted that is the past, but with a tireless recruiter like Golden and a fresh approach The U will be part of it, don't miss the boat. If you want to go elsewhere that is your choice, but if you are going to commit again then make sure it sticks this time, otherwise it is not really a commitment. If you are not sure just wait until signing day and spare us all the teenage drama. The Golden hire was great for The U all the talking heads on TV and radio agree with that. Muschamp on the other hand has never been the man anywhere and he is coming off a 5-7 year at Texas. Go down that path if want- the holidays will be real fun at your house.

Not all us Gators are idiots,

I agree with your premise. Although the "apples to oranges" comparison will be more meaningful when the "Broyles Award" people start taking in to consideration your "apples to oranges" stance.

Randy won it. Muscamp hasn't, yet.

Hey Young Chickillo,

I know your father and I had met your
grand father and the way your acting is embarrassing them.

Shut up. And please go some where else. We don't want you here. Your not that good.

Albert Louis-Jean,

GET LOST. We don't need or want you here!

Hey Michelle, you are sooo ignorant, there always has to be one person playing the race card...did you count how many black players there are

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